Maurice Lacroix Holds Mémoire 1 Launch Event In Basel Basel

Maurice Lacroix officially launched the rare and limited edition Mémoire 1 stopwatch, and held a press conference in Basel to invite nearly 400 VIPs from all over the world. This stopwatch is also the brand’s new super complicated watch. His listing has set a new standard for the watch industry. The introduction of this product was brought by a performance of a ‘Parkour (Street Extreme Parkour)’ team. .

‘Le Parkour’ is a creative, beautiful and absolutely precise movement that lies between the art of living and the philosophy of life. Parkour (street extreme sports parkour) is mainly to overcome obstacles and restrictions and constantly discover new channels. The basic idea of ​​overcoming clearly impenetrable obstacles and the innovative, precise and beautiful value of Parkour Parkour are also the most important values ​​of Maurice Lacroix. This watch produced by Saignelégier in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland proves that an independent brand can completely set new standards for the watch industry through its own research and development. The company relied on professionals inside and outside the ‘Maurice Lacroix Studio’ to complete a creative single product. In this studio, many revolutionary new ideas about movements and watches were born.

‘Parkour Parkour is the perfect example of what we do in our own studio,’ explains Philippe C. Merk, CEO of Maurice Lacroix. On April 2, 2008, at the Mémoire 1 exhibition held in the Volta Hall in Basel, six traceurs-people we call Parkour parkour-played under the name Maurice Lacroix. Nearly 400 media representatives and watch dealers from all over the world can feel a fusion of the highest-end capabilities: fusion of super-capable active athletes and Mémoire 1 representing the innovative capabilities contained in the ‘Maurice Lacroix Studio’ . This extremely limited stopwatch is the first mechanical watch with only memory-a brand new super multifunction watch.
Source: MauriceLacroix SA
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After Mentioning Land Rover Aurora, Mention Another Watch?

Cars and watches are two big toys for men. Some people like cars, others like watches. Most people are still willing to throw more money in the car. I also know that some watch friends, who buy watches more often, drive more ordinary cars, I did the same before. But because my brothers are driving better cars, I am going to change the car when I change cars.

Zenith and Land Rover collaborated with the Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition Watch.
 Cars and watches have some similarities, and many watches and cars have cooperation and joint names. Such as Breitling and Bentley, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini, Hublot and Ferrari. I didn’t pay much attention to this kind of car cooperation before, because I couldn’t afford Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari. However, Zenith and Land Rover have recently launched a cooperation model. The new generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora cooperation model Zenith is DEFY, which is very fun and affordable. Whether it is the Aurora car or Zenith DEFY watch. For many people, it is not stressful.

New generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora
 A few years ago, the Aurora blaze, imports, and price increases to raise cars. Since Range Rover Aurora and the discovery of Shenxing domestically, the price of these two cars has come down, and many people have bought them. The current generation of Aurora on the market has been out for 7 or 8 years and will be updated soon. The second-generation Range Rover Aurora has now been released, and the overseas version is expected to be available early next year. The second generation of Aurora looks, interiors and stars are very similar, it is simply ‘small stars’ (personal aesthetics, I think the stars are beautiful). After waiting for domestic production.

New generation Land Rover Range Rover Aurora
 Those who are familiar with watches will know that Zenith has a relationship with Land Rover, and the cooperation between Zenith and Land Rover began in 2016. Earlier, when Range Rover was released, Zenith launched the El Primero Range Rover Nebula Special Edition Chronograph. This time the second-generation Range Rover Aurora was released, Zenith launched the DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition watch. From a watch point of view, this time the Range Rover Aurora Special Edition Zenith DEFY, I think it is better than the previous Star Pulse Special Edition El Primero. We know that the cooperation of many cars and watches is to print the name of a car on the watch, or use the color or pattern of the car on the watch. The Range Rover Aurora Zenith DEFY watch, and the second-generation Aurora this car, really match the appearance.

