Seiko Ananta Snaps Chronograph To Reproduce Unique Japanese Style Art

Since its launch in 2009, the Japanese design spirit of SEIKO Ananta has captured the imagination of watch lovers worldwide. With the contour modeling and ultra-mirror grinding of the Japanese katana, SEIKO Ananta has shaped Japan’s unique positioning in the high-end watch market.
     In the 17th century, originating in Kyoto, Kabuki became one of the most distinctive and popular representatives of Japanese culture. With its high levels of character and costumes, ritualized dance and declarative performance styles, Kabuki today goes back to Japan’s ancient traditions. ‘Capturing’ is the art of this art. All the actors on the Kabuki stage carefully exaggerated the dramatic exaggerated lines and vivid and vivid makeup to voice their emotions. Such ‘grabbing’ art also inspired the new SEIKO Ananta chronograph.
     This outstanding watch combines several different aspects of Japan’s rich cultural heritage. The watch itself is a mechanical chronograph, using SEIKO’s famous 8R28 movement, equipped with a classic column wheel and vertical clutch system to ensure precise operation of the chronograph, and using SEIKO’s exclusive ‘three-point synchronous zero return hammer’ to ensure time The hands can be perfectly synchronized when returning to zero. The unique feature of this chronograph is its lacquer dial. The world-famous lacquer artist, Mr. Isshu Tamura, painted the black lacquer color by hand on the dial. Grinding by hand in the Kanazawa studio on the west coast of Honshu (Mr. Tamura owns the title of a Japanese traditional lacquer art ‘Kaga Shige’). Once the dial is painted black and the inner ring is painted red, the effect is quite amazing-the black lacquered dial is as deep as the night sky, and the red highlights form a sharp contrast. At first glance, it is known that the dramatic tension presented by ‘grab’. This unique and highly collectible work is only issued in a limited edition of 800 pieces, and the back of each watch is engraved with a limited number of serial numbers.
     Ananta grabs a chronograph, black hard-coated stainless steel case, 42.8 mm diameter, Tamura Ikki painted lacquered dial, hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, date, 8R28 automatic winding movement, sapphire crystal Mirror and bottom cover, water-resistant to 100 meters, black hard-coated stainless steel tape, limited to 800 pieces.

Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Acciaio – 42 Mm 3-day Power Reserve Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

Panerai launches the new Radiomir 1940 watch. The 42mm case is equipped with a P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement independently developed by Panerai Watch Factory and equipped with an eccentric rotor. The white dial design is used for the first time in the Radiomir 1940 watch series.
   The design and main features of the new Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic 3 Days Automatic watch are based on the style of the 1940s, blending with modernism and revealing contemporary beauty. The watch is exquisite and elegant, light, simple lines, dial is easy to read and easy to set, it is a sports watch suitable for any occasion.
   The Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic breaks the tradition and becomes the first new dial in the Radiomir 1940 series with a white design. The sharp composition greatly enhances the readability of the watch and adheres to the Panerai watches of the 1940s. Unique features, with oversized black digital hour markers and small dial at 9 o’clock.

   The pillow-shaped case is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of only 10.93 mm. It is in line with Panerai’s classic watch design regardless of its shape and proportion. It is more in line with the highest standards of contemporary high-end sports watches. The crown is also made of bright polished stainless steel, engraved with the Panerai ‘OP’ logo and connected to the internal device. Pulling out the crown can suspend the balance wheel operation, allowing the time adjustment of the watch to be fully synchronized with the timekeeping device .

   With the transparent sapphire crystal on the case back of the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic, you can admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the P.4000 movement. The P.4000 self-winding movement is completely developed by Panerai’s watch factory in Neuchâtel. It is covered by a large frosted splint, which makes the movement more robust and stable. The balance splint supports a balance that vibrates 28,800 times per hour. The most fascinating feature of the new watch is the eccentric rotor, which makes the movement only 3.95 mm thick. The dual-windable balance wheel is made of tungsten alloy and is connected to two barrels in series to ensure a power reserve of up to three days, which meets the basic power reserve time standard of Panerai’s homemade movement.

