Wrist Sci-fi Experience The Charm Of Non-mainstream Watches

In the watchmaking industry, in addition to most brands under the control of the three major groups, some niche independent brands are also worthy of attention. They don’t have a big fanfare or promotion of celebrities, so they don’t have the popularity as Omega, Chanel, Tissot, Longines, but the quality of watches is not inferior.

De Bethune Dream Watch 5

Recommended reason: Like the ‘artifact’ from aliens, the lines are smooth and sharp, giving people a sense of speed like a top sports car. It is difficult to wear this sci-fi fan watch without pulling the wind.

Features: This watch extends the boundaries of people’s imagination of watches, reminiscent of outer space, movement and sense of speed. Three-dimensional spherical moon phase display, triangular five-level titanium, minute display is indicated by a rotating digital dial, the time jump window is located at three o’clock, and the outer edge of the window is a five-level titanium blue forged surface fired. Its characteristics make it the most noticeable innovation masterpiece of the year.

Arnold & Son Instrumentation DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time Zone Watch

Recommended reason: This collection of mechanical craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics is the sincere launch of Arnold & Son to celebrate the 250th anniversary, which fully reflects its profound watchmaking skills.

Features: DTE is a masterpiece combining symmetry, balance and three-dimensional beauty. It is equipped with a new self-made mechanical manual winding movement A & S8513, showing the century-old traditional double tourbillon movement in the style of the 21st century. ; Equipped with two independent time zone displays, each with a dedicated setting mechanism, which can be set independently; in addition, there is an independent gear train and tourbillon escapement. In addition to the dual tourbillon escapement and dual disc / dual time indication, the watch is exceptionally accurate; it not only provides the hours and minutes of local time, but also the hours and minutes of the second time zone, which can be set independently. The wearer can thus obtain a precise time zone with a time difference of only one quarter of an hour or half an hour from Greenwich Mean Time. The dual barrel provides an extremely long 90-hour power reserve.

Admiral Kunlun AC-One Double Tourbillon Watch

Recommended reason: If you start with Kunlun watches, the first choice is definitely the twelve variants of the case. This is the design identity inherited from the brand to this day. Today, this dual tourbillon watch is the perfect embodiment of Kunlun’s innovative skills. In one body, the sincerity of the brand can be seen.

Features: Corum is a noble and timeless model of Admiral’s Cup Admiral’s Cup series, adding a new complex manual winding movement: CO 1008. This unique core features a dual tourbillon function, combined with a flyback date and an ingenious timing system. Kunlun’s iconic dodecagon case with a new powerful core: the double tourbillon movement CO 1008 movement, can be described as a model of wiseness.

HYT H2 BLACK DLC & PINK GOLD watch, limited to 20 pieces

Recommended reason: H2 is the perfect combination of advanced watchmaking and fluid mechanics, creating a unique time display method.

Features: H2 is a perfect combination of advanced watchmaking and liquid mechanics. It was jointly created by the liquid mechanical watchmaker of HYT and the APRP (AUDEMARS PIGUET RENAUD ET PAPI) team led by GIULIO PAPI. H2 redesigned the structure of the entire hybrid movement. The new structure perfectly integrates the sealed and retractable reservoir, detection system, cam and piston. These are not only unique aesthetic elements of liquid mechanical watches, but also important components of the movement. Retrograde green liquid hour display; 30-minute instant jump minute hand; crown position display (H-N-R) (timing-home position-winding); temperature display.

Chronograph The Timemaster Chronograph Skeleton

Recommended reasons: skeleton, timing, sports, DLC bezel, these points are enough to choose this Ruibao watch reason. The design of this watch gives a contrasting beauty that is both Tough and elegant.

Features: Chronoswiss’s first skeletonized sports chronograph watch. The exposed dial is full of skinny beauty, allowing the viewer to see the core of the watch’s chronograph and the beauty of the movement. Fascinated. The stainless steel case with DLC (‘diamond-like carbon’) is hard and scratch resistant.

300,000 ‘lovers In Dreams’ Men’s Big Watch

In love, women are always favored, now it is time for men to feel your love. If he likes tenderness, touch him with tenderness; if he prefers personality, infect him with personality; if he likes watches, he will satisfy him with watches. Here are four men’s watches ‘lovers in dreams’ for you. These exquisite and expensive guys will not take away his love for you, but will make you love for a long time.
300,000 ‘lovers in dreams’ men’s nightmare big watch
 Patek Philippe 5146 Series 5146R Rose Gold Watch

 350,000 RMB

 As long as it is a man who yearns for a watch, he will have some unusual feelings for Patek Philippe. As if a successful man should be sitting in the beauty of a country, a successful man is more reasonable and reasonable. This 5146R is also a highly cost-effective style in Patek Philippe, as the public’s sentiment is unequivocal. Simple and classic, better to get started, give him must be able to satisfy his longing.

Rolex Submariner Calendar 116619LB Blue Dial Watch

266,100 RMB

Rolex’s position in the hearts of watch fans is also beyond doubt. As the ultimate symbol of Swiss watchmaking expertise and craftsmanship, it is well-known worldwide. The crown logo evolved from the open palm further explains Rolex’s domineering industry status. Rolex watches have a masculine masculinity, and change with the change of time to more diverse charm. This submersible diving watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters. The classic blue rotatable bezel and snake-shaped luminous hour hand can also stand out from the darkness.

 Glashütte SENATOR CHRONOMETER 58-01-01-01-04

 252,000 RMB

 In the bezel, everyone praises the three major brands of Patek Philippe, Rolex and Glashütte, and they often hold the classic models of these brands as their best destination. As a German watch, Glashütte has an exotic flavor that Swiss watchmaking does not have. Whether it is a beautiful gooseneck-style fine-tuning or a long-lasting German silver, Glashütte’s reputation has long enchanted many men. This senator series model uses a small three-hand design, the dial layout is rigorous and beautiful, and the large calendar at 3 o’clock is still simple and charming.

 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400OR.OO.1220OR.02 watch

 47,900 Euros (about 390,701 RMB)

 Finally, I recommend the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series. Several unique structural features of the Royal Oak series can be identified at a glance, including the avant-garde insurance (reliable) box case, fixed by eight hexagonal screws. An octagonal bezel, clearly visible waterproof gaskets, and a dial engraved with the ‘Grande Tapisserie’. The Royal Oak, full of sunlight and luxury, will undoubtedly satisfy every man’s desire to conquer, and the watch design full of personality can achieve a unique taste choice.