Seiko Introduces Brightz Phoenix Limited Chronograph

Brightz Phoenix new limited edition launched by SEIKO, incorporating classic Japanese aesthetics, bold design, but still insists on meticulous and meticulous touch technology in the details, which has become one of the best value in watchmaking. Style. This limited-edition new model is equipped with a 6S movement, assembled by SEIKO’s high-end watch factory’s Shizui Advanced Timepiece Workshop. It has SEIKO’s exclusive two-way refining structure, ‘Magic Lever’, which allows the automatic disk to rotate to the left or right. At the same time, it is possible to carry out the refining, which greatly improves the refining efficiency. At the same time, the three-dimensional texture is polished on the automatic plate with vermiculite polishing. The layers are rich, the texture is delicate, and the finishing touch is beautiful.
SEIKO limited mechanical chronograph stopwatch
Material: Stainless steel
Movement: Cal. 6S28 mechanical movement
Functions: hour, minute, second, date display / chronograph stopwatch function
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
    The new limited-edition mechanical chronograph watch uses the concept of phoenix phoenix to show its noble style elegantly in the design lines of the large device. Through the black background, the bold red eyes of the three eyes on the dial become the focus of the watch The uninhibited design has a strong style. In the power transmission part, Brightz Phoenix uses a horizontal clutch design to effectively reduce the thickness of the movement. In addition, in order to achieve more precise specifications in the start and stop operations of the chronograph, especially only a few Swiss high-end watches are used. Used guide wheel. In the part of the handle and the faucet, the model is also IP-plated to make the watch more sturdy and wear-resistant. With the insistence of each link, the ultimate watch with both intellectuality and wildness is created.