   The new Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic (PAM00655) is water-resistant to 10 bar (approximately 100 meters), with an unprocessed primary leather strap lined with contrast stitching.
RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACCIAIO – 42 mm 3-day power reserve automatic stainless steel watch


Movement: Panerai P.4000 self-winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai. Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds. Case: 42 mm in diameter, AISI 316L polished steel. Dial: White with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers. Small seconds at 9 o’clock. Water resistance: up to 10 bar (about 100 meters).

Turning Light Into Power: Citizen Light-king Adults’ Beauty Watch

For a long time, CITIZEN, a pure Japanese watch brand, is committed to innovative research and development, allowing watch technology to continue to break through. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding society. : AT9097-54E and AT8166-59E, high-quality ink black precision-cast with DLC electroplating, which not only keeps the look of the watch long-lasting, but also allows light and refraction to reveal a low-key look and color, which can easily occupy the eyes of every man . From the strap to the dial, it presents a simple but full three-dimensional design, creating the beauty of details with a sense of adulthood.

Model AT8166-59E titanium case, diameter 41.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, five rounds of radio wave reception, 26 city time, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar, two places time, timing, power level display, light kinetic energy, It can operate continuously for 10 months after being fully charged, with power saving mode, sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, titanium chain.
Personality surface show Low luxury Existence Boldness and exquisite perfect fusion of men’s hundreds of aspects
 AT9097-54E and AT8166-59E continue to maintain the high accuracy of CITIZEN’s proud light kinetic energy and global radio time synchronization. The AT9097-54E’s shape is made of a specially cut double-body structure, and the different double-body colors blend together. It presents a polygonal surface, and the three-dimensional design with edges and corners brings out smooth soft edges. The titanium strap is designed with a V-shaped groove, so that the entire watch can be seen everywhere in the spirit of Japanese staff, revealing the men’s sometimes firm, sometimes calm, hundreds of aspects.

AT9097-54E titanium case, 42.7 mm diameter, hours, minutes, five stations radio wave reception, 26 city time, 24-hour display, alarm perpetual calendar, two places time, power level display, power saving mode, light kinetic energy It can operate continuously for 8 months after being fully charged, sapphire crystal, waterproof to 100 meters, and titanium chain.
 Unlike the changeable AT9097-54E, the AT8166-59E boldly displays a strong and powerful personality impression. The large Arabic numerals are engraved on the surface to remind the wearer to work hard and be ready to break through the next better. Yourself. The six micro-slit designs seem to echo every level of the moment when you break through yourself, stroking the dial can not only remember the past’s imprint, but also stimulate the achievement of a better self.

(From left) CITIZEN Eco-Drive Adult Beauty Watch (AT8166-59E / AT9097-54E).
 The two watches use the H820 and H800 classic light kinetic energy movements, respectively, and support multiple light waves of the global light kinetic energy. They also have the excellent talents of high light kinetic energy and no need to replace the battery on a regular basis. Each wearer with an international outlook is definitely the best partner to chase life to achieve higher levels.

Black That Doesn’t Understand Day And Night Chanel Launches New J12 Black Watch

Since its inception in 2000, the CHANEL J12 series has created a wave of minimalist black and white on the watch ring. In the past 20 years, Arnaud Chastaingt, director of the Chanel Watch Creative Studio, reinterpreted the J12 watch. From the inside to the outside, it is very different from before. What changes have taken place in the new J12? Why not go to the scene with the Watch House and experience the charm behind the Chanel J12 minutes.

New Chanel J12 Watch (Black with Diamonds)

Black dial real shot

Bezel digital details

 The new J12 still uses a diameter of 38 mm in the case diameter, but has made some adjustments in details. First of all, from the design details, the bezel design has been subtlely changed, and the grooves on the edges have been increased from 30 to 40, which makes the dial look broad. In addition, the numbers on the bezel and the font of the time scale are also redesigned.

Watch side shot

 The thickness of the case is slightly increased, but there is no need to worry about whether increasing the thickness will reduce the wearer’s comfort. The precision ceramic material used in the J12 series is not only stronger in hardness than ordinary watchmaking materials, but also more skin-friendly compared to watchmaking materials such as stainless steel.

Crown shot

 The new J12 series also has some adjustments on the diameter of the crown. The diameter of the crown has been reduced by one third, which is more in line with ergonomics. The crown is inlaid with raised round precision ceramics, which makes the wearer feel better when adjusting the time.

