Elegant Design Tasting The Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Series New Watch

Parmigiani released the new Tonda 1950 series women’s watch in 2011. The dial is made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl, and the case is made of rose gold or white gold. It presents a modern and restrained appearance. Very elegant, attracting the attention of modern women. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, Parmigiani has made another masterpiece for this classic series. Let’s enjoy it together. (Watch model: PFC288-1064300-HA4021)

  This year Parmigiani launched a total of four new Tonda 1950 women’s watches, all with precious round diamonds, emitting a dazzling brilliance, while equipped with three different color dials, dark blue (this is the brand’s representative color (One), pink pearl, or sparkling white mother-of-pearl. Another watch is set with 21 precious stones of different colors, like a rainbow on the wrist.

Watch real shot

  The watch is 39 mm in diameter and 8.3 mm thick. The case is made of 18K rose gold, and the sides are polished with a polishing process, showing a gentle and delicate luster, adding visual beauty.

  The lugs are very iconic round lugs, giving the watch an ergonomic advantage for comfortable wearing.

  The bezel of the new model has been adjusted to increase the bezel and reduce the dial area, so that the bezel has more space for setting diamonds. The rose gold case with brilliant diamonds shines.

  On the pink mother-of-pearl dial, the triangular hands are hollowed out, and the outline is plated with gold, which contrasts with the rose gold-plated indexes. A small seconds dial is set at 3 o’clock, and the size of the brand logo at 12 o’clock is slightly larger than the previous one, which matches the overall design of the dial.

  The honey-colored crocodile leather strap outlines the charming charm of women, and the rose gold pin buckle is easy to wear and not easy to fall off.

  The movement uses the PF701 / PF702 movement, which has a slim thickness of only 2.6 mm. The ingenious design of the miniature oscillating weight contributes to the design of the slim movement, which winds the movement and can automatically run for 42 or 48 hours. We can see the exquisite movement through the transparent case back.

Summary: Parmigiani continues to advance on the way of watchmaking, creating legendary timepieces from generation to generation with superb watchmaking skills and rigorous watchmaking spirit. As one of Parmigiani’s classic collections, the Tonda 1950 attracts attention with its elegant design and diamond inlaid by women. Reference price: CHF30,000, converted into RMB is about 210,000. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

H. Moser & Cie. Henry Moser Pre-basel Subverts The Tradition’s Perpetual Calendar

H. MOSER & CIE. This unruly design rejects all preconceived ideas. H. MOSER & CIE. Subverted the concept that the perpetual calendar is limited to classic appearance, launched the Perpetual Calendar Fashion Blue Watch, boldly reinterpreted this high-end wrist with a sky blue dial and hornbok leather strap table.

 H. MOSER & CIE. Perpetual Calendar Electric Blue Watch, Unique Design Subverts the Watchmaking Tradition

H. MOSER & CIE. Perpetual Calendar Electric Light Blue Watch with Sky Blue Fumé Dial and Horned Antelope Strap

Spiral crown with “ M ”

H. MOSER & CIE. Created a new-looking perpetual calendar that appeared at the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in a sloppy manner. This eye-catching watch abandons the fashion trend, and aims to find watch enthusiasts with classic charm, and it is different from the watch worn by their grandfather for a lifetime. Brave Creator Perpetual Calendar Fashion Blue Watch meets the needs of customers who love elegance and tradition but also consider design. This watch is characterized by its distinctive features and classic heritage; as a rare and hard-to-find watch from the H. MOSER watch factory, it is unique and outstanding.

H. MOSER & CIE. Perpetual Calendar Electro-optic Blue Watch with Mechanical Manual Winding Homemade HMC 341 Movement

H. MOSER & CIE. Perpetual Calendar Electric Blue Watch uses hour markers to display the month, and can be adjusted forward and backward at any time without damaging the mechanical device, unique and attractive.

