Gucci Watch Jewelry Christmas Product Recommendation

Fei Xue interprets the romantic feelings of winter, and reveals the urban style with the glow of holy night. Christmas 2016 has come quietly. Gucci watches and jewelry are carefully selected for exquisite products. The unique and modern masterpieces will light up the bright Christmas and accompany you to spend a beautiful moment. The exquisite craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics collide, and the low-key charm shows elegance.

Gucci watch jewelry diamond watch series

   The new diamond watch series is an interpretation of the unexpected encounter between the watch and the precious diamond, engraving the eternal golden age. Swiss craftsmanship’s exceptional quality and classic Gucci elements make it an enduring fashion collection. The diamond watch series has a variety of models, showing different styles, and the lingering charm flows between hands.

Gucci Watch Jewellery Le Marché des Merveilles

   Le Marché des Merveilles series watches have been added with modern styles, with excellent materials, elegant colors and harmony. The latest design includes a total of three styles (38 mm), and the dial is rich in colors, including malachite green, turquoise blue or coral red. The simple yet unconventional dial reveals the texture of these synthetic gemstones to the fullest. The Gucci logo is also located at 12 o’clock. The small seconds hand features a ball-shaped ornament made of Gucci interlocking double ‘G’ shapes. The dial is surrounded by Gucci’s unique wavy charm — a distinctive chamfered bezel with pyramid-shaped studs — adding avant-garde urban style to the watch.

Gucci Watch Jewellery Collection Gold

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles series gold bee models are made of 18K yellow gold, modern and more refined. Each bee jewelry is delicately carved with Gucci’s new bee decoration pattern. Gold build. This fascinating new iconic design element is presented on a series of select necklaces, open bracelets or wide rings, with bees resting on several leaves as a new interpretation of the wonderful creatures of nature.

Gucci Flora (Flower) Collection

   A new addition to the Gucci Flora collection, this jewellery design is bold and beautiful. This luxurious collection is composed of elegant and luxurious high-grade gold jewelry, including rings, earrings and pendant necklaces. This series is a delicate combination of 18K rose gold and diamonds, which is unique and feminine. The collection also includes a premium set of luxury rings and earrings. The shape of the GucciFlora ring is a lily flower set with sapphires and diamonds. This ring is glamorous. The heart is decorated with a small skull with delicate diamonds and sapphires. It is made of 18K gold. Among them is an urban style.

GucciGhost Silver Collection

   The design elements of the GucciGhost elf series include not only the main elf, but also various colorful shapes such as stars, rainbows, skulls and slogans-all products are made of 925 silver and decorated with colored enamel. Trouble Andrew’s original interpretation of Gucci’s various logos-the slogan ‘Real Gucci’ slogan or hand-painted skull runs through the entire series, bringing a fresh urban style to Gucci’s unique letter combinations . The beautiful colors leap in the bright winter, showing the perfect fusion of classics and fashion.

Blind for Love

   Gucci’s new ‘Blind for Love’ collection is inspired by the distinctive styles that creative director Alessandro Michele currently introduces in his collections. Each piece of jewelry is made of sterling silver and is engraved with different patterns and texts treated with unique black lacquer: Gucci’s iconic double ‘G’ logo is subtly drawn with eyes, hearts or flowers, making it more tender and feminine . Heart-shaped charms and matching bracelets are also engraved with a variety of whimsical patterns. These poetic and pictorial patterns are complemented by the handwritten text ‘Blind for Love’, which adds modern spirit to the romantic atmosphere.

Longines Watch Paris Equestrian Masters Testimony Of Generosity And Happy Time

On the third night of the Longines Masters of Paris, a joyous ‘Pro-Am for Charity’ was held. In the event, each team consisted of two jockeys, one was the world’s top professional jockey, the other was an amateur jockey, and Longines sent two teams to participate.

   Longines Elegant Ambassador Jane Richard Philips joined Nina Mallevaey on behalf of JustWorld International, a charity that aims to help children escape poverty; Pénélope Leprevost and her daughter Eden represented Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde ( World Children’s Heart Surgery Sponsorship Center).

   The ‘Longines Paris Equestrian Masters’ will be held on Sunday afternoon in the focus event ‘Longines Grand Prix. As the title partner and official timekeeper of the event, Longines is looking forward to witnessing the world’s top riders and horses compete in this high-level equestrian obstacle course, and is preparing to award an elegant watch to the champion as a prize.