Cartier Calibre De Cartier 42mm Watch

Stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, sapphire case back, crown set with a convex round synthetic spinel. Silver-plated milky dial, 7 black Roman numerals and 4 luminous hour markers. Cartier 1904PSMC self-winding mechanical movement with hours, minutes, small seconds and calendar display. Black alligator leather strap with folding clasp. Water resistant to 30 meters
When Cartier installed the first self-winding mechanical movement developed by itself, the 1904PSMC with a diameter of only 25.6 mm, into the Calibrede Cartier 42 mm case, it undoubtedly represented the ideal male watch size. Cartier watches are always not limited to style, shape and size. The size of their traditional Santos and Tank series watches (rectangular case) is not small. ‘Blue balloon’ and Pasha series are large-scale models and the complicated functions introduced in recent years The diameter of the models also exceeds 40 mm.
Calibrede CARTIER has a very distinctive personality. Its bezel is polished and tilted 28 degrees downward toward the dial. The case is brushed, the crown is equipped with a strong shoulder, and the fixing screws are exposed. This is unique in Cartier’s previous daily watch, which is equivalent to integrating the two opposite temperaments of elegance and magnanimity, also known as ‘the road is rising, and one side is one side’. In addition, the dial and crown design make full use of the width and thickness of this watch.

Tudor Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chrono

TUDOR has a new look in 2017. First of all, in the new lineup, the brand continues the strategy of the 2016 popular Black Heritage series-Heritage Black Bay series. This year, it has broken through past impressions in terms of style, material mix and functionality; and then with the new TUDOR proposed The declaration ‘Born To Dare is born to dare to act’, the brand found two new spokespersons that best fit this spirit, including football legend David. David Beckham and Lady Gaga, the popular goddess of pop music, personally performed the charm of TUDOR watches.

In addition, the brand has also made progress in watchmaking. The self-made movement is upgraded to the timing function level for the first time after the previous basic three-needle style. It can be said that there are full topics throughout the year, making it difficult for people to pay attention. Among the brand’s many new products, the significance of Heritage Black Bay Chrono is relatively important. It covers the aforementioned multiple highlights of TUDOR in 2017. Recently, it has even performed outstandingly on the big stage of the year-end results acceptance.

Football superstar Beckham continues to exert his influence on popular culture and public welfare issues even though he is famous. His spirit of daring to fight on the pitch coincides with the concept of TUDOR’s 2017 new brand declaration.

The so-called grand stage for the acceptance of watchmaking achievements refers to the 17th Geneva High Watch Awards (GPHG) announced on November 8, 2017. Looking back at the list of winners in the past five years, we can find that TUDOR has been favored by professional judges. , Including the small pointer award (the most outstanding among all models priced at less than 8,000 Swiss francs) won by the Heritage Black Bay Chrono in 2017, this is the small pointer that TUDOR won after the 2016 Black Bay Bronze After the award, the brand was re-established again. In the past five years, the brand has successively won a total of 4 seats for the best revival watch, the best sports watch and other awards, of which the Black Bay series accounted for 3 seats. , Both in the marketing and sales side or in the eyes of industry professionals, have a good reputation and evaluation.

Black Bay itself is a diving watch, while TUDOR originally had the Heritage Chrono signature retro chronograph style. This time, the former added a chronograph movement, so it also took the opportunity to incorporate racing elements into the design.

In addition to the affirmation from the field of watchmaking, Beckham, the new partner of TUDOR in 2017, also brought immediate results in the promotion of the brand’s new declaration ‘Born To Dare’. This natural courageous spirit conveys positive It is the belief that the brand has for many years in building precision timepieces in various fields. It is based on its rich history and deep watchmaking experience, which makes TUDOR more costly to be able to bravely innovate and continue to surpass itself. The proud achievements made on the football field, TUDOR believes that Beckham’s unremitting personal traits on the court complement the Black Bay series. To this end, both sides have also taken a series of image advertising photos. I believe those who have seen them will leave a deep impression Impression, even pursued to be able to wear the same style of watch with Beckham to add points for himself.

