Fiyta Pays Tribute To Parents In The World

The world is so big that we can never get out of our parents ‘care; we grow up so long that we will always love our parents’ arms. Home is always missing, and home is an urgent arrival. Together, Fiyta is willing to wait for you with a timepiece on your wrist; apart, Fiyta is willing to record the return date for you.
 ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ are approaching. Send parents a watch to melt their love for parents in seconds. Fiyta uses the timepiece on his wrist to testify to the children of the world, every moment of embrace and guard. In the slow flow of time, he told the thoughts of being unable to get together, passed on the news of the return of his children, and blessed the parents of the world.
 The Fiyta Triumph series watch has a tough and capable lines on the dial, which reflects the gentleness and style on the female wrist. The dials of some watches use natural mother-of-pearl, creating a sense of elegance and nobility with the illusion of a sea-like glow. The exquisite and delicate patterns on the dial, such as subtle fragrance floating, are full of feminine charm. In the delicate metallic luster, the mother’s whispering tinkling flowed out.
Compared with the mother’s kindness and tranquility, the father is more solemn. The Fiyta Langxuan series, as its name suggests, is gifted to his father. It is a child’s praise of his father’s deep love, and also an expression of love. Implicitly restrained, elegant and elegant, with stretched lines and clear tones, it exudes a grace of calmness. The design of the Roman alphabet scale, white dial and sapphire crystal is simple and calm. Thick, like father’s love.
 Whoever said gorgeous must be full of glitter, whoever said love must be vigorous. The watch is durable and warm on the wrist, like the blessings of adult children. With the parents, Fiyta is willing to share with the children of the world; after leaving, Fiyta sincerely tells you time …
 FIYTA Triumph Series GA8196.TWT

FIYTA Triumph Series GA8196.WWW

FIYTA Triumph Series L996.WWWD FIYTA Langxuan Series GA8436.PWR

FIYTA Langxuan Series GA8436.PWR