How Much Is Longines L46352 Watch Longinesl46352how

Longines is one of the most well-known watch brands in Switzerland. The Longines with flying wing hourglass as its logo is famous for its elegance. In addition to pursuing the precision of watchmaking, Longines also has a unique design concept. The Longines series has also introduced many stylish and exquisite watches. Longines L46352 is one of the most representative watches. I saw many friends asking how much Longines L46352 watches are, how about longines L46352? Then, the watch home will introduce you!

   The Longines L46352 watch belongs to the Longines Jialan series according to the serial number. The Jialan series watches inherit the soul and style of Longines ‘early design tradition, and still retain a large number of Longines’ original appearance and proportions. The constant changes in customer expectations and the continuous advancement of science and technology have prompted Longines to further update the design of the Jialan series, not only to launch larger models.
The size of the case also provides more beautiful dial options. However, the Longines Jialan series case shape is still as slim and fashionable as ever. There is also no change, and there is also the enduring charm that gives this classic collection

   Elegant, precise and perfectly described is Longines L46352. This watch uses a slim movement, but it is a symbol of the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship. At the same time, the noble and elegant design and innovative concept of this Longines L46352 have become the representative works of Longines watches. In recent years, L46352 has soared in the domestic market. Its superb craftsmanship and unique design and classics. Loved by the Chinese, it has a huge market in China.

   Longines L46352 belongs to the L4 series. Its elegant design and innovative style also inherit some advantages of previous products. The price has not risen to a large extent. The price of genuine products in the market is about 6000-7000 yuan.

   The above is the introduction of Longines L46352 watches and how longines L46352 watches are. Finally, I remind everyone that this watch is one of Longines’ hot products, so there are many counterfeit products in the market. Everyone must buy through regular channels when buying to avoid being deceived.

Nomos Club Campus Series For Graduates

This is a watch tailored for alumni who is graduating, dedicated to those who are looking forward to a bright future. Not only the price is quite close to the people, but also the service of engraving commemorative lettering on the bottom cover is worth collecting for a lifetime. Club Campus is a watch that celebrates academic success, welcomes a career, or prepares to travel the world. It is a commemoration of milestones in life and accompanies the wearer to the next stop of his life journey. The Nomos watch factory in Glashütte firmly believes that the mechanical watches, crafted with youthfulness and timeless charm, are the perfect gift to celebrate these important moments.

Club 38 Campus Nacht stainless steel case, 38.5 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, plated ruthenium dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, light brown superluminova coating, blue serif contour, NOMOS homemade alpha (Alpha ) Hand-wound movement, 43-hour power reserve, 100 meters water resistance, charcoal suede strap.
   The beauty of the newly released Club Campus series of NOMOS watches is unique: Roman and Arabic numerals are combined on the dark or light dial to present the brand’s highly recognizable aesthetics. The Superluminova coating makes the watch legible even at prom or other dim places. The waterproof depth is 100 meters, making it easy to cope with various water activities. All three watches feature the well-known and durable NOMOS Club stainless steel case with curved sapphire crystal and stainless steel case back.

The Club Campus watch has a diameter of 36 mm and is suitable for people with thin wrists, unisex.

Club Campus stainless steel case, 36 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, white plated silver dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, grey superluminova coating, red serif outline, NOMOS Alpha (Alpha) hand Chain movement, 43-hour power reserve, 100 meters water resistance, light gray suede strap.
   Club Campus watches are more suitable for slim wrists, with a classic case diameter of 36 mm and a white plated silver dial. The red serif outlines around the hour scale bring life to the dial, and the light gray suede strap adds a touch of elegance to the Club collection. The Club 38 Campus model is more masculine, with a 38 mm case diameter and a charcoal grey strap that stands out. The most striking of this collection is the Club 38 Campus Nacht watch, which has a black ruthenium-plated dial. The blue serif outline around the hour markers and the charcoal suede strap give the watch a sophisticated look.

The Club Campus watch series is very affordable, tailored for graduating alumni, and dedicated to those looking forward to a glorious future.

