Create A New Era Of Machinery Tasting Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst Watch Display

As the first mechanical watch with a jump-type display, Lange Zeitwerk set a new standard for the precision watchmaking industry. In addition, the luminous display equipped with Lange Zeitwerk ‘Luminous’ is another technological step forward. It is the world’s first mechanical watch with a luminous jump character display. This time, we introduce the Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst watch, which inherits the classic Zeitwerk movement, both in appearance and inward. Next, please follow the steps of the article to feel the ‘beating’ time. Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst official number: 140.048.

  As the first jumper watch, Lange gave people a new way of reading time with rigorous German watch technology, which is undoubtedly an era revolution.

   Through the watch’s overall function introduction chart, we can clearly see the characteristics of this watch. The following article will tell you its unique charm through the details of the watch.

Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst jumping watch-appearance

   This watch is extremely luxurious in terms of the material of the case. Platinum is used, which shows that the price should also be quite high. The case diameter is 41.90 mm and the case thickness is 12.60 mm. The layout of the dial is the classic design of Zeitwerk. The horseshoe-shaped power reserve display at 12 o’clock appears in a form similar to the hand-relief. The time display windows at three o’clock and nine o’clock are also the signature features of this series. At the same time, the strap is hand-stitched black alligator leather and Lange platinum pin buckle, waterproof to 30 meters.

  The whole body of the case is made of platinum, and the position of the crown is moved to two o’clock. The reason for this design is that it depends on the internal structure of the movement to meet the needs of the word jump.

   The dial is also made of platinum, and Lange has treated it with tremblage to make the dial surface grainy. In addition, the rest of the platinum dial is coated with black rhodium plating.

Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst Jumping Watch-Features

   At 12 o’clock, the horseshoe-shaped embossed power reserve display plate echoes the logo on the top with a superb three-dimensional effect. The hands on the plate are also made of platinum and rhodium-plated material, which is extremely luxurious.

   The three o’clock position is the minute display window for time. In the design of the reading window, Lange uses a concave treatment. The white Arabic numerals contrast against the gray-black background of the overall tone to increase readability.

   The small seconds dial at 6 o’clock is also made of rhodium-plated white gold, and the scale is also white. The Arabic numerals are used as division marks every ten seconds, which is easy to read.

Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst jump watch-movement

   This watch is equipped with a Lange L043.3 manual-winding movement, which is equipped with a newly developed jumping hour and minute device. This device is a combination of two minute plates and a large hour ring, all painted black and coated with a white Superluminova coating. The constant-power escapement generates the necessary switching pulses precisely every minute; looking from the case back, you can also find that the movement contains many advanced innovations.

   In the use of the internal parts of the movement, all the movements and the back of the case have been hand-carved. In addition, the decoration of the balance and escape wheel is carefully carved by the watchmaker according to the handmade patterns. In addition, the bar And the escapement wheel is pure white gold. It can be seen that this watch is full of luxury from the inside out.

 In summary: I believe that many people already know the price of this watch. The market price is about 800,000 yuan. At the same time, this model is also produced in limited quantities. It is reported that there may be less than one hundred. As an ordinary watch enthusiast, we only understand with an attitude of appreciation and admiration, but from the details, we cannot deny that the rigor and restraint of German watches are reflected in its watchmaking industry. There is no link, I believe it is because of this that in recent years, more and more people are obsessed with morality.

Lange Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst jump watch details:
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