Hublot Announced To Be The Official Timekeeper Of The Tang Polo Equestrian Club And The ‘2014 China Polo Open’ And Launched The Official Watch

September 20, 2014, Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, once again sounded its horn, in a world of cross-border integration of top-level watches and sports. On the Wenyu River in Beijing, Hublot announced that it has officially reached a strategic partnership with the ‘Tang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club’, becoming the official timekeeper and official watch of the club and the ‘2014 China Polo Open’, and introduced the latest news to the media and guests The Chukker Bang Tang Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch released, with the passion and arrogance flowing in the brand’s blood, witness the success and failure of this aristocratic movement full of chivalry!

   Polo is a sport that truly belongs to the king. In this circle of top elites in various countries, there are royal members, business elites, and celebrities. The speed of the horse, the control of precise shots, and the extreme requirements for physical fitness and endurance make polo the top sport that the wealthy people in the world are rushing to and dreading.

   All of these coincide with the values ​​that Hublot has always adhered to. What they represent is no longer just a symbol of wealth, but also a mature, self-conscious attitude to life, extending the extension of life infinitely. With the increasing accumulation of Chinese wealth, polo has also become one of the dreams of successful individuals with personality in China.

   The 4th China Polo Open was held at the Tang Polo Club from September 9 to 21, 2014. As the top polo event in Asia, it has grown into a polo event with international authority and world influence. .

   Worldwide, the collaboration between Hublot and Polo, known as the ‘pyramid tip’, has a long history. From the Hublot Polo Cup Sotogrande, Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona, Spain Cortina Winter Polo Cup. Hublot is attracted and integrated into such a noble, wonderful and passionate polo sport. The Hublot timepiece standing on the side of the field will faithfully and accurately inscribe the perseverance and courage of running horses on the green battlefield. In 2011, Hublot launched a limited edition Chukker Bang watch specifically for polo sports, which perfectly blended the pride of polo sports with the best Swiss watch skills. Since 2013, Hublot has become the official timekeeper of the competition for two consecutive years. This year, the Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club limited edition watch was gloriously launched, with a limited collection of 20 pieces.

   Mr. Liu Shilai, the founder of the Tang Polo Equestrian Club and the first person in Chinese polo, first introduced us to the history, rules and love of polo. As a 42-year-old successful person, in order to be able to maintain the sufficient physical strength required for polo, not only insist on exercising every day, but also will appear on the court every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. ‘He believes that polo is not only a luxury aristocratic sport, but also a life experience derived from a love of life. From the World Cup just concluded, Hublot’s passion for sports and its love for life, We share the same values, and hope to join forces to make polo a new way of life for the Chinese elite. ‘

  Speaking of this cooperation, Mr. Loic Biver, general manager of Hublot Greater China, said: ‘Polo is not only a noble sport, but also an art of life. It is rich in king charm and Hublot. The top luxury that has always been represented complements each other. The Tang Polo Equestrian Club has made great achievements in just 4 years, and Hublot is proud to reach a strategic cooperation with China’s top polo equestrian clubs, and continue to serve the club and represent the highest level of horses in China. The Ball Open provides precise timing. We are looking forward to bringing more Chinese successful people into the polo kingdom to experience and love this knightly sport. ‘

   Mr. Beaver presented Mr. Liu Shilai with a limited edition of Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch of 20 pieces.

Mr. Liu Shilai presented Mr. Beaver with a polo club and hoped that he could also participate in this sport.

  Later, Mr. Liu Shilai introduced us to this special watch. He said, ‘He needs to pull four reins in his left hand to control the horse during the race. If a watch is very heavy, it will definitely be affected in the race. The watch is made of extremely light carbon fiber material, which will not cause any pressure on the wrist, and these 20 watches should be fully subscribed by our members, and will never be seen again in the market. ‘

  This Chukker Bang Chinese Polo Equestrian Club Limited Watch is equipped with a titanium guardrail on the 44 mm diameter Big Bang case, which fits tightly on the bezel to protect the sapphire crystal, and the guardrail can be removed. At 3 o’clock the small seconds hand is decorated with the logo of the Tang Polo Equestrian Club, and the black ceramic bezel is engraved with ‘Tang Polo’ at 5 o’clock to commemorate the strategic cooperation with the Tang Polo Equestrian Club.

This is Hublot’s first fusion of a carbon fiber case with a ceramic bezel.

The detail workmanship is extremely in place.

  This watch is equipped with a polo flyback automatic chronograph movement, which is different in that the 7-minute 30-second timer echoes the time of the round of polo (Chukka). The small timer hand runs for one week. 30 seconds, which is why the watch is called Chukker Bang. Hublot really pays tribute to this great sport of polo.

  After the press conference, Hublot prepared a generous buffet picnic for everyone. Although it was a little sunbathing, the club was adjacent to the Capital Airport, so the meal was accompanied by the roar of the plane landing.

After the picnic, the exciting polo game is about to begin!

  The area of ​​the polo court is equivalent to the size of four football fields, and the requirements on the lawn are extremely high. The standard is comparable to that of a golf course. Especially after the rain, the field must be kept absolutely flat to protect the horses.

   Before the start of the game, the head referee led 8 Cavaliers to walk slowly towards everyone. The left side wore a blue and white jersey for the Royal Salute team, and the right side wore a red and blue jersey for the Land Rover team.

Mr. Liu Shilai, as a member of the Royal Salute Team, wore No. 1 shirt to pay tribute to the audience.

The kick-off ceremony ended and the game officially started.

  The polo game is divided into four quarters, each quarter is seven and a half minutes. The reason why this is so short is because each horse has to run at a speed of 50 mph on the field. The running time is long, and the horse can’t stand it!

Because the competition is very fierce, the players need to change horses after each competition. A game requires a total of 4 to 6 horses.

After the goal is scored, the head referee will lead the players back to the midfield to restart the kick.

Each time the ball is kicked, the two sides must exchange goals.

Mr. Liu Shilai greeted everyone after scoring the goal. The score on the field was three to three.

At the end of the first half, the horse’s hoof mark was left on the originally flat lawn.

During the intermission, the audience stepped on the lawn together to prepare for the second half.

  The Wenyu River, adjacent to the Capital Airport, accompanied by the roar of the plane and the screaming blood of Zhang Hu, Hublot faithfully records the collision of courage and the moment of success, and continues to write its own fusion spirit!

Hublot Opens First Boutique On Kuwait Avenue

On May 22, 2013, Hublot’s first boutique opened on Kuwait Avenue officially opened. Of course, such a grand event had many attendees. The first to arrive were of course Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, and Ali Morad Behbehani of Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group.

 This is a very exciting time for both the brand and Kuwait Avenue. After Hublot watches settled here, I believe that many people will learn about Hublot watches by walking into the store. The sales of ships have played a very good role.

 Anyone who knows Kuwait Avenue knows that countless watch collectors have gathered here, and Hublot, as a leading Swiss watch brand, has certainly become the finishing touch on this avenue.

 In terms of store design, Hublot also combines designs that include local art styles to create a comfortable and serene atmosphere for customers who come here.