Club 38 Campus watch stainless steel case, 38.5 mm diameter, hours, minutes and small seconds, white electroplated silver dial, Roman and Arabic numerals, blue superluminova coating, red serif contour, NOMOS alpha (Alpha) Hand-wound movement, 43-hour power reserve, 100-meter water resistance, charcoal suede strap.
   NOMOS ensures that these watches that last a lifetime are also affordable-says brand chief executive Uwe Ahrendt: ‘We have sacrificed some profit for these watches.’ As the father of two young people, he is particularly enthusiastic about young customers and said: ‘Before the market lacked high-end watches for young people, we have filled this huge gap with the launch of Campus models. . What are the characteristics of the movement? The Campus series has built-in the proven and acclaimed NOMOS homemade manual movement Alpha, like a rugged, precise and reliable motor.

The three watches of the Campus series are made of the well-known and durable NOMOS Club stainless steel case, with sapphire crystal curved mirror and stainless steel case back.
   The last gift NOMOS brings to graduates is the finishing touch of the Campus watches. These watches are not only affordable, but also include personalized information on the case back. The text can be determined by the grandparents. After all, joining the graduate club is a joy, NOMOS is happy to remember with you this moment, or rather, to engrav this joy in stainless steel for free.

The NOMOS Campus series models are not only very affordable, but also provide engraved commemorative service on the case back, which is worth collecting for a lifetime.

Baselworld2014 Casio Opens A New Era Of Scientific And Technological Watches

Basel World 2014, which enjoys the reputation of ‘The First Exhibition of World Watches’, was held at the Basel Exhibition Center in Switzerland from March 27th to April 3rd, 2014. The pioneer in the field of scientific and technological watchmaking-CASIO Casio, has always relied on innovative development concepts and original electronic technology to continuously open up new possibilities for watches. Since the world’s first radio-controlled solar watch was released in 2001, Casio has continued to carry out technological innovations, with its rich product line and unparalleled brand composition, it has continuously promoted the innovation and development of the timepiece field.

 This year, Casio has adopted the theme of ‘Synchronizing the World’ as the theme of the Basel watch exhibition. It has released the GPS + GPS Hybrid System to the world. Electronic technology has given new value to watch timekeeping, providing consumers with more practical value. Sex and personality product experience. Casio’s world’s first (CASIO data as of March 2013) GPS + radio wave receiving technology combines two different time correction modes into one system, and through GPS positioning, it can receive signals even in non-radio environments other than land. Get more reliable and accurate time correction at any time.

 In the showroom, Casio unveiled the latest models of its six major brands, bringing an innovative technological experience. GWP-1000 equipped with the world’s first GPS + Radio Hybrid System (GWP-1000), which injects cutting-edge practical technology into the tough and shock-resistant G-SHOCK; EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch, launches radio Model EQW-T620, 3D large dial design brings excellent visual effects; mountaineering watch PRO TREK launched the first digital digital display model PRW-6000Y equipped with a third-generation triple sensor, professional outdoor equipment to help you explore nature Unknown territory. The women’s watch brands BABY-G and SHEEN have closely combined watch design with fashion, and launched the BA-110 / 111 and SHE-3506 series.

GPS Hybrid System synchronizes the world-G-SHOCK GPW-1000 equipped with the world’s first GPS + radio wave receiving hybrid system

 G-SHOCK has always been keen to challenge various extreme environments, and continuous pursuit of innovation is the most admirable tenacity of the G-SHOCK brand. The GPW-1000 released this time is equipped with the world’s first GPS + radio hybrid system (GPS Hybrid System), and incorporates practical and cutting-edge technology in the shock-proof structure to help you obtain the most accurate and reliable time correction anytime, anywhere.

 Combining the GPS global satellite positioning system and the global six stations radio wave receiving function, these two different time correction modes are integrated into one system, which improves the reliability of accurate timekeeping of the watch worldwide. The GPW-1000 can receive radio signals from 6 global radio towers to adjust the time, or position and time data can be calibrated by GPS. It can receive signals even outside of land, breaking the limits of traditional watches. When the GPS module in the watch receives the GPS satellite positioning signal, it will quickly calculate the user’s location based on its signal, the second hand will point to the city name corresponding to the current time, and the small dial at the three o’clock position will point to the GPS transmission position. The longitude and latitude are convenient for users to quickly understand space-time information. GPS positioning + radio wave reception has opened a new chapter in the field of timepieces.

