It’s So Capricious To Wear It Even If It’s Cold!

Winter in Beijing seems to have arrived overnight. Before coming out of the golden ginkgo world, it was instantly surrounded by cold air. Pedestrians all over the street were wrapped in thick cotton, scarves, Gloves … While winter is cold and cold, but only some people prefer this season, like me! He has been fond of winter since he was a child and thought that all romantic things could happen. Snow flakes are undoubtedly the most creative symbol of winter. Whenever it snows, you will feel that snowflakes are like white elves coming into the world, which is moving. If you put a few soft music in a warm room in winter, pour a cup of hot tea, bathe in the sun outside the window, and read a book carefully, this scene seems to be melting, of course, Western Christmas is also for Winter adds a lot of romance, and a phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ tells the hottest greetings in winter.

   It is a habit for most people to be lazy when they are cold, and they always like to hide and eat at home and enter the rhythm of ‘hibernation’. In fact, winter is a season full of entertainment. Skiing, hot springs, jogging, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling … There are too many winter sports, and you can’t finish them at half past one, so you don’t have to just care about your nest and enjoy the warmth at home. Just move out. In order to protect against the cold, winter sports are more rigid and heavy in dressing. Many people ignore self-improvement. In fact, I want to say that this is not to be underestimated. A simple little detail can change the first impression of others on you. The watch can also add a lot of looks, while also improving the dynamic and vitality, the editor below will talk to you about those watches suitable for winter wear.

   White, the most classic color in winter, also brings a cheerful and warm feeling, making Xiaose’s winter no longer monotonous. The reason why I mentioned this Montblanc’s obvious series of watches is firstly because the watch uses a white main color and a black strap. The classic black and white color scheme coincides with this winter. Secondly, Montblanc’s brand logo is more elegant. Snowflakes, perfectly presented at the lower center of the dial, seem to take us into the white fairy tale world.
   The Montblanc Star Collection watches combine years of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and unique exquisite designs, with a unique elegance and solemnity. The watch uses a 39 mm dial, with a rounded shape and a fine bezel. The cold-toned stainless steel case wraps the white dial. The blue dovetail-shaped stainless steel hands rotate elegantly between the dials, and the Montblanc hexagon is engraved on the small independent dial. The white star logo is simple and elegant in design, delicate and elegant. The simple beauty of the watch shows the elegance and classicness of the Montblanc star series.
   Montblanc Star Series 107073 watch uses Cal.4810 / 408 movement, this movement is carefully polished based on ETA classic ETA 2892-A2, the movement performance is very stable, durable and high accuracy . The vibration frequency is 28800 times per hour. The balance wheel is made of beryllium copper alloy. The eccentric screw is fine-tuned to provide a strong guarantee for accuracy. Inlaid with 27 gems as the protection of the gear axis, the wear is reduced, which effectively improves the life of the movement. At the same time, this movement can provide 42 hours of power reserve for the watch.

   Winter tones are not only cheerful and warm, but also deep and gloomy. Perhaps gray is the best interpretation of winter in most people’s eyes. This Baume & Mercier Clifton dual time zone watch is exactly in line with the essence of winter. The gray dial with brown strap gives a quiet and quiet feeling, reminiscent of another winter scene: withered branches, quiet courtyard, At the beginning of the cold wind, this design is also a perfect crystallization of art and inspiration.
   The Baume & Mercier double time zone watch is elegant and timeless, showing the brand’s unremitting pursuit of practical functions. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm is polished, and the dark gray dial is polished with sun satin, as if the sun shines on the ground in winter. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, showing luxury. A slim hand rotates around the dial for 24 hours, indicating the time in the second time zone synchronously, so that the simple and practical watch shows perfect balance in daily use. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement (ETA 2893-3) and a black or red-brown alligator leather strap with an adjustable triple folding safety buckle.

   A man who loves sports can always attract the eyes of the opposite sex and give the other party a feeling of sunshine. Winter is the best time for sports. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is the time for men to show their self-character. The Omega Speedmaster series below is also the best partner for men’s sports. The excellent timing function is in the process of sports. It also adds fun and practicality, and the black appearance is atmospheric and calm, suitable for mature men’s choice.
   Omega Speedmaster 321. is a men’s watch made of stainless steel. The 44.25 mm watch exudes a silver metallic luster, revealing the strength and boldness belonging to men. The color of the round dial is black, and the deep tone exudes a mysterious atmosphere. The dial is decorated with a checkerboard-like checkered pattern. The combination of deep and light patterns adds a lot of artistic sense to the watch. The white 30-minute chronograph dial and the 12-hour chronograph dial are located at the 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions of the dial. The small black second dial is at the 9 o’clock position. The three dials are arranged in a zigzag pattern. Full of personality.
   This watch is particularly prominent with its chronograph function. The time display is completed by the cooperation of the central minute hand, central hour hand and small second dial, which can reduce power loss and improve energy efficiency in daily life. The date display function is realized by the date display window at six o’clock. The white Arabic numerals on the black background make it easy to read. Its timekeeping function is completed by the 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph and the central second hand. Because the tip of the central second hand is red, it is very conspicuous on the dial, so when the wearer uses the chronograph function, it can be seen at a glance Clear record time. The timing function is controlled by the timing start / pause button and the chronograph hand reset button, which is easy to grasp and simple to operate. In terms of movement, the watch is equipped with Cal.3313 movement, this movement has extremely excellent performance, using Omega coaxial escapement technology, which ensures that it is stable and lasting accurate timing. The movement has a frequency of 28,800 times, which can provide a watch with a power reserve function of 52 hours. In addition, this watch is also water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. When wearing this watch in winter, you can perform water sports such as hot springs and swimming without having to worry about it.

