Broadcasting Of ‘big Bang’ For 12 Years Is Over. Who Doesn’t Love This Genius Who Can Wear Watches?

Some time ago, the 12-year melodrama ‘Big Bang’ ended, and the friends who chased the drama all around were very moved. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ officially launched the first season in 2007, and the first episode of the third season was broadcast on CBS in the United States in 2009, refreshing the record high for the year, and then singing all the way, winning numerous awards, from 2009 ‘Comedy Best Contribution Award’ to the ’69th Emmy Awards Best Comedy Multi-camera Clip’, ‘Big Bang’ won the award.

‘The Big Bang Theory’

  ‘Big Bang’ starts with four otaku genius scientists, Shelton with high IQ and low EQ, clinging to the sofa seat (fans call him ‘Xie ears’), the only physicist who can tolerate Xie ear quirks, Leonard, Rajesh, a single dog astronomer physicist who can’t talk to women without drinking, and Holde, a scientist who has upgraded from love and women to two-daddy fathers (although his mother has not appeared in the picture, it is really impressive), Although these four genius scientists have super high IQs, it is precisely because of the high IQ that is different from others that they cause inner loneliness, but they are incompatible with the world.

Stills from The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny

Holder and Bernadette

  These four people who seem to be lonely, eventually met their own love.

Shelton and Amy

  In the last season, Sheldon and Amy ended up in love and ran into the marriage hall. Leonard and Penny had their first children. Rajesh finally confessed to his goddess, Holden and Bernadette. Already parents of two children, the characters in the play are growing, and we are also growing. Some people say that the finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ means that we will finally say goodbye to youth.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 12 Stills

  As one of the main characters in the play, Xie’s ear growth can be said to be unexpected. Originally, the screenwriter set the protagonist to Leonard. Although Xie Ear has a high IQ in the play, he is naive, selfish, poisonous, and arrogant. He is a perfectionist and a patient with advanced obsessive-compulsive disorder. It may not be flattering, but it is much loved in the play. Imperfect characters make perfection. This is the place that attracts us and resonates. A man with many shortcomings looks extremely cute in the play.

Jim Parsons as The Big Bang Sheldon

  ‘The Big Bang’ Xie Ears is played by Jim Parsons. Because of the role of Shelton, Jim Parsons has become the highest paid actor in American television. Prior to Xie Ear’s role, Jim Parsons, who was born in Coban, had been tepid. Most of the roles he played were supporting roles, and they played in Shelton in 2007. After 12 years of tempering a flesh-and-blood thankful ear, Jim Parsons not only rose to fame, but also won four Emmys for Best Actor in a Comedy category for his role.

Wedding of Jim Parsons and lover Todd Spicewalk

  Success in career and love went very well. In 2017, Jim Parsons and his lover Todd Spicewalker got married in the ‘Rainbow House’ in New York.

  Jim Parsons loves watches in everyday life and events.

  Jim Parsons has a pet dog, which often appears on his social platform. In one of the videos, he wears a watch to teach pet dogs to shake hands. The dial of this hand is silver-white, and there are three black The small function disk should be Omega’s Speedmaster (may also be antique Daytona). The watch in the video could not find the wearing picture, the screenshot is a bit fuzzy, if there is an error, please correct it in the comment area.

Jim Parsons wears Omega Speedmaster 323. (similar)

  Jim Parsons wore another square watch with a pointer at six o’clock on the dial. The design is very different. It is a very special watch of the Cartier tank series. This watch with a suit, Jim Parsons’s style is more prominent.

Jim Parsons wears Cartier Tank W1554851

Jim Parsons Montblanc Nicholas Case Day and Night Time Chronograph

  Jim Parsons’ boyfriend Todd Spicewalk also likes to wear watches, wear a Cartier Santos, and Jim Parsons on the yacht with a bright smile.

Todd Spicewalk wears Cartier W6206017
  As they walked, Todd Sparker wore another Cartier watch.

