The Tradition Behind Roger Dubuis

Remember that I first saw Roger Dubuis watches in 2003. At that time, Roger Dubuis was a new brand with a history of less than 10 years. I even I don’t know its name, but it impressed me very much. At first glance, it feels that there is such a watch in the world. The square case has eight tips. This shape is really weird, so I was thinking about a watch with a special shape The movement is not good. And when I turned this watch over, I was stunned. The movement was polished and decorated so old-fashioned, without any jerkyness of the new brand, and there were actually two ‘Geneva Seals’ engraved on the movement! More than a decade later, Roger Dubuis, a watch brand that combines traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde design, has immortalized the heart of everyone who loves watches …

Roger Dubuis Soul

 In 1938, Mr. Roger Dubuis was born on the shore of Lake Leman in Switzerland. From a carpentry family, he has shown obsession with his craftsman since he was urinating. At the age of 10, he became friends with shoemakers in the village. The cobbler was responsible for ringing the bell in the local church. Because he was old, the cobbler asked Roger Dubuis to help. Therefore, while studying the mechanical principle of the church bell, Roger Dubuis also began to enter an interesting world of watchmaking. Later, he decided to study at the Geneva Watch School. After four years of study, he entered the Longines after-sales service department and started his first job, where he worked for 9 years. In 1966, Mr. Roger Dubuy integrated Patek Philippe’s advanced and complex watch division. After accumulating acquisition experience in this area, he decided to stand on his own and began work on restoring old watches.

 When talking about this work experience, Mr. Roger Dubuy said, ‘There are two important experiences in my career. One is the experience of Patek Philippe’s complex function R & D department, which is exactly the beginning of this experience. Not only did I explore the field of high-end watchmaking, but also allowed me to form a concept of respecting watchmaking quality and traditional craftsmanship. It was because of this experience that accumulated my experience in watchmaking wisdom that I started my career The second paragraph in the middle is the most important journey that created the Roger Dubuis brand. ‘Finally, in 1995, Mr. Roger Dubuy met with the highly adventurous designer and entrepreneur Carlos Dias, and decided to establish the same year Roger Dubuis. Since then, Roger Dubuy has gradually entered the palace of top watchmaking art.

 In 2001, Roger Dubuis built a new building in Merlin, Geneva, marking a new stage in the development of Roger Dubuis. This avant-garde avant-garde building has become Roger Dubuis’ headquarters. It has an administrative department and a production unit with nearly one hundred precision watchmaking equipment. Its production process combines cutting-edge technology and superb craftsmanship.

 Hundreds of parts in the movement, as well as the external components of the watch, are polished by hand. It takes several weeks to produce these parts, and then they are assembled and adjusted by experienced senior watchmakers. In order to ensure the high quality and reliability of all watches, Roger Dubuy produces its own speed governing mechanism (including springs of springs). In addition to winning customer recognition, its own cutting-edge professional skills also give the company complete independence.

 In addition, relying on the expertise of Mr. Roger Dubuis, all the complex functions of Roger Dubuis watches are built in its own factories, such as double tourbillons, skeleton movements and so on. Few professional watchmakers are able to develop their own movements around the world.

 Mr. Roger Dubuy said, ‘Since the brand was founded, our aim has been to combine modern design with respect for traditional watchmaking techniques, and all products are engraved with the ‘Geneva Mark’. From the initial design to the final Timepiece inspection, we set ourselves an iron law of zero defects. ‘Soon, with the development of the company, the existing organizational structure can no longer meet the development needs. As a result, Roger Dubuis joined the Richemont Group in 2008, laying the foundation for its subsequent amazing expansion.
Return of the Soul

 Since 2005, Mr. Roger Dubuis has gradually transferred his expertise behind his successor to the watchmaker. In 2010, Mr. Roger Dubuy resolutely chose to return to the Geneva system he founded 15 years ago. The watch factory once again shared its master experience with the watch factory and became the spokesperson for the brand ‘don’t let it be.’ When it comes to what kind of power has led him to return, Mr. Roger Dubuis said excitedly: ‘There is a legal retirement age in Switzerland, and I left the watch factory because I had reached the normal retirement age. However, you should It is conceivable that when your undertaking occupies your entire life and enthusiasm, it is difficult for you to get rid of it completely. This is why, when Richemont Group proposed to me to return to the watch factory and share the watchmaking experience with the watch factory again, And as the brand’s image ambassador, I hardly hesitate to accept it, just as naturally as going home. ‘

 ‘In the next few years, I will pass on all my energy, wisdom of watchmaking, and watchmaking experience to the person in charge of the research and development of Roger Dubuis movements, and I will assume the image of Roger Dubuis in the world of high-end watchmaking. Ambassador, promoting the brand culture. For Roger Dubuis ‘future products, I hope that the strong values ​​that have been and will continue to empower the brand will always be followed. Follow traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation, and will always adhere to the’ Geneva Mark ‘The highest standards.’
About the ‘Mark of Geneva’

 The well-known “Mark of Geneva” is an official guarantee issued by the Canton of Geneva, which is available only to a very small number of watchmakers who meet the stringent standards of the “Mark of Geneva”. For watches certified by the ‘Geneva Mark’, the mechanical movement must be hand-made, assembled and adjusted in Geneva. In 2011, in commemoration of its 125th anniversary, the ‘Mark of Geneva’ certification extended the scope to the entire watch, in addition to the 12 standards for movements that have been used in history, and introduced two standards for watch external parts and performance. For Roger Dubuis, the ‘Mark of Geneva’ is a strong proof of its dedication to excellence, which may explain why Roger Dubuis is the only watchmaker whose entire production process has reached the ‘Mark of Geneva’ standard.

 At present, certified watches can enjoy five major guarantees. First, exclusive protection. Switzerland produces 20 million watches every year, and only 24,000 will only pass the ‘Geneva Seal’ certification.

 Second, performance guarantee. Each watch is individually inspected to ensure that its functionality, water resistance and accuracy meet certification standards.

 Third, the guarantee of origin, the mechanical movement of watches certified by the ‘Geneva Seal’ must be manufactured, assembled and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva.

 Fourth, the process guarantees that every part of the movement is manually polished and decorated by people, adhering to the traditional watchmaking process of Geneva. Fifth: durability guarantee. After careful polishing, each part of the movement is extremely smooth, thus reducing friction and ensuring the durability of the watch. Exquisite materials and exquisite workmanship make the movement perfect.

 Regarding the new standard, Mr. Roger Dubuis firmly said: ‘After the new ‘Geneva Mark’ is promulgated, Roger Dubuis will not change its production method. The only difference is that the new ‘Geneva Mark’ will focus more on The overall customer satisfaction, while satisfying the development needs of current and future fine watchmaking, maximizes customer satisfaction. ‘

 Recently, I have been thinking about whether history should be a stumbling block in the development of a brand. Some brands have a long history, but they are just average watches, and even some brands have disappeared. While some brands have a short history, their watches are impeccable. For high-end watches, if we overemphasize the element of history, will it be unfair to some outstanding young brands, because history cannot be surpassed, and it is not the brand’s fault to be born late. Did you work hard? Through the brand of Roger Dubuis, I feel that as a high-end watch brand, making a watch is the number one priority, and history is just a praise for your watchmaking achievements!