Full Moon Mid-autumn Festival Moment Of Love Feida Watch Mid-autumn Festival Gift

‘I am a stranger alone in a foreign country, and I think of myself in every festival.’ Time is like a shuttle, and it’s another year of reunion in a blink of an eye. With deep love, I only have time to prove it, and use the watch to record this moment of joy, hoping that the good times will always stay. In the autumn of 2013, Fiyta selected autumn watches and expressed endless love with limited time. Even if you are separated by the ends of the earth, as long as there is love, you are beside me.

 Fiyta Heartstring Series Mechanical White Women’s Watch LA8402.MWR

Classic, guarding the truth
No matter how the times change and how the years go by. Only time-honored can be called a classic.

 Fiyta Classic watches are just as they are called. Zhang Chi’s calmness, Xuanangzhong’s somewhat restrained and elegant style, and dignity flowing in simplicity, are the unique qualities of Fiyta’s classic series men’s watches. In the atmosphere of stable design, there is no lack of attention to nuance. The large dial design of 39mm has a magnificent layout and conciseness. A unique grid pattern is placed at the pin, creating a connotative taste for the watch. The fine movement of the movement can be seen through the sapphire glass of the bottom cover. The case of this watch is made of stainless steel, with elegant rose gold. In the flashing reflection of gold, a warm feeling like hometown emerges during the movement of the hands.

 Fiyta Heartstring Series Mechanical White Women’s Watch LA8402.MWR

Momentum your heartstrings

 Fiyta’s heart-string watch series, with its beautiful and romantic appearance, exquisite and dynamic quality. The heart of achievement: the full and round watch shape, graceful like a full moon, and infused with yearning and hope for life. On the dial of the watch, the phoenix is ​​faint and smoky. If the fragrance is diffused, sighs and sings the most tender feeling in the bottom of the heart, as if the world has been shrunk by us, narrowed to only you and me, and can be touched by reaching out.

 Good times are always fleeting. Only by keeping the years that have passed away inadvertently and leaving them in the wrist, can we always feel the constant affection. Let’s stand by each other on this mid-autumn moon night, witness each other and witness the eternal moment together!