Thousands Of Times ‘want To Give Up’, But They Insisted On Glowing

‘From time to time, I want to give up.’ On March 8th, in this woman’s day, a speech from an uncle on the stage caused eyes to glow. He is Zhang Yonghe, an internationally renowned architectural designer. People who do creative work know that ‘want to give up’ is a common mood. At the desk day after day, outsiders were not surprised when they saw the waves, but that man’s heart was at war with nature. Every minute and every second seems to be fighting with the flesh. The final works are all made with heart and blood. Saying ‘want to give up’ is just a mockery of daily hardships. Several women on the stage are actually the ‘most unwilling to give up’. They are pianist Chen Xiaoli, curator of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Gong Yan, and scent guide Zhuang Hui’s family. Their perseverance for their dreams has won them treasure Gree AVRORA Women’s Award for ‘Brightness’. As the nominee for this award, Zhang Yonghe talked about architectural design and gender in the forum. He said that in the early years, the work of architectural designers often included rough, strong men had an advantage. Nowadays, architectural design is focused on the mind. Women are so sensitive and imaginative, sometimes stronger than men. For this woman’s festival, the Bulgari Hotel Beijing from afternoon to evening, various activities changed Faer to praise women. It all comes from this award sponsored by Bulgari, AVRORA means the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, symbolizing wisdom and creativity. At the forum in the afternoon, someone asked Bubinger Global CEO Babin: Why create an award for women? He said that since the day of creation, we Bulgari have been a jeweller. Yes, what theme is more important to jewelers than ‘woman’? The 01 award was first awarded in Japan and has been awarded twice in a row. Winning women come from a variety of industries, culture, art, economics, medicine … some are even very niche and unpopular. What they have in common is that the careers they choose require a steady stream of creativity, and these women are extremely obsessed with doing things themselves. The selection rules implicitly convey the meaning of inheritance. Each award has a successful nominee. He will recommend a woman who is at the peak of his creative career in the field of which he is familiar. In Japan, the nominees include fashion designer Yoshimoto Yamamoto, while the winners include fashion designer Taeda Ashida, as well as supermodels and actors, Kana Watanabe, and more. ‘Brightness’ came to China for the first time, and Bulgari cooperated with ‘VOGUE Clothing and Beauty’, which also knows women particularly well. VOGUE FILM has made short films for each of the seven awards, and the nominees talk to the winners. At the Ambilight Night Banquet, talks in black and white tones are played on the big screen. Simple pictures and broken thoughts are the most touching interviews. Dreams, anxiety and joy, they know each other. The artist Xiang Jing nominated director Mai Zi, and the two had exactly the same outlines and eyes. Many audiences at the scene said they were ‘first mother and daughter’. In the short film, they frankly confessed their inner struggles. Maizi said that she was afraid that there was not enough time, and every day when she woke up, she had to fight against every second. Xiang Jing said that the ‘talent’ matter made her feel anxious. If everything depends on talent, she is afraid that ‘on which day, the talent will be taken away.’ Every time she challenges the current, she cheers herself up like every woman who can only rely on her heart: ‘It’s much better to start.’ At the awards dinner, Shu Qi, the spokesperson for Bulgari, came in a black and white plain silhouette dress, Diva’s Dream earrings and Serpenti fine jewelry watch, shining in the dark. She was so thin and light that people whispered, ‘Will she eat at dinner?’ The truth is that Shu Qi ate both bread and champagne. She looked relaxed and happy, and came on stage pretending to complain angrily why she didn’t Give her the prize. Everyone knows that she has already passed the stage of winners and has enough confidence. Maybe it is more appropriate to be a nominee. She still maintains the cuteness of a little girl. Standing at 1.93m, the winner Hui Ruoqi stood out this evening. She wore a black evening dress and gorgeous jewelry. She said that she thought she was beautifully dressed, and she was so beautiful and sweaty on the sports field. She liked the word fighting. Musician Chen Xiaoli has studied classical music since she was a child. She enjoys the passion to break the boundaries of music and especially enjoys improvisation. The Zhuang Hui family was a scent guide. In her childhood in New York, her mother told her to be modest and low-key, but she boldly stepped out of the small world, published books and exhibited, and showed her creative ideas about aroma. The award-winning woman nominated by director Jia Zhangke is Liang Jiayan, CEO of Pingyao Film Festival. She really gathered filmmakers from all over the world to a small town in central China with a population of 520,000. Jia Zhangke said that she used incredible action to complete the impossible task. Gong Yan, the curator of the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, leads an efficient small team, asking them to focus on the art itself. And she wakes up at dawn every day at 6 o’clock, thinking about the balance between art and business every day. This night was filled with the joy of commendation, and their testimony on the stage, some of them sounded slightly sour. With a flat-headed dancer, the winner, Duan Ni, danced alone in a beam of light on the stage. Jin Yuxi, who awarded her an award, said that time will test whether you ‘really love’ your career. 