Baselworld2014 Casio Opens A New Era Of Scientific And Technological Watches

Basel World 2014, which enjoys the reputation of ‘The First Exhibition of World Watches’, was held at the Basel Exhibition Center in Switzerland from March 27th to April 3rd, 2014. The pioneer in the field of scientific and technological watchmaking-CASIO Casio, has always relied on innovative development concepts and original electronic technology to continuously open up new possibilities for watches. Since the world’s first radio-controlled solar watch was released in 2001, Casio has continued to carry out technological innovations, with its rich product line and unparalleled brand composition, it has continuously promoted the innovation and development of the timepiece field.

 This year, Casio has adopted the theme of ‘Synchronizing the World’ as the theme of the Basel watch exhibition. It has released the GPS + GPS Hybrid System to the world. Electronic technology has given new value to watch timekeeping, providing consumers with more practical value. Sex and personality product experience. Casio’s world’s first (CASIO data as of March 2013) GPS + radio wave receiving technology combines two different time correction modes into one system, and through GPS positioning, it can receive signals even in non-radio environments other than land. Get more reliable and accurate time correction at any time.

 In the showroom, Casio unveiled the latest models of its six major brands, bringing an innovative technological experience. GWP-1000 equipped with the world’s first GPS + Radio Hybrid System (GWP-1000), which injects cutting-edge practical technology into the tough and shock-resistant G-SHOCK; EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch, launches radio Model EQW-T620, 3D large dial design brings excellent visual effects; mountaineering watch PRO TREK launched the first digital digital display model PRW-6000Y equipped with a third-generation triple sensor, professional outdoor equipment to help you explore nature Unknown territory. The women’s watch brands BABY-G and SHEEN have closely combined watch design with fashion, and launched the BA-110 / 111 and SHE-3506 series.

GPS Hybrid System synchronizes the world-G-SHOCK GPW-1000 equipped with the world’s first GPS + radio wave receiving hybrid system

 G-SHOCK has always been keen to challenge various extreme environments, and continuous pursuit of innovation is the most admirable tenacity of the G-SHOCK brand. The GPW-1000 released this time is equipped with the world’s first GPS + radio hybrid system (GPS Hybrid System), and incorporates practical and cutting-edge technology in the shock-proof structure to help you obtain the most accurate and reliable time correction anytime, anywhere.

 Combining the GPS global satellite positioning system and the global six stations radio wave receiving function, these two different time correction modes are integrated into one system, which improves the reliability of accurate timekeeping of the watch worldwide. The GPW-1000 can receive radio signals from 6 global radio towers to adjust the time, or position and time data can be calibrated by GPS. It can receive signals even outside of land, breaking the limits of traditional watches. When the GPS module in the watch receives the GPS satellite positioning signal, it will quickly calculate the user’s location based on its signal, the second hand will point to the city name corresponding to the current time, and the small dial at the three o’clock position will point to the GPS transmission position. The longitude and latitude are convenient for users to quickly understand space-time information. GPS positioning + radio wave reception has opened a new chapter in the field of timepieces.

 The GPW-1000, which has the appearance of the G-SHOCK aviation series, uses sapphire glass, diamond-cut bezels, metal three-dimensional time scales, etc., which are exquisitely crafted, with both a sense of toughness and a sense of luxury. The beauty of nature. The multi-face forged metal case, rough metal crown design and carbon fiber strap show the solid characteristics of G-SHOCK, while greatly increasing the operability and durability.

Advanced Technology & Dynamic Design——EDIFICE Radio Wave Solar Series EQW-T620

 EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch brand owned by Casio, has always adhered to the ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’ brand concept of speed and wisdom, and is brave enough to innovate and use powerful electronic technology in traditional analog watches. The EQW-T620, which was newly unveiled at the Baselworld Watch Fair this year, features a 3D large dial design, sharp bezel lines, embedded dial scales, and a small dial and pointer design with a strong metallic texture, all from Casio. The new metal polishing process, through the latest technology, highlights the metal’s hard feeling. It is equipped with 6 powerful functions such as radio wave reception and solar drive, which greatly enhances the functionality and practicability of the watch. The addition of a smart operating system makes it easy to intuitively operate various functions and ensure smooth conversion of functions and displays.