The brand new J12 features a transparent design with unobstructed movement details

 In addition to these subtle changes in appearance, the biggest change of Chanel’s new J12 series is actually ‘behind’ it. For a long time, the J12 series has been emphasized by its outside design and ceramic case. On the new J12 series, one of the highlights is that the brand has transformed the original dense bottom design into a back-through design.

 Movement details

 The integrated precision ceramic case back allows us to see the watch’s new movement-12.1 caliber automatic mechanical movement through the sapphire glass at the bottom.

 The new movement of the new J12 is specially created by Swiss watchmaker Kenissi, which has increased the power reserve time of the new J12 movement from the original 42 hours to an extremely long 70 hours. In addition, the waterproof function has also been improved from 50 meters to the current 200 meters. Achieving back-to-back not only greatly improves the aesthetics of the J12 series, but also allows us to see the details of the movement through the case back. It’s good news for brands and users.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so please pay attention.

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Airmaster Journal Two Classic Entry Rolex Watches

Rolex, this brand should be regarded as the loudest brand among all watches. It is widely accepted by watch fans for its rugged characteristics. It is widely loved by successful people for its solemn, practical, and not flashy style. Its watches are highly accurate and durable. In the watch circle, Rolex enthusiasts often use a word to describe Rolex: ‘ ‘Work’ forever. Today’s Watch House brings you the Beijing quotes of two Rolex entry-level watches, I hope everyone likes them.

Rolex Date Series 116300-72210 Silver Dial Watch

In-store public price: ¥ 58900 (collection time January 2015)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Diary
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch details: Silver plate watch

In-store public price: 62500 (collection time January 2015)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Diary
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 36 mm
Watch details: eye) shows that it has since become a symbol of Rolex’s generation. The log type has become a representative of taste style with its classic design. The watch uses a 36 mm diameter design and is made of 904L stainless steel. Its corrosion resistance is stronger than the stainless steel of ordinary watches and the price is more expensive.

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Distributor Name: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
Dealer Address: Rolex Store, Xidan Shopping Center, 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-66011216
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How Many Bright Stars Do You Know?

Although the watch on your wrist is the result of everyone’s precision and rigor, if you look closely, you can still appreciate the personality and wrists of the watchmaking industry leaders behind. Jean-Christophe Babin
Type: Sports
Our company: TAG Heuer
Address: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
BinBabin is the chairman and CEO of TAG Heuer. He is full of energy, likes diving, sailing and skiing, and is a sports person. When he finds all this uninteresting, he will sit behind the steering wheel of a Formula 1 car. The origins of Tag Heuer and the Formula 1 race can be traced back to the 1950s. In these amateur activities, he always took his work with him and used his hobbies to test the strength of new samples. ‘The products coming out of our plant should meet the four Ps,’ he said. ‘Passion, Precision, Prestige, Performance.’ Magali Metrailler
Type: Foresight
Our company: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Address: Le Sentier, Switzerland
‘I was conquered at the first sight of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s world,’ said Magali Metrailler, who barely mentioned that she was only 23 years old at the time, had graduated in architecture and spent three years at the European School of Design in Milan Before she entered Jaeger-LeCoultre, she was already famous in the construction industry. Metrailler is in charge of men’s and sports watches. She has changed the rigid style of watch design with simple design and color inlay. She is regarded as a visionary designer, and her unusual and fresh design concept also provides design inspiration for other fields. Maximilian Büsser
Type: Technology
Company: MB & F
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
Star Trek and Star Wars are important inspirations for Maximilian Büsser. He defined his factory as a ‘conceptual, artistic, and micromechanical’ studio. Büsser himself is an extremely enthusiastic electronics fan and high-tech expert, and he frankly acknowledges that MB & F’s creativity is not based on democratic principles alone: ​​’I chose a solution and listened to the opinions of others, but ultimately made the decision it’s me.’
Demetrio Cabiddu
Type: Thai bucket
Company: Montblanc
Address: Milan, Italy
BidCabiddu has been known as a ‘master watchmaker’ for more than 40 years, but when it comes to his work, he is still so ecstatic. ‘We make our products attractive because we want to inspire the enthusiasm of our audience with our works.’ The watchmaker ‘foreman’ has been working at Montblanc’s Minerva factory since 2007, and he has even more Difficult responsibilities: Cabiddu, the director of the Minerva Institute for Advanced Watchmaking, is passionate about protecting traditional Swiss watchmaking and tapping young talents. Kurt Klaus
Type: Legendary
Company: IWC
Address: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
LauKlaus’ followers call him ‘Einstein of Schaffhausen’, which may be a bit exaggerated, but it can’t be more appropriate. He invented the ‘Da Vinci’ perpetual calendar watch in 1985. This was a milestone in the history of watchmaking and the peak of Klaus’ creation. From then on he was regarded as a legend and his career began to be dull. In 1957, he introduced himself to the then technical director of IWC using only these words: ‘Do you still need a watchmaker?’ For the next 40 years, he continued to provide IWC in Schaffhausen with Various ideas. Today, Klaus has retired for more than ten years, but he is still the brand ambassador and consultant of IWC. Richard Mille
Type: Prophet
Company: Richard Mille
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
Although gold and titanium are important materials for every watchmaker, Richard Mille rarely uses it. Unusual materials, such as Alusic, attracted his attention, which are often used to make satellites or space stations. Mille uses this material to make his timepiece. ‘The value of a material is that it is rare or expensive and a challenge for production. These two situations are special to me.’ He explained the appeal of unusual materials to him. His vision for the future is also very special: soon electronics will occupy an important position in the manufacture of mechanical clocks. Franois-Paul Journe
Type: Perfect
Company: F.P.JOURNE
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
拉丁 The Latin motto ‘Invenit et Fecit’ is decorated on every watch produced by F.P. Journe, which means ‘invented and made’. This is also the company philosophy, emphasizing creativity and craftsmanship in the manufacturing plant. ‘Clock production is a complicated profession. People have to be very careful or they will make mistakes,’ Journe said. He never made mistakes, which ultimately allowed him enough time to stay away from marketing plans and concentrate on his production. ‘As a watchmaker, we must respect the rules of more than 150 years, and only then can we design truly unrivalled timepieces.’

