Hamilton: Maybe, Every Superhero Lives In A Favorite Watch

Remember the Zero Zero Hamilton diving watch that accompanied Matt Dimon to the sky during Mars Rescue? Or the ‘Murphy Watch’ that saved all mankind during ‘Interstellar’? Hamilton watches always seem to be given a sacred mission by various Hollywood blockbusters. In the recent movie ‘Batman Vs Superman’, Superman is wearing an early Hamilton retro watch, and it can be seen that even superheroes have a soft spot for Han. So let’s take a closer look at what superheroes are ‘han watch fans’.
Jazz Viewmatic 37mm self-winding watch


   Speaking of superheroes, I have to mention the most profound superhero in the memory-Spider-Man. In the film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, Andrew Garfield modified the Hamilton Sir Viewmatic watch he wore, and accompanied him to freely shuttle between skyscrapers.
   Jazz Viewmatic has always been the representative product of the Hamilton Jazz series. The 37mm dial is equipped with a stainless steel case. The inner ring of the dial is treated with a brushed process, and the outer ring is matte, which makes the dial appear different layers. Large clear Arabic numerals are engraved at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, and the calendar display at 3 o’clock. The overall design of the dial is classic and modern. This Jazz Viewmatic 37mm watch can easily be worn to switch between formal and casual styles. The H-steel strap model is strong and the black leather strap model is more young and fashionable. No wonder even Spider-Man is in love.
Khaki deep dive 1000m automatic winding


   When I see Below Zero, the first thing that comes to my mind is not the watch in Matt Dimon’s cool all-black PVD case in Mars Rescue? But you may not know, in fact, in the 2011 film ‘Green Lantern’, the first human being called to become Green Lantern Hal Jordan is wearing this khaki deep dive automatic winding watch. This watch has a proud water resistance of 1,000 meters and is equipped with a helium exhaust valve. This divert check valve allows the helium accumulated in the case to be expelled smoothly as the diver ascends the water. The thickness of the case is 5.6mm, and it is equipped with a domed sapphire crystal surface, which is not only reminiscent of a round foam, but also capable of performing most underwater sports. The watch design also highlights its outstanding features, such as the fish-shaped symbol that marks the water-resistant depth, and the diving mask painted on the back of the watch and the rubber-feeling case. The four octagonal screws on the case make the entire watch more rough and sturdy, and even attracted the octopus to watch. The stylish black shell with dynamic black rubber band is a professional diving equipment. The solid double-row buckle also provides more protection for safe use.
Khaki field titanium automatic winding


   Speaking of the rich and handsome of Marvel’s superheroes, who would you think of? Of course, it must be Iron Man. The superhero who combines wealth, appearance, courage and wisdom in the film ‘Avengers’ is wearing a Hamilton Khaki field automatic watch. Readers who are familiar with Hamilton should be no stranger to the khaki field series of the Han watch house. As early as during the Second World War, Hamilton stopped the production of civilian lines and made full efforts to produce military watches. In just 4 years, Hamilton produced a total of more than 1,000,000 sea, land and air timers, contributing Your full strength. In order to save steel materials, but also to ensure the use of watches, Hamilton uses canvas (khaki) to make straps. Today’s Hamilton Khaki series is born from this. The Khaki field battle is also a replica of the original military watch. The field series worn by Iron Man in the film uses the process of brushed titanium strap and case. The design of the junior hand and Arabic numerals continues the field’s consistent style, and the dial is clear and easy to read.
Jazz Viewmatic 37mm self-winding watch

Size: 37mm
Case: stainless steel
Dial: black, silver, grey or chocolate
Strap: Cowhide / Steel
Movement: ETA 2824-2
Mirror: artificial sapphire mirror
Water resistance: 50 meters
Suggested retail price: RMB 5,450
Khaki deep dive 1000m automatic winding

Size: 46mm
Case: Steel / Black PVD
Dial: Black
Strap: black rubber or stainless steel
Movement: 2826 automatic winding movement
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Water resistance: 100 bar (1000 meters)
Suggested retail price: RMB 14,780
Khaki field titanium automatic winding

Size: 42mm
Case: Titanium
Dial: Black
Strap: Cowhide / Steel / Tape
Movement: ETA 2824-2
Mirror: artificial sapphire mirror
Water resistance: 100 meters
Suggested retail price: RMB 8,150

At This Moment There Is You On The Core Tissot Sincerely Wishes Blessing Huang Xiaoming Happy Birthday

He is the mature and stable dream leader in the hearts of fans; He is a gentleman and gentleman who is committed to charity; He is a new and up-to-date milk dad who is full of love and warmth; He is the global spokesperson for Tissot ——Huang Xiaoming. Working together for eight years, Tissot watches have witnessed every moment of Xiaoming’s transformation. In his world, he has the courage to challenge and explore more. At the same time, Xiaoming also accompanied every step of Tissot’s progress and innovation. On the birthday of Xiaoming on November 13, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watches sincerely wishes: Xiaoming who is willing to make breakthroughs and constantly challenge herself, happy birthday, and wonderful moments!

