Hublot Opens First Gallery-style Boutique In Miami Design District

On December 6, 2014, Hublot opened its first brand gallery in a well-known design area in Miami, USA. At the same time, a brand new retail concept was launched in this artistically rich design area, marking another solid step for the brand’s market development in the world’s major luxury shopping areas.
  Unlike other boutiques of the brand, the store will only display unique limited-edition and ultra-complex watches, some of which will debut in the United States. In addition, the Hublot Gallery Collecting Club is actively setting up to enable collectors to get in touch with enthusiasts and the luxury world of brands.

  ‘We believe that the design district is the future of Miami. The open-air shopping malls and restaurants make it the most attractive and attractive place. There are many galleries and pop culture centers here, and the art atmosphere is very strong. We extract from it Inspired, the design created this gallery-style boutique. ‘

  A grand opening event was hosted on that day, hosted by the brand’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. At the event, Hublot also revealed to the public a unique art installation designed by the famous artist Brainwash. Brand image ambassador Usain Bolt led a group of local children in a unique sprint competition to support the foundation in his name.
  At the event, a unique Big Bang Unico watch and its matching box were also displayed. The work debuted at the Bal Harbour boutique the night before. It was designed by Brainwash (Mr. Brainwash) and inspired by the design. From the Mona Lisa painting he created. This piece is a unique artistic interpretation of Hublot by Brainwash.

  As the global image ambassador of Swiss history and culture, Hublot has always taken the responsibility to maintain and promote Swiss spiritual values. The decoration and atmosphere in the store are the perfect example. Taking inspiration from the Swiss mountains, the store is decorated with logs, creating a pleasant natural original atmosphere.

Bao Qilai’s History Second Part

Today, Carl F. Bucherer has gained the status of a manufacturer. The brand is booming and has five unique product lines that are worth exploring. Bucherer is full of enthusiasm and responds to the real needs of customers with carefully crafted products.

Bucherer Plavich time chronograph, 2005

   The watchmaking brand Bucherer has a very special history. The brand journey began with a gentleman named Carl Friedrich Bucherer, who opened his first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1888. The company has been in the family’s control ever since. The watch produced by this particular brand not only shows time, but also tells an interesting story about vision, fearlessness and entrepreneurship, interpreting the values ​​of continuity, passion, independence and excellence. Carl Friedrich Bucherer’s name quickly became synonymous with quality and creativity, and his two sons, Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer, inherited this fine tradition. So as early as 1919, Bucherer broke through and released the brand’s first Art Deco women’s watch series.

Bucherer’s first ladies’ watch, 1919

   To this day, each watch in each collection has a unique personality, reflecting the brand’s origin and deep-rooted values, exuding an irresistible alluring charm. Outstanding watchmaking skills have been passed down from generation to generation and have become more sophisticated over time. Just as important as tradition is that after achieving breakthrough production innovations, Bucherer has never stopped moving forward. The best example is the CFBA1000 movement, which is independently developed by the brand, and every detail is meticulous. Bucherer was originally a small family business, but through hard work, it gained the strength to design, develop and produce its own cores, thus establishing the brand’s position in the elite manufacturer group.

Bucherer Marie Dragon Watch

Development and independence

   As an independent company, Bucherer is led by CEO SaschaMoeri, who has assembled a highly talented, efficient and creative workforce of 150 people worldwide. At the same time, the brand has about 400 points of sale worldwide, of which 100 are in China. For Bucherer, China is one of the most important and successful markets, where the brand has established an extensive and efficient retail network. Another important market is the United States, where Bucherer has about 80 local partners. Bucherer’s high quality standards and unique designs are also popular with watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world. It is because of Bucherer’s own ranking in the industry that top retailers and distributors are happy to work with brands.

CFB A1000 movement

Watchmaking excellence

   Fans are gradually realizing that the fact that Bucherer owns his own watchmaking factory in Linnuo has enabled the brand to produce the famous CFBA1011 movement equipped with a uniquely powered rotor. The company also uses its own workshop and the most advanced machine tool manufacturing function modules to create original complex timepieces, such as the brand’s traditional large calendar, the famous weekly calendar, and the three places chronograph.

Bucherer Marly Dragon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Only Watch 2015 Special Edition

Logo timepiece

   There is no doubt that all Bucherer watches have a unique and charming personality. Some of them are particularly popular and stand out from the crowd, such as the Mario Dragon Tourbillon. This watch has a window at 6 o’clock on the dial, giving a clear overview of the complex mechanism and subtle operation of the tourbillon, which is a model of outstanding technology and design. Another model of the series, the Marion Dragon Outer Watch is a perfect fusion of function and design. Its distinctive feature is the crescent-shaped remaining power reserve indicator. In addition, in 2015, Bucherer expanded the well-known Belavi deep dive series.