Detecting nature with the pointer-equipped with the new third-generation triple sensor PRO TREK dual display series PRW-6000Y

 The CASIO climbing watch brand PRO TREK, which is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for the development of the most reliable and practical outdoor equipment, has released the third-generation triple sensor last year. A balance between ingenuity. ‘ The third-generation triple sensor can measure direction, air pressure / temperature, and altitude at high speed and high accuracy, but with a smaller volume, it not only realizes the watch’s lightweight appearance, but also greatly improves the measurement accuracy. For example, the height measurement unit is accurate from 5 meters to 1 meter, and the measurement interval is shortened from 5 seconds to 1 second; the continuous measurement time in the direction is increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

 This year, for the first time, this advanced sensor technology was carried in the pointer digital dual display model PRW-6000Y to provide users with more professional outdoor equipment and technical support. The use of reduced sensors and miniaturized motors has increased the number of motors implanted in the movement from two to four, enabling four motors to independently control four hands. When operating various measurement functions, the hands can be Independent operation, fast display value or direction, increase the reliability of watch measurement data when outdoor sports. The unique large-scale liquid crystal display and ‘pointer dodge’ design ensure that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it is not blocked by the pointer, which improves the convenience of data reading.
In addition, it is also equipped with various excellent technologies unique to CASIO, such as intelligent operating system and radio wave solar drive. While giving the watch outstanding technical performance, it is all condensed into a slim watch body of only 12.8mm. Fully automatic high-brightness LED backlight and strong lightweight carbon fiber strap provide users with a more flexible and comfortable wearing experience. The original cutting-edge technology, simple and convenient operation, provide you with comprehensive technical guidance for exploring unknown outdoor areas.

Trendy women’s watch inspired by G-SHOCK-BABY-G brand’s 20th anniversary gift BA-110BC, BA-111

 Derived from G-SHOCK’s unique structure of shockproof and waterproof, following its Toughness spirit, women’s fashion watch brand BABY-G, this year took the opportunity of the 20th anniversary of its launch at Baselworld to introduce the latest models BA-110BC and BA- 111 series. The design prototype comes from G-SHOCK’s popular large dial series GA-110, with neon colors lighting up street fashion. The BA-110BC released this time with monochromatic fluorescent yellow and solid electro-optic blue, hits the street fashion sense with bright and jumping colors. The BA-111 series adopts a large dial design with a gear bezel. It offers three color options: black with phosphor, mint green with black, pink orange with black. The 3D dial and scale with unique Tough sense are integrated into the handsome of young girls. Sexual coolness.

Romantic moon phase shines elegantly-SHEEN luxury series SHE-3506

 The dial design is extremely creative and exudes a charming light of wisdom. Glittering luxurious luster metal body, full of feminine femininity. This is SHEEN, which makes women elegant, confident, and intellectual. At the Baselworld 2014, SHEEN combined the luxurious appearance with practical functions to launch the SHE-3506 series. The bezel covered with Swarovski crystals dazzles the bright halo around the wrist. The SHE-3506SG uses a luxurious rose gold bezel, hands and dial scales. The soft color matches the pink dial background, which reflects the elegance of feminine charm. Light. The finishing touch of the watch is a small moon phase dial with Swarovski crystals at 6 o’clock, which changes with the passage of time on the blue phased moon phase diagram. Sunny and lacking, all on such a romantic luxury watch.

 With infinite inspiration for future insights, Casio always has forward-looking creativity and original research and development philosophy, and constantly innovates cutting-edge technology in the field of timekeeping. Looking to the future, Casio will continue to challenge the technological limits and develop more new functions with practical utility.

Video Appreciation Of Girard Perregaux ‘bridge’ Series Rose Gold-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

‘Golden Bridge’ has always been an iconic element of Girard Perregaux. The beauty of the craftsmanship and the shape of the structure are always impressive. Girard Perregaux still brings the ‘Golden’ bridge watch this year, but this time it has changed a bit. It no longer uses a tourbillon, but instead uses a hollow design to present the fun of mechanical structure.

Girard Perregaux ‘Bridge’ Rose Gold

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