The Official Watch Of The Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Breitling: Passion For Imagination Fengyun Wrist

Breitling was first given the timekeeping function of the watch in 1915, and the ‘dual independent timekeeping button’ invented later created a new timekeeping mode, which is still in use today. From then on, whether you love sports or work and life, with professional precision timing functions, your watch can simultaneously serve as a variety of practical instruments such as speedometers, distance meters or pulse meters, allowing you to play with the interactive watch pleasure. Flying fish Herbert Nitsch wears Breitling Superocean
‘Watches should not only be icy machines used to remind time, but also feature-rich, sensitive, intelligent, accurate and trustworthy partners.’ — Willy Breitling, third generation heir to Breitling, 1971 year.
Adhering to this concept, Breitling is devoted to creating ideas, seizing every trace of inspiration, constantly pushing the limits, adding various practical functions to the watch, giving the watch vitality and keeping everything under control.

Breitling Navitimer 01
Breitling dual independent timing buttons
Breitling first gave the watch a chronograph function in 1915, and the ‘dual independent chronograph button’ invented later created a new chronograph mode, which is still in use today. From then on, whether you love sports or work and life, with professional precision timing functions, your watch can simultaneously serve as a variety of practical instruments such as speedometers, distance meters or pulse meters, allowing you to play with the interactive watch pleasure.
Breitling Circular Flight Slider
In 1952, the Breitling Navitimer was equipped with a circular flying ruler. This genius invention enables the watch to perform all kinds of precise calculations required for aviation flight, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversion of miles to kilometers or nautical miles, etc., enabling pilots to be faster and more Making flight plans and performing navigation with ease has been popular with pilots and aviation enthusiasts for more than half a century.

Breitling Emergency Watch
In 1995, Breitling once again exerted its founding spirit to the full, and integrated the emergency help signal transmitter into the watch. The Breitling Emergency Watch has a built-in 121.5 megahertz (MHz) micro-transmitter dedicated to the international distress radio frequency. It can continuously and steadily send out distress signals at critical moments and guide rescuers to determine the exact location of the distress. For more than ten years, the watch has been tested by professional search and rescue organizations and armed forces around the world, saving the lives of the victims more times.
   Breitling is not only enthusiastic about the innovative design and technological innovation of watches, but also strives for excellence, continuously improving and optimizing the detailed design and manufacturing process of watches, in order to provide the most perfect experience for people wearing Breitling watches.
Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Chronomat P.A.N.Frecce Tricolori Special Edition
Official Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team
In 1983, Breitling tailored the official watch for the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team (Frecce Tricolori). The sturdy case, the shape of the lugs after repeated research, the clear and easy-to-read dial, the ergonomically designed timing button and the crown, specially carved grooves for easy grasping operations and avoiding hooks on the sleeves of flight suits Pattern … every detail of the watch reflects the extreme spirit and dazzling charm of Breitling’s pursuit of excellence.
The Breitling leader Ernest Schneider, who was responsible for the development of this model at that time, has traveled to Italy many times to understand the daily behavior and actual needs of pilots. From this, he discovered a series of problems and started to solve them, just like art Perfection makes the watch perfect.
For example, the pilot’s watch mirror sometimes breaks. The reason is that the pilot used to stretch his arms habitually when he opened the cockpit cover after landing, so the watch hit the metal frame of the hood heavily. So Ernst came up with an idea and slightly raised the design of the metal bezel, which helped protect the mirror from impact and ensured that the pilot could easily operate the bezel even when wearing gloves. It is these wonderful inspirations that have made Zoran’s outstanding Breitling watches.
专利 Breitling waterproof case patent
Excellent waterproof performance is also the ultimate pursuit of Breitling’s ‘professional wrist watch’. In 1996, Breitling’s original waterproof case patent, through the stainless steel or titanium metal case, makes watches made of precious metals such as gold with low compression and poor water resistance can still resist the challenges of the deep sea. Therefore, Breitling specially designed and produced the 18K gold professional diving watch Colt SuperOcean for the US Navy elite diving team ‘Sea Seal Commando’. He is still stable and reliable in the 1,000-meter deep sea.
All these efforts and innovations are to make Breitling a ‘feature rich, sensitive, intelligent, accurate and trustworthy partner’, to accompany you to constantly challenge and surpass, and enjoy a wonderful life.
——If you travel frequently and fly on the intercontinental, Breitling’s 24-hour time scale and the striking red arrow independent pointer will clearly and accurately display the time in the second time zone without any confusion;
——If you like diving, the excellent waterproof performance of up to 3,000 meters and the bright and easy to read luminous hands are definitely your reliable companion in the dark and deep sea;
——If you have a special working environment, excellent stability, excellent anti-magnetic and anti-vibration performance, can withstand the challenges of harsh environments such as temperature, humidity, impact, and pressure;
——If you need accurate timekeeping and a variety of complex functions at any time, the perfect combination of watches and electronic devices, portable, and maximize the potential of electronic devices …
Every Breitling watch allows you to understand and believe that passion and creativity make the square-shaped wrist even more interesting and interesting. Regardless of the height of the 10,000 feet or the vast depths of the ocean, Breitling records your life of hunting for wonders and enjoys the colorful and uninhibited moments.

