Tuduo Biwan Series Timing Type

The famous Heritage Black Bay series ushered in the first Tudor-made chronograph watch, equipped with an automatic movement, column wheel and vertical chronograph clutch wheel device.

   Since the introduction of Prince Oysterdate, the first chronograph in 1970, Tudor has been making watches that are closely linked to the racing world. The same goes for the diving world. Since 1954, Tudor has continuously improved the quality of its professional diving watches. The newly launched Hybrid Black Bay Chrono boldly combines the tradition of diving watches represented by the Biwan series with the essence of racing chronographs. Qi Cheng Biwan Chronograph retains the famous snowflake feature of the Biwan series, the ‘Snowflake’ hands. Since 1969, the ‘Snowflake’ pointer has been a trademark of the brand. Against the domed matte black dial, ideal results are achieved when reading. The counter chronograph is hollow and has a sharp contrast. The calendar window is set at 6 o’clock. The 41 mm diameter steel case retains the distinctive features of the Biwan collection, and the design of its buttons is inspired by the first generation of Tudor chronographs. The rounded brushed steel fixed bezel is engraved with the tachymeter scale, which makes the appearance of this new sports chronograph perfect.
Tudor manufacture chronograph movement MT5813

   The Tudor-made chronograph movement MT5813, which powers the chronograph Bichen Chronograph, is deserved of a high-performance movement with a proud 70-hour power reserve, silicon hairspring, and certification from the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center. It is crafted in purely traditional watchmaking, with a column wheel and a vertical timing clutch wheel. Adhering to the quality concept of Tudor, this movement is sturdy, reliable and extraordinary. To ensure the quality of the watch, all Tudor products pass a series of rigorous tests.
Denim style jacquard textured strap

   The textured strap is one of the signature features of the Qi Cheng series, and Tudor is also one of the earliest brands to use the textured strap. This strap is made by a 150-year-old family-owned company in the St-Etienne region. It is woven from a 19th-century jacquard loom for high quality and comfortable wearing. The Qicheng Biwan timing model launched this time is matched with a dark blue denim wind strap, designed by Tudor, and then commissioned by the above-mentioned family business. Each Qicheng Biwan Chronograph comes with a denim wind strap, and two other strap designs are available. A steel strap inspired by the discounted riveted straps that come with the watches produced by Tudor in the 1950s and 1960s. The links on both sides of the strap are connected by rivet heads, and the structure is stepped. These design features are famous worldwide. Both aesthetic details appear on a strap at the same time, while the solid links create a modern structure. The other is a dark brown belt with a discount.
Source of inspiration for the Biwan Collection

   The Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Chronograph is based on the historical tradition of the Tudor watch. It combines the past characteristics and perfectly integrates ancient and modern times. The overall shape, dome-shaped dial and mirror of the new model inherit the design essence of the first Tudor diving watch. The eye-catching winding crown is derived from the ‘Big Crown’ model (model 7924) introduced by Tudor in 1958, the first Tudor watch to be water-resistant to 200 meters (660 feet). In addition, the ‘snowflake’ hands on the dial are unique and angular, borrowing from the classic style of providing watches for the French Navy in the 1970s.
Kai Cheng Series
   Speaking of the main characteristics of the Tudor Kai Cheng series, I have to mention its unique creative process: reinterpret the brand classics, eclectic and freely play. The first result was the TUDOR Heritage Chrono, launched in 2010, a reinterpretation of the first TUDOR chronograph that appeared in 1970. Since then, some of the most important masterpieces in Tudor history have been reborn with a new attitude in the Kai Cheng series. This series of watches is not simply a classic replica, but a fusion of traditional aesthetic characteristics and contemporary watchmaking technology. Biwan, as the outstanding series of Tudor Kai Cheng watches, embodies Tudor’s more than 60 years of diving watch making experience, which can be described as the perfect example of the classic design of the brand.

Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of Hublot Big Bang Hublot Chengdu Ifs Store Grand Opening

On October 16, 2015, the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT unveiled the Hublot Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store in Chengdu, China, and also reviewed the most classic Hublot watches. The Big Bang series hosted Hublot Big Bang’s ten-year development history. Hublot has made achievements in many fields with its ‘integrated art’. This time, it joined hands with the WWF World Wildlife Fund to participate in the protection of the giant panda project. On the same day, it also released a limited edition inspired by the giant panda, creating a unique one. of. Big Bang special panda watch as a gift to WWF entering China for 35 weeks.