Summary: The 12-year ‘Big Bang’ that accompanied us was over. The screenwriter did not use a very exaggerated and cool personality to create the protagonist. This group of laughing and noisy high emotional business men are lonely, proud, selfish, and arrogant. But at the same time, it is also full of love. In the end, I also harvested my own love and gave us a most successful ending. It can be said that there is no regret. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Boat A Woodie Car To Humberton

‘woodie’ is the name of a specific car design, originating from the early 1930s. It is a type of ‘wagon’, the rear part of which is usually made of wood framed wood, or metal paint panel. Woodie car was popular in the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s, and introduced a variety of styles and models. In addition to simple basic equipment, there are many options such as luxury upgrades.
The characteristic of Woodie car is that the rear part is usually made of wood framed wood or painted metal panel.
    Back in Geneva, Baume & Mercier CEO Alain Zimmermann remembers this old classic car. He decided: ‘In order to implement the brand’s new concept-the seaside life of Humberton, we must find a woodie car that matches the brand image to perfectly interpret the concept of a famous person.
    So the brand embarked on the search for the best woody car. Starting with Europe first, unfortunately, nothing has been gained here. Later, Baume & Mercier discovered that there are still a few woodie cars in the US that are still on sale. Because the number is too scarce, making the search difficult … The celebrity tried to change direction and began to search for historical models in the field of art. Unexpectedly, he soon got satisfactory results!
This Ford, produced in 1949, attracted the attention of Baume & Mercier employees, and the bodywork was crafted in maple panels and cream tones
    One of Baume & Mercier’s employees is a collector of antique cars. He also joined the hunt to help find woodie produced by famous car brands such as Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. His gaze was fascinated by a Ford produced in 1949, with a body in maple wood panels and cream tones. He explained: ‘Everything from the brakes to the engine retains the original equipment, 100% antique woodie. When you get on the seat and hold the wide bakelite steering wheel, Humberton seems to be at the front corner.’ A veritable family car that can accommodate up to eight people. It can be used to drive a beach trip at any time and travel around.
Everything from brakes to engines retains original equipment, 100% antique woodie
    The car went through it for a month. On December 21, 2010, its wheels made contact with the Swiss airport apron for the first time. Once the license plate is approved, it will be the designated car for VIPs traveling to Geneva. If you happen to be here, maybe you are also lucky enough to meet this famous antique woodie on the street!
Once the license plate is approved, it will be the designated car for VIPs traveling to Geneva
Model: Ford 1949 Woodie Wagon
Engine: V8 flat-head start, 239 cubic inches, 100 horsepower
Transmission: three-stage standard transmission

How About Plum Watch? How About Torx?

About plum
  Titoni is a typical Swiss traditional watch factory. It has been passed down for three generations since its establishment in 1919 in Greenen, Switzerland. For many years it has stuck to the field of automatic mechanical watches. One of the company’s most proud features is that 95% of its products are highly accurate mechanical watches. For a long time, plum watches adhere to the ‘quality first’ attitude, focusing on the production of sophisticated, reliable and durable mechanical watches, around the world, has established the ‘symbol of mechanical process’ image. The company’s advertising slogan ‘A model of mechanical art’ clearly emphasizes its professional position in the field of producing mechanical automatic watches. The Torx watch is an earlier Swiss brand entering China. Over the years, the stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’ has won consumers’ unique trust in the Torx watch, and has established the noble status of the Torx watch.
In the 25 years since its establishment, Plum Watch has experienced three huge difficulties-the economic recession of the 1920s, the economic crisis of the 1930s, and the threat of World War II. Plum Blossom’s confidence and determination in the future have finally made it successful in return. Torx is still standing in the crisis of the Swiss mechanical watch manufacturing industry in the 1970s and 1980s, and continues to exert its traditional spirit.
Plum Blossom Watch has always paid attention to employee welfare and technical training, so it takes good care of employee welfare. As early as 1956, Plum Blossom Watch was the first to implement a five-day work system. In 1969, Plum Blossom Watch celebrated its 50th anniversary, when an employee who had served the watch factory for 50 years was awarded. These are enough to prove the excellent working environment, combined with outstanding talents, the quality of plum watches is beyond doubt.
  The strict control of the original production process is the guarantee of the high quality of plum watches. State-of-the-art production tools and highly qualified staff ensure that the quality of the finished product is ‘Made in Switzerland’.
Original movement assembly allows Plum Blossom not only to continuously improve product quality, but also to set its own production standards. High-tech tools can assist traditional handcrafting to improve the quality of the finished product. Automatic screw assembly, automatic oiling, and optical inspection using precision cameras are the latest generation of technology. These main resources reflect the desire of Plum Watches to provide customers with high-quality watches with exceptional functionality.
The assembly of dials and hands and related inspections require delicate operation and great attention to detail. Torx has chosen to complete these processes in the original factory to ensure reliable product quality. Skilled employees can successfully complete the main operations with the help of precision instruments.
Plum blossom watches undergo a variety of tests during the entire process of the original factory production. Finally, skilled workers use precision instruments to conduct strict final tests on the movement one by one. If the tested movement fails to meet the quality standards set by the Plum Watch Company, it will be sent back to the watch technician for further adjustment. It is through multiple quality control procedures that Plum Blossom Watch Factory guarantees the high quality of its factory watches and enjoys a high reputation forever.
Plum blossom watch parts have been provided by some suppliers with strict quality requirements. For example, as long as the mainspring of a mechanical watch is used with care, it can maintain its flexibility after 20 years. In addition, most gold models are electroplated with a gold plating thickness of 10 to 20 microns to ensure the long-lasting color of the watch body. As for the setting of the surface gemstones, the traditional jewelry process is used instead of ordinary adhesion.
The entire precision manufacturing process is completely carried out in the plum watch factory, which ensures the high-quality management and control of spare parts, and also ensures the best quality of the factory products, which greatly improves the quality assurance. Although this makes the price of plum watches relatively high, it also brings outstanding reputation to plum watches. Because the manufacture of mechanical watches contains high-level meticulous craftsmanship, each plum watch has long-term preservation value.
For a long time, Swiss plum watches adhere to the ‘quality first’ attitude, focusing on the production of delicate, reliable and durable mechanical watches. It has established the image of ‘symbol of mechanical process’ in all parts of the world and represents the best watchmaking in Switzerland. Tradition has won consumers’ love for plum watches, and has established the lofty status of plum watches.
As early as 50 years ago, Plum Blossom Watch has successfully explored the Chinese market. Due to China’s rapid economic development and the large purchase potential of the people, today’s fine watch merchants in major cities can buy plum watches.
Plum Blossom Watches has established 40 maintenance service centers in China, which are located in major cities across the country. It has provided unparalleled after-sales service for Plum Blossom Watches, greatly enhancing the market’s confidence in Plum Blossom Watches. Continue to develop and strengthen the maintenance service network in China is Plum Blossom’s commitment to the Chinese market.
How about a plum watch
  Netizen evaluation 1: Plum blossom is better than Tissot! The movement is polished in all aspects! There are too many fake plum blossom watches!
  Comments from netizens: The flowers and Tissot are both low-end mechanical watches, which have no collectible value. However, the Swiss system is a guarantee of quality. The mass consumer goods picture is what they like.
  Netizen evaluation three: buy it, the old brand, imported from Switzerland, good quality. It is best to buy machinery instead of quartz. Plum Blossom has an ultra-thin series quartz watch, which doesn’t feel very good, and the hands are shifted as soon as you shake it.
  Netizen’s evaluation 4: Plum watch is an earlier Swiss brand that entered China. Over the years, the stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’ has won consumers’ unique trust in plum watches and has established the lofty status of plum watches.
  Netizen’s evaluation 5: The plum watch factory is relatively small, but he is not lazy in the production process. Moreover, the plum blossom watch will soon be the 100th anniversary, and the quality is definitely guaranteed.
  Netizen evaluation 6: Plum watch has maintained a mid-range price in China for 50 years, and has also maintained a high-end position! Twilight has positioned itself as a watch for successful people for many years. Definitely worth having.
  Netizen evaluation 7: Plum blossoms are relatively old brands in the country. They used to be glorious today, but now they are a bit downcast, the design is not novel, and they are mainly gold and gold. Depending on your age, you do n’t like it.
  Netizen evaluation eight: Compared with plum and Longines, the quality and price are similar and they are Swiss watches. . . Plum blossoms and Longines have similar fame. Older people know plum blossoms better. Plum blossoms have a longer life in China. .
Recommended plum watches

Number: 83933 S-063
Collection: Men
Style: Automatic, 37.8 mm, Men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 6,900
Movement model: SW200
Number of gems: 26
Power reserve: 38 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Water resistance: 50 meters

Plum Blossom COSMO KING Series 777 S-DBS-007

Number: 777 S-DBS-007
Collection: Men
Style: Automatic, 37.5 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 8,900
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Water resistance: 100 meters
Further reading: More information on plum watches
Plum price


Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Chronograph

18K gold case, produced in 1970, diameter 37 mm, thickness 14 mm
Commission price: 110,500 USD
Estimated Price: 80,000 ~ 120,000 USD
    Paul Newman is a miracle. I believe everyone will agree, especially at auctions. Among them, Paul Newman, a good-quality gold case, performed even more. LOT 44 is a case in point. In fact, there are many other models of Paul Newman, each of which sell for jaw-dropping prices. ROLEX does not make complicated models in modern times, which is also a well-known thing. Therefore, the Daytona chronograph in its mass production models can already be considered a ‘complex watch’ by ROLEX. This Ref. 6241 Daytona chronograph by Paul Newman was produced in the 1970s with an 18K yellow gold case, a Cal 727 hand-wound movement, 17 rubies, and 3-way adjustment. The appearance is well preserved. Just such a chronograph, it turned out to be sold for more than 110,000 US dollars. Is there no such return on any investment?
Gold watches have always been an element of high-end products in the watch industry. After all, making watches with precious metal materials is an important indicator for each brand to position its product line. Any complicated watch will be represented by precious metals. Someone once joked that the ‘starter’ mentality of gold watches only prevails in the Mainland. In fact, otherwise, gold watches still have works close to art, and they can be accepted worldwide.

2019 Hermes’ Romantic And Poetic Hermes Watches Are So Beautiful!

Everything at Hermes has always been exquisite. Large or small, some people have had Hermès or are big fans of Hermès. But have you ever owned a Hermès watch? Although Hermès is a fashion brand, it has 40 years of experience in professional watchmaking. It is one of the best watches in fashion. Each time the watch tour talks about Hermès watches, it only uses one word and one word: beauty. In 2019, at the SIHH Geneva watch exhibition, as the only fashion brand to participate in the watch exhibition, Hermès launched three major new watches in a relaxed manner, as well as several other new models. Among them, a GALOP D’ HERMÈS is a new collection by Hermès and an artist. Every Hermès watch is full of poetic and romantic. 1 Arceau L‘heure de la lune Monthly watch Hermes monthly watch is a limited edition men’s watch. The dial has a total of 5 circles, and the two small dials with the hour and minute and the date are symmetrical, and they are connected by a gray circle. Up and down are the southern and northern hemispheres. They are also moon phase disks that display the north and south moon phases through the movement of the hour, minute and calendar disks. The moon phase disk pattern in the southern hemisphere shows the Pegasus drawn by ‘dreamer-illustrator’ Dimitri Rybaltchenko, which outlines the transition space-time between magic and real world. In the northern hemisphere, the actual lunar surface observed in the northern hemisphere is drawn. The basic movement of this complex watch is the Hermes self-produced H1837 movement, and then a patented mechanism module developed by Hermes is added to it, thereby achieving complex North-South moon phase profit and loss and daily timekeeping. This module has 117 parts. The whole mechanism should ensure that the moving base connected to the hour, minute and date dials slowly and precisely slides and keeps it around the disk surface once every 59 days. This is a very innovative technical innovation and technical challenge. The small mother-of-pearl dial inlaid on the meteorite plate or aventurine plate shows the north-south moon phase profit and loss accurately over time. This effect is particularly attractive. This mysterious hide-and-seek game makes it impossible to see through the sophisticated technology hidden behind it, but it has endless dream space. Is it cool? !! This is also the first complicated moon phase watch I made specifically for men, and also from Hermès. Meteorite surface and aventurine, each limited to 100 pieces. The price is 26,000 Swiss francs. This is also a watch model watched by several watch travellers through Weibo and WeChat during the Geneva Watch Fair 2019. And one of the collection-level cousins ​​has been set. Yes, the most frequently asked questions are not professional brands, but Hermès. Two models with a diameter of 43 mm, both in white gold. 2 Arceau Awooooo white wolf-shaped micro-painted enamel watch with a diameter of 41 mm. The white gold case ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~’ Powerful howling, in the endless night sky … As a man, when I saw this watch, I wanted to buy it immediately, for no reason. Even when I watch the watch, I will be immersed in the painting, close my eyes, and want to be like a white wolf in the painting, if you want to hang the sky … if not because it is too expensive … 90,000 Swiss francs , Limited to 8 pieces worldwide. I just want to say, rich friends, buy it. 3 Galop d’ Hermes is a new watch designed by Hermès. This is the first time Hermès has collaborated with other artists. It’s actually an inverted stable. It is estimated that this will become another popular Hermes watch on the wrist of Hermes fans. It comes in two sizes for both men and women. This watch has a daily chronograph function, the design exudes light, freedom, dynamic, streamlined and other comfortable elements, as well as sparkling diamonds. There are four options: steel, gold, gold and steel. Prices range from 3,550 Swiss francs to 15,700 Swiss francs. In addition to the above three important new products, Hermès also has a number of super beautiful, romantic and poetic watches, or affordable new watches suitable for daily wear. Slim d’ Hermes Carreve sapphire crystal dial, using engraving and enamel techniques, in Chinese and French, excerpts of poems from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. It is a complete poetic watch. With a diameter of 39.5 mm and a white gold case, only 6 pieces are available worldwide. Arceau Baobab Cat We may be used to Cartier’s leopard. Suddenly seeing the Hermes cheetah sticking her head out of the petals, she felt completely like a fairy tale. This is a women’s jewelry watch with a diameter of 34 mm. The case is set with sapphire. The dial is hand-painted onyx combined with engraving and hand-painted mother-of-pearl decals. Limited to 12 pieces worldwide. Arceau Oursin This is really a rare Hermes watch full of diamonds. White gold case with 23 mm diameter. Using a quartz movement. Cape Cod Chaine d‘ancreArceau78Carre H

