Breguet’s Legacy Series 7077 Chronograph Wins Another Award

The Spanish version of ‘GQ’ has just held the first magazine competition in the magazine. The Breguet series 7077 independent chronograph won the ‘Best Watch of 2016’ (WatchoftheYear2016). A panel of eight experts from the watch industry was selected.

   The handed-down series of 7077 independent chronographs came out in 2015 and has won awards for unique ideas. Breguet equips this watch with a balance spring with different vibration frequencies (one at 3 Hz and one at 5 Hz) to drive two independent gear trains, which are responsible for the hour and minute hands and the chronograph display system.

  In addition to the unique design that is faithful to the handed down series, another feature of this watch is that it uses a transparent case back to display the main parts of the movement, and is symmetrically installed for aesthetic considerations.

   The elegant fusion of the two elements makes it highly respected and praised. Earlier, this watch has won awards from famous magazines such as HauteTime, L’ Orologio and Revolution. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)