 The GPW-1000, which has the appearance of the G-SHOCK aviation series, uses sapphire glass, diamond-cut bezels, metal three-dimensional time scales, etc., which are exquisitely crafted, with both a sense of toughness and a sense of luxury. The beauty of nature. The multi-face forged metal case, rough metal crown design and carbon fiber strap show the solid characteristics of G-SHOCK, while greatly increasing the operability and durability.

Advanced Technology & Dynamic Design——EDIFICE Radio Wave Solar Series EQW-T620

 EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch brand owned by Casio, has always adhered to the ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’ brand concept of speed and wisdom, and is brave enough to innovate and use powerful electronic technology in traditional analog watches. The EQW-T620, which was newly unveiled at the Baselworld Watch Fair this year, features a 3D large dial design, sharp bezel lines, embedded dial scales, and a small dial and pointer design with a strong metallic texture, all from Casio. The new metal polishing process, through the latest technology, highlights the metal’s hard feeling. It is equipped with 6 powerful functions such as radio wave reception and solar drive, which greatly enhances the functionality and practicability of the watch. The addition of a smart operating system makes it easy to intuitively operate various functions and ensure smooth conversion of functions and displays.

Detecting nature with the pointer-equipped with the new third-generation triple sensor PRO TREK dual display series PRW-6000Y

 The CASIO climbing watch brand PRO TREK, which is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for the development of the most reliable and practical outdoor equipment, has released the third-generation triple sensor last year. A balance between ingenuity. ‘ The third-generation triple sensor can measure direction, air pressure / temperature, and altitude at high speed and high accuracy, but with a smaller volume, it not only realizes the watch’s lightweight appearance, but also greatly improves the measurement accuracy. For example, the height measurement unit is accurate from 5 meters to 1 meter, and the measurement interval is shortened from 5 seconds to 1 second; the continuous measurement time in the direction is increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

 This year, for the first time, this advanced sensor technology was carried in the pointer digital dual display model PRW-6000Y to provide users with more professional outdoor equipment and technical support. The use of reduced sensors and miniaturized motors has increased the number of motors implanted in the movement from two to four, enabling four motors to independently control four hands. When operating various measurement functions, the hands can be Independent operation, fast display value or direction, increase the reliability of watch measurement data when outdoor sports. The unique large-scale liquid crystal display and ‘pointer dodge’ design ensure that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it is not blocked by the pointer, which improves the convenience of data reading.
In addition, it is also equipped with various excellent technologies unique to CASIO, such as intelligent operating system and radio wave solar drive. While giving the watch outstanding technical performance, it is all condensed into a slim watch body of only 12.8mm. Fully automatic high-brightness LED backlight and strong lightweight carbon fiber strap provide users with a more flexible and comfortable wearing experience. The original cutting-edge technology, simple and convenient operation, provide you with comprehensive technical guidance for exploring unknown outdoor areas.

Trendy women’s watch inspired by G-SHOCK-BABY-G brand’s 20th anniversary gift BA-110BC, BA-111

 Derived from G-SHOCK’s unique structure of shockproof and waterproof, following its Toughness spirit, women’s fashion watch brand BABY-G, this year took the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of its launch at Baselworld to introduce the latest models BA-110BC and BA- 111 series. The design prototype comes from G-SHOCK’s popular large dial series GA-110, with neon colors lighting up street fashion. The BA-110BC released this time with monochromatic fluorescent yellow and solid electro-optic blue, hits the street fashion sense with bright and jumping colors. The BA-111 series adopts a large dial design with a gear bezel. It offers three color options: black with phosphor, mint green with black, pink orange with black. The 3D dial and scale with unique Tough sense are integrated into the handsome of young girls. Sexual coolness.