H. MOSER & CIE., Famous for its smoked dials, is exploring new possibilities and promoting the development of dial making processes. Despite the classic look of the existing models, this daring perpetual calendar subverts the rules with an electro-optic blue dial with a leather strap and natural hour markers. This sturdy and rustic look subverts the rules, and the dial and the case The details and decoration contrast perfectly. What they all have in common is the ingenious HMC 341 professional manual movement. This perpetual calendar watch uses hour markers to display the month, and can be adjusted forward and backward at any time without damaging the mechanism, known as a masterpiece of simplicity and refinement. This unique and charismatic combination enables H. MOSER & CIE. To subvert the rules by combining traditional watchmaking techniques with charming design. Adventure-oriented perpetual calendar: H. MOSER & CIE. Began unique and extremely rare R & D in 2014, and based on this, created truly amazing works.

Boarding A New Homemade Movement Chanel Launches Boy ∙ Friend Skeleton Watch

When hollow-out elements are increasingly used in the design of dials, to stand out from a large number of models, it is necessary to win by design and production technology. And this year, Chanel launched the BOY ∙ FRIEND skeleton watch. And for the first time on this series of watches is equipped with Calibre 3, a fine watchmaking skeleton movement.

 For non-professional watch brands, the development and birth of home-made movements require a lot of time and a lot of energy. After three years of research and development, Calibre 3, the skeletonized movement, finally appeared in our eyes.

 The Chanel Boy · Friend series of watches loaded with the new Calibre 3 movement presented in front of us, uses a manually wound movement, has a fully hollow design without rudder cover, and the barrel can ensure at least 55 hours The power reserve is also equipped with anti-shock device.

 On the back of the movement, the Calibre 3 movement with black ADLC coating can also be seen, and its edges are coated with beige gold plating. Each part cooperates with each other to achieve harmonious and stable operation. The bridge is placed on the back of the dial to show the beauty of the watch’s precise beating movement.

 The movement is suspended in an octagonal beige gold case, presenting a series of interconnected, vertically staggered, precisely connected circles. Beige gold down feet have been mirror polished to show the depth of the movement.

 The sides of the case are designed as parallel straight lines, and the crown is made of 18K gold with convex round onyx.

 The material of the strap is a bright black alligator leather strap with a 18k gold square pin buckle with a finely carved ‘CHANEL’ brand logo.

Summary: Unlike many other “precision watch” movements, the Calibre 3 movement used in the BOY ∙ FRIEND skeleton watch is not mirror-polished or other delicate hand-finished, but this does not mean that this movement does not have Technical content. It shows us more possibilities in the material of the movement and the technology of the movement. BOY ∙ FRIEND hollow watch also released a diamond-set model. Friends who like it can follow the watch house’s follow-up reports, or go to the Chanel official website to learn more.

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Hublot Announced To Be The Official Timekeeper Of The Tang Polo Equestrian Club And The ‘2014 China Polo Open’ And Launched The Official Watch

September 20, 2014, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, once again sounded its horn, in a world of cross-border integration of top-level watches and sports. On the Wenyu River in Beijing, Hublot announced that it has officially reached a strategic partnership with the ‘Tang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club’, becoming the official timekeeper and official watch of the club and the ‘2014 China Polo Open’, and introduced the latest news to the media and guests The Chukker Bang Tang Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch released, with the passion and arrogance flowing in the brand’s blood, witness the success and failure of this aristocratic movement full of chivalry!

   Polo is a sport that truly belongs to the king. In this circle of top elites in various countries, there are royal members, business elites, and celebrities. The speed of the horse, the control of precise shots, and the extreme requirements for physical fitness and endurance make polo the top sport that the wealthy people in the world are rushing to and dreading.

   All of these coincide with the values ​​that Hublot has always adhered to. What they represent is no longer just a symbol of wealth, but also a mature, self-conscious attitude to life, extending the extension of life infinitely. With the increasing accumulation of Chinese wealth, polo has also become one of the dreams of successful individuals with personality in China.

   The 4th China Polo Open was held at the Tang Polo Club from September 9 to 21, 2014. As the top polo event in Asia, it has grown into a polo event with international authority and world influence. .

   Worldwide, the collaboration between Hublot and Polo, known as the ‘pyramid tip’, has a long history. From the Hublot Polo Cup Sotogrande, Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona, Spain Cortina Winter Polo Cup. Hublot is attracted and integrated into such a noble, wonderful and passionate polo sport. The Hublot timepiece standing on the side of the field will faithfully and accurately inscribe the perseverance and courage of running horses on the green battlefield. In 2011, Hublot launched a limited edition Chukker Bang watch specifically for polo sports, which perfectly blended the pride of polo sports with the best Swiss watch skills. Since 2013, Hublot has become the official timekeeper of the competition for two consecutive years. This year, the Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club limited edition watch was gloriously launched, with a limited collection of 20 pieces.