Bulgari Launches Condotti Avenue Watch

BVLGARI continues to pay tribute to history, with the name “Via dei Condotti 10” (Condoti Avenue 10) in Rome, Italy. ~ Via Dei Condotti watch, because of its extremely affordable price, it is equipped with a curved case, mechanical movement, automatic winding and see-through caseback, and the side is marked with the Bulgari founding year 1884. Limited quantity only for single release, Taiwan quota is limited. It is bound to set off a wave of collection for watch fans!

Bulgari, an Italian contemporary jeweller known for jewellery, originated in the Epirus district of Greece. More than a hundred years ago, the founder of the family, Sotirio Bulgari, brought back centuries of craftsmanship here and created precious silver sculptures. In 1879, Sotirio Bulgari immigrated to Italy as a family, and after living in Naples for several months, he led his family to Rome and settled down. Sotirio initially sold his silverware in front of the French Academy in Pincio. Later, a Greek businessman lent Sotirio a corner of the shop window on Via Sistina street to display his products. So Sotirio has set foot on his future achievements with his unique decorative design style. road. In 1884, Sotirio opened its first store on the same street.

 In 1894, Sotirio relocated to Via Condotti 28. Later, in 1905, the shop was relocated to Via dei Condotti No. 10, and borrowed the title of a novel by British writer Dickens, and the shop was named ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ to attract tourists from Britain and the United States. During this period, Sodillo considered each customer’s different needs for jewelry, and began to increase the number and style of jewelry and silver jewelry to meet the diverse choices of customers. In 1934, three months after Soderio’s death, the Via Condotti store was refurbished and opened for business. The brand new store reopened on April 9, 1934, received wide acclaim, and will later become Bulgari’s historic flagship store. After World War II, Via dei Condotti 10 was often star-studded with numerous celebrities, and many undefeated idols in the minds of fans have been Ansa’s good patrons! Including movie stars Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and many other movie stars have visited Bulgari Condotti Avenue store.

 The Bvlgari ‘Kondotti Avenue’ watch uses Bvlgari’s exclusive B77 Caliber automatic mechanical movement, which features hour, minute, minute and date display performance, and is decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots. The 40mm black carbon fiber and stainless steel case has a classic and timeless design with an 18k white gold crown and a soft calfskin strap. In addition, it has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a see-through caseback for a perfectly curved design . Black and matte finish dial with embossed hands, engraved with Via Dei Condotti 10 Roma, the landmark of the BVLGARI store, engraved with the 18K white gold commemorative logo of the BVLGARI brand’s founding year ‘1884’ on the case side, special Monumental. The price of the Bvlgari Conduit Avenue watch is quite reasonable at only NT $ 68,000, and it will be available for sale at Bvlgari boutiques across the province.

German Nomos Watch Simple Beauty

Like other German watch brands, NOMOS watches are also one of the famous brands in the German town of Glashütte. In the 15th century, the town was extremely prosperous. By the 18th century, the resources became increasingly barren and gradually declined. In 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, the founder of Lange Watches, established a watch factory in Glashütte, which gradually developed here.
Guido Müller founded the NOMOS brand here in 1906, mainly producing pocket watches. NOMOS is Greek, meaning ‘order, law.’ Like other brands, NOMOS has also experienced war, and has not done much for a long time. After the merger of East and West, Roland K. Schwertner, a designer who was very active in the old West Germany, came to Glashütte and joined NOMOS, making the brand enter the second creative period after the revival.
The innovative NOMOS watches are all manual winding watches with a daily difference of about 0 to 8 seconds. In design, they have always followed Bauhaus (German, meaning ‘home of architecture’. In 1919, a comprehensive school of art and architecture related to the Weimar city in Germany. It respected rationalism and functionalism. Until 1933 For 14 years, it had a great influence on the modernist architecture of the time.) A viewpoint put forward by the School of Architecture and Art-Form follows function. This sentence means ‘the external shape matches the internal function’. This may sound a little corporate management at first, but it has nothing to do with management here. Based on such a design foundation, NOMOS also proposes the slogan of ‘high-style design, huge price and reasonable price’. In the reasonable functional manufacturing, it adds a unique German craftsmanship philosophy to show a bright design style.