Malte Launches Two Shining New Works In Malta

In 1912, in that aggressive era, Vacheron Constantin completely broke the usual circular design style of the case and became one of the first watch manufacturers to adopt a barrel-type case design. With the innovative spirit of advancing with the times, this charming watch model has attracted countless gentlemen and ladies once it was launched. This iconic design is used in all Malte’s Malta collections, and this time the collection introduces two new high-end jewellery styles, pavé-cut diamonds and engraved with the distinguished Geneva mark.
   In order to further enrich the existing Malte fine jewelry series, Vacheron Constantin this time launched a version of full pavé baguette diamond bracelet, to pay tribute to the most precious arts and crafts aesthetics. Through the use of full-hand covert mosaic technology, the diamond shines extremely brightly, lighting the time display.
   At present, there are only a few jewelry setters in the world who are proficient in hidden diamond setting technology. The gold base is completely hidden under the diamond. All diamonds are supported by orbits, which can form a light field, but no setting marks can be seen, which can release the beautiful light to the extreme. Vacheron Constantin chose to apply this challenge to all types of (specially shaped) timepieces. Although they have curved contours, they still have sharp edges and well-organized lines, which is a huge challenge to diamond setting technology. In order to overcome the problem of diamond setting, from designers to jewelry setters, watchmakers to jewellers, they must work closely together to fully demonstrate their outstanding skills under the common idea of ​​surpassing themselves.
   Jewelry cutting craftsmen need to cut each diamond individually to the nearest micron to ensure that the jewelry inlayer can seamlessly fit the diamond into its pre-designed position. In order to achieve absolute precision, craftsmen need to work more than 100 hours on each timepiece to create such a perfect diamond mosaic composition.
   Because the gold case is completely hidden under the gemstone, the entire timepiece is a sculpture made of diamonds. Whether it’s the lugs, bezel, case, dial, bracelet, or crown with the iconic Maltese cross, every detail shines brightly.
   Since Vacheron Constantin always blends aesthetic design with complex craftsmanship, the timepieces in this series are engraved with the distinguished Geneva seal certification.
Malte Tourbillon Jewellery
   Only a superb movement is worth matching with this precious watch engraved with the Geneva Seal. The 2795 manual-winding mechanical movement is composed of 169 parts and has a power reserve of about two days. It has the same noble temperament as this timepiece and has become one of its exclusive movements. This barrel-shaped tourbillon movement — entirely developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin — is perfectly embedded in a 38 x 48.24 mm case with a transparent sapphire crystal case back.
   With a total weight of approximately 46.6 carats, 1,170 baguette-cut diamonds sparkle this original masterpiece. The stunning high-jewellery gold bracelet features a hidden jewellery setting with a total of 764 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 28.7 carats and a gold folding clasp. The dial is specially designed with diamonds. All the diamonds are arranged radially with the gemstone in the center of the tourbillon frame as the origin, highlighting its importance and showing its charming appearance. The eccentric hours and minutes show enough space for the Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon. The tourbillon frame perfectly demonstrates the extreme decoration technology of each part of the movement, including a large number of purely chamfered inner corners.
   The process of the tourbillon bridge is often very technically challenging. It takes more than 12 hours to build it by hand to meet Vacheron Constantin’s strict grinding standards. The modification process consists of two steps. First, the left and right parts of the cross-bridge are filed into cones or semi-cylindrical shapes, and the center and root parts are carefully divided. Finally, grinding tools such as grindstone, asbestos cloth, wooden sander and polishing paste are used for repeated grinding to achieve the perfect polishing effect.
   To pay tribute to traditional watchmaking, Vacheron Constantin set a low vibration frequency of 2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations per hour) for the 2795 movement, so that the wearer can observe and appreciate the stable operation of the entire mechanical system .
Malte fine jewelry small model
   The curvaceous appearance, beautiful lines and slim shape make Malte’s fine jewelry models exude feminine femininity. The pure and exquisite lines are elegant and elegant, but not to distort the modern atmosphere. Against the background of 742 diamonds weighing about 28.90 carats, it presents a full range of sensory temptation. The 126 diamonds arranged in a radial pattern give the dial a radiant charm. Looking at the axis along the hour and minute hands, people’s eyes are naturally drawn to the center of the timepiece.
   This brand-new work uses hidden mosaic technology and is engraved with the Geneva Seal certification. The case size is 29.30 x 39.60 mm, which is perfect for women’s slim wrists. The 1400 manual-winding mechanical movement, independently developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, is clearly visible through the transparent barrel-shaped bottom cover that perfectly matches the appearance of the case. The gold bracelet is pavé-set with 494 baguette-cut diamonds and set with a diamond-set buckle, which highlights the elegance and charm unique to women.
Technical specifications
Malte Tourbillon Jewellery