Romantic moon phase shines elegantly-SHEEN luxury series SHE-3506

 The dial design is extremely creative and exudes a charming light of wisdom. Glittering luxurious luster metal body, full of feminine femininity. This is SHEEN, which makes women elegant, confident, and intellectual. At the Baselworld 2014, SHEEN combined the luxurious appearance with practical functions to launch the SHE-3506 series. The bezel covered with Swarovski crystals dazzles the bright halo around the wrist. The SHE-3506SG uses a luxurious rose gold bezel, hands and dial scales. The soft color matches the pink dial background, which reflects the elegance of feminine charm. Light. The finishing touch of the watch is a small moon phase dial with Swarovski crystals at 6 o’clock, which changes with the passage of time on the blue phased moon phase diagram. Sunny and lacking, all on such a romantic luxury watch.

 With infinite inspiration for future insights, Casio always has forward-looking creativity and original research and development philosophy, and constantly innovates cutting-edge technology in the field of timekeeping. Looking to the future, Casio will continue to challenge the technological limits and develop more new functions with practical utility.

Video Appreciation Of Girard Perregaux ‘bridge’ Series Rose Gold-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

‘Golden Bridge’ has always been an iconic element of Girard Perregaux. The beauty of the craftsmanship and the shape of the structure are always impressive. Girard Perregaux still brings the ‘Golden’ bridge watch this year, but this time it has changed a bit. It no longer uses a tourbillon, but instead uses a hollow design to present the fun of mechanical structure.

Girard Perregaux ‘Bridge’ Rose Gold

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Maurice Lacroix Holds Mémoire 1 Launch Event In Basel Basel

Maurice Lacroix officially launched the rare and limited edition Mémoire 1 stopwatch, and held a press conference in Basel to invite nearly 400 VIPs from all over the world. This stopwatch is also the brand’s new super complicated watch. His listing has set a new standard for the watch industry. The introduction of this product was brought by a performance of a ‘Parkour (Street Extreme Parkour)’ team. .

‘Le Parkour’ is a creative, beautiful and absolutely precise movement that lies between the art of living and the philosophy of life. Parkour (street extreme sports parkour) is mainly to overcome obstacles and restrictions and constantly discover new channels. The basic idea of ​​overcoming clearly impenetrable obstacles and the innovative, precise and beautiful value of Parkour Parkour are also the most important values ​​of Maurice Lacroix. This watch produced by Saignelégier in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland proves that an independent brand can completely set new standards for the watch industry through its own research and development. The company relied on professionals inside and outside the ‘Maurice Lacroix Studio’ to complete a creative single product. In this studio, many revolutionary new ideas about movements and watches were born.

‘Parkour Parkour is the perfect example of what we do in our own studio,’ explains Philippe C. Merk, CEO of Maurice Lacroix. On April 2, 2008, at the Mémoire 1 exhibition held in the Volta Hall in Basel, six traceurs-people we call Parkour parkour-played under the name Maurice Lacroix. Nearly 400 media representatives and watch dealers from all over the world can feel a fusion of the highest-end capabilities: fusion of super-capable active athletes and Mémoire 1 representing the innovative capabilities contained in the ‘Maurice Lacroix Studio’ . This extremely limited stopwatch is the first mechanical watch with only memory-a brand new super multifunction watch.
Source: MauriceLacroix SA
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After Mentioning Land Rover Aurora, Mention Another Watch?

Cars and watches are two big toys for men. Some people like cars, others like watches. Most people are still willing to throw more money in the car. I also know that some watch friends, who buy watches more often, drive more ordinary cars, I did the same before. But because my brothers are driving better cars, I am going to change the car when I change cars.

Zenith and Land Rover collaborated with the Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition Watch.
 Cars and watches have some similarities, and many watches and cars have cooperation and joint names. Such as Breitling and Bentley, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini, Hublot and Ferrari. I didn’t pay much attention to this kind of car cooperation before, because I couldn’t afford Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari. However, Zenith and Land Rover have recently launched a cooperation model. The new generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora cooperation model Zenith is DEFY, which is very fun and affordable. Whether it is the Aurora car or Zenith DEFY watch. For many people, it is not stressful.

New generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora
 A few years ago, the Aurora blaze, imports, and price increases to raise cars. Since Range Rover Aurora and the discovery of Shenxing domestically, the price of these two cars has come down, and many people have bought them. The current generation of Aurora on the market has been out for 7 or 8 years and will be updated soon. The second-generation Range Rover Aurora has now been released, and the overseas version is expected to be available early next year. The second generation of Aurora looks, interiors and stars are very similar, it is simply ‘small stars’ (personal aesthetics, I think the stars are beautiful). After waiting for domestic production.

New generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora
 Those who are familiar with watches will know that Zenith has a relationship with Land Rover, and the cooperation between Zenith and Land Rover began in 2016. Earlier, when Range Rover was released, Zenith launched the El Primero Range Rover Nebula Special Edition Chronograph. This time the second-generation Range Rover Aurora was released, Zenith launched the DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition watch. From a watch point of view, this time the Range Rover Aurora Special Edition Zenith DEFY, I think it is better than the previous Star Pulse Special Edition El Primero. We know that the cooperation of many cars and watches is to print the name of a car on the watch, or use the color or pattern of the car on the watch. The Range Rover Aurora Zenith DEFY watch, and the second-generation Aurora this car, really match the appearance.

Zenith DEFY series horizontal gravity watch (top) and DEFY series 1/100 second chronograph (bottom).
 DEFY is a new series of watches launched by Zenith earlier this year. Zenith DEFY series includes several models, such as timing, horizontal gravity, junior needle and so on.
Among them, the Range Rover Aurora Special Edition DEFY is made on the basis of the junior.

Zenith and Land Rover collaborated with the Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition Watch.
 Zenith’s new DEFY junior hand is a sports watch with a titanium case and a watch head and bracelet integrated design. The dial and movement are large-scale hollowed out, which is cool (there are also normal dial models, but the main models are hollowed out ). From the appearance of Zenith DEFY, many players feel that it is a bit like Hublot. This is not a problem, because Hublot, Zenith, and Tag Heuer are all a group (LVMH Group, which is the group of LV). From Hublot, Zenith to TAG Heuer, these three brands have many common designs in recent years, such as large-area hollowed-out plates, which are all dazzling. Zenith DEFY junior needle size 41 mm, 10.75 mm thick, brushed case. One of the biggest features of Zenith DEFY is the hollow dial. If we pay attention, we will find that the hollow dial of Zenith DEFY forms a five-pointed star shape, which echoes the pentagram of Zenith LOGO. I think this dial design is very good, and it looks good and matches the brand.

Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition and the new generation of Aurora match extremely well.
 Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition, the biggest feature is that the hollow face of DEFY has been made into the style of the Aurora wheel, the original shape of the five-pointed star of the surface, changed to the second-generation Aurora five-spoke wheel. Comparing the watch face to the wheel of the car, it is exactly the same, and it is done in place. The blue seconds hand on the front of the watch, the blue automatic on the back, and the new generation of aurora blue. We pay attention to the tape of DEFY Range Rover Aurora. The tape is decorated with diamond rhombus pattern. The diamond rhombus pattern is the same as the Land Rover Aurora interior and seat decoration. The appearance of the entire watch and the second-generation Aurora match extremely well. In the official map released by Land Rover’s new generation Aurora, the driver wears this Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition.

Zenith’s DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition has the same disc surface as the new-generation Aurora’s wheels. The tape rhombus decoration is the same as the Aurora interior and seat decoration.
 The Zenith DEFY junior uses Zenith’s own Elite 670 movement. Elite and El Primero are the two main movements of Zenith, Elite is the main three-pin movement, and El Primero is the main chronograph movement. On the DEFY, the automatic rotor of the Elite 670 movement is made into the shape of a hollow pentagram, which is consistent with the Zenith logo. The Zenith Elite 670 movement’s escapement wheel and fork are silicon. The blue silicon escapement can be seen in the skeletonized movement. The Elite 670 oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

The Zenith DEFY series uses the Elite 670 calibre for its junior.
 This time, Zenith and Land Rover Aurora cooperated with the DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition, limited to 200 pieces. Of course, if you can’t buy the Aurora cooperation model, the regular version of the DEFY junior pin is also OK.

