Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm 178341/72161
直径 Case diameter: 31 mm, made of eternal rose gold and 904L stainless steel, the outer ring is set with 24 diamonds, sapphire mirror, calendar window convex lens with anti-reflective coating. Water resistance: 100 meters. The movement 2235 is automatically wound with a constant-motion oscillating weight, with a flashing calendar display. Frequency 4Hz (28800 times / hour), Parachrom hairspring is equipped with Breguet coil. COSC Observatory certification, power reserve 48 hours. Chocolate-colored dial, Roman numerals, Roman numerals at six o’clock, diamonds, oyster bracelet with eternal rose gold and stainless steel, and oyster buckle with extended adjustable chain links.
At the Baselworld 2010, Rolex once again launched the new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm (Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31mm). Compared with the model from a year ago, the newly launched ladies’ watch There have been no small changes. The most notable one is not only the reduction in the diameter of the watch case. The designer also injected the elements of eternal rose gold into the new watch when designing.
不得不 I have to mention here that Rolex watch fans are familiar with 904L stainless steel. As early as 1988, Rolex was the first to introduce this material used in high-tech fields into the watchmaking world. It has also become the only watch manufacturer that has widely and systematically applied this material to the manufacture of cases, crowns and straps. 904L stainless steel not only has corrosion resistance comparable to that of most precious metals, but also undergoes meticulous grinding and polishing after undergoing a strict and complex casting process, and the finished product that is finally presented to people is not only bright and flawless in gloss, It also complements other precious metal materials, so when you first see the 31mm Oyster Perpetual Diary Women’s Wear, the noble and elegant temperament of this watch can make people admire it.
Looking closely at the watch, you can find that this watch uses eternal rose gold as the material in the bezel, strap, hands and other areas, and the 904L stainless steel with eternal rose gold has also undergone various processes such as drawing and polishing. deal with. The combination of three colors of rose gold, stainless steel and chocolate dial makes the entire watch look delicate and bright. I believe that you wearing such a watch to participate in social activities will definitely become the focus of everyone’s attention.
At the same time, it should be noted that Rolex designers also worked hard when setting diamonds for this watch. The diamonds on the outer ring of the watch are not as closely set as diamonds like last year’s style. Instead, they adopt a rather artistic method. 24 round diamonds are in a large and small form. Staggered on the bezel, and the Roman numerals on the dial at six o’clock have been intentionally enlarged by the designer, and are closely inlaid with diamonds, while showing luxury and accompanied by a little lively temperament. It is like a chapter full of passion but no lack of emotion, praising the carefree youth. This artistic expression is rare in Rolex’s previous design styles, and it also allows the human body to express the designer’s design ideas and good intentions.
However, this watch has a smaller diameter than previous models, and in the current trend of great beauty, this change is indeed a bit surprising. Of course, whether it is the classic oyster case used by the watch or the intricate way of setting the large-grain diamonds, it can still bring a little calmness.
Of course, the exquisite design of the watch is only one aspect. The movement is an important factor in measuring the quality of a watch. Of course, for people who buy a Rolex Oyster watch, it is produced by a permanent rotor and a new alloy. Several core technologies, such as Parachrom hairspring with strong anti-seismic and anti-magnetic effects, have been an excellent guarantee for the quality of Rolex movements. The precise travel time will definitely allow the wearer to enjoy a wonderful life every second.

Hublot Passionately Presents European High-level Polo Events

Hublot, a well-known Swiss watch brand, came to an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level to pay tribute to the polo sport with a long history of 2000 years. The Hublot Polo Gold Cup is recognized as a high-level polo event in Europe. This year is the 11th consecutive year that the Swiss watch maker has supported this polo event. During the four-day match, Gstaad and the legendary Bernese grass court in the town airport permeated the atmosphere of the Pampas grasslands of Argentina. Four teams with a total of 14 ranks here Start a fierce competition. As one of the highest-level grass polo competitions in Switzerland, this tournament attracted nearly 6,000 spectators. With the wonderful rhythm of horseshoes and clubs, Hublot watched the entire race as the official timepiece, and announced that the Clinique la Prairie team won the 24th Golden Cup.

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Pierre Genecand, Team Clinique la Prairie, Inès Maréchal
   Hublot is here to support this polo event again! The continuous and long-term cooperation between Hublot and the event has made both parties so powerful! Over the years of trust, we have established a unique and distinctive partnership and become a pioneer in this field. Today, the cooperation between the two sides has been for 11 years and will continue!
Ricardo Guadalupe
CEO of Hublot

Gstaad I 22-25 August 2019
   When choosing a partnership, Hublot likes those partners who fit its ‘unique, unique, and pioneering’ brand.
   Different-Polo events are often played on different courses, while the Hublot Polo Gold Cup is always played on the same course. This course is very unique and different: the polo court was transformed from the airport and has a narrower original venue, allowing the audience to keep up with the pace of the game more quickly and easily.
   Unique: The Hublot Polo Gold Cup is held at an altitude of 1,000 meters and is the highest summer polo tournament in Europe.
   Dare to be a pioneer-this is the 24th Polo Gold Cup and Hublot’s 11th support for the event. This is an unprecedented and lasting cooperation for the watchmaking brand. Most importantly, Hublot is the first title maker of this event since its establishment in 1996. The total number of teams of the four participating teams is 14, which keeps the Hublot Polo Gold Cup in a leading position and represents a high level on the Swiss grass.

