The Official Watch Of The Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Breitling: Passion For Imagination Fengyun Wrist

Breitling was first given the timekeeping function of the watch in 1915, and the ‘dual independent timekeeping button’ invented later created a new timekeeping mode, which is still in use today. From then on, whether you love sports or work and life, with professional precision timing functions, your watch can simultaneously serve as a variety of practical instruments such as speedometers, distance meters or pulse meters, allowing you to play with the interactive watch pleasure. Flying fish Herbert Nitsch wears Breitling Superocean
‘Watches should not only be icy machines used to remind time, but also feature-rich, sensitive, intelligent, accurate and trustworthy partners.’ — Willy Breitling, third generation heir to Breitling, 1971 year.
Adhering to this concept, Breitling is devoted to creating ideas, seizing every trace of inspiration, constantly pushing the limits, adding various practical functions to the watch, giving the watch vitality and keeping everything under control.

Breitling Navitimer 01
Breitling dual independent timing buttons
Breitling first gave the watch a chronograph function in 1915, and the ‘dual independent chronograph button’ invented later created a new chronograph mode, which is still in use today. From then on, whether you love sports or work and life, with professional precision timing functions, your watch can simultaneously serve as a variety of practical instruments such as speedometers, distance meters or pulse meters, allowing you to play with the interactive watch pleasure.
Breitling Circular Flight Slider
In 1952, the Breitling Navitimer was equipped with a circular flying ruler. This genius invention enables the watch to perform all kinds of precise calculations required for aviation flight, such as average speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, conversion of miles to kilometers or nautical miles, etc., enabling pilots to be faster and more Making flight plans and performing navigation with ease has been popular with pilots and aviation enthusiasts for more than half a century.

Breitling Emergency Watch
In 1995, Breitling once again exerted its founding spirit to the full, and integrated the emergency help signal transmitter into the watch. The Breitling Emergency Watch has a built-in 121.5 megahertz (MHz) micro-transmitter dedicated to the international distress radio frequency. It can continuously and steadily send out distress signals at critical moments and guide rescuers to determine the exact location of the distress. For more than ten years, the watch has been tested by professional search and rescue organizations and armed forces around the world, saving the lives of the victims more times.
   Breitling is not only enthusiastic about the innovative design and technological innovation of watches, but also strives for excellence, continuously improving and optimizing the detailed design and manufacturing process of watches, in order to provide the most perfect experience for people wearing Breitling watches.
Breitling Mechanical Chronograph Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team Chronomat P.A.N.Frecce Tricolori Special Edition
Official Italian Air Force Aerobatic Team
In 1983, Breitling tailored the official watch for the Italian Air Force’s ‘Three Arrows’ aerobatic flight performance team (Frecce Tricolori). The sturdy case, the shape of the lugs after repeated research, the clear and easy-to-read dial, the ergonomically designed timing button and the crown, specially carved grooves for easy grasping operations and avoiding hooks on the sleeves of flight suits Pattern … every detail of the watch reflects the extreme spirit and dazzling charm of Breitling’s pursuit of excellence.
The Breitling leader Ernest Schneider, who was responsible for the development of this model at that time, has traveled to Italy many times to understand the daily behavior and actual needs of pilots. From this, he discovered a series of problems and started to solve them, just like art Perfection makes the watch perfect.
For example, the pilot’s watch mirror sometimes breaks. The reason is that the pilot used to stretch his arms habitually when he opened the cockpit cover after landing, so the watch hit the metal frame of the hood heavily. So Ernst came up with an idea and slightly raised the design of the metal bezel, which helped protect the mirror from impact and ensured that the pilot could easily operate the bezel even when wearing gloves. It is these wonderful inspirations that have made Zoran’s outstanding Breitling watches.
专利 Breitling waterproof case patent
Excellent waterproof performance is also the ultimate pursuit of Breitling’s ‘professional wrist watch’. In 1996, Breitling’s original waterproof case patent, through the stainless steel or titanium metal case, makes watches made of precious metals such as gold with low compression and poor water resistance can still resist the challenges of the deep sea. Therefore, Breitling specially designed and produced the 18K gold professional diving watch Colt SuperOcean for the US Navy elite diving team ‘Sea Seal Commando’. He is still stable and reliable in the 1,000-meter deep sea.
All these efforts and innovations are to make Breitling a ‘feature rich, sensitive, intelligent, accurate and trustworthy partner’, to accompany you to constantly challenge and surpass, and enjoy a wonderful life.
——If you travel frequently and fly on the intercontinental, Breitling’s 24-hour time scale and the striking red arrow independent pointer will clearly and accurately display the time in the second time zone without any confusion;
——If you like diving, the excellent waterproof performance of up to 3,000 meters and the bright and easy to read luminous hands are definitely your reliable companion in the dark and deep sea;
——If you have a special working environment, excellent stability, excellent anti-magnetic and anti-vibration performance, can withstand the challenges of harsh environments such as temperature, humidity, impact, and pressure;
——If you need accurate timekeeping and a variety of complex functions at any time, the perfect combination of watches and electronic devices, portable, and maximize the potential of electronic devices …
Every Breitling watch allows you to understand and believe that passion and creativity make the square-shaped wrist even more interesting and interesting. Regardless of the height of the 10,000 feet or the vast depths of the ocean, Breitling records your life of hunting for wonders and enjoys the colorful and uninhibited moments.