Model 30630 / S22G-9899
Certified by the Geneva Seal
Caliber 2795
Vacheron Constantin independently develops and manufactures
Manual winding mechanical movement
Dimensions: 27.37 x 29.3 mm (12¼ x 12¾ francs), thickness 6.1 millimeters
Power reserve approx. 45 hours
Vibration frequency 2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations per hour)
169 parts
27 gems
Display function hours, minutes
Small seconds on tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock
Case 18K white gold pavé diamond, hidden setting (228 baguette-cut diamonds)
Crown with diamonds (4 baguette-cut diamonds)
Dimensions: 38 x 48.24 mm, thickness 13.4 mm
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance tested at 3 bar (approx. 30 m)
Dial 18K white gold pavé diamonds, concealed setting (174 baguette-cut diamonds)
Bracelet and buckle 18K white gold pavé diamonds, concealed setting (764 baguette-cut diamonds)
18K White Gold Folding Clasp
Accessories with a magnifying glass
1,170 baguette-cut diamonds totaling approximately 46.8 carats
Malte fine jewelry small model
Model 81611 / S23G-B007
Certified by the Geneva Seal
Movement 1400
Vacheron Constantin independently develops and manufactures
Manual winding mechanical movement
Dimensions: 20.65 mm (9 cm), thickness 2.6 mm
Power reserve approx. 40 hours
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
98 parts
20 gems
Display function hours, minutes
Case 18K white gold pavé diamonds, concealed setting (118 baguette-cut diamonds)
Dimensions: 29.3 x 39.6 mm, thickness 7.7 mm
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance tested at 3 bar (approx. 30 m)
Dial 18K white gold pavé diamonds, concealed setting (126 baguette-cut diamonds)
Bracelet and buckle 18k white gold pavé diamonds, concealed setting (494 baguette-cut diamonds)
18K White Gold Jewellery Buckle
Accessories with a magnifying glass
A total of 742 baguette-cut diamonds with a total weight of approximately 28.9 carats

Hublot Opens First Gallery-style Boutique In Miami Design District

On December 6, 2014, Hublot opened its first brand gallery in a well-known design area in Miami, USA. At the same time, a brand new retail concept was launched in this artistically rich design area, marking another solid step for the brand’s market development in the world’s major luxury shopping areas.
  Unlike other boutiques of the brand, the store will only display unique limited-edition and ultra-complex watches, some of which will debut in the United States. In addition, the Hublot Gallery Collecting Club is actively setting up to enable collectors to get in touch with enthusiasts and the luxury world of brands.

  ‘We believe that the design district is the future of Miami. The open-air shopping malls and restaurants make it the most attractive and attractive place. There are many galleries and pop culture centers here, and the art atmosphere is very strong. We extract from it Inspired, the design created this gallery-style boutique. ‘

  A grand opening event was hosted on that day, hosted by the brand’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. At the event, Hublot also revealed to the public a unique art installation designed by the famous artist Brainwash. Brand image ambassador Usain Bolt led a group of local children in a unique sprint competition to support the foundation in his name.
  At the event, a unique Big Bang Unico watch and its matching box were also displayed. The work debuted at the Bal Harbour boutique the night before. It was designed by Brainwash (Mr. Brainwash) and inspired by the design. From the Mona Lisa painting he created. This piece is a unique artistic interpretation of Hublot by Brainwash.

  As the global image ambassador of Swiss history and culture, Hublot has always taken the responsibility to maintain and promote Swiss spiritual values. The decoration and atmosphere in the store are the perfect example. Taking inspiration from the Swiss mountains, the store is decorated with logs, creating a pleasant natural original atmosphere.

Bao Qilai’s History Second Part

Today, Carl F. Bucherer has gained the status of a manufacturer. The brand is booming and has five unique product lines that are worth exploring. Bucherer is full of enthusiasm and responds to the real needs of customers with carefully crafted products.

Bucherer Plavich time chronograph, 2005

   The watchmaking brand Bucherer has a very special history. The brand journey began with a gentleman named Carl Friedrich Bucherer, who opened his first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888. The company has been in the family’s control ever since. The watch produced by this particular brand not only shows time, but also tells an interesting story about vision, fearlessness and entrepreneurship, interpreting the values ​​of continuity, passion, independence and excellence. Carl Friedrich Bucherer’s name quickly became synonymous with quality and creativity, and his two sons, Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer, inherited this fine tradition. So as early as 1919, Bucherer broke through and released the brand’s first Art Deco women’s watch series.

Bucherer’s first ladies’ watch, 1919

   To this day, each watch in each collection has a unique personality, reflecting the brand’s origin and deep-rooted values, exuding an irresistible alluring charm. Outstanding watchmaking skills have been passed down from generation to generation and have become more sophisticated over time. Just as important as tradition is that after achieving breakthrough production innovations, Bucherer has never stopped moving forward. The best example is the CFBA1000 movement, which is independently developed by the brand, and every detail is meticulous. Bucherer was originally a small family business, but through hard work, it gained the strength to design, develop and produce its own cores, thus establishing the brand’s position in the elite manufacturer group.

Bucherer Marie Dragon Watch

Development and independence

   As an independent company, Bucherer is led by CEO SaschaMoeri, who has assembled a highly talented, efficient and creative workforce of 150 people worldwide. At the same time, the brand has about 400 points of sale worldwide, of which 100 are in China. For Bucherer, China is one of the most important and successful markets, where the brand has established an extensive and efficient retail network. Another important market is the United States, where Bucherer has about 80 local partners. Bucherer’s high quality standards and unique designs are also popular with watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world. It is because of Bucherer’s own ranking in the industry that top retailers and distributors are happy to work with brands.

CFB A1000 movement

Watchmaking excellence

   Fans are gradually realizing that the fact that Bucherer owns his own watchmaking factory in Linnuo has enabled the brand to produce the famous CFBA1011 movement equipped with a uniquely powered rotor. The company also uses its own workshop and the most advanced machine tool manufacturing function modules to create original complex timepieces, such as the brand’s traditional large calendar, the famous weekly calendar, and the three places chronograph.

Bucherer Marly Dragon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Only Watch 2015 Special Edition

Logo timepiece

   There is no doubt that all Bucherer watches have a unique and charming personality. Some of them are particularly popular and stand out from the crowd, such as the Mario Dragon Tourbillon. This watch has a window at 6 o’clock on the dial, giving a clear overview of the complex mechanism and subtle operation of the tourbillon, which is a model of outstanding technology and design. Another model of the series, the Marion Dragon Outer Watch is a perfect fusion of function and design. Its distinctive feature is the crescent-shaped remaining power reserve indicator. In addition, in 2015, Bucherer expanded the well-known Belavi deep dive series.

   Bellevue watches (especially the three-time chronograph) provide clear time display and convenient practical functions, making them the ideal companions for traveling around the world. There are also models in this range designed for specific purposes and needs, such as the Plavi dive, which is an excellent dive watch. Ladies can also find elegant timepieces from their collection of Bucherer. Betty’s has been a pure women’s collection since the beginning, and a creative masterpiece that perfectly blends watch and jewelry manufacturing. Yalija is another collection specially designed for women, in which Bucherer pays tribute to pure femininity.

Bucherer Plave SFA

Friends of the brand

   Many celebrities are friends of the Bucherer brand. For example, we know that Sylvester Stallone once wore a Bucherer watch (Plavey’s Deep Dive), as did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dylan McDermott, who had been in ‘The Lawyer’s True Colors’ In the role of Bobby Donnelle, wearing a Bucherer watch to attend the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Actor Joe Mantner also wore a Bucherer watch and appeared in the ‘Criminal Psychology’ TV series. In addition, Plavi’s automatic calendar room gold model appeared on the screen with the blockbuster ‘Speed ​​and Passion 6’. Recently, after appearing in the first two films of the ‘Fast Fighting’ series, Bucherer made his third appearance on the wrists of the two main characters, Keanu Reeves and Harry Berry. Among them, Accompanying Keanu Reeves is the full-fledged Mali Long automatic calendar watch, while Halle Berry chose the elegant and charming Mali Long power watch. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
Bucherer’s History One of the Visionary Watchmakers

Perseverance In Pursuit Of Accuracy Zenith Big Calendar Pilot’s Watch

Modern, perfect balance, elegant and beautiful, masculine and magnificent … PILOT BIG DATE SPECIAL Pilot BIG DATE SPECIAL Elegant and impeccable function, impeccable functionality, pay tribute to the chronograph watch of 1960. The new PILOT BIG DATE SPECIAL Pilot’s Watch is in the same vein as the historic chronograph produced in the 1960s and 1980s, focusing on the functionality of the watch. Today’s watch home will present the most authentic side of this watch to everyone through a meticulous and detailed description. The official model of the belt model is 03.2410.4010 / 21.C722, and the official model of the stainless steel bracelet is 03.2410.4010 / 21.M2410.

   Although this Zenith Big Calendar Pilot’s Watch is not as rough and wild as IWC, in comparison, it also has its own unique buying point, so please follow this article to taste this watch together.

   From the picture we can clearly see the functions of this watch, the regular timepiece plus the date display in the large window, the simple and capable design has become its most attractive place.

Appearance articles:

   The diameter of the stainless steel case is 42 millimeters in size. Polished and satin finishes alternate, presenting a classic elegance. It is in line with the aesthetic vision of the mainstream of retro.

   The black matte dial is sandblasted five times to make the time data clearer and easier to read, showing excellent visual balance, and the numbers and hands are covered with Superluminova.

   The crown and timing buttons have also been polished and satin-finished. Both the visual and the senses have the best effect. The iconic Zenith on the crown is clearly visible.

   As we all know, Zenith’s movement is very interesting, so most of them will adopt the design of Sapphire crystal back, this one is no exception, the beauty of the movement is panoramic.

   Zenith gave us more choices on the strap. The brown hand-stitched calfskin with pin buckle or the Milanese mesh stainless steel strap with three-fold buckle, respectively, explains the difference for us. Wearing style.


   The small second hand timer is at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute timer is at 3 o’clock. Both are perfectly symmetrical and both are stained in blue. The black ruthenium-coated black super-luminova material, the minute hand shows masculinity and modernity, dancing on the dial. The hands are energetic and sporty, echoing the simplicity of the Arabic numerals, paying tribute to the 1960 chronograph with a subtle and solemn design.

   The large calendar display window at six o’clock makes the watch’s overall concise style to the fullest. The simple combination of black and white is in line with the whole world, and the larger numbers are more convenient and accurate to read the information.

