Inside And Outside Real Shooting Breguet Classic Series 5367 Ultra-thin Self-winding Tourbillon Platinum Watch

As the inventor of the tourbillon, Breguet introduced the classic series 5377 watch in 2013, deducing the fusion of elegance and performance. At Baselword 2018, Breguet launched a new classic series 5367 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon platinum watch, which is also the first ‘big fire’ enamel dial watch of the classic complex series. 5367PT / 29 / 9WU.
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   The case is made of platinum and has a diameter of 42 mm. The outer edge is decorated with coin patterns. It is equipped with independent welded lugs fixed by bolts. It has a bottom design and is waterproof to 30 meters.

   The ‘Daminghuo’ enamel dial is decorated with Breguet digital hour-marker rings and blue steel hands. The layout is simple and exquisite, simplifying other elements to highlight the tourbillon device. The tourbillon frame is made of titanium alloy, and the hand-chamfered tourbillon bridge is beautifully inlaid. Gems. Small seconds on the tourbillon axis.

   The blue-steel Breguet hands contrast sharply with the white flawless enamel dial, making the positions of the hour and minute hands clearer and easier to read. The Breguet digital scale ring at 11 o’clock is opposite the tourbillon at 5 o’clock.

   Equipped with Cal.581 self-winding ultra-thin (thickness only 3mm) movement, using horizontal flip lever escapement, with silicon pallet and silicon hairspring, 4Hz frequency, barrel bearing roller bearing Support, can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. The movement is plated with rhodium, and the splint, box and automatic top are all carved by hand. The automatic top is made of platinum, which makes it more inertia.

   It has a blue alligator leather strap with a metal folding buckle.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Four Thousand Yuan Smart Watch Is Making A Strong Breakthrough

At the end of September, the third generation of Apple Watch Series Apple Watch Series officially launched. I don’t think it will cause a new round of smart watch battle, but it is indeed a very competitive one. The product. At the beginning of this year, Huawei first introduced the second-generation smart watch, which has the function of directly accessing the cellular network to access the Internet and a SIM card that can be used to make independent calls. At that time, I guessed that Apple’s third-generation smart watch should also have these two Function, will definitely emerge suddenly. At the same time, there have been news in the past two years that Apple has applied for a wireless charging patent. Sure enough, the third generation of the Apple Watch does have these two functions, and it also has wireless charging. At this point, the smart watch should be regarded as entering the second stage-gradually detached from the mobile phone. If anyone still has a technology-based smart watch that doesn’t have these functions, then it’s not far from being out.

   Watches were originally a tool for watching time. In this age of technology, the role of watches in watching time has been weakened, so traditional Swiss watchmaking has found a new way-luxury. However, it does not mean that the watch has become a dead end in terms of practicality. The age of science and technology has its own benefits. The practicality of the watch is diversified through scientific and technological means, so that its powerful potential can be exerted again. A large part of the quartz watch market has an impact.

Airpower wireless charging base can charge Iphone 8 and above, Airpods, Apple Watch induction charging

   Although Apple Watch Series 3 is not the first to adopt a series of technologically innovative products, it is indeed the most watched smart watch product, and from the current point of view, it may also be the most technologically smart watch. The previous Apple Watch should have been unsuccessful, because of limited functions, bundled with mobile phones, and poor battery. This generation is more popular than previous generations, because the cellular network connection solves the dilemma that the watch must be bundled with a mobile phone (without a mobile phone, the watch can be directly connected to the Internet to achieve more comprehensive functions), and independent communication functions (disengaged Mobile phone, answer and make calls, reply messages, WeChat, QQ, email, etc. at any time. In addition to the battery being used for a maximum of 18 hours, it is still tasteless. To a great extent, it has solved the dilemma of the conventional smart watch leaving the mobile phone as an ordinary electronic watch.
   From the price point of view, the version with GPS and cellular network, the starting price of aluminum alloy models is 3188 yuan, stainless steel case sports straps starting price of 4588, stainless steel case Milan chain starting price of 5488. Of course, there are Nike cooperation models, and more luxurious Hermes cooperation models. But for most people, the basic version is enough, because after all, no matter how you match, everyone knows that this is an Apple Watch, and it is better to buy a mechanical watch for luxury.