Zenith DEFY series horizontal gravity watch (top) and DEFY series 1/100 second chronograph (bottom).
 DEFY is a new series of watches launched by Zenith earlier this year. Zenith DEFY series includes several models, such as timing, horizontal gravity, junior needle and so on.
Among them, the Range Rover Aurora Special Edition DEFY is made on the basis of the junior.

Zenith and Land Rover collaborated with the Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition Watch.
 Zenith’s new DEFY junior hand is a sports watch with a titanium case and a watch head and bracelet integrated design. The dial and movement are large-scale hollowed out, which is cool (there are also normal dial models, but the main models are hollowed out ). From the appearance of Zenith DEFY, many players feel that it is a bit like Hublot. This is not a problem, because Hublot, Zenith, and Tag Heuer are all a group (LVMH Group, which is the group of LV). From Hublot, Zenith to TAG Heuer, these three brands have many common designs in recent years, such as large-area hollowed-out plates, which are all dazzling. Zenith DEFY junior needle size 41 mm, 10.75 mm thick, brushed case. One of the biggest features of Zenith DEFY is the hollow dial. If we pay attention, we will find that the hollow dial of Zenith DEFY forms a five-pointed star shape, which echoes the pentagram of Zenith LOGO. I think this dial design is very good, and it looks good and matches the brand.

Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition and the new generation of Aurora match extremely well.
 Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition, the biggest feature is that the hollow face of DEFY has been made into the style of the Aurora wheel, the original shape of the five-pointed star of the surface, changed to the second-generation Aurora five-spoke wheel. Comparing the watch face to the wheel of the car, it is exactly the same, and it is done in place. The blue seconds hand on the front of the watch, the blue automatic on the back, and the new generation of aurora blue. We pay attention to the tape of DEFY Range Rover Aurora. The tape is decorated with diamond rhombus pattern. The diamond rhombus pattern is the same as the Land Rover Aurora interior and seat decoration. The appearance of the entire watch and the second-generation Aurora match extremely well. In the official map released by Land Rover’s new generation Aurora, the driver wears this Zenith DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition.

Zenith’s DEFY Range Rover Aurora Limited Edition has the same disc surface as the new-generation Aurora’s wheels. The tape rhombus decoration is the same as the Aurora interior and seat decoration.
 The Zenith DEFY junior uses Zenith’s own Elite 670 movement. Elite and El Primero are the two main movements of Zenith, Elite is the main three-pin movement, and El Primero is the main chronograph movement. On the DEFY, the automatic rotor of the Elite 670 movement is made into the shape of a hollow pentagram, which is consistent with the Zenith logo. The Zenith Elite 670 movement’s escapement wheel and fork are silicon. The blue silicon escapement can be seen in the skeletonized movement. The Elite 670 oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour and has a power reserve of 50 hours.

The Zenith DEFY series uses the Elite 670 calibre for its junior.
 This time, Zenith and Land Rover Aurora cooperated with the DEFY Range Rover Aurora Special Edition, limited to 200 pieces. Of course, if you can’t buy the Aurora cooperation model, the regular version of the DEFY junior pin is also OK.

The regular version of Zenith is a DEFY junior.
 Zenith’s new DEFY series watches, especially the DEFY junior hand, are more interesting to me. But when I was struggling with Zenith, there were no stores in Beijing (I remember that Wangfujing Henry had a special counter). I went to Wangfujing to go shopping. I caught up with Zenith and did an exhibition at apm to take a look. Zenith’s DEFY three-hand watch head and strap are integrated, with a large area of ​​hollowed out dial surface, I think it is very handsome. Moreover, the public price of the junior pin tape version is 47200. For the configuration of the titanium case, the pentagram hollow-out plate and the Elite movement, I think the public price is not expensive and the cost performance is relatively high. It feels that it is the coolest among the same price level. After the right opportunity, I will also buy one for fun.
 After the new generation of Aurora was made in China, according to the current price of domestic Aurora, the Aurora car and the Zenith watch are still very good. The point is that they are all affordable.