Movement articles

   Inside the watch is another story. The El Primero 4010 self-winding movement has unparalleled accuracy. The sapphire crystal on the back of the case can be used to appreciate its inherent mystery. The delicate and delicate Geneva ripples on the oscillating weight show the purest watchmaking tradition. It has a diameter of 30 mm, a thickness of 7.65 mm, a vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, and a 50-hour power reserve.

Summary: At present, the price of this watch is about 60,000 yuan. From the point of view of the watch itself, the better-functioning models should be more than 50,000 yuan. From the design to the movement, I feel that Lishi is now a well-recognized brand, especially his El Primero movement, which has become the object of many people chasing. From this point of view, this watch will be a good choice for those who like timepieces. .

Zenith Calendar Pilot’s Belt Watch Details: zenith / 19622 /
Zenith Calendar Big Pilot Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch Details: zenith / 19623 /

Walking In Saxony In Shanghai And Meeting The Never-ending Lange

‘Hometown of Craftsmen: German Saxony and Lange Precision Watchmaking Exhibition through the Lens’ From April 1st to April 9th, 2017, it is open to the public for free.
   On April 1, 2017, the Saxony watch brand Lange, which has always been mission to protect and promote the superb craftsmanship tradition in the Saxony region, held the ‘Hometown of Craftsmen: The Saxony of Germany through the lens’ for approximately 9 days at the Ritz-Carlton, Pudong, Shanghai And Lange Precision Watch Exhibition. This is an audio-visual feast of dialogue between lens and watch. From the perspective of Saxony’s history, culture and art, it enriches and displays the inextricable relationship between Saxony civilization and Lange brand. By exhibiting more than 80 famous contemporary Chinese photographers, Mr. Xiaowei Wei The Saxony-themed photographs, as well as a number of Lange’s most representative timepieces, deeply interpret the brand’s rich Saxony cultural heritage and contemporary development. In addition, in order to deeply reflect the connotation of Saxony culture, this exhibition has specially set up a variety of artistic interactive installations such as classical music and painting art appreciation, and added detailed audio guides to guide viewers on a fascinating journey together.

Showroom: Ferrolenza on the Elbe

   In 2015, Wu Xiaowei was invited by Lange to travel to the Saxony region of Germany to capture the rich connotation of being a member of Saxony in the 21st century with a lens. In 2016, more than 150 black-and-white photographs, with the theme ‘Saxony: The Hometown of German Superb Craftsmanship’, were publicly exhibited at the China Art Museum in Beijing and successfully concluded. As the second stop of this series of works after the exhibition in Beijing, Lange specially selected Shanghai, and created a space exclusive to Lange’s rationalist aesthetics with different shades of black, white, and gray. Six themed pavilions, ‘Florence on the Elbe’, ‘Treasures of the Humanities and Art’, ‘Lange’s Hometown’, ‘Legends of Saxony’ and ‘Precision Made by Hand’, tell visitors about the Saxon civilization and Lange’s indissoluble bond.

Exhibition Hall: The Treasure of Humanities and Arts

   Stepping into the exhibition hall, there are more than ten landscape corridors of Saxon landscape photography hanging on both sides, creating a immersive and wonderful experience for the viewer. ‘Florence on the Elbe’ gathers countless architectural treasures of Dresden, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, Zwinger Palace, Bruhl Platform, Holy Trinity Church, Green Dome Treasure Hall, etc. , The collection of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism and many other styles, beautiful, make people addicted to it.
   ‘The gem of humanities and arts’ is a paradise for Saxon literature, music and painting. In order to interpret the spark of the collision between tradition and modernity, Lange specially constructed a mini three-dimensional Semper Opera stage. The iconic Lange LANGE 1 series watch is subtly placed in the center of the stage, echoing the ‘five-minute digital clock’ above it. . In addition, in order to restore the artistic atmosphere of Saxony, a classical music experience area was specially set up on the site. Through professional audition equipment, viewers can listen to the classic works of Saxony musicians such as Schumann, Wagner, Bach, Mendelssohn and so on. At the same time, in the appreciation area of ​​painting art, viewers can also watch the Raphael masterpiece ‘Sistine Virgin’ and Titian’s masterpieces collected in the Dresden Ancient Masters Gallery in a special square frame installation. Masterpieces such as ‘Sleeping Venus’.

Showroom: Lange’s Hometown

   ‘Langer’s Hometown’ brings together a group of skilled artisans, such as hand-made pianists, porcelain craftsmen, and Lange watchmakers. The viewers can feel the roots of the Saxon people through the photographs that record their work. Persevering in perfect rigorous attitude and perfect professionalism.

Showroom: The Legend of Saxony

   In ‘Legends of Saxony’, a group of portraits by Xiaowei Wei was the official portraits of Walter Lange’s last group, which is of special significance. The fourth generation member of the Lange family, Walter Lange, his legendary experience is closely connected with Langer’s wonderful and ups and downs history, like a myth story of the rebirth of the Phoenix Nirvana. In addition, various historical photos of Walter Lange of various sizes are placed at the corner of the exhibition hall to review his legendary life. In addition to the historical photo wall, a precious video interview with Walter Lange was also made at the scene, telling him that he had gone through the Lange watch factory’s ruins until it was confiscated and became state-owned. The true story of becoming Germany’s top watchmaking brand.

Showroom: precision created by hand

   “Precision created by hand” exhibited 50 watches from Lange LANGE 1, 1815, SAXONIA, ZEITWERK, and RICHARD LANGE series. It also brought together a number of Lange masterpieces that are rare or never shown in China Many Lange premium watches, including RICHARD LANGE PERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’, RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘Pour Le Mérite’, DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL, DATOGRAPH PERPETUAL TOURBILLON, and 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR, have come a long way from this exhibition.
   This exhibition is open to the public for free until April 9th. For those who love art culture and traditional craftsmanship, ‘Hometown of Craftsmen: The Saxony and Lange Precision Watch Exhibition in Germany’ is definitely not to be missed.

‘Hometown of Craftsmen: Saxony and Lange Precision Watchmaking Exhibition in Germany’
Date: April 1, 2017 to April 9, 2017
Venue: Level 3, The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong
Address: Shanghai IFC, 8 Century Avenue, Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai
Opening hours: 11: 00-21: 00

Double Exciting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Series Single Flying Tourbillon Watch New Interpretation

Hot In May, racing fans and high-end watch enthusiasts once again gathered in Monaco, excited by the double waving of the black and white checkered flag. The first dance of the flag witnessed the exciting moment when the championship car broke the finish line and won the world’s top championship; the second wave marked the launch of the new Excalibur Spider Pirelli Single Flying Tourbillon by Roger Dubuis and Pirelli. With the single flying tourbillon watch, the new timepiece was on the road only a few minutes after the end of the competition, announcing the beginning of the second quarter of cooperation between the two brands. The new design expresses multiple passion elements, including an additional PitStop Collector Box with interchangeable straps, these straps carry the color of the winning tire’s logo-each color echoes the extraordinary creation A high-speed alliance between the brand of timepieces and the legendary tire manufacturer.

   Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis took to the racing stage in 2017 with several stunning timepieces in the same “disruptive” international event, not only working with Italian design leader Italdesign to enter the prestigious The Geneva International Motor Show also revealed the ‘Perfect Fit’ alliance with Pirelli and the ‘Raging Mechanics’ alliance with Lamborghini … these compelling collaborations for Roger Dubuis offers the ideal opportunity for the brand to invite its customers into the mecca of high-end racing, clearly witnessing the extraordinary ideas inspired by “the extraordinary vision of engineers and the extraordinary creativity of watchmakers”. In 2018, Roger Dubuis’ concept of ‘flying’ is not only applied to superb and sophisticated timepieces, but also reflected in the overall creative performance of the brand-its iconic Excalibur King series has once again expanded its strong lineup, Speeding.
Classic colors, exclusive marks
   In these latest timepieces created in collaboration with top racing brands, Roger Dubuis applies Pirelli’s unique classic color symbols to watch straps to show amazing design combinations: these straps are set next to Pirelli-certified tire rubber that has actually won in official races. In the face of this year’s new schedule, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli Pirelli once again entered the battlefield, launching the Excalibur Spider Pirelli Single Flying Tourbillon single flying tourbillon watch, equipped with high-complexity tourbillon that challenges gravity. In addition, the advent of this extremely complex machine was accompanied by a surprise, bringing a series of exciting moments to the loyal racing fans and watch lovers at the end of the event: Roger was waving a few minutes after the checkered flag was declared over, Dubuis Roger Dubuis hot new timepiece is wearing a new exclusive jersey, ready to gallop on the track. At the same time, these enthusiasts will be glad to learn that this exclusive store watch will be accompanied by a Pitstop strap collection box (PitStop Collector Box). Inspired by the world of cars, this ‘repair station’ set contains at least seven different straps, echoing the seven Pirelli tyre logo colors that had been heroic in the previous season. Each strap carries a portion of the Pirelli logo (appears on the side of a high-speed racing tire) and is paired with the color symbol Pirelli uses to track its winning tires. The same symbol will appear on the certificates of authenticity issued by Pirelli and Roger Dubuis. Lucky buyers of these gorgeous watches will also get another exciting event-related experience: in total, they will be able to get an extra strap (with the color of the Monaco winning tires) at the Singapore Motorsport event in September this year.

   The Excalibur Spider Pirelli Single Flying Tourbillon provides a unique and ultimate customer experience, echoing the spirit of Pirelli’s ‘Perfect Fit’, and the famous three-second tyre change station on the top track. The strap and buckle are equipped with a quick-release mechanism that allows you to change the strap in less than 3 seconds! This exclusive exclusive store version with a black DLC-coated titanium case and a limited edition of 28 has a new start button and bridge design, and provides a perspective view of the fascinating RD508SQ manual-winding movement. It also features a power reserve display. Unique black Astral Skeleton design. The single flying tourbillon is set at 7 o’clock, and its periphery is surrounded by a small second-hand chronograph lap with a car tacho style, while the colorful power reserve display shows the coolness of the racing cockpit fuel gauge. The Excalibur Spider Pirelli Single Flying Tourbillon will also be available in a retail version for other watch specialty stores. This version will not be equipped with a special store version of the strap gift box, but will still provide an extra strap .