   So at around 4,000 yuan, what are the traditional quartz watches and mechanical watches? Quartz watches are generally Casio’s relatively professional models with GPS and intelligent systems, as well as the styles of Citizen and light luxury fashion brands. These watches are divided into two categories, one is a functional quartz watch, and the other is a fashion watch. From a functional point of view, there are still some advantages of traditional quartz watches, such as strong and durable, Apple Watch can only be waterproof to 50 meters, while Casio can reach 100 meters and higher waterproof, and it is okay to fall, but Apple and Huawei Waiting for the smart watch, it is worse than Casio. Functionally speaking, Casio’s most worthwhile models are those with professional outdoor features, then it forms a distinction with smart watches such as Apple Watch.

   From this perspective, the Apple Watch is more suitable for white-collar workers and people with a more regular work life. Its advantage is that it reminds you of information and health and sports functions at any time. A professional quartz watch is suitable for those who love the outdoors and daily information needs such as phone messages. Not so big crowd, after all, quartz watch does not need to be charged every day, it will be much more convenient. For fashion quartz watches (Armani, Coach, etc.), I think there will be a large number of customer choice overlaps with smart watches. Since fashion brands do not have watchmaking genes, consumers do not really recognize fashion brand watches. , But just buy brands and designs, but not so loyal, and for smart watches, they are more willing to try and buy. One piece of data can simply explain that in the first 9 months, Swiss watch exports have shown a warming trend, among which mechanical watch exports have achieved year-on-year growth, but quartz watches have been declining since 2014 and have not improved today It seems that even the body weight has dropped to half of that in 2011 and 2/3 of that in 2014. Under the circumstances that the environment is improving, the quartz watch does not improve, it can only indicate that the quartz watch is indeed affected. Of course, because the largest supplier of quartz watches is still Japan, there is no data from Japan, so how much the specific impact can not be estimated.

   In terms of mechanical watches, although the functionality of smart watches is very strong, the charm of mechanical watches is completely different from that of smart watches. So which mechanical watches can I buy within four thousand? First of all, of course, Seiko 5 and Prospex Padi and other products. These watches are entry-level models in Seiko. They are cheap, good quality, big in design, superior in performance, accurate in movement time, and basically can be maintained for 3-5 years. And if you look carefully, you can also find some very fashionable designs, which are worth starting.

   Tissot swissmatic and old Leroc, Tissot is cost-effective. Everyone knows that Tissot’s mechanical watches have basically been introduced for more than 3,000 yuan or 4,000 yuan, so after introducing the Swissmatic automatic movement, Tissot’s introduction Class mechanical watch, the price came to about 3200 yuan. This movement is very close to the people, the power is also three days, and it is automatically wound. It should be said that it is a well-configured movement, but of course it also has some problems, such as integrated design, in case of problems, maintenance The cost is relatively high. The old version of the Rocklock has gradually withdrawn from the market because of the emergence of new models, but it can still be found, the price is not high, and the ETA 2824 movement used is very stable. The new Leloc is also in this price range. It uses the new Powermatic 80 movement with 80 hours of power. It is more practical than the old one. Of course, because the old model has become a classic and the 2824 movement has a good reputation, so many people are wondering whether to upgrade. New, and hesitant.

   In addition to Tissot, brands such as Certina, Hamilton, Mido, etc., can catch up with the event and can also buy some good mechanical watches within 4,000. Domestic brands, such as Fiyta, Beijing, Seagull, etc., basic mechanical watches, can be purchased within four thousand, the use of nothing more than two kinds of movements, Miyota and domestic self-produced, although this said to destroy their prestige, but domestic The self-produced movement is of good or bad quality. Sometimes you really need to see your luck. It is better to adjust it later.
   Four thousand yuan is not a big budget for buying a watch, but from the perspective of online sales, there are very many people who buy a watch at this price, and the market is huge. In the past, the watch market at this price was occupied by quartz watches and mechanical watches. Now, smart watches have a share of it. Unfortunately, there are still a few problems with smart watches that have not been solved, but the impact has weakened. People began to put enthusiasm into the convenient life brought by smart watches. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine that once the smart watch solves the battery life problem (due to national policy restrictions, Apple’s ESIM card involves one-card multi-number technology, domestic carrier support needs a little time, remember that there was news that it was resolved within two months. ), Then the competition in this price segment will be very fierce.