The Fascinating Charm Of The Four-seat Watch

From watches and luxury cars, watches and yachts, watches and aviation? Even watches and arts, watches and adventures, successful cases of cross-border cooperation are countless. Today we list the most speedy watch in the watch-chronograph, tell the story of watches and racing.
Certina ds master chronograph

   For a long time, it has pursued a clear sports line, especially the Certina brand actively engaged in racing and extreme sports. This year, with such an eye-catching high-end quartz watch, it perfectly interprets the brand’s design philosophy, and integrates the countdown function and precision The advantages of the chronograph are fully contained in its beautiful black PVD coated steel case, which is at the forefront of extreme sports thinking and style. Sporty and exciting appearance, precise and reliable inside, no one can remain indifferent to it. The eta 251.233 movement, which is certified by the cosc ​​Swiss official observatory, has a 1/10 second timekeeping function and is extremely accurate.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore International Car Race Limited Chronograph

   On the new chronograph dial, the three chronograph dials are reminiscent of the dashboard of a premium sports car. The crown is like a driving gear. The double-layered bezel design is inspired by the brake disc. Avant-garde. As a precious metal 18k rose gold model, a forged carbon component similar to a sports car vent is added to the left of the middle ring of the case; the carbon button bridge on the right is fixed to the case with four exposed screws, presenting Graceful ridges. The cal.3126 self-winding movement is equipped with a 3840 chronograph component, which meets the needs of precise timing.
Chopard mille miglia gt xl charono 2010 chronograph

   Speaking of the mille miglia ‘Million Miles Classic Car’ series, which is a must for Chopard every year, it is a classic example of cross-border design. Iconic Dunlop racing tire patterned natural rubber strap, bold 44mm stainless steel or 18k rose gold case, the unique slender figures on the dial not only inherit the consistent digital characteristics of the mm series, but also match the retro Full-bodied design. The rhodium-plated gray dial with organic carving pattern is reminiscent of the dashboard of an antique car; the invisible surging power comes from a self-winding precision chronograph movement certified by the Swiss official observatory cosc.
TAG Heuer carrera 1887 chronograph

   For the first time in 1962, TAG Heuer Carrera became the official timer for the twelve hours of sebring. This year, when TAG Heuer unveiled its four-year-old star caliber 1887, it was still this ambitious Calera 1887 chronograph. TAG Heuer’s automatic dial and polished satin-finished tachymeter scales have all certified its racing heritage style. The advanced treatment of silver and black dials and the best ratio can instantly feel the noble and elegant Calella tradition. The special luminous indicators of the pointer and scale ensure that the cockpit instruments are as clear and easy to read under any conditions.
Hublot king power series f1tm monza limited edition

   In September 2010, when the f1 Italian race started on the legendary track in Monza, Hublot, the official timekeeper of f1, also lost no time in launching this limited edition of only 200 f1tm monzas worldwide. Like the Hublot f1 special edition released earlier, the monza limited edition is also based on its ‘King Supreme’ king power series. The difference is that the monza limited edition has the industry’s first red sapphire crystal. In addition, Red and white time scales, hours, minutes and seconds, together with a black ceramic case, together create the speed and passion of f1.
Tudor heritage chrono

   Tudor and Porsche Racing Technology have a long history in the world. They share the same philosophy. In 2009, the two brands launched a ‘timing partner’ relationship. Tudor continued to support a number of Porsche International Cups. Tournament. This year’s new heritage chrono, although it is a reprint of the oysterdate chronograph launched by Tudor in the early 1970s, can also be described as the meeting point of retro style and speed pursuit. It interprets the history of the car with a stylish style and coveted exquisite appearance. The essence of technology and aesthetics has a charming charm .

What Else Do You Want Besides Face Value?

Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Capricorn’, who specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches, and also has unique insights in jewelry, life, culture and art. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. I have the illusion that people with low face value cannot enter the IWC watch factory to work. This is my third visit to IWC’s factory in Schaffhausen. This is by no means intended to show how many times I have come to Switzerland and which factories I have seen, and these three times are definitely not the most I have visited a brand factory. I just want to explain the differences before and after the three visits to IWC watch factories. How a watch brand’s factory changes and expands. These three visits span a full 13 years. From 2005, IWC set up the brand image design department in the factory for the first time. It is also the most different place between IWC and other watch factories. The designers of this department started from watch models. Design to store decoration style, furnishings, etc., all the appliances used by the brand, including packaging paper bags, etc. From a decade ago, when I tried to make a micro-film and take design seriously, IWC was destined to become a brand with a high value. On my second visit, I saw the museum originally located in the small attic of the old factory. It was moved to the lobby of the ground floor. It is like a small brand shop. The museum’s planning is not only more thematic, but also uses digital tools. Help visitors navigate through detailed explanatory text. Visitors can use the page-turning guide on the wall or the mobile navigation device in the palm to read the explanatory text with the exhibits. IWC Museum. Is it just good-looking? However, this trip was for IWC to set up a new factory more than ten minutes away from the old factory. The green energy watchmaking factory covers an area of ​​about 8,600 square meters and a building area of ​​about 13,500 square meters. It cost 42 million Swiss francs. At first sight of this new factory, I only saw the word ‘handsome’ in my heart. I think I have seen a lot of factories, but very few factories have surprised me on the design side. Facing the mountain view, the new IWC factory uses mirrored doorposts to reflect the mountain view, so that the overall field of vision is wider, and the fenceless land occupation method is even more magnificent. The new watch factory of IWC. The lobby of IWC’s new watch factory. IWC’s new plant is consistent in detail from the exterior to the lobby. From the IWC new watch factory, the mountain is full of greenery, and the factory’s mirrored columns mirror the vast mountain view. From the design of a blank blueprint to the completion of the new factory, all the architectural elements and interior furnishing details can be based on the specific aesthetics of IWC, from the raw materials shelves, the corridor lighting and the placement of mechanical equipment. All have the overall flavor of IWC. Maybe speaking of this, you can’t quite understand that the factory is the factory, how can it be so magical? !! But the peculiar thing is that I noticed that the entire IWC new factory even has the uniformly arranged machinery and equipment the colors are consistent . Stefan Ihnen, Technical Director of the IWC Plant, responded immediately after hearing what I said: ‘This is also the benefit of the new plant. All planning can be started from scratch. I couldn’t believe that they had to have machinery and equipment at the beginning. The whole was painted white, but the results came out, and I found that it was still very handsome. ‘The new watch factory of IWC incorporated the image of brand consistency into the design of the watch factory. This is a very handsome factory with such a high face value. There are more than 200 staff members who walk inside every day. I don’t know how it feels? This is not only a new factory with a very high value. For IWC, the production departments originally scattered in different blocks can be assembled together. For the communication of the entire production line, it can save more time and can quickly Solve the problem. Stefan Ihnen, technical director of the IWC plant, said: The new factory is to integrate the work of all production movements, so that we can complete the work more efficiently, and also reserve space for future use. IWC still keeps the administration, research and development department and the department of large-complex movements in the old factory, and the new factory specializes in a series of work from the case to the parts and the assembly of the basic movement. All staff working at the IWC factory also have newly designed uniforms. The polishing technicians wear grey clothing, the mechanical equipment engineers wear blue clothing, and the watchmakers wear white robes. From watch factory planning, color use and even staff clothing, IWC’s new factory is uniform. At the IWC factory, there are a group of dedicated engineers who design and maintain machinery and equipment, and are responsible for designing and producing tools for making watch parts and movements. ‘Design’ itself is not just a matter of beauty It is even more engineering at IWC. The well-organized new IWC factory has consistent colors and uniformity. If you do n’t take a closer look, you will really have the illusion of being in an industrial style art gallery. After the efficiency of this factory is improved, the proportion of IWC’s homemade movements will also It will increase. According to Stefan Ihnen, the technical director of the main factory, there are now 40% of the homemade movements. It is expected to reach 60%. In the future, it is expected to reach 80%. proportion. Production workshop for movement components