175 Years Of Extraordinary Achievements Patek Philippe’s Long-lasting Innovative Watchmaking Art

May 1, 2014 is the 175th anniversary of Patek Philippe. The brand will surely launch an amazing work to celebrate this historical moment, and the formal celebration will be held in the golden autumn season. However, at the just-concluded Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, the brand also launched a number of new products, including the unique ‘rare craftsmanship’ series, which made people who love and appreciate beautiful timepieces enchanted.

 The four new timepieces introduced this time will be crowned with the ‘permanent and innovative watchmaking art’. This name carries the tradition that the brand has always adhered to, which is extremely appropriate: it means that Patek Philippe’s well-known watch series is in Continuous improvement, optimization and expansion. The new calendar chronograph is the brand’s first stainless steel style complication watch launched outside the casual and elegant Nautilus and Aquanaut series. Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series has added a new work, introducing a new traveller’s chronograph made of stainless steel, combining two favorite complications. Twenty ~ 4® Fine Jewellery Watch Ref. 4909 is included in the “Rare Craftsmanship” timepiece series, showing the extraordinary skills of Patek Philippe jewelry craftsmen. The Calatrava collection of fine jewellery watches Ref. 4895R features a black lacquered dial and is embellished with 162 flawless baguette diamonds. These are just four of Patek Philippe’s many new works launched at this exhibition. Their advance appearance makes all watch lovers look forward to the official debut of the 175th anniversary model.

 Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph Ref. 5960 / 1A

Complexity and stainless steel: a rare combination of Patek Philippe

 The new almanac chronograph Ref. 5960 / 1A is a rare stainless steel watch with complex functions. It has become a classic watch in addition to the casual and elegant Nautilus and Aquanaut series. . The watch highlights in many ways its features as an excellent timing tool, especially in its numerous details. This is the first time the brand has used a soft and sturdy raindrop-shaped ‘drop’ link for a stainless steel watch bracelet. Its dial design also reflects the outstanding features of the watch. Using a contrasting silver-grey background with black embossed hour markers, it creates a vivid three-dimensional effect and makes reading more clear. In addition, the clever design highlights include the red number ‘1’ on the first day of each month in the date window, and the red-painted chronograph seconds and cumulative chronograph minutes hands, which fully demonstrates that this is a timepiece with excellent measurement performance. The new Ref. 5960 / 1A watch (A stands for acier, stainless steel in French) can be said to surpass the various rose gold and platinum models that have made Patek Philippe’s annual calendar chronograph successively successful since its introduction in 2006.

 Of course, their internals have never changed, and they are still equipped with the CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H self-winding chronograph movement, which includes a classic star wheel structure, a modern disc-shaped vertical clutch, and Spiromax made of Silinvar® high-tech materials. ® balance spring. This masterpiece in the field of micromechanics combines a superb Swiss watchmaking tradition with industry-leading innovations.

 Patek Philippe Nautilus Traveller Chronograph Ref. 5990 / 1A

 Stylish styling and new complications make this the best watch of this era

 Patek Philippe’s debut at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show adds a new addition to its Nautilus complication series, giving travellers the time function that indicates the time between the two places. The new watch not only combines the two major complex functions that are popular today, but also has other additional functions to facilitate daily life.

 The Nautilus case has hinge-shaped protrusions on both sides. This very individual design neatly embodies two popular complications integrated into this watch: a chronograph button on the right and a crown shoulder, and On the side are two dual time zone adjustment buttons, each time the local time hour hand advances or moves back by one hour. Fluorescent solid hour hand indicates the local time of the current wearer of the watch, and the hollow-out hour hand records the home time. Both time zones have separate day / night displays. The redesigned black dial is decorated with the classic Nautilus horizontal embossed pattern, and its color tone shows a light to dark gradient effect from the inside to the outside. An analog date dial (indicating local time) is provided at 12 o’clock, and 60 at 6 o’clock Minute accumulation timer. Underneath the dial is a movement that makes you appreciate the heart: the CH 28-520 C FUS self-winding mechanical movement, which uses a heavy 21K gold central automatic disc, a star wheel timing control mechanism, a disc-shaped vertical clutch, And Gyromax® balance with Spiromax® patented hairspring. All are securely protected with a casual and elegant Nautilus stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal caseback, which is water resistant to 12 atmospheres.

 Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4® High Jewellery Watch Ref. 4909/110

 ‘Aquatic Life’ is extraordinary

 The combination of fine timepieces and fine jewelry is rarely as perfect as the new Twenty ~ 4® Ref. 4909/110 watch in 18K white gold. The watch is embellished with no less than 1937 flawless top Wesselton diamonds and sapphire in turquoise color, weighing approximately 43.73 carats. These precious gems, under the ingenious inlays of Patek Philippe jewellery craftsmen, constitute a vivid ‘water creature’ pattern: sapphire fish of all sizes swim joyfully in the ocean of diamonds. Baguette diamonds are either encrusted or intricately invisible. The bezel-set and bead-set sapphire mounts, as well as the hands and Roman numerals, are set in rose gold, creating a warm contrast with the white gold case and bracelet and the delicate white diamonds. The 16-250 caliber is hidden in a sea of ​​gold and precious stones. This hand-wound movement has been carefully polished to show its elegance and charm under the sapphire crystal display. The teeth of the stainless steel gear are ground and polished. The splint is decorated with a classic Geneva stripe pattern, and the edges are chamfered and polished. Gold carvings, bright red sapphire bearings, and the fascinating golden light of brass gears create this extraordinary work.

 Patek Philippe Calatrava High Jewellery Watch Ref. 4895R

 Everything I see is art

 Calatrava was born in 1932, the ancestor of all classic Patek Philippe round watches, known for its elegant and subtle style. This classic and timeless beautiful shape provides the perfect stage for Patek Philippe to create this women’s high-end jewellery watch. It can not only show the charming fire of precious diamonds, but also not overwhelm the guests, and conceal the brilliance of the dial itself. Weakened its function as a timing instrument. The new Calatrava Fine Jewelry Watch Ref. 4895R is set with 162 flawless top Wesselton baguette diamonds, weighing approximately 5.62 carats, like a dazzling shawl for the dial. These gems are set side by side, up to five rows, and are embedded in the rose gold base with a setting process. Each diamond is individually cut to match the geometry of its location. Against the dark black dial, it is even more glamorous. The dial is individually lacquered 12 times, with polished sword-shaped hands and 18 arrow-shaped rose gold three-dimensional hour markers: glamorous and easy to read. This watch is equipped with the famous 215 manual winding mechanical movement, using the patented Gyromax® balance 65 years ago and the patented Spiromax® balance spring in 2005. It is a model that combines the tradition of excellence and the spirit of innovation. The sapphire crystal case reveals the exquisite beauty of the movement.

Sam Brother’ Wu Zhenyu Received A Zenith Pilot’s Watch Engraved With The Name Of His Son Feynman

Time has precipitated his unique elegance and gentlemanly style, and also endowed him with a free and unrestrained soul and passion. On April 18th and 19th, Zenith specially invited the talented film emperor Wu Zhenyu and Aiko Feynman to help the Tour de France rally, participate in the launching ceremony and complete the track experience, witnessing the authentic “collection level” ‘Antique racing, from Paris to Cannes, compete on a track of about 2,000 kilometers, compete and continue the classic legend.

   Antique racing, passion for speed, heritage of legitimacy and adventurous spirit, Wu Zhenyu showed a strong interest in the mechanical charm of antique cars. Looking at these antique cars with history, Wu Zhenyu sincerely said: ‘Antique cars are a kind of culture. Don’t look at them as they are old. In fact, each car has its own story. You see them stopping here, just like an art This time, Feynman brought Feynman here because of the rare opportunity. I hope to leave this special memory with him and share the moment of glory with the great drivers. ‘

   As the first Chinese captain ‘Sam’ in ‘Climbing to the Sky’, Wu Zhenyu, who also has a flying driver’s license, is naturally fond of pilot watches. Zenith also specially prepared a surprise for this time: a custom pilot series Type 20 bronze watch. This watch is uniquely engraved with ‘FF.NG’ on the side of the watch, an acronym representing Francis NG and his son Feynman, symbolizing unique preciousness.

   This watch is equipped with an Elite 679 automatic mechanical movement, which is both reliable and precise. The watch is 45 mm in diameter and extraordinary. Rich grooved crown, wide black matte dial, white Arabic numerals coated with Super-LumiNova® luminous material, fluorescent faceted hands not only read clearly, showing a unique retro style. A new bronze case is used, and a natural distressed finish is plated through an oxidation operation, so that the traces of time are gradually produced in patina, and the watch is engraved with a unique seal. Witness the gift of time and inherit the feelings of father and son.

Blancpain 300-year ‘core’ Runs Freely


 In 1735, the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in China ascended the throne, and he loved to hide and hide. He did not know how many strange treasures he hid in his life. But I’m afraid there is no such thing as a better watch than a watch. In view of the special origin of Qianlong and clocks, more than 270 years later, Blancpain, a famous watch brand from the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland, launched a watch with the theme of Chinese and Forbidden City culture and donated it to the Palace Museum. The Forbidden City kept this watch in the Clock Museum, and put it together with the watch that Qianlong once loved. This special watch is called ‘Balpe Qiankun Caruso’ and will be the first modern watch to be hidden from the Palace Museum.

 Opportunity coincides. In the year Qianlong ascended the throne, Blancpain was born, linked to its brand. This is undoubtedly the most memorable piece in the history of watches and clocks. Due to the emergence of Blancpain, the Swiss watch industry has thus entered the ‘brand era’ from the ‘artisan era’: it has completed the birth of modern trade standards-the world’s first A registered watch brand. However, the reality is not as good as imagined. The conditions for the founder of Blancpain, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, are undoubtedly simple in the early days of brand creation. He registered his profession as a watchmaker in a small town and worked in a house built in 1636 that initially served as a mail relay station. Looking back on this journey, it seems like a start to the waves, but it brings far-reaching significance to future generations.

 After the efforts of several generations of members of the family, Blancpain expanded its business to all over Europe in 1815, and in that year set up a small watch factory, which laid the foundation for Blancpain’s enduring prosperity for nearly two centuries. At that time, Blancpain watch manufacturing had become the largest and most prosperous industry in the area. The Blancpain family also introduced an escapement for the watch-a design that almost all Swiss mechanical watches use today, and specifically gives women’s watches a unique design. It is worth mentioning: Since the birth of Blancpain in 1735, no matter how the technology changes, the brand has always adhered to the production method of manual mechanical watches, has not been added to the production of flow, and its production process is full of The nature smells in the mountains.