   For watchmaking and ultra-fast machinery lovers, please note: This extraordinary brand will accelerate the gallop again, creating the next disruptive legend that will shake the world.
Excalibur Spider Pirelli Single Flying Tourbillon
Case: Black DLC-coated titanium case, 45 mm in diameter; black markings on the bezel
Dial: Black and red / orange / yellow / green / white / blue / purple hollow dial and bezel with white SLN luminous
Rhodium-plated graduations of paint; black PVD-coated 18K gold hands with black transfer bezel and padding
Needle filled with white SLN luminous paint
Water resistance 5 bar (50 m)
Strap: Dual-material strap with black rubber frame and a real Pirelli winning racing wheel inside
Tyre skin, 7 colors, with red / orange / yellow / green / white / blue / purple stitching
Unique Pirelli tire pattern
Buckle: Black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
Movement: RD508SQ manual winding mechanical movement
Yield: 28 pieces-exclusive in exclusive stores
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD508SQ Movement:: Hollow Flying Tourbillon
Manual winding mechanical movement
Mechanical movement with manual winding, flying tourbillon at 7:30 and power reserve display at 9:30
Functions: hour and minute display, power reserve display
Decoration: skeletonized movement, rhodium-plated finish, round grained main splint, Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame, fully refined according to the Geneva mark standard
Parts: 179
Gems: 19
Diameter: 16 French cents
Thickness: 4.28 mm
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 60 hours

Blue, The New Color Of Time?

Blue dials are all the rage. This is not a fleeting trend, but a firm value concept in the watchmaking industry today.

 The dial is like a car chassis and a coat of passersby on the railway station platform in winter, unobtrusive. In addition to one or two main colors, more novel colors emerge from time to time. For timepieces, the most common shades are white, beige, ivory, and silver. In addition, they are named according to different shades, such as champagne or milky white.
Although light tones and relatively neutral tones hold the supremacy of dial colors, we still notice that there are different color trends in each period, and this trend is usually longer than that of the ready-to-wear series. The watch industry is relatively slow to update).
Deep color

 For years, brown (sometimes called ‘chocolate’) dials have been favored. Today, due to the popularity of black cases, sandal black dials continue to emerge, often with contrasting red sports logos.

 At the same time, blue dials are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it is a three-hand watch or an advanced complication watch, the time is displayed in indigo, sea blue or sky blue. What is interesting is that when more and more watchmaking brands release press releases, they will always announce that the new models or series they are launching are decorated with blue, and other colors only appear in the technical description.
Why do watchmaking brands rush to blue?

 The lecture of the famous color history expert Michel Pastoureau (his book explores the ins and outs of black, green and stripes with passion) gives us clues to further understand this phenomenon.

 In his book ‘Bleu Histoire d’une couleur’ (blue, a history of color) (published by éditions du Seuil in 2000), Pastoureau uses countless documents to describe blue in the classical period and How to be despised in the early Middle Ages, and how its status changed in the twelfth century, becoming the exclusive color of the Virgin Mary and the sky, and then the exclusive color of the royal and nobles, (now) became the favorite of Westerners And the most commonly used colors for clothing. Because of its great success in the fashion industry, blue has gradually entered all consumer areas, becoming ‘a magic word, full of attractiveness, a soothing effect, a word that stimulates dreams. It is also a word to promote sales.’
The most neutral colors

 Pastoureau explained that the reason why blue has become a star is because ‘the underlying symbol of blue means relatively light, and it is not brazen or aggressive.’ In other words, blue is attractive because it is ‘not shocking, harmless, and violent.’ Blue is ‘safe and cohesive.’ Because blue has become ‘the most serene and neutral color.’

 From this perspective, the watchmaking industry seems to have a winning weapon. However, unlike the clothing industry, so far, blue has been relatively rare in watchmaking. Our eyes are used to a more subtle, low-key light color, while the blue dial brings an unprecedented experience, representing boldness and boldness, and playing with ‘goodwill capital’, people actively associate it with countless positive values. Together (elegance, strength, endlessness, tranquility, expansiveness, etc.).

 Wearing a blue dial watch is a new way to express itself and ingenuity, while playing with a sense of security. The future may not be smooth sailing. Controlling the present is king.

Fiyta Pays Tribute To Parents In The World

The world is so big that we can never get out of our parents ‘care; we grow up so long that we will always love our parents’ arms. Home is always missing, and home is an urgent arrival. Together, Fiyta is willing to wait for you with a timepiece on your wrist; apart, Fiyta is willing to record the return date for you.
 ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ are approaching. Send parents a watch to melt their love for parents in seconds. Fiyta uses the timepiece on his wrist to testify to the children of the world, every moment of embrace and guard. In the slow flow of time, he told the thoughts of being unable to get together, passed on the news of the return of his children, and blessed the parents of the world.
 The Fiyta Triumph series watch has a tough and capable lines on the dial, which reflects the gentleness and style on the female wrist. The dials of some watches use natural mother-of-pearl, creating a sense of elegance and nobility with the illusion of a sea-like glow. The exquisite and delicate patterns on the dial, such as subtle fragrance floating, are full of feminine charm. In the delicate metallic luster, the mother’s whispering tinkling flowed out.
Compared with the mother’s kindness and tranquility, the father is more solemn. The Fiyta Langxuan series, as its name suggests, is gifted to his father. It is a child’s praise of his father’s deep love, and also an expression of love. Implicitly restrained, elegant and elegant, with stretched lines and clear tones, it exudes a grace of calmness. The design of the Roman alphabet scale, white dial and sapphire crystal is simple and calm. Thick, like father’s love.
 Whoever said gorgeous must be full of glitter, whoever said love must be vigorous. The watch is durable and warm on the wrist, like the blessings of adult children. With the parents, Fiyta is willing to share with the children of the world; after leaving, Fiyta sincerely tells you time …
 FIYTA Triumph Series GA8196.TWT

