Omega Hollow Limited Edition Hour Vision Watch Introduction

This hollow-out limited edition and co-axial luxury platinum design Omega watch is best suited for business people on business trips. It is extremely precious and highly accurate to wear. The platinum case, sapphire dial, and white gold hands show the imposing look of all watches.

Platinum case, 41 mm diameter, sapphire dial, white gold hands. Omega self-winding 8403 skeleton movement, equipped with an Omega three-layer coaxial escapement device, with time zone function & mdash; & mdash; can adjust the hour hand independently without stopping the time, suitable for people who travel frequently on business wear Black leather strap with platinum buckle, water-resistant to 100 meters, limited to 88
 For a company like Omega with a glorious history and a high reputation in the industry, with annual sales close to 2 billion Swiss francs, there is only one way to further prove its own strength, which is to develop a stable and capable of large quantities Production of mechanical movements. Beyond that, what complex menus and large events are held are all clouds.
 So far, the industry has recognized that the companies that have the strength to develop basic mass production movements are the ones that people often hang on their lips. And even these companies are mostly developing mature products in the past, not new ones. So, like Omega, a company that has continuously launched a total of 4 mass-produced movements (all using the new coaxial escapement system) for 8500/8501, 8601/8611, 8520/8521, 9300/9301 for several years, It is no longer a rare concept, but it is unique.
 This year, Omega not only launched the 9300/9301 self-winding chronograph movement, but also promised to implement a 4-year warranty on all coaxial movement products (including men’s and women’s watches). Solemn statement. Previously, although Omega invested considerable energy in the promotion of the coaxial escapement movement, only a very small number of consumers in China purchased Omega watches because of the new movement. This may not have sold the company. The effect is just that the wearer has lost the joy of rational thinking.