 Blancpain Ladybird

 When Blancpain stepped into the 20th century, it has become a spotlight in the global watch field at that time. This fact can be felt from a series of brilliant achievements: In 1931, according to the requirements of the world’s famous French jewelry design manufacturer, Blancpain produced the famous ROLLS self-winding watch; in 1950, the famous Blancpain diving watch was worn on the wrists of the crew of Jacques Cousteau, because of a documentary film ‘The Silent World’ reflecting the marine world. And won the Cannes Film Festival Awards; In 1956, Blancpain launched the world’s smallest mechanical watch ‘Lady Bird’, swept the world aristocracy, and was favored by ladies at that time. Both celebrities, nobles and high society respect Blancpain.

 In 1983, Blancpain officially joined the world-renowned SMH group, which revealed a brand new milestone for the development of the brand. In less than a year after joining the SMH group, Blancpain pioneered another world-renowned watch: the world’s smallest mechanical watch that can display the moon phase profit and loss, week, month and date, and Launch of a moon phase watch designed for women. Looking at the history of Blancpain in recent decades, you will habitually find that its products seem to be associated with a series of ‘most’, ‘first’ and ‘unique’: In 1990, Blancpain launched the first And the only TOURBILLON tourbillon mechanical watch that can display the date and store eight days of power; in 1993, at the 300th anniversary of Blancpain’s founder’s birthday, the classic 7001 design was launched; in 1994, a 100-hour energy reserve was launched 2001 type automatic winding sports watch; in 1995, the 2100 sports series was selected by the world’s watch industry as the ‘best watch’ from 1995 to 1996; in 1996, the world’s first women’s chronograph with a built-in FLYBACK system was created and became women’s The only supplier of the flyback chronograph; in 1998, another minute repeater was introduced, which was not only compact but also the world’s only minute repeater with waterproof function at the time, and was patented. In 1999, at the World Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, Blancpain’s self-winding tourbillon two-handed multi-menu watch with chronograph section, only 7.75 mm thick and 27.6 mm wide, represented the world’s only unparalleled technological peak … …

 1991 was the most eye-catching year for Blancpain. Because of its pioneering work in mechanical watches-the ‘1735’ watch, it has a two-handed segmented chronograph, moon phase profit and loss, perpetual calendar, three questions and peace. The tourbillon has six functions in one. It brings together all the most complicated technology in a thin and light case. It takes 6 years to design, develop and manufacture the light. It has an incontestable world leading position: this automatic winding The perpetual calendar watch is composed of 740 parts, divided into 26 layers, the thickness of the movement is less than 10mm, and it has a platinum rotor that displays leap years and moon phases, and a very tiny titanium case is housed in The tourbillon and the two-second split-timer are hidden in an 18K rose gold movement inside a white gold case. The limited production of only 30 pieces worldwide shook the entire watch industry at that time.

 Blancpain 500 Fathoms

 In recent years, Blancpain’s products have been shining brightly. During 2005-2008, Blancpain successively launched a limited edition of 8 sets of ‘Apotheosis’ hide-and-seek sets, which included eight complex functions of mechanical watch making, representing watch making. Another peak in history; the first ultra-thin perpetual calendar ladies watch Blancpain 6156 was successively born; the 6057 series was awarded a world patent, becoming the world’s first perpetual calendar mechanical watch with automatic winding, invisible proofreading device and moon phase; Leman The Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants watch uses Blancpain’s original and only “spiral radioactive” grain Lude diamond inlay technology; in the field of diving watches, the Fifty Fathoms luxury diving watch series not only inherited the world’s first modern diving wrist in 1953 The style of the watch is more luxurious in appearance; in 2008, Blancpain once again launched the masterpiece of the vibrating watch altar: a new concept minute-type coaxial Carrousel watch. The new status of the Carrousel device in history has been reshaped, and a number of fifty women’s watches have perfectly integrated the elements of marine sports with fashionable women’s watches.

 In 2009, Blancpain launched a series of new watches, the best of which is the heavyweight new product in the Fifty Fathoms watch series-500 Fathoms with Calibre 5215 automatic movement and GMT function. This watch is derived from the Calibre 1315 self-winding movement equipped with the famous ‘Fifty Fathoms’ automatic watch; with the novel and patented drive technology, Blancpain’s outstanding sports style and era smell are realized; the appearance is very dynamic And fashion, reflects the extraordinary ordinary craftsmanship and performance. This 500 Fathoms GMT watch is equipped with an automatic helium pressure relief valve, which is especially suitable for use in a fully enclosed diving environment. It is water resistant up to 1000 meters. In addition, this masculine 500 Fathoms watch is also equipped with a 48mm diameter brushed titanium dial-these unique designs will be loved by sports enthusiasts and hideaways alike.