FIYTA Triumph Series GA8196.WWW

FIYTA Triumph Series L996.WWWD FIYTA Langxuan Series GA8436.PWR

FIYTA Langxuan Series GA8436.PWR

With Precious Metals, Is The Apple Watch A Premium Watch?

After Apple officially released the Apple Watch on September 9, 2014, the smart watch did not appear in the hands of the mass consumer with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus (because its supporting software system was not ready), But it has been delayed until March 9th (1am on March 10th, Beijing time).

Apple Watch Edition 18K Rose Gold 42mm, 38mm
 On the surface, the Apple Watch with precious metals is indeed very expensive. It has successfully stood beside traditional mechanical watches such as Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Hublot. So is it now considered a luxury watch? I searched for it, and found a definition that is in place: ‘Luxury is a consumer product that exceeds the scope of human development and survival needs. It is internationally defined as’ a type that is beyond the scope of people’s survival and development needs and has a unique Consumer goods with characteristics such as scarcity, scarcity, and so on, ‘are also called non-necessities. ‘So even if the Apple Watch with precious metals is expensive, even if it belongs to the category of luxury goods, it cannot be a high-end watch.

 The mechanical watch on our hand is a consumer product that exceeds the scope of human development and survival. The Apple Watch Edition series starting at $ 10,000 (National Bank of China 74,800 yuan) is obviously the same, so theoretically, it seems to make sense. . But I can buy a watch with the same function for $ 349, so why should I buy an electronic watch with only a different case material for 28 times the price in pursuit of luxury? According to the circulating news about Apple chip orders, if the first wave of mass production is between 30 million and 40 million, it will be far from scarce and rare. After all, Rolex, which has the largest industrial production, But only 6 or 700,000 yuan a year. So I think that apart from these two points, even if the Apple Watch Edition series is a luxury product, it is not an excellent luxury product. Since it’s not about excellence, it can’t be about high-end watches, it can only be regarded as the most expensive electronic watch.

 Let’s take a look at the $ 349 Apple Watch sports model, which is equipped with an aluminum alloy case and Ion-X glass as the external screen. The $ 10,000 high-end Apple Watch Edition is equipped with a sapphire glass screen, 18K yellow or 18K rose gold case, 38mm diameter (42mm case diameter $ 12,000) and ceramic case back, the rest of the configuration is no different. The gold version of the Apple Watch is for luxury and extravagance. Its existence does not make any sense. The mass consumers are not able to control, and the IQ and EQ of high-end consumer groups are often higher, and few people are blindly chasing them. As a rational consumer, they should have independent thinking and judgment capabilities, which can distinguish between value and worthless. . In other words, can money really be spent? Are you really buying a watch just to watch the time? Is it not for the expression of its value, or for the good taste image in the eyes of others? More media believe that the gold version of the Apple Watch is an electronic watch luxury created to adapt to China’s national conditions, because whatever it is, no matter what it looks like, whether it is useful, worthless, and there will always be people in China willing to buy it. Because China never lacks puppets.

 We have reason to believe that even the Apple Watch, which sells for $ 10,000, is only an electronic watch, and it is only the electronic watch field that is affected by it. Without the heritage of traditional watchmaking, it will eventually become obsolete. Like electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, it will enter the track of rapid replacement. Whenever a new generation of electronic products appears, you feel the one in your hand has to be thrown away, because the screen resolution is higher, the standby time is longer, and the capacity is larger. But do you throw Gold watches? So neither is it, nor is it not.
 For the 18K gold version of Apple Watch introduced by Apple, what traditional mechanical watch can we choose at the same price? First we can consider it:

Rolex Submariner 116610LV-97200 Green Disk
 And it: IWC IW371446

Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1368420

Rolex Greenwich II 116710BLNR-78200

Blancpain Fifty Fathom Series 5000-1110-B52

Cartier TANK SOLO tank series W5200026

 So when there are many choices, then why buy a generation destined to be a test product? What can I do with 18 hours of standard battery life? We have accepted a cell phone that can be recharged every day, because no matter how expensive it is, it is also a necessity. What about watches? I don’t see what it means to exist as a luxury. It is not a heritage, nor the manual value of extreme craftsmanship, it is pure luxury for extravagance. ‘What time is it?’, ‘My watch is out of power.’
 If you feel that 70,000 is not willing to buy a steel watch, then there is a Cartier TANK SOLO tank series W5200026 watch. Of course, there are more options here: b5 /