This series combines the characteristics of TUDOR antique watches. For example, the case and mirror are from the brand’s first diving watch, the timing button is from the brand’s first chronograph, and the large crown design is from 1958. Ref. 7924 of the year

Back to Heritage Black Bay Chrono, it is the first time the series has been promoted to the complication of such complex functions as the chronograph since its debut in 2012. The previous impression of Black Bay was the diving watch, and this time the new The added timing function is reminiscent of the racing timing elements inherited from the Heritage Chrono series. For example, the dive chronograph lap on the outer ring of the watch has been changed to the tachometer scale, and other exterior designs maintain the retro look of Black Bay. Including the domed sapphire crystal, the winding crown design from the 1950s ‘large crown’ models, and so on. As for the timing button, the screw-in design is not difficult to consider its emphasis on 200 meters of water resistance. The dial pattern of the watch is also familiar. The most distinctive snowflake pointer in the series stands. This is the signature design adopted by TUDOR for the French Navy to provide special watches in the 1970s. This classic feature continues to the modern replica wrist. The table has long been the brand’s DNA. Others, such as the polka dot hour markers and the single red letter on the black surface with a 6 o’clock position that emphasizes water resistance, are also clues that the new work is in line with the predecessor of the series. However, the newly added 45-minute small chronograph dial and small second dial at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions of the face plate can specifically tell the leap forward in the function of the watch. At the same time, the brand chose to set the date window at the 6 o’clock position. On the one hand, it avoids the strong collision with the small time dial, on the other hand, it can also make the overall layout of the face plate look more symmetrical and balanced.

Heritage Black Bay Chrono steel strap

Stainless steel material / MT 5813 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / chronograph function / arched sapphire crystal / waterproof 200 meters / diameter 41mm / reference price: about 36,000 RMB
Heritage Black Bay Chrono has two types of steel straps and belts. The former has a strong sporty tone, while the latter has a more retro atmosphere. No matter which style you choose, TUDOR is very considerate in providing French Saint-Etienne (St-Etienne) A jacquard weave strap made by a well-known old factory allows the wearer to match more Yuan style. This dark blue strap similar to the denim pattern presents another modern casual style, which reveals the high matching of the watch when it was designed. Even if it is a sports watch, as long as it is clever use of the strap The replacement can also create an image suitable for formal occasions. Yunwen Yunwu is like the spokesperson Beckham.

Heritage Black Bay Chrono leather strap

Stainless steel material / MT 5813 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / chronograph function / arched sapphire crystal / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 41mm / reference price: about 34,000 RMB
The MT 5813 movement on the watch is the latest self-made movement produced by TUDOR in 2017. The ‘home-made’ mentioned here is not entirely accurate, because the brand and Breitling entered into a cooperation relationship in 2017. The MT 5612 movement provided by TUDOR is used as the The cornerstone of Breitling’s new movement B20; on the contrary, Breitling also brought out its own signature chronograph B01 movement, which contributed to the birth of the TUDOR MT 5813 movement. Of course, the two parties did not directly load the outer shell of the other product after exchanging the movement. In fact, after TUDOR acquired the B01 movement, there were still further adjustments in the internal specifications, such as adding a silicon spring and fine-tuning the inertia The balance, etc., is also applied to the external polishing and branding that are common to TUDOR itself. Based on the reliable quality of the B01 movement, TUDOR integrates its own characteristics to make the movement more perfect. Such a bold movement exchange plan has also inspired a reference model for watch brands in the future on the road of self-made Towards the ideal goal of truly the best of both worlds.

Deep Ocean Quest 4000m Dive Watch

This is an iconic watch that goes beyond the limits and completely subverts the imagination & mdash; & mdash; Deep Sea Quest 4000m Dive Watch. After 18 months of intensive R & D and testing, this remarkable technological innovation has finally appeared. Today, “Hublot’s 4,000-meter deep sea exploration” can explore the secrets of 4,000 meters deep with the divers. For the first time in history, the prestigious Monaco Maritime Museum and the prestigious Prince Albert I Ocean Institute Foundation of Monaco, which has a reputation for global marine research and protection, have a historic watch brand.