Picture 1-2: Tissot watches sincere birthday wishes for Huang Xiaoming
Tissot presents you on the core
   Today, Tissot celebrates the birthday of Huang Xiaoming, a global spokesperson. On this birthday, Tissot watch carefully customized the Tissot watch gift box, selected the Tissot Suzuki series watch that complements the calm temperament of Huang Xiaoming, and engraved ‘there is you on the core’ on the case back as a unique commemoration. The dial is like his open-minded mind, and the retro matte texture of the dial can show his mature and wise temperament. In addition, there is a Tissot timepiece gift box, which contains a highly efficient working timer and an exquisite notebook, so that every minute and every second is accompanied by the accurate timekeeping of Tissot watches. Every memorable moment can be remembered. Remember!

Figure 3-4: Tissot’s birthday gift to Huang Xiaoming-Sachs watch with ‘you on the core’ engraved
   In addition, Tissot has ingeniously prepared a memory commemorative album, which records every special and precious moment in the eight years with Xiaoming. Together with the memory commemorative book, Huang Xiaoming also presented a carefully prepared birthday cake from Tissot. The red and white colors are full of sweetness and expectations. The memorable moments around the eight years surround the cake, and wish Xiaoming a happy birthday with full details. .

Figure 5: Huang Xiaoming signs the memorial book

Figure 6-8: Tissot’s birthday cake carefully prepared by Huang Xiaoming
‘Ming’ Xiao Qian Road Go forward bravely
   He is a heroic man who broke into the beach with a single gun, a peerless master who fought for power at the night banquet, a ‘passing child’ of the fierce tenderness in the mouth of Yi Fei’s ‘aunt’, and a ‘Panda Papa’ who was keen on public welfare in the Wenchuan earthquake. In 2009, he combined handsomeness, perseverance and strength, and gained another identity-the global spokesperson of Tissot, and began a long-term tacit cooperation with Tissot.

Figure 9: Huang Xiaoming starts cooperation with Tissot
   In 2010, for the first time as a spokesperson for Tissot watches, he shot the advertising blockbuster for Tissot watches. He fully interpreted Tissot watches’ ‘innovation, rooted in tradition’ concept. His investment seemed to make the studio go back in time, and the charm of film art set off the retro Timeless beauty.

Figure 10: Huang Xiaoming shooting a Tissot watch advertisement
   In 2011, he flew across the sea for the first time accompanied by Tissot watches, making his debut in Kuala Lumpur. His signature smile and idol charm instantly captured the hearts of on-site audiences and fans.

Figure 11: Huang Xiaoming wearing the Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Automatic Watch Dark Blue
   In 2012, he went to the prestigious Swiss Basel Watch Show with Tissot, and Xiao Ming appeared on duty in the logistics center’s operation room as a duty manager. It added Tissot watches with infinite brilliance and charm, and made the Chinese media present. Unlimited surprises and surprises.

Figure 12: Huang Xiaoming visits the Swiss Lelock Tissot watch logistics center
   In 2013, at the 160th Anniversary of Tissot Watch, his surprise appearance pushed the whole event to a climax. With a good manner and elegant talk, it triggered a new round of boom in Yangcheng in the late summer.

Picture 13: Huang Xiaoming’s 160th anniversary of Tissot’s birthday at Guangzhou Station
   In 2014, he appeared at the Tissot brand new product launching ceremony and witnessed the enthusiastic appearance of a timepiece created for the World Cup.

Figure 14: Huang Xiaoming’s new Tissot launch ceremony
   At the wedding on October 8, 2015, his solemn commitment to her heart full of affection touched countless people, moved the years, and moved the time. I believe that in the future, people who love each other will always be hand in hand, always happy and happy.

Figure 15: Tissot table with lettering for Huang Xiaoming’s wedding
   In 2016, he strongly supported the Tissot watch enthusiasm and opened a new chapter in the basketball world.

