Everything at Hermes has always been exquisite. Large or small, some people have had Hermès or are big fans of Hermès. But have you ever owned a Hermès watch? Although Hermès is a fashion brand, it has 40 years of experience in professional watchmaking. It is one of the best watches in fashion. Each time the watch tour talks about Hermès watches, it only uses one word and one word: beauty. In 2019, at the SIHH Geneva watch exhibition, as the only fashion brand to participate in the watch exhibition, Hermès launched three major new watches in a relaxed manner, as well as several other new models. Among them, a GALOP D’ HERMÈS is a new collection by Hermès and an artist. Every Hermès watch is full of poetic and romantic. 1 Arceau L‘heure de la lune Monthly watch Hermes monthly watch is a limited edition men’s watch. The dial has a total of 5 circles, and the two small dials with the hour and minute and the date are symmetrical, and they are connected by a gray circle. Up and down are the southern and northern hemispheres. They are also moon phase disks that display the north and south moon phases through the movement of the hour, minute and calendar disks. The moon phase disk pattern in the southern hemisphere shows the Pegasus drawn by ‘dreamer-illustrator’ Dimitri Rybaltchenko, which outlines the transition space-time between magic and real world. In the northern hemisphere, the actual lunar surface observed in the northern hemisphere is drawn. The basic movement of this complex watch is the Hermes self-produced H1837 movement, and then a patented mechanism module developed by Hermes is added to it, thereby achieving complex North-South moon phase profit and loss and daily timekeeping. This module has 117 parts. The whole mechanism should ensure that the moving base connected to the hour, minute and date dials slowly and precisely slides and keeps it around the disk surface once every 59 days. This is a very innovative technical innovation and technical challenge. The small mother-of-pearl dial inlaid on the meteorite plate or aventurine plate shows the north-south moon phase profit and loss accurately over time. This effect is particularly attractive. This mysterious hide-and-seek game makes it impossible to see through the sophisticated technology hidden behind it, but it has endless dream space. Is it cool? !! This is also the first complicated moon phase watch I made specifically for men, and also from Hermès. Meteorite surface and aventurine, each limited to 100 pieces. The price is 26,000 Swiss francs. This is also a watch model watched by several watch travellers through Weibo and WeChat during the Geneva Watch Fair 2019. And one of the collection-level cousins ​​has been set. Yes, the most frequently asked questions are not professional brands, but Hermès. Two models with a diameter of 43 mm, both in white gold. 2 Arceau Awooooo white wolf-shaped micro-painted enamel watch with a diameter of 41 mm. The white gold case ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh ~~~~~’ Powerful howling, in the endless night sky … As a man, when I saw this watch, I wanted to buy it immediately, for no reason. Even when I watch the watch, I will be immersed in the painting, close my eyes, and want to be like a white wolf in the painting, if you want to hang the sky … if not because it is too expensive … 90,000 Swiss francs , Limited to 8 pieces worldwide. I just want to say, rich friends, buy it. 3 Galop d’ Hermes is a new watch designed by Hermès. This is the first time Hermès has collaborated with other artists. It’s actually an inverted stable. It is estimated that this will become another popular Hermes watch on the wrist of Hermes fans. It comes in two sizes for both men and women. This watch has a daily chronograph function, the design exudes light, freedom, dynamic, streamlined and other comfortable elements, as well as sparkling diamonds. There are four options: steel, gold, gold and steel. Prices range from 3,550 Swiss francs to 15,700 Swiss francs. In addition to the above three important new products, Hermès also has a number of super beautiful, romantic and poetic watches, or affordable new watches suitable for daily wear. Slim d’ Hermes Carreve sapphire crystal dial, using engraving and enamel techniques, in Chinese and French, excerpts of poems from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. It is a complete poetic watch. With a diameter of 39.5 mm and a white gold case, only 6 pieces are available worldwide. Arceau Baobab Cat We may be used to Cartier’s leopard. Suddenly seeing the Hermes cheetah sticking her head out of the petals, she felt completely like a fairy tale. This is a women’s jewelry watch with a diameter of 34 mm. The case is set with sapphire. The dial is hand-painted onyx combined with engraving and hand-painted mother-of-pearl decals. Limited to 12 pieces worldwide. Arceau Oursin This is really a rare Hermes watch full of diamonds. White gold case with 23 mm diameter. Using a quartz movement. Cape Cod Chaine d‘ancreArceau78Carre H