On June 6, 2011, in the Monaco Aquarium dedicated to protecting marine animal species, Crown Prince Albert II of Monaco and Hublot Global CEO Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver jointly revealed this mysterious & ldquo Hublot’s Deep Sea Quest 4000m Dive Watch.

Hublot honors the history and unique tradition of the Monaco Institute of Oceanography, and decides to provide it with funds for scientific investigations and the noble mission of protecting the ocean. Hublot will also attend the first official press conference to be held at the Paris Institute of Oceanography on October 13 as a major partner, namely the “Deep Sea Conference”.

Bryce Launches Br V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze Limited Watch

Bell & Ross has launched a new BRV2-94 Bellytanker bronze watch (model: BRV294-BC-BR / SCA). The new watch is 41mm in diameter and is made of CuAI7Si2 bronze. It is equipped with a CuAI7Si2 bronze bezel with tachymeter scale and anodized aluminum inserts, anti-glare coated sapphire crystal, and screw-in crown and buttons. The bottom design is 100 meters waterproof.

   The black dial is decorated with appliquéd metal numerals and hour markers, as well as metal cut-out hour and minute hands filled with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent material. The small seconds and 30-minute counters are set at 3 and 9 o’clock, respectively, and the date display window is between 4 and 5 o’clock. The aircraft styling weight of the central chronograph second hand highlights the deep connection between the brand and the aviation world.

   Powered by Swiss-made Bell & Ross BR-CAL.301 self-winding mechanical movement with hour, minute, second, date and chronograph functions. Bell & Ross BRV2-94 Bellytanker bronze watch with black calfskin strap and polished / frosted CuAl7Si2 bronze folding clasp. It is reported that the new watch is limited to 999 pieces and will be available for sale at the end of April 2019. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Elegant Choice Brief Comment On Baume & Mercier Clifton Series Moa10059 Watch

Baume-Mercier watches have won the favor of many watch fans with their simple and fashionable design styles. Among them, the classic product series include classic products such as Clifton, Humberton, and Climac. Today, I bring you a very simple and stylish classic three-pin Crichton series MOA10059 men’s automatic mechanical watch. Next, please follow my article to understand this elegant men’s watch.

 This Baume & Mercier watch features a classic three-handed design with a 39 mm diameter. The overall style focuses on a simple and stylish 18K rose gold case with a black sun-silk dial, a simple Arabic numeral time scale, and a date display at the three o’clock position. At six o’clock and twelve o’clock, Arabic numerals are displayed. The hour, minute, and second hands are treated with gold plating. The back of the sapphire crystal glass penetrates the case back and is waterproof to 50 meters.

 The charcoal sun-dial dial always emits a dazzling light, adding a color to this watch, and the dark brown alligator leather strap is also a common classic element, which is very well matched with the rose gold case.

 The dial of this watch is officially called a carbon black solar silk dial, but we are used to calling it a sun dial. As long as the light is not particularly dark, we can tilt it slightly to see that it is scattered by the center of the dial. Road light. I personally think that this bright design is quite distinctive.

 MOA10059’s sapphire crystal glass has anti-reflection and anti-glare functions. You can see that even at a camera angle like this, you can clearly see the date display at the three o’clock position, without any stray light. Very clear.

 The dark brown crocodile leather strap is also a type of strap that editors like very much. The surface of the strap is treated with a simple and elegant format embossing, which makes this watch reveal a simple style as a whole, which is more suitable for low-key and unobtrusive people. .

 The buckle is worn using our common classic pin buckle, which is safe, comfortable and easy to wear. The buckle material is also made of 18K rose gold.

 The entire case of this watch has been polished finely, including the lugs and side parts. The watch’s lugs are designed to be shorter and more comfortable to wear.

 For some business people, it is necessary to wear a suit often. If a heavy watch is worn, it will appear bloated. The ultra-thin case thickness of this watch is 8.9 mm. Does not appear bloated, 39 mm diameter is also a relatively moderate size.