Figure 16: Huang Xiaoming was interviewed by the media during the Tissot event
   On January 21, 2017, this day was another important moment in his life. He upgraded to be a dad in the year of no doubt, not only a successful career, but also a happy family and close friends. Till this time, as a close friend, the Tissot watch also sent him a special congratulation, and carved ‘1 + 1 = 3’ on the side of the watch, wishing him a happy family and a healthy and safe ‘small sponge’.

Figure 17: Tissot watch is a special gift from Huang Xiaoming
   On April 27, 2017, at the launch of the Tissot Baohuan watch series, for the interpretation and persistence of the heart, he and Tissot watch are not so much partners as better friends who have been with each other for many years. He is not afraid of the ups and downs of life because of his persistence in his heart, and he is proud of the ever-changing world with a fearless attitude, showing the gentleman’s pride.

Figure 18: Huang Xiaoming’s interpretation of the Tissot treasure ring series
   Like the Tissot watch that advocates ‘innovation and roots in tradition’, Huang Xiaoming constantly tries new roles in his life. He is a powerful actor, a happy husband, and a cute dad. It is precisely the spirit of the fearless challenge of the ‘master’ of dreams that finally enabled him to achieve today’s achievements and transformation, and this spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams is in perfect harmony with the brand spirit of Tissot watches. Gentleman, persistence, and diversity are also his charms, which coincide with the male image that Tissot watches pay attention to and praise.
   Maybe some stories will end, but our stories will only grow more mellow. What is recorded is beautiful, and what is expected to happen is infinite possibilities. There is you on the core, this story is to be continued.

Tourbillon Repair Maintenance

The structure of the tourbillon has always been very mysterious, and has been promoted by famous watches. The ability to develop a characteristic tourbillon watch also shows its technical capabilities and proves that it is an amazing watch factory. Tourbillon is a very precise structure. In the days when pocket watches were popular, masters who had the ability to make tourbillon pocket watches independently were respected by the world, because in that era, the processing machine was not as precise as today, and all parts depended on manual work. With traditional watchmaking tools, parts are manufactured one by one. Of course, the size of each part must be quite precise in order for this tourbillon to run normally and accurately. Because of the difficulty in making it, everyone who can make a tourbillon pocket watch can be called a master watchmaker.
Since the Breguet master invented the tourbillon in 1790, a tourbillon device that resists errors caused by gravity, until 1950, in these 160 years, pocket watches with tourbillon devices appeared around the world. There are not many watches and watches. From the quotation library of our watch house, there are 708 models, but there are many classics.

Internal structure of the tourbillon watch
 In modern times, tourbillons have been manufactured in large numbers, with more and more varieties and prices, and there are too many brands in production, but maintenance problems in the future are a headache, especially for watches with this tourbillon device, almost Swiss All brands require returning to the original factory for repair. Technically speaking, returning to the original Swiss factory for maintenance is the most correct, because the watches with tourbillon devices are very precise, and the technicians without sufficient and complete training are indeed incompetent. The biggest problem when sending it back to Switzerland for repair is that it takes a long time, about 3 to 6 months. The maintenance costs, freight, and maintenance costs are also considerable.
If you really want to repair, you must not only pay attention to it, but also pay attention to the board and tourbillon components. Keep the original shape and do not scratch it. The screwdriver must be ground to match the groove of the screw cap, so that the screw will not be injured when loosening. If you want to clamp out the part, it is best to make the tweezers at 90 ° to the plane of the part, so as not to hurt the surface of the small part. When assembled back, try to use wicker fiddle parts to return to place. Don’t light too much oil, and you need to be very careful when fine-tuning the slow and fast needles, otherwise the components of the tourbillon may be damaged.
 In fact, the tourbillon pays attention to its design. The unique design is unique and can highlight its value. The sanding process is also the most time-consuming process. It is not only beautiful, but also the focus of attention.

Theoretically, the accuracy of the tourbillon is more accurate than that of ordinary watches, but now that the precision of the tool machine is improved, and the manufacturing technology is improved, the general watches are quite accurate, not worse than the tourbillon, so the process of the tourbillon The value, the pleasure of watching and playing, and the identity status of the brand representative far outweigh its practicality.
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Amy Xinyu Joins Hands Again To Create A Classic