   Mr. Liu Shilai, the founder of the Tang Polo Equestrian Club and the first person in Chinese polo, first introduced us to the history, rules and love of polo. As a 42-year-old successful person, in order to be able to maintain the sufficient physical strength required for polo, not only insist on exercising every day, but also will appear on the court every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. ‘He believes that polo is not only a luxury aristocratic sport, but also a life experience derived from a love of life. From the World Cup just concluded, Hublot’s passion for sports and its love for life, We share the same values, and hope to join forces to make polo a new way of life for the Chinese elite. ‘

  Speaking of this cooperation, Mr. Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot Greater China, said: ‘Polo is not only a noble sport, but also an art of life. It is rich in king charm and Hublot. The top luxury that has always been represented complements each other. The Tang Polo Equestrian Club has made great achievements in just 4 years, and Hublot is proud to reach a strategic cooperation with China’s top polo equestrian clubs, and continue to serve the club and represent the highest level of horses in China. The Ball Open provides precise timing. We are looking forward to bringing more Chinese successful people into the polo kingdom to experience and love this knightly sport. ‘

   Mr. Beaver presented Mr. Liu Shilai with a limited edition of Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch of 20 pieces.

Mr. Liu Shilai presented Mr. Beaver with a polo club and hoped that he could also participate in this sport.

  Later, Mr. Liu Shilai introduced us to this special watch. He said, ‘He needs to pull four reins in his left hand to control the horse during the race. If a watch is very heavy, it will definitely be affected in the race. The watch is made of extremely light carbon fiber material, which will not cause any pressure on the wrist, and these 20 watches should be fully subscribed by our members, and will never be seen again in the market. ‘

  This Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch is equipped with a titanium guardrail on the 44 mm diameter Big Bang case, which fits tightly on the bezel to protect the sapphire crystal, and the guardrail can be removed. At 3 o’clock the small seconds hand is decorated with the logo of the Tang Polo Equestrian Club, and the black ceramic bezel is engraved with ‘Tang Polo’ at 5 o’clock to commemorate the strategic cooperation with the Tang Polo Equestrian Club.

This is Hublot’s first fusion of a carbon fiber case with a ceramic bezel.

The detail workmanship is extremely in place.

  This watch is equipped with a polo flyback automatic chronograph movement, which is different in that the 7-minute 30-second timer echoes the time of the round of polo (Chukka). The small timer hand runs for one week. 30 seconds, which is why the watch is called Chukker Bang. Hublot really pays tribute to this great sport of polo.

  After the press conference, Hublot prepared a generous buffet picnic for everyone. Although it was a little sunbathing, the club was adjacent to the Capital Airport, so the meal was accompanied by the roar of the plane landing.

After the picnic, the exciting polo game is about to begin!

  The area of ​​the polo court is equivalent to the size of four football fields, and the requirements on the lawn are extremely high. The standard is comparable to that of a golf course. Especially after the rain, the field must be kept absolutely flat to protect the horses.

   Before the start of the game, the head referee led 8 Cavaliers to walk slowly towards everyone. The left side wore a blue and white jersey for the Royal Salute team, and the right side wore a red and blue jersey for the Land Rover team.

Mr. Liu Shilai, as a member of the Royal Salute Team, wore No. 1 shirt to pay tribute to the audience.

The kick-off ceremony ended and the game officially started.

  The polo game is divided into four quarters, each quarter is seven and a half minutes. The reason why this is so short is because each horse has to run at a speed of 50 mph on the field. The running time is long, and the horse can’t stand it!

Because the competition is very fierce, the players need to change horses after each competition. A game requires a total of 4 to 6 horses.

After the goal is scored, the head referee will lead the players back to the midfield to restart the kick.

Each time the ball is kicked, the two sides must exchange goals.

Mr. Liu Shilai greeted everyone after scoring the goal. The score on the field was three to three.

At the end of the first half, the horse’s hoof mark was left on the originally flat lawn.

During the intermission, the audience stepped on the lawn together to prepare for the second half.

