Three Creative Special Hand Display Watches

Compared with other types of watches, mechanical watches have inherent advantages. They rely entirely on mechanical principles to complete the timing work. Although it seems a bit primitive to keep up with the trend, mechanical watches themselves have No one has the unique charm.
The special watch always shines, even brings you unexpected fun. At the same time, the special hour, minute and second display is also difficult to control for ordinary watches. This crazy time watch by Frank Muller It is undoubtedly full of fun. Its uniqueness lies in that the distribution of the hour digital scale on the dial violates the most basic common sense of watches. It is like a special mechanical watch specially designed for entertainment. For the first time, you almost always have I don’t know what time it is.

Franck Muller Totally
Its inherent law is that every two time periods, two originally adjacent points are transformed into an interval of five points, so this special mechanical watch is created, and there is an inverted The digital scale model is also very creative, when the time is inverted, the numbers will stand up.

Ludovic Ballouard Handstand Watch
In addition, a more creative time display of a mechanical watch is a digital display completed by mechanical transmission, that is, the luminous tube is designed with a programmed mechanical program. When it is time, the luminous tube will be flipped at any time to achieve the light and dark. The change allows everyone to view the time very clearly, like the electronic display to explain the time at this time.

Ludovic Ballouard Handstand Watch
These are special time, minute, and time display methods. These special hours, minutes, and seconds display methods must not be the whim of the designer, but to express their own understanding of mechanical watches through unique ideas. In addition, they can increase the fun of wearing watches. .