In 2005, NOMOS launched the ‘Tangent’ series. The new scheme of this series is best to display the ‘Straight’ style. In short, it is an exceptionally simple watch. But if you talk to watch experts about this issue, you will find that everyone has a different understanding of the ‘simple’ style.
First, the case of the movement can be seen through. Although this design has become very popular up to now, the minimalist style of NOMOS makes design consciousness clear on every watch. From the initial use of ETA (located in Greentown, Switzerland, one of the watchmaking factories of the movement, many Swiss watches use ETA movements) semi-finished movements, to the independent development and production of parts later, NOMOS company intently operates in design. 80% of the parts are produced by our company, ‘NOMOSα’ is the most respected manual winding watch of NOMOS watches now. The movement number with its own factory logo. Based on this movement, the company’s young designer MirkoHeyne devotedly researched and designed the self-winding movement, mostly used in the ‘NOMOSε’ series. This watch is simple in design and mass-produced, while maintaining the high performance ratio of the movement without increasing costs. Many watch lovers believe that this watch best reflects German design and the meticulous attitude that Germans value.
In addition, the special beauty of the hands is unforgettable. The straight-line hands made with ‘green roast’ technology are considered to be classics of simple design. Even young people who are not interested in collecting watches will be treated like this. Impressed by the sense of fashion. The strap is made of genuine leather, which is said to be the skin of the hips of cultivated horses. It is beautiful and tough.
The most fashionable watch brands seem to have endless features. In fact, to sum up, we find that the most striking thing about German watches is the design, which has both the classic charm of Swiss watches and the uniqueness of Germany. . This is probably one of the reasons why German watches are popular.

Tag Heuer Grand Opening Of Beijing Guomao Flagship Store

On March 12th, TAG Heuer’s flagship store in Beijing Guomao opened its doors, adding a new location for this Swiss pioneering watchmaking brand.

   Beijing International Trade Center is the largest comprehensive commercial building group in Beijing and even the whole country, including hotel, department store, office, apartment and other service functions. One of the most eye-catching international trade projects is the tallest building in Beijing, with a height of 330 meters. TAG Heuer’s flagship Guomao Guomao flagship store is located on the ground floor of Guomao Mall, with a business area of ​​63 square meters, and is adjacent to a number of luxury brands. Located in one of Beijing’s most high-end department stores, Guomao Mall, the superior location has brought considerable traffic. TAG Heuer believes this will make a significant contribution to shaping the brand image and increasing sales share.

   TAG Heuer’s footsteps don’t stop there. After successively absorbing youngsters such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Cara Delevingne as brand ambassadors, the brand connotation has been extended to four major areas: art, sports, lifestyle and Swiss Table inheritance. This watch brand with a history of more than 150 years has never abandoned its proud pioneering spirit. For example, in the field of music and art, domestic singer Deng Ziqi has recently become the TAG Heuer brand ambassador and also the TAG Heuer brand. The first Chinese female singer in the TAG Heuer family.

   Beijing Guomao flagship store is TAG Heuer’s 15th point of sale in Beijing, and it is also the third direct-operated store in Beijing. In the good performance of the first two direct-operated stores-Shin Kong Tiandi Store and Oriental Plaza Store, TAG Heuer decided to open the third direct-operated store in Beijing. This direct-operated store in the International Trade Center was completely renovated. It is currently the only point of sale in Chaoyang District.

   On both sides of the entrance of Beijing Guomao flagship store, the image of two of the TAG Heuer ambassador family-Cristiano Ronaldo and Cara Delevingne-is a clear sign of the brand’s transformation towards a youthful line. As the sports representative who has won Mr. Football for the third time in the football industry, and the new generation of supermodels in the field of fashion and lifestyle, the two have achieved remarkable results in the areas that TAG Heuer pays attention to and advocates, echoing TAG Heuer’s brand attitude-‘Don’t be afraid of challenges, be yourself’.

Hublot Signed A Contract With The Famous American Football Dallas Cowboys To Officially Release The Dallas Cowboys Limited Watch

September 1, 2014, Dallas, USA-Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, announced an exclusive partnership with the Dallas Cowboys, becoming the official timekeeper of this legendary American football team Official watch. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones unveiled this exciting collaboration, two The iconic brand closely connects luxury watches with sports.