  The Wenyu River, adjacent to the Capital Airport, accompanied by the roar of the plane and the screaming blood of Zhang Hu, Hublot faithfully records the collision of courage and the moment of success, and continues to write its own fusion spirit!

Hublot Opens First Boutique On Kuwait Avenue

On May 22, 2013, Hublot’s first boutique opened on Kuwait Avenue officially opened. Of course, such a grand event had many attendees. The first to arrive were of course Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, and Ali Morad Behbehani of Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group.

 This is a very exciting time for both the brand and Kuwait Avenue. After Hublot watches settled here, I believe that many people will learn about Hublot watches by walking into the store. The sales of ships have played a very good role.

 Anyone who knows Kuwait Avenue knows that countless watch collectors have gathered here, and Hublot, as a leading Swiss watch brand, has certainly become the finishing touch on this avenue.

 In terms of store design, Hublot also combines designs that include local art styles to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere for customers who come here.

Jaeger-lecoultre Paris Vendome Store Unveiled New Upgrade Unveiled

On the eve of the 180th anniversary of the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory, the brand reloaded its Paris flagship store. The store is located at 7 Place Vendôme, a legendary French luxury landmark. The new flagship store covers an area of ​​500 square meters and is the brand’s largest specialty store in the world. It foreshadows a new interior design concept: warmth, sparkle, inheriting the past, showing the present and exploring the future …

Diane Kruger Diane Kruger attended the opening ceremony of the Jaeger-LeCoultre store in Paris, France

Jaeger-LeCoultre CEO Jérôme Lambert held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the store with old brand friend, Diane Kruger, the spokeswoman for women’s watches, and Guillain Maspetiol, Jaeger-LeCoultre French brand manager.
Place Vendôme is a French luxury center and a legendary place where luxury hotels and historic houses gather. Jaeger-LeCoultre Store Vendôme stores go far beyond simple points of sale, rounded curve design and wonderful lighting effects. , The intricate balance wheel and gear patterns on the exterior walls and windows make people feel extraordinary.

Diane Kruger (centre), Guillain Maspetiol, General Manager of Jaeger-Le Coultre France (left), and Jerome Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, attended Jaeger in Paris, France, November 20, 2012 -LeCoultre Ribbon-opening Ceremony

Also present at the opening ceremony were Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Deneuve, Carmen Chaplin, Carmen Chaplin, Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Huppert, Inès de la Fressange, Vincent Perez, Vincent Perez, José Luis Rebordinos, , Olga Sorokina, Marina Hands and Marina Hands.

Catherine Deneuve (left) and Jerome Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre, attended the opening ceremony of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Place Vendôme store in Paris, France on November 20, 2012

Every space of the new store brings surprise discoveries to collectors, brand lovers and all connoisseurs of fine watchmaking, demonstrating the hospitality of the brand, and the opening night showcased a wealth of collections that are rarely public: the smallest Mechanical movement Calibre 101, to the most complex mechanical mechanisms containing up to 1200 components.
To celebrate the re-opening of the Paris Vendôme boutique, Jaeger-LeCoultre has specially created the new Duomètre Unique Travel Time series, inviting you to enter the pinnacle of fine watchmaking. This white gold model is limited to 100 pieces, and the red and black numerals are applied at the 7 and 9 o’clock positions on the dial to express its compliments to the address of Jaeger-LeCoultre store. Duomètre Unique Travel Time combines the brand’s leading technology in the field of multi-time display functional watches, providing travelers who love fine watchmaking an unprecedented experience: for the first time in world time, The watch allows users to adjust the travel time zone to the nearest moment.
Source: Image.net by Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultre
Photo credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff (2012)

Stable And Accurate Real Rolex Oyster Perpetual Logging 31

Rolex has launched a new generation of Oyster Perpetual Date 31, with a newly designed case outer and lugs. Available in 18 ct white gold, 18 ct yellow and 18 ct everose gold, the new model is equipped with the leading Rolex 2236 mechanical movement.

   Many models include 18ct white gold with white mother-of-pearl dial and diamond-set bezel; 18ct yellow with malachite dial and 18ct yellow diamonds Roman numerals VI and IX; 18ct everose gold with pavé diamond Dial with pink mother-of-pearl butterfly pattern.