The regular version of Zenith is a DEFY junior.
 Zenith’s new DEFY series watches, especially the DEFY junior hand, are more interesting to me. But when I was struggling with Zenith, there were no stores in Beijing (I remember that Wangfujing Henry had a special counter). I went to Wangfujing to go shopping. I caught up with Zenith and did an exhibition at apm to take a look. Zenith’s DEFY three-hand watch head and strap are integrated, with a large area of ​​hollowed out dial surface, I think it is very handsome. Moreover, the public price of the junior pin tape version is 47200. For the configuration of the titanium case, the pentagram hollow-out plate and the Elite movement, I think the public price is not expensive and the cost performance is relatively high. It feels that it is the coolest among the same price level. After the right opportunity, I will also buy one for fun.
 After the new generation of Aurora was made in China, according to the current price of domestic Aurora, the Aurora car and the Zenith watch are still very good. The point is that they are all affordable.

Full Moon Mid-autumn Festival Moment Of Love Feida Watch Mid-autumn Festival Gift

‘I am a stranger alone in a foreign country, and I think of myself in every festival.’ Time is like a shuttle, and it’s another year of reunion in a blink of an eye. With deep love, I only have time to prove it, and use the watch to record this moment of joy, hoping that the good times will always stay. In the autumn of 2013, Fiyta selected autumn watches and expressed endless love with limited time. Even if you are separated by the ends of the earth, as long as there is love, you are beside me.

 Fiyta Heartstring Series Mechanical White Women’s Watch LA8402.MWR

Classic, guarding the truth
No matter how the times change and how the years go by. Only time-honored can be called a classic.

 Fiyta Classic watches are just as they are called. Zhang Chi’s calmness, Xuanangzhong’s somewhat restrained and elegant style, and dignity flowing in simplicity, are the unique qualities of Fiyta’s classic series men’s watches. In the atmosphere of stable design, there is no lack of attention to nuance. The large dial design of 39mm has a magnificent layout and conciseness. A unique grid pattern is placed at the pin, creating a connotative taste for the watch. The fine movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire glass of the bottom cover. The case of this watch is made of stainless steel, with elegant rose gold. In the flashing reflection of gold, a warm feeling like hometown emerges during the movement of the hands.

 Fiyta Heartstring Series Mechanical White Women’s Watch LA8402.MWR

Momentum your heartstrings

 Fiyta’s heart-string watch series, with its beautiful and romantic appearance, exquisite and dynamic quality. The heart of achievement: the full and round watch shape, graceful like a full moon, and infused with yearning and hope for life. On the dial of the watch, the phoenix is ​​faint and smoky. If the fragrance is diffused, sighs and sings the most tender feeling in the bottom of the heart, as if the world has been shrunk by us, narrowed to only you and me, and can be touched by reaching out.

 Good times are always fleeting. Only by keeping the years that have passed away inadvertently and leaving them in the wrist, can we always feel the constant affection. Let’s stand by each other on this mid-autumn moon night, witness each other and witness the eternal moment together!

Standing At The Beginning Of 2019 Xu You Gentle Time

On the express train of 2019, we do not know where the end point is. This mystery is even more interesting. The Flags standing in my heart, just like the stations along the way, mark every important moment, and they will become rewards at the end of the year. In the new year, we will still be busy, or maybe we are lucky like a koi. At the beginning of 2019, everything has begun again. It is better to clear the past and feel free to hate.
Life needs to shine

  ‘Forrest Gump’ says ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one tastes’. Compared to the past and the foreseeable future, it is often life that surprises us. At a certain time I don’t know what to do. Suddenly want to go to a place to travel, just say go; Suddenly want to enjoy the weekend sun, coffee and wine; Suddenly met an old friend who has not met for a long time, and embraced. In those moments that flash in time, you just say that it is an ordinary day, but the gentle love in life is growing.
Strive to grow in self-cultivation

  The step-by-step work rhythm seems to smooth out the vigor and vitality of the new year. How can the new year be patient? Strive forward for the dream in your heart, your hidden talents will release charming charm, while resolutely popular, self-cultivation, the path of growth is confident and wonderful. The surface that looks like a strong woman does not lose its fashionable taste. At the moment when you raise your wrist, the gentle watch reads out your rich personality and delicate heart, and you have become elegant as usual. People always say, ‘Is there any good time, but someone is carrying you forward?’ In fact, the beauty of the years of self-growth is 10,000 times sweeter than Jing good.
2019 unlimited