   Bellevue watches (especially the three-time chronograph) provide clear time display and convenient practical functions, making them the ideal companions for traveling around the world. There are also models in this range designed for specific purposes and needs, such as the Plavi dive, which is an excellent dive watch. Ladies can also find elegant timepieces from their collection of Bucherer. Betty’s has been a pure women’s collection since the beginning, and a creative masterpiece that perfectly blends watch and jewelry manufacturing. Yalija is another collection specially designed for women, in which Bucherer pays tribute to pure femininity.

Bucherer Plave SFA

Friends of the brand

   Many celebrities are friends of the Bucherer brand. For example, we know that Sylvester Stallone once wore a Bucherer watch (Plavey’s Deep Dive), as did Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dylan McDermott, who had been in ‘The Lawyer’s True Colors’ In the role of Bobby Donnelle, wearing a Bucherer watch to attend the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Actor Joe Mantner also wore a Bucherer watch and appeared in the ‘Criminal Psychology’ TV series. In addition, Plavi’s automatic calendar room gold model appeared on the screen with the blockbuster ‘Speed ​​and Passion 6’. Recently, after appearing in the first two films of the ‘Fast Fighting’ series, Bucherer made his third appearance on the wrists of the two main characters, Keanu Reeves and Harry Berry. Among them, Accompanying Keanu Reeves is the full-fledged Mali Long automatic calendar watch, while Halle Berry chose the elegant and charming Mali Long power watch. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
Bucherer’s History One of the Visionary Watchmakers

Perseverance In Pursuit Of Accuracy Zenith Big Calendar Pilot’s Watch

Modern, perfect balance, elegant and beautiful, masculine and magnificent … PILOT BIG DATE SPECIAL Pilot BIG DATE SPECIAL Elegant and impeccable function, impeccable functionality, pay tribute to the chronograph watch of 1960. The new PILOT BIG DATE SPECIAL Pilot’s Watch is in the same vein as the historic chronograph produced in the 1960s and 1980s, focusing on the functionality of the watch. Today’s watch home will present the most authentic side of this watch to everyone through a meticulous and detailed description. The official model of the belt model is 03.2410.4010 / 21.C722, and the official model of the stainless steel bracelet is 03.2410.4010 / 21.M2410.

   Although this Zenith Big Calendar Pilot’s Watch is not as rough and wild as IWC, in comparison, it also has its own unique buying point, so please follow this article to taste this watch together.

   From the picture we can clearly see the functions of this watch, the regular timepiece plus the date display in the large window, the simple and capable design has become its most attractive place.

Appearance articles:

   The diameter of the stainless steel case is 42 millimeters in size. Polished and satin finishes alternate, presenting a classic elegance. It is in line with the aesthetic vision of the mainstream of retro.

   The black matte dial is sandblasted five times to make the time data clearer and easier to read, showing excellent visual balance, and the numbers and hands are covered with Superluminova.

   The crown and timing buttons have also been polished and satin-finished. Both the visual and the senses have the best effect. The iconic Zenith on the crown is clearly visible.

   As we all know, Zenith’s movement is very interesting, so most of them will adopt the design of Sapphire crystal back, this one is no exception, the beauty of the movement is panoramic.

   Zenith gave us more choices on the strap. The brown hand-stitched calfskin with pin buckle or the Milanese mesh stainless steel strap with three-fold buckle, respectively, explains the difference for us. Wearing style.


   The small second hand timer is at 9 o’clock and the 30-minute timer is at 3 o’clock. Both are perfectly symmetrical and both are stained in blue. The black ruthenium-coated black super-luminova material, the minute hand shows masculinity and modernity, dancing on the dial. The hands are energetic and sporty, echoing the simplicity of the Arabic numerals, paying tribute to the 1960 chronograph with a subtle and solemn design.

   The large calendar display window at six o’clock makes the watch’s overall concise style to the fullest. The simple combination of black and white is in line with the whole world, and the larger numbers are more convenient and accurate to read the information.

Movement articles

   Inside the watch is another story. The El Primero 4010 self-winding movement has unparalleled accuracy. The sapphire crystal on the back of the case can be used to appreciate its inherent mystery. The delicate and delicate Geneva ripples on the oscillating weight show the purest watchmaking tradition. It has a diameter of 30 mm, a thickness of 7.65 mm, a vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, and a 50-hour power reserve.

Summary: At present, the price of this watch is about 60,000 yuan. From the point of view of the watch itself, the better-functioning models should be more than 50,000 yuan. From the design to the movement, I feel that Lishi is now a well-recognized brand, especially his El Primero movement, which has become the object of many people chasing. From this point of view, this watch will be a good choice for those who like timepieces. .

Zenith Calendar Pilot’s Belt Watch Details: zenith / 19622 /
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