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Oriental Double Lion ORIENT was founded in 1950. After more than half a century, it has been devoting itself to developing craftsmanship and creating different styles of watches to meet customers’ pursuit of perfect quality in life. Because its LOGO is two lions, it was commonly known in China as the ‘double lion’ brand, known as ‘the king of wear-resistance’ and ‘the king of the price of sex’! Its luster can’t be wiped away by the vicissitudes of the ups and downs.
Japan’s Oriental Double Lion brand watch is a world-renowned watch brand with Seiko and Citizen, with advanced design and quality assurance! As one of the earliest Japanese brand watches entering the Chinese market, the Oriental set up a snap sale in the 70s and 80s Upsurge. Entering the new millennium is the launch of fashionable new watches! Genuine oriental watches are native to Japan and have a good reputation among consumers. Oriental watches are Japanese ‘Western-style’ watches. It pays more attention to internationalization in design and emphasizes European traditional style. From the perspective of different brands, you can feel the difference between Oriental Watch and other manufacturers. ORIENT believes that what customers want is a ‘high-quality’ watch product that is ‘never out of date’ and ‘has its valuable value in different times.’ For many years, ORIENT has been adhering to the above items as its leading principle of watchmaking.
Oriental Double Lion Watch is an old Japanese brand watch that entered the Chinese market very early, because its trademark LOGO is two lions, formerly commonly known as ‘Double Lion’ brand in China. It was the mainstream watch brand in China in the 1980s.
The double lion logo is an integral part of the ORIENT trademark. The two left and right sides of the trademark share two lions. Due to the fact that the early Chinese consumers mostly recognized the Shuangshi trademark or failed to read the ORIENT pronunciation, the Shuangshi logo has long been popular. For this reason, there have been different aliases of the Double Lion, Double Lion, Oriental Double Lion and so on to replace the correct name of the Oriental Watch (ORIENT). In order to keep the ORIENT brand in line with the world market, in the next few years, aliases such as the Double Lion, Double Lion, and Oriental Double Lion will gradually fade until they are no longer used.
前 Its predecessor can be traced back to the Yoshida Timepiece Store established in Ueno, Tokyo in 1901 (Showa 34) and the Toyo Timepiece Factory, which was established in 1920 to manufacture clocks. The Toyo Timepiece Factory also began to manufacture watches in a division of labor in 1934. In 1936, the Tokyo Hino Factory was established to focus on watch production. In July 1950, Toyo Timepieces established ‘Tama Meter Co., Ltd.’ in Hino, Tokyo, and changed its company name to Orient Watch Co., Ltd. in 1951. It officially started selling watches under the name Orient. Series of machinery——SPORTY AUTOMATIC series
Style men
Movement mechanical watch movement
Movement model-
Case stainless steel
Size 44 mm
Thickness 12.5 mm
Crown Normal
Bottom of the table
Table glass Sapphire crystal
Dial black
Strap stainless steel
Strap Color Silver
Buckle Double insurance buckle
Water-resistant to 100 meters