Turning Light Into Power: Citizen Light-king Adults’ Beauty Watch

For a long time, CITIZEN, a pure Japanese watch brand, is committed to innovative research and development, allowing watch technology to continue to break through. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding society. : AT9097-54E and AT8166-59E, high-quality ink black precision-cast with DLC electroplating, which not only keeps the look of the watch long-lasting, but also allows light and refraction to reveal a low-key look and color, which can easily occupy the eyes of every man . From the strap to the dial, it presents a simple but full three-dimensional design, creating the beauty of details with a sense of adulthood.

Model AT8166-59E titanium case, diameter 41.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, five rounds of radio wave reception, 26 city time, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar, two places time, timing, power level display, light kinetic energy, It can operate continuously for 10 months after being fully charged, with power saving mode, sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, titanium chain.
Personality surface show Low luxury Existence Boldness and exquisite perfect fusion of men’s hundreds of aspects
 AT9097-54E and AT8166-59E continue to maintain the high accuracy of CITIZEN’s proud light kinetic energy and global radio time synchronization. The AT9097-54E’s shape is made of a specially cut double-body structure, and the different double-body colors blend together. It presents a polygonal surface, and the three-dimensional design with edges and corners brings out smooth soft edges. The titanium strap is designed with a V-shaped groove, so that the entire watch can be seen everywhere in the spirit of Japanese staff, revealing the men’s sometimes firm, sometimes calm, hundreds of aspects.

AT9097-54E titanium case, 42.7 mm diameter, hours, minutes, five stations radio wave reception, 26 city time, 24-hour display, alarm perpetual calendar, two places time, power level display, power saving mode, light kinetic energy It can operate continuously for 8 months after being fully charged, sapphire crystal, waterproof to 100 meters, and titanium chain.
 Unlike the changeable AT9097-54E, the AT8166-59E boldly displays a strong and powerful personality impression. The large Arabic numerals are engraved on the surface to remind the wearer to work hard and be ready to break through the next better. Yourself. The six micro-slit designs seem to echo every level of the moment when you break through yourself, stroking the dial can not only remember the past’s imprint, but also stimulate the achievement of a better self.

(From left) CITIZEN Eco-Drive Adult Beauty Watch (AT8166-59E / AT9097-54E).
 The two watches use the H820 and H800 classic light kinetic energy movements, respectively, and support multiple light waves of the global light kinetic energy. They also have the excellent talents of high light kinetic energy and no need to replace the battery on a regular basis. Each wearer with an international outlook is definitely the best partner to chase life to achieve higher levels.