 In order to support the charity auction of 2009 ONLY WATCH watches and raise research funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Blancpain launched this year’s ONLY WATCH-500 噚 diving watch. This 500 噚 Only Watch is excellent in many respects, waterproof to 1,000 meters, and equipped with a 48 mm diameter dial. The titanium dial is also equipped with an automatic helium exhaust valve, so the wearer can ensure the safety and reliability of the watch without taking any measures. What makes it unique is that the center of the dark gray face plate is made of carbon fiber material. Through the sapphire bezel, the rolling calendar under the window at 6 o’clock is clearly visible. The red front ends of the hour markers, bezel scales, hands and seconds hand are coated with luminous paint to ensure that the watch has perfect reading performance under any circumstances; the unidirectional ratchets on the periphery of the bezel make the operation easier. This unique watch specially designed for the charity of ONLY WATCH is unique; it combines the cutting-edge design and unparalleled performance of a new world-class sports watch, in the same vein as the world’s first modern diving watch 50 噚 watch series. To show everyone the superb craftsmanship and extraordinary temperament contained in top-quality diving watches with facts.

 Countless glories and endless glory flow with the history of more than 270 years. While admiring Blancpain for dedicating one after another to the Internet, we have to admire the Blancpain brand’s always keeping a rare low-key and Introverted, all this seems to be quietly hiding in the hour hand, silent, but the atmosphere is vast. What Blancpain has left us is the endless transcendence of the circular mechanical watch technology, a model for the Swiss manual watchmaking industry, and also a firm commitment of Blancpain quartz watches, which is why there are always so many Noble people who wish to follow the trend always prefer it.

【basel 2017】 Exploring Deep Ocean Omega Sea Horse Planet Ocean Big Blue

At the end of 2016, OMEGA brought the first all-black ceramic diving watch to the hippocampus series, which was well received. In 2017, the brand continued the same concept, and once again used the entire ceramic to create a new watch, which greatly reduced the weight of the watch, but also had excellent performance. In addition to the combination of GMT and diving functions, the bold and striking color appearance The design is also amazing.

The Hippocampus Planet Ocean Big Blue watch is made of light and durable ceramic materials. The brand’s time-honed classic series has been reinterpreted to give a new look to a new look.

OMEGA, which continues to deepen its research on ceramic watchmaking technology, this time launched a watch with a main vision of blue. In the blue-like beauty of the deep sea, the blue-orange matching with partial color jumps makes the watch look more lively. . From the appearance, the blue ceramic bezel has a diving scale and Liquidmetal® number. The first 15 minutes on the bezel are covered with quite orange rubber for accurate timing. The orange GMT hour circle can be seen on the outermost circle of the blue faceplate. The Arabic numerals and the central time hands are designed in bright orange tones for easy reading. 18K white gold hands and time markers are covered with Super-LumiNova coating. Even if you dive to the bottom of 300 meters, you can still see every mark on the watch.

Blue ceramic bezel with diving scale and Liquidmetal® numerals, the first 15 minutes of the scale is covered with superb orange rubber

Turn to the back of the ‘Big Blue’ watch, and see the wavy edge screw-in case back through the transparent bottom cover. It presents a unique Omega innovation. The patented ceramic Naiad Lock can perfectly fix the 镌 lettering in the center position. Best visual effects. In addition, the watch is equipped with the OMEGA 8906 Master Observatory movement, which is water-resistant to 600 meters, can withstand magnetic forces of up to 15,000 Gauss, and enjoys a warranty of up to four years. On the strap part, you can also see the contrasting design continuing from the face plate. The blue rubber strap is decorated with orange stitching and is framed by an orange frame, showing a cloth-like texture. The strap is treated with an antibacterial coating, with a wavy pattern on the bottom and a blue ceramic folding clasp.

The wavy edge screw-in case back uses the brand’s innovative ceramic Naiad Lock technology to present the perfect visual effect

Seahorse Planet Ocean ‘Big Blue’

Ceramic material / 8906 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / time display of both places / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 600 meters / diameter 45.5mm /