   The bezel is set with exquisite diamonds and the eternal rose gold crown is 100 meters water resistant.

   The new log type 31 is equipped with a head-type strap. Concealed ear caps ensure a seamless visual effect between the strap and the case. Built-in ceramic components make the strap more flexible and sturdy. The strap is equipped with a hidden folding crown buckle.

   A small window convex lens at 3 o’clock makes it easy to read the calendar. Equipped with a 2236 mechanical movement, this new generation of movement is entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. The movement is equipped with a Rolex patented Syloxi silicon balance spring, which ensures that the watch has the superior chronometer precision timepiece performance. Syloxi hairspring is not disturbed by magnetic field, it is extremely stable even in the face of temperature changes, and its shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairspring. Its patented geometry allows the movement to operate regularly at any position. The caliber 2236 is equipped with an automatic winding assembly. The mainspring is wound by a main rotor with a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. The Date 31 is equipped with this movement for the first time.

   Like all Rolex watches, the Date 31 is certified by Rolex in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs, and its standard exceeds the standard and standard of watchmaking industry.
For more information about the latest Baselworld watch fair 2018, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

Casio Baselworld 2015 Commemorative Model G-shock & Oceanus Synchronized Listing

CASIO BASELWORLD 2015 is based on the theme of ‘Global Time Sync’, using leading digital innovative technology, combining GPS with the world’s six stations to receive radio waves simultaneously, and it is applied to G-SHOCK and Oceanus in all directions The two major brands have demonstrated excellent performance and accuracy. The G-SHOCK GPW-1000TBS, OCEANUS OCW-G1000S / OCW-G1000E three commemorative models will be sold in limited quantities in Taiwan in September 2015.


G-SHOCK GPW-1000TBS is a Ti64 titanium alloy * 1 lightweight watch equipped with GPS and six radio stations in the world
   Continuing the design of the hybrid GPS and six radio stations in the world. By receiving GPS signals, the time, time zone and daylight saving time can be corrected automatically. The new GPW-1000T uses titanium alloy to create a functional watch that reduces weight by 10%. The use of high-hardness Ti64 titanium alloy, the case and back cover are also made of titanium alloy material, even if used in harsh environments, there is no need to worry about heavy pressure wear. Ti64 titanium alloy bezel and case are treated with golden IP, creating a retro The traces of time, the details of the buttons, crown, screws and dial are particularly gold-toned, making the whole more consistent. In addition, the 3 o’clock direction watch eye is decorated with the earth pattern, which can display the current latitude position, and the 8 o’clock direction watch eye can also display the second time zone time, allowing users to easily grasp the world time information. The surface is made of sapphire glass, which is not easy to wear and easy to read. With carbon fiber rubber strap, it is light and durable. Limited to 50 in Taiwan.
* 1 Note: Ti64 titanium alloy is made of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium metal.


OCEANUS OCW-G1000SBASELWORLD 2015 Limited Edition blooms like a dazzling blue earth glow in the universe
   Equipped with CASIO’s original GPS hybrid radio wave receiving system, it can automatically correct the time, time zone and daylight saving time by receiving GPS signals. The OCW-G1000S uses the earth in the universe as its design concept. The dial adopts the calm black symbolizing the universe. Elegant Roman numerals with 18K gold honorable design, dial details are even more embellished with dazzling gold, like the stars in the universe. The pointer axis is set with recrystallized sapphire, and the sapphire glass surface shows the dazzling blue earth light in the universe. In addition, the bezel, case and strap are made of titanium alloy with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) treatment and polished by Sallaz manual staff. They can be worn easily without worrying about wear and tear. The uniqueness of OCW-G1000S. The entire watch is assembled and manufactured at Yamagata factory in Yamagata, Japan. It is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and 3 pieces to Taiwan.

