Austria: 200th Anniversary Of The Vienna Conference And The Battle Of Waterloo

On December 2, 2015, Breguet Austria Boutique held an exclusive cultural night to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Vienna Conference and the Battle of Waterloo. Among the many historical figures involved in these two historical events, there are many loyal fans of Breguet-Tsar Alexander I, Prince Metternich, Friedrich William III, Prince Talleyrand, Emperor Napoleon, The Duke of Arlington and so on, they were once the noble patrons of Breguet.

   Helmut Saller, the general manager of Swatch Group Austria and the manager of the Breguet boutique co-hosted the event.

   The director of the Vienna Military Museum, Dr. M. Christian Otner, enthusiastically explained the historical events of 1815 and carefully analyzed how the famous battle finally defeated Napoleon Bonaparte.

Stone Breaking Innovation Piaget Emperador Coussin Xl 700p Watch

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first self-developed ultra-thin 7P quartz movement, which was released in 1976, Piaget has launched the Emperador Coussin XL 700P concept watch with a limited edition of 118 pieces. This watch is groundbreaking, combining a mechanical movement with a quartz thruster, highlighting the two ingenious craftsmanship of Piaget Piaget. Piaget has been leading the development of ultra-thin movements with superior craftsmanship and infinite creativity. It has also created a series of exclusive quartz movements, which are used in various Piaget women’s watches and jewelry watches. Emperador Coussin XL 700P is driven by a quartz device with a vibration frequency of 32,768 Hz. It controls the vibration frequency of the thruster at 5.33 times per second, which exemplifies the superb craftsmanship of Piaget’s two watchmaking fields. This self-developed ‘starter’ has the same accuracy as its peers. It is mounted in a pillow-shaped case with a diameter of only 46.5 mm, which shows the noble style of the Black Tie series and the rigid lines of the watch.

   Piaget’s outstanding achievements in the field of innovative mechanical movements are widely recognized, and the manufacturing process of ultra-thin watches is second to none. The brand has been inspiring creativity for 40 years. The Emperador Coussin XL 700P equipped with quartz thrusters is a tribute to the development and production of Piaget’s quartz movements, which highlights another aspect of the brand’s watchmaking process. Piaget’s patented quartz movement was born in 1976, and the 7P movement is completely independently developed and produced. When the quartz revolution was launched in the watch industry, Switzerland created many unprecedented innovations in the field of research and development (such as the successful creation of the world-renowned Bêta 21 movement in Centre Electronique Horloger in Neuchatel, Switzerland), and Piaget also participated in it. Through independent research and development of the movement, Piaget once again demonstrated to the world the superb watchmaking technology and the ability to build new ones. The thinnest movement in the world at that time, only 3.1 mm thick. Since then, Piaget has continued to expand its range of high-performance quartz movements, becoming the heart of most ladies’ and jewellery watches. The Emperador Coussin XL 700P also introduces an unprecedented design. It combines a mechanical movement with a quartz thruster, combining two long-established professional watchmaking techniques with contemporary craftsmanship, and is accompanied by a representative geometric watch shape.

 Superb watchmaking craftsmanship for outstanding stability
   Emperador Coussin XL 700P is a rare treasure, limited to 118 pieces, equipped with a super-thin mechanical movement adjusted by thrusters, symbolizing Piaget’s first integration of the Swiss-made electronic adjustment system into the brand’s classic inverted structure movement. in. This outstanding watchmaking achievement, including more than a dozen patent applications, is the prototype of Piaget’s original Swiss concept based on the first patent registration in 1972, which was born after 2 years of research and development. At the same time, Piaget also showcased the brand’s flexible technology through its famous 7P ultra-thin quartz movement. To pay tribute to the 7P movement, Piaget decided to name the new electronically adjusted automatic winding movement ‘700P’. Quartz with a vibration frequency of up to 32,768 Hz drives the thruster and gear set, which can effectively resist magnetic fields and gravity. This device in turn operates at a frequency of 5.33 times per second, and is mounted in a mechanical movement with a unique shape and compatible with a variety of kinetic energy.

Excellent and stylish design that bears the name of the ‘Black Tie’ series
   The movement uses an inverted structure, and the main functional elements of the watch are clearly visible on the surface. The eccentric movement of the oscillating weight and the propeller form an ‘8’ posture, while the eccentric hour and minute hands pass over the conical time scale. The design deliberately removes the dial, and the black-coated pincushion movement showcases a variety of ingenious traditional finishes, including the sun-radiated machine-engraved micro-rotor with chamfered engraved Piaget family crest and chamfered bridge, and frosted ring And silver screws. Dark black movement with black ADLC-coated gold bezel. Emperador Coussin XL 700P embodies the aristocratic style of the Black Tie series with delicate embellishment and contrasting design. The watch is wrapped in a 46.5mm-diameter white gold pillow-shaped case, decorated with a round bezel, displaying the classic elements of the brand and the ‘in-the-shape’ craftsmanship. The new Piaget 700P movement combines tradition and innovation, boldness and exquisiteness, superb mechanical and craftsmanship precision, and perfectly interprets this extremely stylish design.

   The Emperador Coussin XL 700P is stunning, with a unique shape, fully revealing the unique charm of elegant elegance, combined with the natural craftsmanship elements, it is bound to be favored by discerning connoisseurs.

Piaget Emperador Coussin XL-46.5 mm
18K White Gold Case
Small sapphire crystal case back
Bezel coated with black ADLC
Platinum propeller and miniature rotor
Silver hour markers
Piaget 700P black ultra-thin self-winding mechanical movement and quartz thruster
Functions: hours, minutes, power reserve display
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Movement thickness: 5.5 mm
High-vibration mechanical movement: 32,768 Hz
Diameter: 34.9 mm (15 inches and a half)
Number of gems: 32
Number of parts: 298
Refined details: ring-shaped Geneva wave, ring-shaped main splint, chamfered bridge, oscillating weight of the movement with Piaget family emblem, silver screws
Black alligator strap
18K White Gold Folding Clasp
Limited to 118 pieces