The First ‘watch’ Born Is Still Hot Today!

It is a very rare thing to say that a luxury brand can achieve global fame. Even those who are not interested in luxury products can recognize the products under this brand, and those who focus on People in the field of high luxury make it a measure of the best luxury goods. So, who is this high-profile luxury brand with high visibility?

‘Top’ brands in the luxury sector
  Founded in 1847, Cartier, a top jewellery and watch brand, has maintained close ties with royal nobles and celebrities throughout the world in its long history of development, and has gradually become the luxury dream of global fashionistas. For hundreds of years, Cartier, with the reputation of ‘Emperor’s Jeweler, Jeweler’s Emperor’, has always shown us many exquisite and unique masterpieces with its unique design creativity and solid manufacturing technology. With such a deep foundation, how can Cartier not be loved by the public?
  For us, the most familiar is Cartier’s classic watch series. Among them, the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch is loved by the public with its simple and elegant classic design, and has become one of Cartier’s very popular watch series. Then what is the significance of this classic for Cartier? How about it?
Behind it lies the legendary pioneer story
  Cartier Santos de Cartier watch is the first watch in the modern sense in history. Its birth was a legend triggered by a conversation.

The first modern watch in history
  The legendary pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont piloted the new Santos VI spacecraft during an exploratory flight. Because he had to control the spacecraft with both hands, he could not take out a pocket watch to confirm the time, which led to the flight. The result was more than 40 seconds longer than the required time, so the challenge failed. He informed his close friend Louis Cartier of the jewellery and clock master the difficulties encountered during the flight that night.

Left: Mr. Alberto Santos-Dumont Right: Mr. Louis Cartier
   It was this conversation that inspired Louis Cartier and ignited the innovation of Cartier’s innovative timepieces-it was decided to develop a watch that can be worn on the wrist. This was a challenge that broke the rules at the time when pocket watches were popular.

  In 1904, Cartier created the first modern watch, which guaranteed that Santos could control the aircraft with both hands while confirming the time, and named this watch after the great dreamer Santos.

  The subversive design of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch broke the inherent impression in the field of watchmaking. It used the rare leather strap at the time, the bold square design and the exposed screw design to limit the wearer from the pocket watch. Liberated. Then in 1906, Santos wore this tailor-made watch and flew the famous 14bis biplane, flying 220 meters in 21.5 seconds, successfully breaking the world record. This new wristwatch helped Mr. Sandos complete a series of extraordinary dreams such as conquering the sky, sublimating ideals, and gravitation in battlefields. All the fearless spirits are perfectly displayed in Cartier Santos de Cartier watches.

  Since then, Cartier Santos de Cartier watch has accompanied every great exploration and flight of this great dreamer. Today’s Santos de Cartier watch still maintains the most original ‘simple, practical and innovative’ classic design, attracting many elegant gentlemen to express themselves and show a free and fearless attitude:

Mr. Zhang Zhen, Cartier’s best friend, wears Santos de Cartier Squelette Noctambule hollow luminous watch

  Actor Mr. Nie Yuan wears Santos de Cartier watch large model

  Young actor Mr. Han Dongjun wears Santos de Cartier watch large model

Young actor Mr. Zhang Mingen wears Santos de Cartier watch large model

The famous power actor Chen Xiaochun wears Cartier Santos de Cartier watch

Loyal to the classics, continuous innovation and change
  For over a century, the Santos de Cartier watch has been constantly changing and changing over time. It interprets innovation and pioneering spirit with breakthrough design and functions.

The new Cartier Santos de Cartier watch

  This year, the Santos de Cartier watch series introduced a chronograph for measurement records at the Geneva Watch Fair, adding chronograph functions to classic models, showing a contemporary look with a new design. The brand presents a total of 18K rose gold shell version, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel mashup version, and ADLC carbon coating and stainless steel mashup version.

Elegant and atmospheric design

  It is still a highly recognizable square design and eight screws-keeping the most classic design of the Santos watch. The new Cartier Santos de Cartier watch is different from some previous details. The bezel of the watch extends up and down and is connected to the bracelet. This style presents a wider and more atmospheric visual effect, which fits perfectly. The gentlemanly look of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch.

  Looking sideways between the case and the lugs, there is a slightly curved arc, which is ergonomically designed to fit the wrist of the wearer more and improve the wearing comfort.

  The new Cartier Santos de Cartier watches are all oversized, with a disc width of 43.3 mm. The white brushed dial has three separate partition surfaces, and each circular small dial is decorated with a snail pattern, which is in contrast to the brushed process in the square dial.

The minute scale of the watch is located on the outer edge of the dial
  The hands are the classic sword-shaped hands of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch, and the hour scales still follow the elegant and retro ancient Roman numerals.
Creative design not afraid of challenges

  The starter of the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch is very special. Unlike the conventional chronograph watch, it only needs a button design to complete the chronograph operation, and the reset function is directly operated by the crown.
  The strap design of the Santos watch this year is also a coincidence. We all know that last year Cartier applied the QuickSwitch patented technology and SmartLink patented technology to make it easier for the wearer to adjust and replace the strap without any tools. This year, the brand has added a push-button switch mechanism on this basis. This mechanism is used on rubber or crocodile leather straps and is equipped with lighter sheets to improve overall comfort.
Solid and reliable movement power

  This new Cartier Santos de Cartier watch is equipped with Cartier’s famous 1904-CH MC workshop refined movement, which has to be mentioned.

  When Cartier launched the chronograph model in 2013, it was equipped with this self-produced movement. This movement was equipped with two barrels, guide column, vertical clutch device and linear zero hammer to form control and coordination. The exquisite mechanism of the timing function, the power reserve can reach 48 hours. The structure of the column wheel is very complex, and the requirements for watchmaking technology are more stringent, so it has been advertised as one of the symbols of advanced watchmaking.

  Finally, I want to say the actual issue that everyone wants to pay attention to-the price, the price of the rose gold case version is RMB 176,000, the price of the gold and stainless steel mix model is RMB 98,500, and the other ADLC carbon coating and stainless steel mix The watch is priced at RMB 66,000. The highly recognizable design, strong in-house movement and innovative technology can be said to be extremely cost-effective. In addition, Cartier Santos de Cartier watches have excellent qualities that can express themselves and gentlemanliness. I believe that each No outstanding young man will miss it. Maybe, in the next second, the Cartier Santos de Cartier watch will accompany you to the distance.