 Only 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock use Arabic numerals to display the entire dial. The other time scales are treated with a simple embossed process and a white small hexadecimal Arabic numeral display, making reading more convenient and accurate.

 Summary: This watch uses an automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. According to the style of Baume & Mercier, it should be a polished ETA movement, which is also very reliable in travel time and accuracy. The classic design and the influence of the Baume & Mercier brand is a good watch to start with. The editor predicts that the price should be around 40,000 yuan. If you like it, you can go to the local store for consultation and purchase.
For more watch details see: baume / 27562 /

Citizen Fubon Marathon The Most Accurate Timing

It is the largest marathon event in Taiwan ‘2013 Taipei Fubon Marathon’. It started at 7 am on the 15th. People are not afraid to participate in the early morning low temperature and heavy rain, and the momentum is better than ever. The well-known watch brand ‘CITIZEN’, which has always been very devoted to sports events and public welfare, has once again become the official timing unit this year, providing all participants with the most accurate timing services. Fubon, the title sponsor of this event, also invited celebrities from all walks of life to participate in the event, including CITIZEN’s Promaster sports series spokesperson-Super Horse star Chen Yanbo.

             CITIZEN provides accurate timing services for the 2013 Taipei Fubon Marathon.

 Chen Yanbo completed this year’s Super Marathon on eight continents on seven continents. After returning to China, he put himself into a rest period and adjusted his body to fight for the world’s major polar regions in the past five years. However, due to the recent active sharing of lectures on campuses in Taiwan, the schedule is too busy , Causing inflammation of the stomach. He posted on his fan page before the game that his stomach hurts so much that he couldn’t train, which made many people worry about whether he could run the entire race smoothly. Fortunately, Chen Yanbo is still on time to attend the competition on time. The standard sports outfit and wearing CITIZEN’s latest Promaster Eco-Drive ALTICHRON-photodynamic energy original mountaineering watch are all attracting everyone’s attention. In the heavy rain, he successfully completed the 42.195 km race in Malaysia. He also regarded this marathon as the start of the 2014 new challenge plan to warm up. The general manager of CITIZEN Taiwan Branch, Mr. Gu Yangyi, and his team of CITIZEN colleagues also specially attended the event to support the event, fully showing the brand’s enthusiasm for sports and public welfare.

 (From left) Gu Yangyi, General Manager of CITIZEN Taiwan Branch and Chen Yanbo.

 In the sports world, athletes and precision timing are inextricably linked, and jogging requires amazing concentration and absolute perseverance. It is in line with the CITIZEN brand’s pursuit of the concept of “fusion of technology and beauty”. Therefore, CITIZEN chose Super horse player Chen Yanbo spoke for his Promaster sports watch models, and supported Taiwan sports events with practical actions, and practiced the brand’s concept of ‘great innovation from adherence to faith’.

 Chen Yanbo successfully completed the 42.195 km race in Malaysia.

Panerai Launches Three New 3-day Power Reserve Watches

In 2014, Panerai continued to make all watch fans’ eyes bright with unique materials and classic and traditional brand characteristics. The three new Panerai watches are not on display at the SIHH in 2014 and have not yet been revealed!

 The new PAM00499 is a rare white-faced version of Panerai with a full-digit dial design. It is equipped with Panerai’s best-selling P.9000 three-day automatic self-winding movement.

 Panerai PAM00535 / Panerai P.9001 automatic mechanical movement

 Another PAM00535, with a rare Paris checkered faceplate, is equipped with a P.9001 three-day self-winding homemade movement (the power reserve is shown on the case back). It has a 42mm stainless steel Luminor 1950 that both boys and girls love. Case.

 Panerai PAM00537 / Panerai P.9002 automatic mechanical movement

 The last PAM00537 is equipped with a P.9002 three-day self-winding self-made movement (power reserve is shown on the surface), a leather strap with the Panerai logo engraved, and a frosted steel buckle, classic and elegant.