  2019 is coming as scheduled, we are facing new choices and a new future. Wang Xiaobo wrote that ‘variety is the source of happiness.’ We all hope to have the beginning of happiness, the process of happiness, and the end of happiness, so it is better to give ourselves in the New Year. A little more possible. Tried the coveted adventure, the stubborn but ambitious friend, used poems and distant places to record unwilling feelings. If 2019 has color, I hope it is colorful.
  Amy Long Jingya series ballet watch, with a graceful attitude, promises you a soft time for 2019. Amy Long took the noble and beautiful ballet as the design inspiration, and decorated the elegant ballet skirt with dial texture. Through the embellishment of the bright diamond hour markers and the precisely rotating hands, it depicts the beautiful and beautiful time ballet. Amy Long is also the official sponsor of the 47th Lausanne International Ballet Contest, which will be held in February. Over the years, Amy Long has supported the cultivation of young dancers with great potential. The aesthetic pursuit of interoperability between ballet and watchmaking has also been achieved. Amy Long Jingya Ballet Watch.
  Like the beautiful scenery of Geneva, the Emilion watch from Geneva tells the incredible beauty of time.

Longines Watch Basel 2018 New Products: Concas Diving Series, Refreshing Pioneer Design

With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. Inspired by fascinating watersports, the new Concas divers watch combines the long-standing performance and elegance of Longines with the launch of a new wrist-watch with a colorful ceramic bezel, highlighting a striking modern style.

   The Longines Concas diving series watches inherit the classic elegance of Longines watches, and are specially designed for people who love the ocean. The new collection continues the traditional style of diving watches to meet the special requirements of water sports. While guaranteeing a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, the watch is equipped with a two-way rotatable bezel, a screw-in crown and case back, a crown protection design, and a double folding safety buckle that can be extended during diving.

   The ceramic material with excellent technical performance is used in the design of the bezel, which has become a highlight of the new Concas diving series. The ultra-resistant and wear-resistant ceramic bezel complements the distinctive dial colors to create a new style that combines modern design and sporty appearance. Brightly colored hands and hour markers, coated with Super-LumiNova®, contrast with the gray, black, or blue sun-dial dial. The newly upgraded strap provides the wearer with a more ergonomically comfortable feel. The choice of more bracelet colors complements the dial. The frosted and polished metal chains are also impressive.

   The three-pin version with date display window is available in two sizes of 41 mm and 43 mm. The chronograph has a diameter of 41 mm. Combining outstanding performance and elegant style, the new Concas dive watch will become a must-have for marine sports enthusiasts.

[Watch description]

Longines Concas Dive Series Watch Number: L3.781.4.56.6 Suggested retail price: RMB12,500
   With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. The new Concas dive collection draws inspiration from fascinating water sports, combining Longines’ outstanding performance and elegant style. This watch has a black sun-dial dial with a diameter of 41 mm. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and a stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Concas Dive Series Watch Number: L3.781.4.96.6 Suggested retail price: RMB12,500
   With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. The new Concas dive collection draws inspiration from fascinating water sports, combining Longines’ outstanding performance and elegant style. This watch has a blue sunburst dial with a diameter of 41 mm. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and a stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Concas Divers watch watch serial number: L3.781.4.76.6 suggested retail price: new product not priced
   With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. The new Concas dive collection draws inspiration from fascinating water sports, combining Longines’ outstanding performance and elegant style. This watch has a 41 mm diameter grey sunray dial with a self-winding mechanical movement and a stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Concas Dive Watch Watch Number: L3.782.4.56.9 Suggested Retail Price: New Price
   With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. The new Concas dive collection draws inspiration from fascinating water sports, combining Longines’ outstanding performance and elegant style. This watch has a black sun dial with a diameter of 43 mm, a self-winding mechanical movement, and a black rubber strap.

Longines Concas Divers watch watch serial number: L3.781.4.76.9 suggested retail price: new product not priced
   With extensive experience in timing in the sports field, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, has added a new work to the Concas diving series, bringing a refreshing change to this classic watch series. The new Concas dive collection draws inspiration from fascinating water sports, combining Longines’ outstanding performance and elegant style. This watch has a 41 mm diameter grey sunray dial with a self-winding mechanical movement and a grey rubber strap.
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