   The world-famous Dallas Cowboys Football Team is one of the most prestigious American football teams in the world. Since joining the National Football League (NFL) in 1960, it has won 5 Super Bowls and has maintained This is the record for the team with the most number of ‘Super Bowl’ finals. This strong joining has injected more unique sports power into Hublot’s dazzling giant club, which can be said to be even more powerful. Hublot’s legendary superstars are leaders in the entire era and field, including: the world’s fastest-running Usain Bolt, the king of the ball, the legendary Depeche Mode band, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain football Club, prestigious Monaco Maritime Museum, supercar Ferrari and FIFA.

  As early as 2007, Hublot embraced world football for the first time. As the official timekeeper and official watch of the FIFA World Cup, Hublot received unprecedented exposure among football fans and watch lovers around the world. In 2011, the brand signed the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers, and it has historically become the first luxury brand to enter the US basketball field. And this time it can become the most famous Dallas Cowboys’ official timepiece and official watch in American football, which will open the era of innovation that leads the cross-border integration of top watches and American football!

   To celebrate this collaboration, Hublot has introduced three limited edition watches-classic fusion Dallas Cowboys Limited Watch inspired by the team’s iconic blue and silver, classic fusion ladies Dallas Cowboy limited edition watches And King Extreme Dallas Denim Limited Watch. To commemorate the five Super Bowls won by the team, the number ‘5’ can be found on the famous cowboy star pattern of each watch, and ladies’ watches will be set with diamonds on the star pattern. Exclusively sold exclusively in the Dallas market in the United States. In addition to being available for purchase in Hublot Express Lass stores, this watch will also be sold in the VIP lounge of the AT & T stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. Through this cooperation, Hublot has also become the naming partner of the Dallas Cowboys’ home VIP parking lot entrance. Count down before all home games.
Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe shared his joy: ‘This strategic cooperation with the Dallas Cowboys is absolutely natural. This top American football team should belong to Yu A member of the world’s trump partner family. The Dallas Cowboys are not only the most popular team in the United States, but also the world famous American football team. As Hublot, we strive to do To be the first to be different, unique and unique. As the first luxury brand to enter the field of football and American professional basketball, we are also very happy to set our sights on the passionate and passionate American football, becoming the first ever in American football. Luxury brands that work with American football teams. ‘
‘The Dallas Cowboys are honored to be partners with Hublot!’ Said Charlotte Jones Anderson, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Dallas Cowboys. ‘Hublot shares the same passion, vision and innovation with us. Bold and bold. I know that through the new cooperation with Hublot, American football is more popular on the stage of the noble lifestyle in the world. ‘
The Dallas Cowboys’ many star players and the new Hublot brand ambassador added a touch of color to the conference. They include Cowboys winger Jason Witten, running back De Marco Murray, and offensive tackle Tyron Smith. , Wide receiver Dez Bryant, linebacker Sean Lee and head coach Jason Garrett, together they unveiled a special edition watch designed by Hublot and the Jones family. Guests can also preview the Jones family and players next season, and can reserve this numbered limited edition watch officially released during the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving War and Thanksgiving Holiday. All 3 watches will be packaged in a special box inspired by the luxurious Cowboys’ home stadium AT & T. Each box also contains a signature mini helmet for the team’s loyalty.
Classic Fusion Dallas Denim Limited Watch

Serial number 525.NX.0179.LR.DCW14-limited edition of 50 pieces
Case ‘Classic Fusion’-45 mm diameter, polished satin-finished titanium
Bezel Polished Satin Titanium
Crown Polished titanium with Hublot logo
Button Titanium polished at 2 o’clock, ‘Cowboys’ engraved on 4 o’clock
Table mirror Double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire
Case back Titanium satin-engraved with ‘Cowboys, Special Edition’ and limited edition 50-digit number, inlaid with anti-reflective coating on sapphire mirror
Water resistance 10 standard atmospheric pressure or about 100 meters underwater
Dial Sapphire dial, rhodium-plated counter ring, 5 o’clock article star-set, blue transmission, silver powder
Hands Polished faceted rhodium, blue seconds, blue lacquered rhodium metal
HUB1155 automatic Hublot Aero chronograph movement
Number of parts 207
Sapphire Bearing 60
Power reserve about 42 hours
Strap Black alligator leather and black rubber stitched with fleece and steel folding buckle