in the IWC watchmaking factory. Reputable, it is the strength to be regarded as a rigorous watchmaking brand. Homemade movements are essential, and the complex functions are proof of the high-end strength of the watch factory. However, I think that a watchmaking factory can best exert its strengths, and it may not necessarily be a large complicated function such as a tourbillon and three questions. On the contrary, it is a chronograph that is not well understood by ordinary people, but it is particularly easy to start. Because the mass production of code computers requires very precise parts, it also requires very deep experience to create a stable, suitable operation and high performance code computer. Looking at the entire Swiss watch factory, there are really not many brands that can produce their own timepieces, and IWC has two self-made stopwatch movements. The 89360 chronograph movement released in 2007 can be said to be the beginning of IWC’s entry into the self-made movement. In the past, the IWC chronograph was always a modified 7750 chronograph (IWC movement code is 79350), but the IWC reform is not just a modification of the decorative style. Restructuring is almost equivalent to remaking a stopwatch movement. However, the appearance of the 89360 stopwatch movement brought a new look to the IWC stopwatch. This stopwatch movement using a column wheel and vertical clutch structure is characterized by a coaxial 60-minute scoring and 12 hours. Timing dial, which was still a very cutting-edge stopwatch concept when it was published in 2007. 89360 automatic stopwatch movement launched by IWC in 2007. One of the biggest features of the 89360 automatic stopwatch movement is the coaxial placement of the chronograph and scoreboard at the 12 o’clock position. Compared with the previous 7750 modified movement, the advantages of the 89360 stopwatch movement not only increased the power reserve to 68 hours, but also from this movement, the new Billerton woodpecker winding mechanism has been changed to increase by 30 Double-window design with% winding efficiency. The 89360 chronograph movement with the flyback function is actually designed for stable amplitude, especially the vertical coupling structure that was rare at the time. This mechanism of more accurate needle movement without trembling is actually also stable in amplitude. Very effective. A small secret hidden in the depths that many people do n’t know is a curved part inside the 89360 calibre movement, such as a hairpin curve, which is set on the central axis. It is mainly used to absorb external shocks to ensure the code. The watch can also be stable under impact. The designer of this sophisticated stopwatch movement is now Stefan Ihnen, the technical director of IWC. The 89360 automatic stopwatch movement is designed with curved parts connected to the central shaft to detect the effects of external force and vibration. 89360 automatic stopwatch movement with two-way pawl winding mechanism. A special edition of the Mercedes-AMG 50th Anniversary Engineer’s Sports Chronograph with 89361 automatic chronograph movement. (IW380902) The special design of the coaxial scoring and chronograph dial of the 89360 chronograph movement, although it has intuitive and convenient functions in reading, but it also has existing space and thickness restrictions in the expansion of the movement, so the 69,000 yards in 2015 The birth of the watch movement completes the overall development of the stopwatch function. Another 69000 automatic stopwatch movement launched by IWC in 2015. The 69000 series stopwatch movement was designed by Thomas Gäumann, director of the development department of IWC. This movement uses a detent-type two-way automatic winding mechanism (non-Billeton mechanism). The stopwatch configuration of the stopwatch is 6, At 9 and 12 o’clock, this 30mm diameter and 7.9mm thickness watch movement also has a column wheel drive design, but it is more basic than the 89360 stopwatch, and of course it is equipped with a 69000 series stopwatch. The style of the movement is also easier to get started on pricing. The design of the 69000 series stopwatch movement is actually a more suitable base stopwatch movement to expand other functions and designs, and there are not a few details of the movement decoration in the IWC standard. Engineer’s chronograph with 69000 series stopwatch movement (69375). (IW380902) A special edition of the ‘150th Anniversary’ of the Portuguese series chronograph also equipped with a 69000 series stopwatch movement (69355). (IW371601) Stable Geneva wave polishing, pearl fish scale decoration on the main splint, and IWC’s signature automatic rotor, the appearance and appearance of the IWC movement will never let you down. It has three chronographs. The core of IWC actually exceeds the value itself. We have always expected that IWC is not just a watchmaking brand that emphasizes design. Over the years, we have always noticed IWC’s more external style performance, but in fact, IWC has quietly been in the basic movement. The two aspects of calibre and watch movement have developed more comprehensively. It is not only the appearance value. IWC should always play the role of the quality and performance of German watchmaking. In the next article, we will analyze the whole movement of IWC. Family series, look at the layout of IWC in watchmaking. In addition to face value, what else do you want from IWC? Complex function process? Stefan Ihnen, the technical director, said at the completion of the new plant: There will be, and you will look forward to it . ▼ Join Luo 菈 ‘s circle of friends ▼ Search daxiedeluola Luo Wei’s micro-signal, and mark your identity and watch you own / loved. You can chat with Luo Luo directly in watch friends group.