02 Bulgari is always with those vibrant women, all of which may date back to ancient Roman times. Ancient Roman brain fan, Japanese female writer Shiyano lived in Italy for decades, and talked about her 15 masterpiece ‘The Romans’, she said, do n’t be so serious and rigid, I wrote a lot of charm Man, go crazy with them. In fact, Shiono Seventh Life also spent a lot of pen and ink on ancient Roman women. They appeared next to ancient Roman heroes. They were their mothers, wives, lovers, and daughters. Their lives were magnificent. The aristocratic class had the mother of the reformer Gragu brothers, Octavia’s descendant, Agripina. They exerted influence in politics and passed on to future generations with wisdom, perseverance and talent. The princesses of ancient Rome loved parties and feasts, and civilian women were also enthusiastic about perming hair, applying oil on sheep fat, applying lipstick, and rubbing powder, and tirelessly wearing various necklaces, rings, and bracelets. They liked to exude charm. Roman love was relatively free, and marriage and divorce many times would not be criticized. The parties, singing and dancing, wrestling, the women were not bored at all. All this is carried over by modern Italian women. Bulgari, born in Rome in 1884, exists for such women. In today’s Bvlgari hotels in Beijing and Shanghai, you can see portrait photos of Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Roland. They are full of enthusiasm and charming skin. They wear large cascades of Bulgari jewellery, paint eyelashes and eyeliners. They are not little princesses with fairy tales and inedible fireworks, but sexy girls who dare to love and hate. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Bvlgari held a retrospective at the Moscow Kremlin with the theme ‘Salute to Women’. Observing the jewelry works of different periods, you can feel the influence of various female thoughts and social customs. The exhibition includes a crown of marriage from Princess Olympia Tolonia of Rome, created in the 1930s, inlaid with aquamarine and diamonds, which can be disassembled into different small pieces of jewelry. In the ten years before that, women took off their tedious corsets, wore elegant dresses, long necklaces and brooches became popular. In the 1960s, the Italian film ‘Sweet Life’ became an annotation of the Italian way of life for the next three decades. Cozy and comfortable life, sunshine, food and love are the beautiful time that countless people are obsessed with. At that time, Elizabeth Taylor made a lot of movies, also had a lot of love, and collected a lot of jewelry. At the exhibition in Russia, Taylor showed a necklace inlaid with 17 Colombian emeralds and a necklace with more than 60 crata sugar-shaped sapphires. This is a memorial of her love with Richard Burton. Today, Bulgari’s many different series of works show women’s different personality levels. Not long ago, on the Oscar red carpet, after the film, Charles Theron wore a highly recognizable Serpenti series of jewelry. The snake-like shape has shown the charm and agility of women. It has been 40 years old. Bulgari also has Tubogas craftsmanship. The shape is derived from the gas pipe. Through gold and gems, it creates avant-garde jewelry pieces. Jewelry brands that use white diamonds as their main creative source like to express the sparkle and richness of diamonds. Bulgari’s work is characterized by a convex egg-face cutting process and bold colors expressing enthusiasm and joy. Bvlgari is good at using the classic combination of emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire, and often matches rare gems with amethyst, turquoise, coral, onyx, lapis lazuli, chalcedony or malachite. Bulgari is always color Lovers. 03In 2011, Bulgari joined the LVMH Group, and a number of series of works were successful and won the love of modern women. People think that Bulgari’s works are recognizable and strong. The 2018 Bulgari has just won a great victory and its performance is dazzling. In the group’s short 12-page performance report, Bulgari was selected as the cover of the watch and jewelry division. Brand ambassador Lily Aldridge wears the iconic Serpenti necklace and bracelet, which must be gorgeous data, making her eyes look sharp. The wording of the earnings report is unabashed pride, saying that Bulgari ‘has achieved very high growth and its market share is also expanding.’ That said, Serpenti series, B. Zero 1 series and Diva’s Dream series have strengthened their leadership positions. The new Fiorever collection is promising, and the Octo Finissimo watch has received excellent response from the market. The organic growth rate of the LVMH watch and jewelry sector is 12%, and Bulgari, as the leader of this sector, the data must be higher than this level. The Chinese woman gave Bulgari great recognition, and you can find it in the brief performance report. The ‘Asian market outside Japan’ region mainly refers to Greater China. This part contributes to the performance of the Group’s watches and jewellery, accounting for nearly one-third, and is the world’s largest market. The relationship between the Group’s best watch and jewellery department’s best-selling Bulgari and the main Greater China market, the world’s largest market, is not difficult to perceive. Bulgari is good at impressing women. CEO Babin once said something like this: ‘Women need a watch specifically created for them, not just a small version of a men’s watch.’ Women in all shapes and sizes, the Bulgari award is Those who have their own pursuits and maintain their personality. They go through hardships and bitterness, and are strong and decisive in the face of choice. Babin said that hope that these glowing women can inspire more ordinary women. / end / Lu Xi’s interview notes Join readers, please send name + occupation + WeChat to [email protected]