   Water sports such as hot springs and swimming are also essential recreation items in winter. In winter, it is so pleasant to lie in the hot spring pool, feel the hot current, and soak in the hot spring while experiencing the purity of winter. At this time, a watch with strong waterproof performance is particularly important. While enjoying the comfort, don’t forget the time reminder. Rolex and Tag Heuer two brands have been committed to the development of diving watches. So far, they have introduced a number of classic underwater timepieces. Masterpiece.
   The Rolex Deepsea watch has a unique Oyster appearance of Rolex, and the 44-size case is almost the top configuration in Rolex history. The material of the case is 904l stainless steel. This material is widely used in high-tech industries such as aviation and chemical industry. It has strong corrosion resistance and is still beautiful in the extreme environment after polishing. The sapphire crystal glass is specially processed, which can clearly read the disc information under beautiful arcs, and is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The time scale has a blue luminous coating, so that the time can be read clearly in the dark environment.
   This watch uses the 3135 self-winding movement, which is a complete Rolex self-produced movement. Rolex is one of the rare brands of all self-produced movements. The movement has fewer internal gears, which makes the movement more reliable. The bridge splint makes the balance wheel run more stable. The internal blue hairspring is the symbol of a high-end watch. The movement can provide powerful power for the watch.

   TAG Heuer’s classic series includes Carrera, Diving, Lincoln, F1 and other series. Among them, the practical one is the Diving Series. The waterproof depth of 500m is its biggest feature, and it has become a watch that many watches cannot match. Unmatched advantage. Like most diving watches, this diving watch series WAJ2112.BA0870 is dynamic in appearance, with a round case and a unidirectional rotating bezel. The dial as a whole looks harmonious and symmetrical, and the dark blue tone is very relevant to the diving theme. At 9 o’clock, a large calendar window is displayed, and the 500M next to it stands for waterproof depth. The AQUARACER logo is engraved on the dial, and the CALIBRE 5 / AUTOMATIC at 6 o’clock stands for the automatic Calibre 5 movement. The Tag Heuer Calibre 5 automatic movement has a diameter of 26 mm and a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. It has a power reserve of about 38 hours under normal conditions.

Summary: This winter has just begun. Although it has not fully adapted to the low temperature, life has completely entered the winter mode. Heavy dressing, hot coffee and tea, hot pot, colorful winter sports … These are the warmest pictures of this winter. The beauty of winter is different, simple and elegant, and there are so many songs that describe winter. It just warms to the bottom of my heart, and I look forward to the first snow in Beijing.

Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Chinese Han Lacquer Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Traditionnelle (Legacy Series) Chinese Han Lacquer watch, the outer ring of the dial is painted with black and red natural lacquer, and the center of the dial is set with 148 diamonds. This ‘precious material extremely rare in the field of high-end watches and clocks’ has excellent gloss and corrosion resistance, and is hardly oxidized in the air, and can keep bright colors on the dial forever.

     In addition to decorating the watch with natural lacquer, the watchmaker also inlaid diamonds on the center of the dial, the scale and the bezel, so that the two most valuable craftsmanship of Eastern and Western cultures pass on the scroll of time. Cultural significance has exceeded commercial value. The only flaw is the name of this watch-‘Chinese Han Lacquer’. This word is a bit of a bastard in the eyes of Chinese people who understand the lacquerware culture.

Pink! Pink Is The Tone Of The Girl

If black is a hue exclusively for men, then pink is the exclusive color for girls. When people promote women’s independence and professional women, they forget that girls actually have a pink girl’s heart — a heart that is always young and always alive. Today, the Watch House brings you the vigor of several girls-pink watches recommended. Let’s find the girl’s exclusive hue together!
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date M279160-0014 Ladies Watch

Domestic public price: no new quotation
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 41500
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 27900
Watch diameter: 24 mm
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 24 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: omega / 41272 /
Recommended reason: The Omega Constellation series has attracted many watch friends with its famous ‘claw’ and eye-catching dial design. This watch is equipped with a light coral pink mother-of-pearl dial with a wavy pattern that stretches between the iconic ‘claws’. The 12-hour dial is decorated with 1 diamond each. The 24 mm case diameter fits the wrist circumference of most women. It is worth mentioning that this watch uses an Omega 1376 quartz movement, which is easier to wear than a mechanical watch, and requires less energy and time for maintenance.
Summary: Pink, as a color that has always been exclusive to young girls, is more and more loved by more and more people today, and it does not necessarily have to be a young girl to hold this color. Even many young and fashionable men use this color in daily wear, which is also very colorful. Today, the House of Watches brings you these ladies ‘full of ladies’ watches, hoping to bring you more choices for infinite girls.