Amy Xinyu joins hands again to create a classic
——Records of Dialogue between Le Méridien and Xinyu Group
Meng Xianting President, Dachang Asia Pacific Holdings Limited
瑜 Zhang Yuping Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xinyu Hendry Holdings Limited
On August 28, Dashco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., as the owner of the Le Méridien brand, authorized the renewal of the exclusive agency agreement with Henderson International Co., Ltd., and the two companies joined hands again to create the ‘Tomorrow Classic’ and become the Swiss Ai A new milestone for beautiful watches!
After the grand signing ceremony, Mr. Meng Xianting, President of Dachang Asia-Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhang Yuping, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xinyu Hengdeli Holdings Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter and launched a meaningful talk about creating classics together. Brand conversation.
Join forces to create miracles
Zhang Yuping
Xinyu Hengdeli is currently China’s most powerful mid-to-high-end imported watch retailer and agent. It has established solid cooperative relationships with many of the world’s top brands. Currently it has 19 watch brands, of which 16 are exclusive agents. . The sales network includes approximately 300 wholesale customers in more than 40 cities in China and retail stores in 16 cities in China.
Le Méridien came to China in 1998. In 2001, it signed an exclusive agency agreement in China with Beijing Hengdeli Watch Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shanghai Xinyu Watch Group). After 5 years of cooperation, Amy has successfully established 90 sales stores in 30 major cities in China, while maintaining a sales growth rate of 70% per year.
Meng Xianting
The name of the Swiss ‘Amy’ watch embodies decades of experience in making high-quality watches. The glorious history began in 1961 when Zurich-based Desco Von Schulthess AG acquired a watch parts factory in the town of Saignelégier, Jurass, to help produce some independent Swiss brands for the global market. In 1975, the first Le Méridien watch named ‘Maurice Lacroix’ was sold in Austria.
艾 Today, Le Méridien is available in approximately 3,700 designated luxury watch stores in more than 60 countries around the world. About 150,000 high-quality watches are produced annually by Le Méridien’s watch factory in Saignelégier and are sold all over the world. In China, through Xinyu Hengdeli’s extensive sales platform, sales have grown rapidly and become a household watch brand.

People who love watches are very different
Zhang Yuping
Every time I listened to the ticking sound of the second hand, I was moved by life. After 20 years in the industry, after seeing too many watches, I have collected individual and unique watches, such as the full-hollow I can wear today to see the movement, and Amy’s ‘eccentric’ series.
妻子 My wife has many watches, and they are all from me. I like watches, so I hope that the people closest to me can share them.
Meng Xianting
I love watches, especially those with large dials. But the most practical thing for me now is the watch with the function of two time zones. When I work in China, the time zones of the two places can tell me at any time, the time of life of the people in my hometown.
很少 I rarely give my watch as a gift to my wife. If so, she will feel that I don’t have enough heart and sincerity. I must choose something she likes as a gift.
Recognize brand connotation is the foundation of cooperation
Meng Xianting
Le Méridien is a young Swiss watch brand with only 31 years of watch manufacturing history, but it has always adhered to the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology. For example, Le Méridien still produces its own case in Saignelégier, Switzerland, and it is an independent Swiss-made watch. There are few watch factories, and Le Méridien is one of them. At the same time, it began to build its own complex movement factory in 2006 to improve the quality control and development of watches. One of the brands of case production factories and movement assembly factories.
Although it is very young, it still adheres to tradition, so its brand connotation says ‘the collision between classic and fashion, the combination of tradition and innovation’. Focus on the pursuit of classics, but not stick to it, full of enthusiasm and vigor. Since 2001, it has won many honors from world-renowned watch magazines and has developed into one of the top 15 watch brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
Zhang Yuping
I have been in the luxury goods industry for many years. I deeply realize that the history, connotation and culture of a brand truly reflect the value of a brand, and accurate brand positioning is a beneficial weapon to occupy the market. The success of Le Méridien in the Chinese market is not only due to their dedication to product quality, but also more importantly, a deep understanding of Asian consumers and a keen market feel for their products.
Respecting tradition and forging ahead, Le Méridien just meets the psychological needs of some consumers. In addition, it is positioned as a mid-to-high-end watch, with a reasonable price between 10,000 to 30,000 yuan. It accurately occupies its market space among the many brands we represent.
Confident, Looking forward to the bright future
Meng Xianting
The rapid growth of China’s economy has made the world optimistic about the Chinese market. Le Méridien is also full of confidence and is committed to bringing the best products and sophisticated lifestyle to Chinese consumers. With the support of Xinyu Hengdeli Group’s rich management experience and efficient operating processes, our cooperation will definitely make a new leap.
Zhang Yuping
With the economic growth, Chinese consumers have grown rapidly. In the past, watch consumption followed suit. Nowadays, attention is paid to taste and quality, and the awareness of watch brands is very high. Watches have become an integral part of life. In this case, Le Méridien’s high quality and accurate positioning will help it occupy a larger market share, and Xinyu Hendry will also consolidate its leading position in the fast-growing Swiss luxury watch market. Full of confidence.