30 Days After Alarm

Except for reading time, what functions do you think a watch can provide? The 2010 Senator Diary diary in Glashütte gave table fans an unexpected answer-an alarm can be set after 30 days.
Imagine: your days are full of appointments, and another busy week is before you. In fact, your deeds have been queued to the end of the month.
Too much work to do, time is not enough.
However, there is a date you should never forget.
That day, that hour, you must be there.
Think about which time in the next few weeks will be most important to you (or your closest relative)?
You know the answer. So what are you waiting for?
Make up your mind and seize every day.
Are you ready? well.
Set the date, set the time, make the alarm full, and then you can sit back and relax.

 Senator Diary has a beautiful sense of balance. A pair of crowns are located on the opposite sides of the stainless steel case, each with a push button. The right crown and push-button handle the large date display at 3 o’clock on the black galvanized dial. The hour, minute and sliding seconds hand in white gold enhances its elegance.
 The player’s gaze will soon be focused on its diary alarm-a black sub-face plate framed by a German silver ring at nine o’clock, and a small, slightly curved red arrow at six hole. To set the alarm, first use the diary alarm window on the sub-dial at 10 o’clock to select the date. Press the button at 8 o’clock until the letter in the window becomes ‘D’. Turn the crown at 10 o’clock until the red and silver hands select the correct date from 1 to 31. Set the time so that the letter becomes ‘H’. Then rotate the crown and select the time from 00.15 to 24.00 in the small hole at six o’clock, in units of a quarter of an hour. To set the alarm, press again to turn the window into an alarm symbol (a bell), and then rotate the crown to wind up the alarm. The alarm sounds when the set date and time is reached-it lasts up to one minute. To turn off the alarm (or cancel the previous setting), press and hold the button at the eight o’clock position until the window changes to the ‘Alarm Off’ symbol.

 The heart of Senator Diary is Glashütte’s 100-13 movement. The movement is equipped with a new diary special module on the 100-03 movement. The whole movement has a total of 594 parts, except for a few of them. Glashütte’s watch factory is responsible for the design, production, polishing and assembly of the movement. As a model of Glashütte’s craftsmanship, its clever chain structure allows the wearer to set it at the end of the month, even after manually adjusting the date; any date-related changes at the end of the month will skip the alarm structure, so you do n’t need to re-set Set the alarm. There is a second barrel in the alarm module to ensure that the alarm can maintain a full chain even when it stops.
 The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the unparalleled excellence of Glashütte’s outstanding mechanical watch, including three-quarters of the splint with Glashütte threads, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue Steel screws as well as hand-carved. These exquisite decorations can be seen at a glance through the transparent back cover of anti-glare sapphire crystal.
 In addition to the above-mentioned models, the Senator Diary also has a rose gold case, rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds hands, and rose gold indexes with galvanized silver dial. The date display on the diary-type alarm clock face is blue, echoing the small arrow on the diary-type alarm time adjustment hole at the six o’clock position. Both editions are paired with well-crafted black Louisiana crocodile straps.