Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic Fifteen Series Watch

BALLWatch (Boll) recently launched a watch that is rugged, solid and reliable. It can easily cope with any extreme conditions and display accurately. The new Engineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV (Engineering Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV, hereinafter referred to as EH Ceramic XV) watch is an innovative combination of power and aesthetics, marking the brand BALL Watch Design and other aspects of continuous exploration. The fine grinding of the dial shows that the complexity of the process has penetrated into every accessory. The hour scale with elegant steel edges is dotted with three grooves, and the minute scale is on the inner dial.

The world’s first patented Metallic Arabic (metal Arabic watch) and hour scale, inlaid with 3H Swiss night light gas lamp. The self-luminous miniature gas lamp of the BH Watch EH Ceramic watch shows its excellent legibility, even in absolute darkness. The 31 miniature gas lamps are hand-mounted by professional watchmakers. EH Ceramic’s fifteen new and improved case, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 13.25 mm, is matched with an ergonomic design to enhance the comfort when worn. Polished and brushed stainless steel gives the watch a low-key beauty and elegant texture. In addition, this model also incorporates the new Ball Watch technology, a unidirectional rotating outer ring of high-strength pure ceramic, which provides the watch with excellent corrosion resistance. Black chrome ceramic is not only scratch-resistant, but also not affected by ultraviolet rays, which improves the texture and durability of the rotating outer ring to a whole new level. The ceramic rotating outer ring scales from 0 to 14, and 15, 30, and 45 have added a strong luminous coating, emitting blue light, which is another world’s first design of this watch. EH Ceramic XV is also equipped with an ETA 2892 movement certified by the Observatory, with date display and can provide extremely high accuracy. The watch is water-resistant to 333 meters, impact-resistant, and the movement can operate safely even in magnetic fields up to 4,800A / m. Sometimes, the importance of high-quality straps and buckles is often overlooked because of the excellent design of the case and the excellent functions of the watch. Nevertheless, for a watch that follows the adventures of the explorer, it is the most important thing to measure its own value if it can be firmly fixed on the owner’s wrist. Aware of this, BALL Watch watchmakers developed a patented triple folding clasp and extension. In order to increase the strength and durability of the buckle, this part is made of a single piece of machined 316L stainless steel. The finished buckle is perfectly balanced, and the built-in components are evenly distributed under the bottom cover of the buckle, ensuring the best comfort of the watch and the fit with the wrist. Watchmakers have added a 22mm extension to both ends of the strap, because the wrist will expand when the temperature rises or engage in physical activity. At this time, the extension can help the wearer of the watch achieve maximum comfort. The watch’s buckle can be opened or closed with one hand, and it is also equipped with a solid locking mechanism, which enables the watch to withstand strong tensile forces when it is closed. To pay tribute to Jim Whittaker, the bottom cover of this watch is engraved with a commemorative pattern for the successful conquest of Mount Everest. The Roman numeral ‘XV’ (fifteen) cited in its name is the Great Trigonometric Survey of British India. It was the first name when Everest was first discovered in 1856, and it is also known Fifteenth Peak (Peak XV). With excellent materials, precise performance and superior quality, the new EH Ceramic Fifteen is unique. The watch also comes with a premium rubber strap to choose from. Today, while BALL Watch continues to develop its brand’s established route, it has once again established itself as a leader in modern adventure timing.

Longines Csi St. Moritz

Today, in Longines CSI St. Moritz, Belgian rider WilmVermeir rides Iq van het Steentje to win the Grand Prix Longines. The British rider Robert Whitaker, who rode Catwalk IV, finished second, while the Swiss rider Alain Jufer, who rode Rahmannshof Tic Tac, came third. Longines International Sponsorship and Event Planning Manager Benjamin Aeby and Longines Swiss Account Manager Norbert Liesch presented a timeless and elegant Longines watch to the champion rider.

   The world’s top riders have once again gathered in St. Moritz this year to compete against each other, staged a wonderful field obstacle course. Swiss watch brand Longines is deeply honored to be the official partner and official timekeeper of the Longines CSI St. Moritz event, and will be awarded the Longines Grand Prix on Sunday.

   The designated watch for the event is a ladies’ diamond-set model from the Longines Equestrian series, which is a symbol of the equestrian world.

   Longines has a strong tradition of equestrian sport. The brand’s love for these areas dates back to 1878, when Longines introduced chronograph pocket watches with engraved jockeys and horse riding. In addition, since 1912, Longines has been dedicated to supporting obstacle course events. Today, Longines actively participates in various equestrian sports, including field obstacle races, triathlons, flat races, endurance races and dressages.

Richard Miller Launches Rm 51-01 Michelle Yeoh Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille launched a number of new ladies ‘watches to celebrate the arrival of the “Ladies’ Watch Year”. Richard Mille’s long-lasting cooperation with the famous Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh has been fruitful. This year, the brand new RM 51-01 Tiger and Dragon-Michelle Yeoh tourbillon watch was launched. The new watch celebrates the release of Michelle Yeoh’s new movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II in 2014. In the film, Michelle Yeoh plays the household name Yu Xiulian again.

   Richard Mille’s collaboration with Michelle Yeoh can be traced back to the RM 051 Phoenix Tourbillon Phoenix Tourbillon watch launched in 2011. Michelle Yeoh actively participated in this symbolic timepiece concept. This time, Michelle Yeoh made a fresh review of the internal shape and construction concept of the movement, introducing the aesthetic elements of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, and the tourbillon movement is surrounded by dragons and tigers. Both dragon and tiger are made of 3N red gold and are hand-carved and embedded in the movement. To this end, the brand customized special tools to meet the needs of high-end craftsmanship. In order to make animal images come to life, the artisans have gone through a difficult and long manual detailed drawing process, and even the invisible parts of the naked eye have carefully carved dragon and tiger patterns.

   Dragons and tigers have deep images of Asian culture. Tigers are considered ‘yang’, male and domineering elephants, and animals that drive away evil spirits. The soldier’s shield and weapon have a tiger pattern because it represents courage. The dragon is a very common totem in China. It has a complex shape and can represent a group or even a symbol of national unity. Today, dragons are considered to represent prosperity and happiness.

   This watch has a power reserve of 48 hours, and a red line indicates between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock. The 5th grade titanium alloy band limits the torque of the crown to prevent the crown from being overwound. The RM 51-01 Michelle Yeoh Dragon Tiger Tourbillon Watch is limited to 20 pieces and is available in 18K white and red gold.