Le Méridien Bentao Collection Eccentric Time Zone Limited Edition Watch
当 On the day of signing the contract, Mr. Meng Xianting wore an eccentric two-zone time zone watch with a limited edition of 500 in the Pontos series. Its fascinating feature is that the time performance of the two places is presented in an extremely creative way-eccentric display. It combines the modern design of Swiss watchmaking with high-tech materials. As the name suggests, this watch is not only special because of the eccentric faceplate design of the time zones of the two places, including the local time display of hours, minutes and seconds in an eccentric manner. The face portion of local time is slightly offset to 10 o’clock. In addition, the second time zone panel between 2 and 5 o’clock is even more surprising with a sun and moon dial, which can clearly display the day and night in the second time zone.

Oyster Classic Tasting Rolex Oyster Perpetual Women’s Logging Steel Watch

Rolex’s oyster case has always been synonymous with classics. At the Basel 2017, Rolex launched the classic Oyster Perpetual Women’s Date Steel Watch. At this exhibition, Rolex also launched With a variety of dials for watchers to choose from, the new women’s case introduced this time has been redesigned to 28 mm in diameter, which is more suitable for women’s daily wear (model: m279160-0014).

Timeless-Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster Case Real Shot
   The Oyster case, as a classic Rolex design, refers to the design of the integrated case, the screw-in caseback and the screw-in handle. The reason why this design is called ‘Oyster’ is because the word ‘oyster’ is used in English for this process, which also means ‘oyster, oyster’. Simply put, this structure is different from the welded lugs, the push-in caseback and the plug-in handle, and it also symbolizes that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is as strong and waterproof as the ‘oyster’. In fact, Rolex used the unquestionable qualities to explain to us what is ‘eternal’ in the passage of time. This design has been used in modern Rolex watches since its inception.
Classic-Rolex Journal

Rolex ‘DATEJUST’ Logging Series Logo

   Whether it is a timeless aesthetic element or a practical function, the Rolex Date is a model of classic watches. From an aesthetic point of view, after the years of baptism, different types of diary watches still retain the original aesthetic elements, and have become one of the most famous and recognizable watches in history.

Yong Yong-Superb Observatory Certification

   Like all Rolex watches, this women’s dated steel model has been awarded the Super Observatory certification that Rolex won in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs, and its standard exceeds the standard and standard of watchmaking industry. The watch is tested only after it is assembled to ensure that the watch can perform excellently in all aspects such as travel time, power reserve, waterproof performance and automatic winding when worn. The green seal is the symbol of the Super Observatory’s precision watch. Every Rolex watch has this seal and is backed by a global five-year warranty.

Eternal-Type 2236

Rolex 2236 self-winding movement

   The Rolex women’s log-type steel is equipped with a movement type 2236 perpetual movement. This movement incorporates Rolex’s patented syloxi silicon spring, which introduces the superb chronometer performance of women’s watches. At the same time, compared with the traditional hairspring material, syloxi silicon hairspring is not affected by magnetic field, and it is still very stable in the face of temperature changes. The 2236 movement is equipped with an automatic winding assembly. The movement is wound with a constant-motion rudder, and its power reserve is about 55 hours.

Robust-sapphire crystal, small window convex lens

Blue crystal mirror real shot

Sapphire mirror

   This women’s log-type 28 Oyster case is guaranteed to be 100 meters water-resistant, and the mirror is made of sapphire. The material of the sapphire makes the watch difficult to scratch. At 3 o’clock, a date display window is added, and a small window convex lens is added to make it easier to read the date information.

With Oyster Strap

New generation concealed crown buckle

Elegance-Coral Pink Dial

Coral Pink Dial

   The coral pink dial design is not a bold color in Rolex’s previous dial surface color. But it is arguably the most ‘girlish’ dial color. In the use of pink, how to achieve ‘good’ and ‘temperament’, it takes a lot of thought to achieve this. This watch’s coral pink with oyster case is more elegant and temperament.

Summary: The Rolex Date Collection has been around since 1945. It has always been synonymous with elegant style and precise timing. The Rolex Women’s Diary 28 watch, whether viewed from a classic or modern aesthetic perspective, is a rare female watch with a design and performance. It is a continuation and sublimation of the brand’s classic watch diary. The elegant temperament and sturdy quality are condensed in a small case, which is more suitable for women to wear.