Classic Fusion Women’s Dallas Denim Limited Watch

Serial number 541.CN.1170.LR.1204.DCW14-limited edition 50 pieces
Case ‘Classic Fusion’-42 mm diameter, polished satin ceramic
Bezel Polished satin titanium with 42 diamonds (1.35 carats total)
Crown Polished titanium with Hublot logo
Button Titanium polished at 2 o’clock, Titanium polished at 4 o’clock and engraved with ‘Cowboys’
Table mirror Double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire
Case back Polished satin steel-engraved with ‘Cowboys, Special Edition’ and limited edition 50-digit number
Water resistance 10 standard atmospheric pressure or about 100 meters underwater
Dial Black star setting at 5 o’clock, rhodium diamonds (0.02 carat total weight)
Hands Polished faceted rhodium, polished rhodium metal seconds
Movement HUB1153 automatic chronograph movement
Number of parts 155
Sapphire Bearing 35
Power reserve about 42 hours
Strap Black alligator leather and black rubber stitched with fleece
Buckle Polished satin black PVD coated steel folding buckle
Kings Dallas Denim Limited Edition

Serial number 703.CI.1179.LR.DCW14-limited edition of 50 pieces
Case ‘Extreme King’-48 mm diameter, micro-blasted black ceramic
Bezel Micro-blasted black ceramic
Table mirror Double-sided anti-reflective coating sapphire
Case back Micro-sandblasted black ceramic-engraved with ‘Cowboys, Special Edition’ and limited edition collection of 50 numbers
Crown Satin-finished black PVD-coated titanium and blue rubber inserts
Tablets Satin black PVD coated titanium and blue rubber inserts
Water resistance 10 standard atmospheric pressure or about 100 meters underwater
Dial Black star inscription at 5 o’clock, rhodium metal, blue transmission, silver powder decoration
HUB4100 automatic mechanical chronograph movement, central seconds, small seconds at 9 o’clock
Number of parts 252
Sapphire Bearing 27
Power reserve about 42 hours
Strap Black rubber and black crocodile leather stitched with black wool
Buckle Micro-blasted black PVD coated titanium or micro-blasted black PVD coated steel folding clasp

Blancpain Blancpain Gt Series 2015 Season Ended Passionately Awards Dinner All Players Returned With Honor

Recently, Blancpain Blancpain GT Series annual awards ceremony was held in London, 380 guests attended the dinner scene, once again focusing on the attention and glory of the hegemony of the 2015 season.
Winner of Blancpain GT Series 2015

   This season’s champion naturally attended the awards dinner and won trophies in various categories. Blancpain GT Series Drivers Championship wins rookie Robin Frijns, Endurance Series Drivers Championship is won by Nissan Team Alex Buncombe, Chiyoda (Katsumasa Chiyo) and Wolfgang Reip, while the sprint series driver championship was won by Maximilian Buhk and Vincent Abril of Bentley Boys (Vincent Abril). The Blancpain Endurance Series is the same as the Sprint Series. The champions only saw the final turn on the last corner of the last lap of the race, and won warm applause from the audience. They both received a Blancpain L-evolution ‘Super Trofeo’ flyback chronograph with special special inscriptions on the back of the watch.
Champagne night

   As in previous awards, representatives of the WRT team from the Audi Club of Belgium are regulars on the podium. This time, they topped the Blancpain GT Series, Blancpain Endurance Series and Blancpain Sprint Series.
   More well-known car brands heading for the championship in professional / amateur competitions, leading the way: Matt Griffin and Duncan Cameron drive AF CorseFerrari in the Blancpain Endurance Series Championship; Alexey Karachev leads the GT RussianMercedes in the professional / amateur series of the Blancpain Sprint Series. The outstanding performance of the two teams also honoured the respective teams in the above series.
Champagne night

   In the amateur group of the Blancpain Endurance Series, the teams did not compete in the exciting tension until the end. Ian Loggie and Julian Westwood drive Team Parker Audi to the championship in the final race at the Nurburgring, and the team title goes to French Ferrari Akka ASP Convoy. In addition, young Dutch driver Jules Szymkowiak led the Bentley HTP team to win the team’s silver medal in the Blancpain sprint series, and he himself won the championship.
L-evolution 8885F-12003-52B

   At the same time, as a partner of the Cooper Avon Tyres British GT Championship and Blancpain Gentlemen Trophy, Blancpain’s Grand Watchmaking Workshop is also the champion of this category. Driver Andre Howard prepared an L-evolution ‘Super Trofeo’ flyback chronograph.