Ricardo Guadalupe and Hublot players
   Following the qualifying round on August 22 (Thursday) and the semi-final staged on August 24, the Clinique la Prairie team defeated Hublot in the final and won the ‘Kingdom of Sport’ championship. As the official timekeeper for this event, Hublot will present the Big Bang stainless steel ceramic 44 mm watch with the words ‘Winner Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad 2019’ to the champion team players. Table one.

Hublot Big Bang stainless steel ceramic watch

   As a partner of many prestigious polo clubs and iconic polo tournaments, Hublot is establishing a brand image in the field of polo, a sport with noble temperament. Polo has a long history of 2000 years. Today, this world-class sports sport combines elegance, social charm with strength, speed and precision, which undoubtedly contributed to Hublot’s 11-year love of polo.
   Hublot meets you at the 2020 event. Goodbye!

Maxxi Museum And Bvlgari Jointly Awarded The ‘maxxi-bvlgari Art Award’ To Promote The Growth And Development Of Young Art Talents

[October 3, 2017, London, UK] The Maxxi-Bulgari Art Awards ceremony was solemnly held at the Bulgari Hotel in London. The list of winners of this award was announced on the same day, and three groups of artists were awarded. The ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art Award’ was launched by the Italian National Art Museum of the 21st Century Maxxi to encourage and support the growth and development of young art talents. This time, in cooperation with Bulgari, the award has been promoted to the international stage, and its international influence has been further enhanced.
 The ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art Award’ is an important project dedicated to supporting and promoting the growth and development of young artists. It is a further continuation and evolution of the Premio MAXXI Art Award. It shows the value of the Maxxi Museum collection and is also a talented youth The artist builds a bridge of growth. The cooperation with Bulgari has given the Premio MAXXI Art Award a new vitality and vitality, further expanding its development dimension. Based on the support of the original Italian artists, it also covers the past two years through cooperation with public institutions or individuals. Global artists who have jointly launched new works in Italy.
 With the unanimous selection of the international jury, Talia Chetrit, the Invernomuto duo and Diego Marcon finally stood out and won the 2018 ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art’ prize’. They have a deep understanding of the historical era we are in, and they have the ability to break the boundaries of art and promote the continuous development of art. At the Maxxi Museum in May 2018, the winning works of these three groups of artists will be exhibited at the exhibition of winning works curated by Giulia Ferracci. In October of the same year, the jury will select the works of one of the award-winning artists for collection by the Maxxi Museum.

Invernomuto duo, Giovanna Melandri and Diego Marconi (from left to right)

Winners of the 2018 ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art Award’ Invernomuto duo

 On the same day, Giovanna Melandri, chairman of the Fondazione Maxxi Foundation, and Nicola Bulgari, deputy chairman of the Bulgari Group, also appeared at the same time to present awards to the award-winning artists. Nicolas Bulgari is an active promoter of the ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art Award’ and a passionate and active art collector and cultural sponsor.

Fondazione Maxxi Foundation Chairman Giovanna Melandri and Bulgari CEO Jean Christophe Babin

 Members of the international jury include Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, director of the Maxxi Museum of Art, independent curator David Elliott, and Yuko Hasegawa, artistic director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art (Yuko Hasegawa), Hans Ulrich Obrist, Art Director, Serpentine Galleries, London, and Lucia, curator of the Bvlgari brand and collection Boscaini).
Maxxi Museum and Bulgari promote the growth and development of young art talents
 The Maxxi Museum is Italy’s first national museum dedicated to the display of contemporary art creativity. The Bulgari Group has a history of more than 130 years and is an outstanding representative of extraordinary creativity and excellent craftsmanship. The first dialogue between the two parties began in 2014 with an exhibition entitled ‘Bellissima-Italian High Fashion 1945-1968’ at the Maxxi Museum. At that time, Bulgari was the main partner of the exhibition. Its partnership is based on the common values ​​of both parties, that is, cherish memories, value innovation, emphasis on passion, focus on creativity and practice, care about the importance of supporting the cultural field, and recognize the strategic significance of establishing partnerships between public institutions and enterprises. The joint launch of the ‘Maxxi-Bulgari Art Award’ further strengthened the partnership between the two parties. Fondazione Maxxi Foundation Chairman Giovanna Melandri and Bulgari CEO Jean Christoph Babin agreed that fostering the growth of young artists is an investment in contemporary and future creative inspiration.

Maxxi Museum, Italy

 Bulgari’s participation in supporting the development of the Premio MAXXI Art Award also confirms the brand’s continuous search for cooperation with top contemporary artists. The brand has collaborated with internationally renowned contemporary architectural master Zaha Hadid and contemporary sculpture artist Anish Kapoor to reinterpret Bulgari’s most iconic and coveted B.zero1 series jewelry. In 2011, in the Bulgari pavilion of the Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition, Zaha Hadid designed and exhibited the Serpenti spirit snake art installation for the first time. New interpretation.

 Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, commented, ‘The acclaimed Maxxi Museum has a consistent focus on exploration and practice, and has many similarities to the Bulgari brand. To build a partnership with the Maxxi Museum, we I am very honored. The ‘Maxxi-Bvlgari Art Award’ perfectly demonstrates the synergy effect brought by the cooperation between the two sides: while inspiring young artists to move forward steadily, it has once again consolidated Italy’s important position as a source of artistic inspiration.
History of the Premio MAXXI Art Award
 The Premio MAXXI Art Award was founded in 2000 and was formerly the Premio per la Giovane Arte Youth Art Award. The Premio MAXXI Art Award breaks tradition and forges ahead, giving birth to the Maxxi Art Museum collection series. After years of development, the Premio MAXXI Art Award has become an important bridge to foster the growth of artists.

The winning work of the 2012 Premio MAXXI Art Award by George Andreota Carlo
 The art award was held eight times between 2000 and 2016, attracting more than 39 artists. In 2017, the curator Cecilia Alemani took three artists to the Venice Biennale and made a gorgeous appearance in the Italian Pavilion, including the 2012 Premio MAXXI Art Award winner George Andreo. Giorgio Andreotta Calò and 2016 Premio MAXXI Art Award winner Adelita Husni-Bey.
MAXXI Museum official website:

Omega House Staged ‘space Cocktail Party’ Buzz Aldrin Attended The Relive Moments In Space

Wednesday, August 10, 2016, Rio de Janeiro-The Omega House incarnates deep into the universe, bringing guests a visual feast from the distant starry sky. ‘Space Legend’ Buzz Aldrin attended the special ‘Space Cocktail Party’ as the OMEGA celebrity ambassador, leading everyone ‘to space’ and exploring their dreams.

‘Space Legend’ Buzz Aldrin at Omega House ‘Space Cocktail Party’

Omega House ‘Space Cocktail Party’ scene

  The Olympic competition is fierce, and every day in Rio is witnessing humanity breaking through its limits and achieving brilliant achievements. The ‘Space Cocktail Party’ also created a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Omega’s long and dazzling heritage in space exploration. That night, the Omega House reflected the theme of ‘space’ everywhere. A huge artificial blue moonlight floats above the atrium, and the ‘Space Girl’ welcoming at the entrance is also very special. Their unique ‘silver hair’ makeup is inspired by the vast galaxy, presenting the extraordinary beauty of the universe.

Omega House ‘Space Girl’ pays tribute to human space dream

Buzz Aldrin ‘Fly To Space Hall’ at Omega House

  Each cocktail at the reception is prepared by a special astronaut space energy drink ‘Tang’, and it is matched with a space drink in a bag to bring a real ‘space taste’ and space experience to each distinguished guest.
  As one of the participants in the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, Aldrin was wearing the Omega Speedmaster professional chronograph and completed the remarkable feat of moon-walking. This also makes the Omega Speedmaster series the first watch to land on the moon. After 47 years, Aldrin appeared in the Rio Omega House and reviewed the time of the moon together with the brand. At the sharing session in the afternoon, Buzz counted the guests’ unforgettable moon landing experience that year; as the night deepened, he talked to the guests about the Olympic athletes and the precious qualities that promoted the development of human spiritual civilization.

Buzz Aldrin gives autographed photos to Omega House

  ‘There is one thing that drives those who fight for honour and want to prove their abilities or contributions. It may not be a great cause, but you still want to strive for the best. We are all moving towards something Each goal keeps moving forward. Or I can put it another way, we either explore or die. And the choice is in your hands. ‘
  Buzz had arrived in Rio the night before, and saw American swimming legend Phelps win two more Olympic gold medals. He shared the experience with the guests with great excitement that night. He said humorously: ‘The game I saw last night almost occupied my brain. That ‘old guy’ hasn’t grown old for so long. Phelps, he’s really excellent.’
  Omega watches have always been hailed as accurate, reliable and reliable timing tools for space exploration. In 1965, the Omega Speedmaster series watch was officially selected by NASA as its designated watch for all manned space flight missions, and then accompanied the astronauts to complete all six moon landing missions, making Omega a model of adventure spirit. To this day, this series is still one of NASA’s official designated astronaut equipment.

Omega celebrity ambassador Buzz Aldrin wears new Omega Moon Phase to Observatory

  The successful ‘Space Cocktail Party’ demonstrated the deep space heritage of Omega. In this regard, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s global president and CEO, is very proud, saying: ‘Space exploration and the legend of the moon landing have always been an important part of the Omega brand’s DNA. To this day, this deep source remains Deeply cast into every Omega watch. Tonight, we use such a fun and unique way to celebrate the indissoluble bond between the brand and space, and we can invite a true ‘space legend’ to Omega House, no doubt makes everything even more extraordinary. ‘

Omega Global President and CEO Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann and Buzz Aldrin

  After this magical ‘space journey’, Omega House will lead guests to ‘return to earth’. As the official timing of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Omega will also host more exciting events that cannot be missed, and celebrate the richness and vitality of the Olympic Games with guests.