Vacheron Constantin Collaborates With Arianee To Launch Digital Certification Certificate Using Blockchain Technology

Geneva, June 18, 2019-Vacheron Constantin announced on May 20 that it has cooperated with Arianee to activate and configure digital certificates through blockchain technology to combat counterfeit and shoddy products. This authenticity certification measure has been applied to the brand’s Les Collectionneurs collection timepieces since May 15, providing customers with advanced and high-quality authentic certification and product traceability services.

Digital certification certificate based on blockchain technology

  As a pilot brand of Richemont Group that adopted digital certificates, Vacheron Constantin chose to cooperate with Arianee Company to jointly seek for protection and authentication schemes based on protecting data and customer privacy. As a startup company established in 2019, Arianee’s blockchain technology provides a neutral and reliable guarantee of authenticity for the owner of the timepiece in the form of a decentralized and independent agreement.

 Digital certification certificate based on blockchain technology

  Mr. Guillaume Boilot, Chief Operating Officer of Vacheron Constantin, said: ‘The introduction of digital certification demonstrates that the brand is advancing with the times in terms of customer service. Through cooperation with Arianee on blockchain technology, we truly ensure that our customers’ Authenticity. ‘

Vacheron Constantin Les Collectionneurs

  With the help of Arianee and the decentralized nature of encryption and blockchain technology, Vacheron Constantin intends to assess the possibility of establishing a universal standard protocol for the luxury goods industry for product digital certificates.
  Arianee CEO Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel also added: ‘We are proud to assist Vacheron Constantin in the successful issuance of blockchain technology-based certificates. Digital certification will change the way we own valuable assets. This collaboration is to establish a global standard An important step in the process. ‘
  Arianee is one of the first tangible blockchain application platforms available to end consumers. This open source solution aims to create an unforgeable, durable, secure, and transferable digital certificate for each product. In addition to the traditional paper certificate, every watch registered on the Arianee platform will receive a digital certificate. Such a ‘digital passport’ contains several innovative features: it can record changes in watch ownership; it can establish an anonymous connection between consumers and Vacheron Constantin; and its openness and relevance also make it the owner of the timepiece Ability to confirm product models, report lost or stolen, share or prove ownership of their timepieces.
  Ms. Ouyang Yanhui, Chief Digital Officer of Vacheron Constantin, explained: ‘This digital certification certificate establishes a bridge between customers, timepieces and brands. With the protection of blockchain technology, we can now guarantee the privacy of customers , To track the entire life cycle of the timepiece and communicate with its owner. ‘

Promote The Culture Of Coffee Knights, Taste The Retro Gentleman Style, And Help Ace Cafe China’s First Cafe Racer Rally Day Event

August 27, 2016-Beijing, the first Cafe Racer rally day was successfully held in Beijing ACE CAFE. A group of knights who love rock music gathered at Ace cafe. There are 500 retro locomotives outside the shop. In addition, 1200 coffee knights gathered at the scene to experience the most orthodox British Café Racer culture.

    One and a half centuries-old Swiss watchmaker ZENITH’s pilot series Ton-Up also participated in the design, inspired by the ‘Coffee Knight’ cycling movement in England that originated in the 1920s. Its masculine charm and strong The machine injects the spirit of ‘coffee knight’ into the watch, accelerates its speed and grows away, all filled with independence and purity.

Café Racer from Ace cafe in London, UK

    Britain in the 1950s was at the heyday of the motorcycle industry. In addition to the popularity of GP events, a group of knights who loved rock music would always gather in the Ace cafe to talk about music, coffee, modification, maintenance and motorcycle events, while showing the knights. The result of the modification is naturally inevitable to run a few laps, so it evolved into the later Café Racer culture, which perfectly fits the retro gentleman attitude that Zenith has always been proud of. They all have the label of a true retro gentleman, and the pursuit of a higher attitude to life is condensed in their bones.

Centennial legendary watchmaking brand recreates the charm of vintage gentleman riding

    Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith has a long history of 150 years, and has been devoting time and pursuit to the extreme for a century and a half. The retro locomotive placed in the store complements the hot female model, and the wrist style shows guests the Zenith Pilot Ton-Up watch. All kinds of activities have ignited the knights’ enthusiasm. The dart competition and table football can cause rounds of active participation and onlookers.

    Be immersed in the cigar, enjoy a retro feast with the riders, talk about the collection experience with the media, feel the rock style of the riders band, and enjoy pure English afternoon tea.

    With the complete success of this event, let us look forward to the upcoming Zenith Pilot Series TON-UP Knight Rider Party. More exciting and vacant positions will be announced soon, one by one will be announced soon, so stay tuned!