Langer Stainless Steel Products Appear In Geneva Charity Auction

After the first anniversary of the death of Walter Lange, Lange launched the 1815 ‘HomagetoWalterLange’ special edition watch commemorating Walter Lange, fully showing the world’s founder’s wishes and personality.

1815 ‘HomagetoWalterLange’ Special Edition Stainless Steel Watch
   In addition to 145 white gold, 90 rose gold and 27 gold models (all of which are Walter Lange’s favorite case materials and numbers that represent important milestones in the history of the Lange family), Lange is more specially produced The unique stainless steel watch with black enamel dial reflects its precious value.
   This only 1815 ‘HomagetoWalterLange’ special edition stainless steel watch commemorating the Walter Lange special edition will be held in Geneva on Sunday May 13th by Charity Auctions and Bacs & Russo Auction House. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to ‘ChildrenActionFoundation’. The foundation is committed to improving the physical and mental health of poor children and adolescents worldwide. To date, more than 80,000 children have directly benefited from its programs.

   Walter Lange actively participated in charity during his lifetime, paying particular attention to the problems of vulnerable young people. Taking the form of a charity auction to embody this unparalleled watch and use it for charity purposes to help children in need is the best way to pay tribute to the brand’s spiritual leader.
   Stay tuned for the charity auction in Geneva on Sunday May 13th.

Swiss Rolex Learning Center A Special Museum

The Rolex Learning Center, established in the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, was completed in 2010. This learning center is positioned as a ‘laboratory of learning’, a library containing 500,000 books, and it has also become the school’s international cultural exchange center. It is not only open to students, but also the general public Resources.

The building was designed by the widely-acclaimed Japanese architect group SANNA. The free-form concrete surface left a deep impression on the author. The architect created a flowing and interesting space for the students. Nishizawa Rie (SANNA) also made an interesting discussion of the relationship between the organic form of architecture and people’s lives. Although the house is a complete rectangle in plan, the curved and inclined approach to the interior space gives the entire building a very organic impression.

What is most impressive is the fresh white layer on the exterior of the building. White is comfortable, pressure-free, clean, and pure. Then it is the overall shape, like an extruded square flat box, with a curved opening. Holes, master the core elements of ‘square’ and ‘circle’, merged into one and slightly changed. SANNA’s architectural design has always shown an incomparable sense of intimacy. I think it is because they do not place too much emphasis on ‘variation’. Many architects who place too much emphasis on ‘variation’ may have novel and avant-garde designs, and thus produce a so-called ‘futuristic’ Of course, the existence of such a design also has the importance that cannot be ignored, but unfortunately, there is always a sense of alienation, and an unfamiliar strangeness is formed between the building and people, which rarely appears in the architectural design of SANNA , Their designs generally contain a very simple ‘warmth’ feeling, and they try to make people have a ‘natural’ experience in architecture.

 Flowing lines in one go

The ground of the building adopts a concrete structure, the roof is made of steel and wood, and the ground and the roof keep parallel lines. Because the size is extremely accurate and the building looks quite smooth and smooth, in order to produce this smoothness, SANNA must work closely with the engineering team, such as the curve design of the floor, and finally make 1,400 concrete forms to create the perfect Flowing lines in one go.

建筑物 In essence, the building consists of two shells. The main structural materials of the building are wood and steel, the floor is made of concrete, the roof is made of steel and wood, and the floor and roof run parallel to each other. As a single structure building, all elements, including the roof, must be flexible to accommodate small changes due to natural or structural movement. The Rolex Learning Center is a highly energy efficient building and its low energy consumption is coveted.


Sejima And Nishizawa And Associates is an architectural firm jointly established by architects Meishima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Tatebetsu. Their architectural design works have an important ‘penetrating’ style, and a large number of materials such as glass exterior walls are used. It makes the building feel light and floating. It has also been reported as a ‘penetrating, flowing’ building. Major works such as Dior Omotesando (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / 2003), 21st Century Museum of Art in Kanazawa (2004 / won the Lion Prize at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale), and the Mining League Design Management School (German / (2006), New Museum of Contemporary Art (USA / New York / 2007), etc. In 2010, SANAA won the Pritzker Prize, the highest honor in the architectural world, and was the chief curator of the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale.