Classic And Perfect Interpretation Of Classic Klesmer

CLASSIMA EXECUTIVES (L), a large timepiece of the Baume & Mercier series, with a dual time zone display at 12 o’clock, a power reserve display at 6 o’clock and a calendar display at 3 o’clock.
     In 2009, the Baume & Mercier series launched four new works, all-steel watches with polished satin-finished stainless steel bracelets, making the entire series previously equipped with alligator straps more complete. Inheriting the classic and timeless style of the Chrysmak series, it has a circular 39 mm and 42 mm diameter dial, a classic Roman numeral hour scale, and a self-winding movement. A watch also has a dual time zone display and The complex functions of the power reserve display show the superb watchmaking skills. These models have exquisite and unique characteristics, such as the dial with linear decoration, blue steel hands, the traditional decorative movement part can be perfectly displayed through the transparent back, and engraved with the Geneva ornamented rotor.

Swiss Blancpain New Watch Half Time Zone Half Hunting Watch

BLANCPAIN aims to reinterpret its VILLERET series launched in 2010. Following the Blancpain preview model launched in January this year, Blancpain’s watchmaking factory has exclusively launched the VILLERET series half-time zone watch, which can be adjusted for half an hour in the second time zone. From then on, travelers who travel to half-time countries (such as India) can also obtain accurate time.

  Blancpain’s first dual time zone watch is easy to operate, and you can complete all adjustments to the date, time and reference time by just turning the crown of the watch a few times. The wearer can select the quick adjustment mode or the half-time zone adjustment mode by the button on the top of the crown. It is also worth noting that adjusting the reference time automatically adjusts the travel time in the second time zone.

  It is the ingenious Calibre 5254DF design of the watchmaking factory in Le Havre that gives this watch a smooth and simple half-time zone operation. This fully automatic movement consists of 321 parts and can store 72 hours of kinetic energy. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is the reference time display window, and the center is the half time zone and seconds display window; the day and night display window of the reference time is located at 9 o’clock, and the date replacement display window that is consistent with the second time zone is located at 6 o’clock Position; the date change (D) or time zone (T) indication is marked at 4 o’clock. This watch further highlights Blancpain’s amazing innovative spirit and has established its position in brand innovation since 2006.

  The VILLERET half-time zone watch uses a red gold half-hunting cover design, set with sapphire crystal on the back, perfectly complementing its sophisticated movement, and highlighting the elegance of the oscillating weight with the guilloche pattern. The delicate opal dial stands out against the red-gold hour numerals. The alvazel leather strap with the watch also adds aristocratic character to the entire watch.

Exquisite Luxury Art, The Secret Of The Birth Of Cartier High Jewelry

At 13 Heping Street in Paris, this ancient Cartier store that has never been relocated for more than 100 years, climbed up the stairs with dark red carpet, and came to the century-old store’s ‘ ‘Loft’ is where Cartier’s Fine Jewelry Workshop is located. All the dazzling and unique Cartier fine jewelry are born here. It represents the most exquisite craftsmanship in France and even in the world, and its reputation as a thunderbolt is endless. In the era when the pipeline was spread all over the world, such jewellery workshops were precious.

 In the workshop, jewellers, mosaics, polishers, watchmakers, founders gathered together. In Paris, there is no jewellery studio like Cartier, who can bring together craftsmen of various trades to work in the same space and time. This feature is enough to speed up the production and keep the highest trade secret. In addition, in order to adhere to its consistent excellence, all designers have graduated from French art schools, and most craftsmen have more than 20 years of work experience. In this way, every Cartier high jewelry is like a beautiful art treasure. Their birth is condensed with wisdom, time, passion and monographs. It takes the entire team months or even years to complete the design. Whimsical. Strive for perfection at every step. This is the difference between excellence and excellence.

Cartier High Jewellery Birth Process:

The first step is to screen gems

 Buyers of jewellery raw materials for diamonds and gems for Cartier have extensive experience. The diamonds selected by Cartier must be selected from more than 400 diamonds to be used in the most glorious, consistent color and highest quality.

Second step, design drawings

 When Cartier’s designer gets a rare and high-quality gem that has been specially selected, he will first draw a variety of design prototypes on the drawing based on the characteristics of the gem itself, such as shape, size, and luminosity. On these designed effect color maps, the colors and sizes will be marked in detail, and multiple reviews, discussions and amendments will be conducted afterwards.

The third step is to make wax patterns.

 In order to reflect the modeling details as realistically as possible, the design sketches are carved with soft wax or hard wax to show the volume. Then, the model needs to dig out the holes required for gem setting, and then the model is used to test the placement of the gem to obtain the best setting position. At the same time, the model is colored to feel the color of the gems. Precious stones need to be cut, arranged and combined to take pictures, calculate the weight of the gemstones, cut, take pictures, make a metal model and melt, and then calculate the metal weight and other responsible procedures. Completing this step is considered to be the completion of the calculation step, and after the chief designer reviews it, the final ideal style is decided.

The fourth step is diamond cutting and gem carving

 No jade, no tool, no polished diamonds and gems are as dull. Only a trained master’s accurate design and ingenious carving can unveil the veil of diamonds and gems. An experienced Cartier jeweller will calculate the refractive index and color calculation rate to find the best cutting point to cut to ensure that it emits the perfect light.

Step five, metal casting

 The initial embryo is determined by the malleable silver material, which is helpful for the measurement of gem setting and setting diameter. Then actually finish the carving on the metal floor, carving out the mosaic holes. For more complicated designs, designers first try to make important parts of them to test the touch and smoothness. Match it with a wax jewel mold and try setting it in the design setting position to observe the color matching.

The sixth step, manual mosaic

 The setting method will be different according to different gems, including chun set, claw set, paved setting or embedded setting. Whether it is as big as a goose egg or as small as a rice grain, it is inlaid by hand, so this is a time-consuming process that tests the jeweller’s eyesight, hand power, and pinch ability, because these precious stones, if not properly applied, may Damage during mounting.

Step 7: Fix the jewelry

 The jeweller combines the various parts of the jewellery by fixing or articulating them, making the perfect and dynamic jewellery alive. In addition to the specific shape, the discerning designers will decorate various gems on different jewellery, making these jewels more perfect.

Step eight, polishing

 Not only the rhodium needs to be polished and plated on the jewelry surface. In terms of details, cotton threads are used with special polishing agents, and multiple grinding and polishing procedures are performed before and after the gem setting, with particular emphasis on the grinding of the set holes, so that the gems after mounting can emit the best gloss and brightness. Finally, rhodium should be plated on the perfect finished product to prevent oxidation and keep the jewelry glorious.

Step Nine, Marking and Marking

 Finally, every Cartier fine jewelry will be engraved with Cartier’s mark and number, marking this jewelry’s unique and highly respected identity.

 Jewelry designers go with every step of gem making from start to finish. They work closely with technical staff to evaluate the quality of the work, and strictly check every detail and overall feeling of the finished product. Each piece of work embodies the joint efforts and efforts of jewelry craftsmen, gem inlayers, molders, polishers and cutters. Cartier’s jewelry, from the initial design to the final product, every detail reflects the spirit of this international top brand’s pursuit of perfection, is the crystallization of the wisdom and technology of countless experts for more than 160 years.

Basic Entry-level Workplace Watch Recommended Two Japanese Brand Watches

The new year has begun again. During this period, there should be a lot of new students or people in the workplace. For these current low-income groups, a suitable watch will impress them in the eyes of colleagues. Add points. Today I recommend three basic entry-level workplace watches for everyone, hoping to meet the needs of watch lovers who are new to the workplace.
 Casio EDIFICE EF-524D-7AV watch

 The Casio EF-524D-7AV watch has a stainless steel case and strap. The surface parts have been carefully polished to show a bright metallic color. The 41mm diameter case looks conspicuous, and the 4 exposed screws increase the mechanical dynamics and are very masculine. The layout of the dial is like the dashboard of a motorcycle. The 12 three-dimensional rectangular hour markers are on the white dial, and the red scale is particularly delicate. The overall tone is very harmonious, the white-faced design is elegant, and it is a good casual watch.
 For detailed reference of the watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Series BM6750-08A Watch
 The Citizen BM6750-08A watch is a men’s solar-powered watch. Its round case has a diameter of 40 mm and is made of stainless steel. The entire watch exudes a strong metallic atmosphere. The black dial tone adds a more calm element to the watch. The shape of this Citizen men’s watch is the shape of a simple formal watch. The style is very traditional, it looks very mechanical, but it is not flamboyant. The stainless steel body also makes it tougher, and the elegant calendar display is also the most commonly used in daily life, and it is also the most common function.
 Watch details reference: Summary: These two men’s watches are entry-level watches, which are also traditionally simple in design, and the selection of materials is also satisfactory. Although there are not many functional watches, they have daily needs All features. The most important thing is that the quality of the watch is guaranteed. For newcomers, the cost performance of these two watches is very high, which is the best choice for many people.

G-timeless Series Adds New Quartz Watch, Showing Boldness And Creativity

G-Timeless is one of Gucci’s most colorful watch collections, and it is now adding a modern style — with new patterns and colors. These two quartz watches still retain the classic elements of the G-Timeless series-elegant and understated minimalist style, with polished PVD gold plating or stainless steel case to choose from.

    The latest G-Timeless design uses 27mm or 38mm size to reproduce the delicate and elegant style of G-Timeless, and introduces a new modern dial with three-dimensional diamond pattern. This geometric style design is available in black, silver or gold, and with a stainless steel or PVD gold-plated case, Gucci’s historic diamond pattern has a new look. These dazzling dials have no time markers and remain simple in nature. The only details are the Gucci logo at 12 o’clock and the date display at 6 o’clock. The second hand is decorated with a Gucci interlocking double ‘G’ logo, and the crown is also decorated with a small interlocking double ‘G’ logo. Frosted and polished stainless steel bracelets make the watch’s simple and fluid design in one go.
    The lasting charm of the G-Timeless series lies in the fact that the watches can always be ‘reborn’ and the patterns are multiplied, and these new models are no exception.
   For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

Panerai Pushes New Cutting-edge Timepieces

SIHH 2012 will be grandly opened in Geneva, the ‘World Watch City’ on January 16, local time. VIPs and journalists from all over the world will witness 19 watch brands together. Over 3,000 square meters of luxury luxury feasts will be held in the showroom. Luxury China will continue to bring forward-looking information to everyone, so stay tuned.

2012 SIHH Preview: Panerai launches the new Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days. The case design draws inspiration from the old case, and it is equipped with a P.3001 hand-finished caliber, numbered PAM422, limited to 2000 pieces.

The case of PAM422 has a prominent sharp angle like scapularity, which witnessed the transformation of the brand case from Radiomir’s square pillow to Luminor in the early 1940s. The new watch uses a 47mm stainless steel case with a modified Luminor 1950 and a branded crown guard.
A small seconds hand at the 9:00 position on the sandwich dial, which is driven by a hand-finished P.3001 movement and provides a 3-day power reserve through two barrels. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can get a glimpse of the movement’s operation and power reserve display.
Tips: About SIHH (Geneva High-end Watches International Salon)
Without the hustle and bustle of Basel’s 2000 brands, there were fewer than 20 SIHH exhibitors, including Vacheron Con-stantin, A. Lange & S? Hne, and IWC (also the Richemont Group). More than a dozen brands such as IWC), and several carefully selected independent watchmaker brands, such as Girard-Perregaux and Audemars Piguet, are almost all top brands in the industry.
人 People who are familiar with the two major watch exhibitions in Switzerland have heard one sentence-it is difficult to enter the Pakistani exhibition and the Japanese exhibition, because only by invitation can they participate in SIHH. Once invited, what will be waiting for you will be the patient explanation and unlimited champagne and caviar. Whenever night falls, some brands will hold grand parties, celebrities and celebrities from all walks of life, the scenes are extravagant, so SIHH’s high-end image quickly gained popularity.