OCEANUS OCW-G1000E is equipped with GPS hybrid radio wave receiving system. Navy blue new color design tastes elegant and beautiful.
   OCEANUS, which has both elegant beauty and product function as the brand concept, continues CASIO’s original GPS hybrid radio wave reception system, and launches a new navy blue design OCW-G1000E. The outer side of the bezel is treated with a calm navy blue IP, and the inner side of the bezel Gold plated to reflect each other, the crown and the axis of the hands are further set with recrystallized sapphire, exuding honorable fashion charm. In addition, the double-curved sapphire glass surface makes reading more clear and difficult to reflect. At 12 o’clock, it is designed with mother-of-pearl material and Roman numerals. The dial details are embellished with blue and gold. The lightweight titanium alloy case and strap are matched. The grinding skills of Sallaz’s handmade staff create extraordinary elegance. The entire watch is assembled and manufactured at Yamagata factory in Yamagata, Japan, and it is limited to 120 pieces in Taiwan.

Three Creative Special Hand Display Watches

Compared with other types of watches, mechanical watches have inherent advantages. They rely entirely on mechanical principles to complete the timing work. Although it seems a bit primitive to keep up with the trend, mechanical watches themselves have No one has the unique charm.
The special watch always shines, even brings you unexpected fun. At the same time, the special hour, minute and second display is also difficult to control for ordinary watches. This crazy time watch by Frank Muller It is undoubtedly full of fun. Its uniqueness lies in that the distribution of the hour digital scale on the dial violates the most basic common sense of watches. It is like a special mechanical watch specially designed for entertainment. For the first time, you almost always have I don’t know what time it is.

Franck Muller Totally
Its inherent law is that every two time periods, two originally adjacent points are transformed into an interval of five points, so this special mechanical watch is created, and there is an inverted The digital scale model is also very creative, when the time is inverted, the numbers will stand up.

Ludovic Ballouard Handstand Watch
In addition, a more creative time display of a mechanical watch is a digital display completed by mechanical transmission, that is, the luminous tube is designed with a programmed mechanical program. When it is time, the luminous tube will be flipped at any time to achieve the light and dark. The change allows everyone to view the time very clearly, like the electronic display to explain the time at this time.

Ludovic Ballouard Handstand Watch
These are special time, minute, and time display methods. These special hours, minutes, and seconds display methods must not be the whim of the designer, but to express their own understanding of mechanical watches through unique ideas. In addition, they can increase the fun of wearing watches. .

Citizen Eco-drive Ring Limited Edition Watch

I don’t know if I remember the Eco-Drive RING that appeared on the Citizen booth at Basel in the past. Now this watch officially enters the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen Eco-Drive RING The extraordinary beauty based on light kinetic energy technology is amazing: the original technology can be so moving!

This is a watch that has twice participated in the Oscar-Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair. Its ground-breaking side design makes it a sensation once it debuts. After three years of hardening, Eco-Drive RING officially entered the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen’s never-ending innovation spirit and strong strength to bring dreams into reality have made it a perfect leap from concept models to mass production.
The value of a watch is not only to become an identity icon that highlights the wearer’s noble temperament and elegant taste, but also to become a time companion that inspires people to discover themselves and understand life. . ‘Eco-Drive RING is based on the theme of’ Discovery ‘. It contains the discovery of creativity, the discovery of scientific and technological aesthetics, and even the discovery of the universe.

Limited edition RMB 28800

突破 The breakthrough of this watch has two points:
1. Side light absorption: The light kinetic energy absorption structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass. The three-dimensional design allows Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent.
2. Moon phase display: Unlike the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. As Yin Qingyuan lacked in the simulation of the wrist.
Eco-Drive RING has found the answer for us with its breakthrough bezel light absorption mode and stunning side profile. This is not only the latest discovery of Citizen’s creativity, but also shows the world the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy-in addition to being the energy driver of the watch, it can also become the protagonist carrying the beauty of design.
的 The best angle for Eco-Drive RING is the side. The light kinetic energy absorbing structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass, and is embedded in a hollow stainless steel case like a diamond ring claw, which has a three-dimensional look and feel of modern architecture. The three-dimensional design allows the Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent, and the 360-degree light penetration also makes the watch appear unparalleled and brilliant!
月 The moon phase function commonly found on high-end watches is more perfectly interpreted here at Eco-Drive RING. Different from the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. The attention to detail is also spared. The three-dimensional time scale, which carries the designer’s infinite imagination, can be found in different perspectives at different angles. The rare crocodile leather strap is just the base, the quiet blue-gray tone and the soft pearl luster coating are the finishing touch, and the low-key luxurious atmosphere spreads with it.