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

   On the day of the event, Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe came to the scene and said: ‘I’m very glad to be here in China today to witness so many glorious moments and to celebrate the 35th anniversary of WWF China with you. Yu Hublot regards sharing as the foundation of corporate social responsibility. Through sharing and helping more social organizations, charitable organizations and environmental protection foundations, it intends to make society develop harmoniously and for a better future. Thanks also to many guests for celebrating Hublot with Hublot. The 10th anniversary of the launch of Big Bang and the opening of the Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store, Hublot will continue adhering to the art of fusion, bringing more extraordinary works to many consumers. ‘

Chris Hails, Director of International Affairs, WWF WWF Headquarters

   Mr. Chris Hays, Director of International Affairs at WWF WWF Headquarters, thanked him for working with Hublot. WWF World Wildlife Fund has assisted the establishment of 62 wild giant panda nature reserves and protected more than 1.6 million hectares of wetlands during its 35 years in China. It is a very admirable public welfare organization!

  Then Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Mr. Chris Hayes, Director of International Affairs at WWF WWF Headquarters, announced the launch of the giant panda, creating a unique Big Bang A special panda watch, limited to 35 pieces.

Technical Parameters
Serial number 365.SE.0900.RW.WWF15
Case ‘BigBang’-38 mm diameter, polished steel
Bezel Polished stainless steel, 6 H-shaped polished titanium screws
Crown Polished stainless steel with Hublot logo, white natural rubber inserts
Case back Polished satin-finished steel, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating inside, special logo engraved
Water-resistant to 10 atmospheres (approximately 100 meters underwater)
Dial 18K white gold, dial decorated with panda pattern, filled with large fire enamel
Hands Polished Rhodium
Hublot HUB1100 automatic winding movement
Number of parts 63— 21
Power reserve 42 hours
Strap White natural rubber with white stitching
Buckle Stainless steel folding clasp

  Afterwards, all the guests cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of Hublot’s Chengdu IFS International Financial Center store. Hublot will continue to advance the art of integration and bring more extraordinary to many consumers. works. ‘

  At the same time, the ‘Public Art Exhibition of Heart Panda’ in the Hublot Big Bang 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Chengdu IFS International Financial Center is also underway. Heart Panda, as the world’s largest public art institution for painting giant pandas, joined forces with Hublot to demonstrate once again that Hublot’s ‘art of fusion’ is a perfect combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and modern art.

Group photo of Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

   In the exhibition area, there are cute pandas with different shapes and the 10th anniversary of the Hublot Big Bang series. The development process is unfolding in an exciting way: classic watches, innovative materials, manufacturing techniques … one by one in front of the public.

Hublot Greater China General Manager Louis Biver (Group photo) in the exhibition area
Summary: The opening of Hublot’s Chengdu IFS store is bound to bring high-quality services and excellent products to Chengdu, which will infect more consumers and inject new vitality into the brand’s development in southwest China. Adhering to the art of fusion, we continue to bring more extraordinary works to many consumers. ‘

Business Choice Rossini Yazun Business Watch

Rossini watches have always been known for their cost-effectiveness. They are loved by the Chinese people. The unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and technology, as well as affordable prices, are very popular among state-owned brands. The Yazun Business Series is a very elegant series of Rossini watches. This business twin model introduced today shows the charm of business watches from the functional point of view, the official reference price: 3460 yuan.

   The size of this watch is in line with the physiological standards of Chinese men. The 41 mm case is not small and small, and the black dial is more stable for the wearer. The stainless steel watch body makes it tougher.
   The visible balance wheel on its dial makes it look more mechanical and dynamic. The design of the back also has Chinese elements. Five bats represent the five blessings, and one badger represents the treasure of wealth. The appearance on the business watch also indicates the smooth sailing of business.

   Its function is still very practical. There are two small dials on one dial, one of which is used to display the time in the second time zone, and the other is the small second dial. The dual time zone function is used by business people. They fly around the world all year round. The dual time zone function can help them adapt to local time in any time zone.
   This watch is a good domestic watch, its movement is imported, but the price is not good and is not the same as the Swiss watch, but also higher than the old domestic watch. The 41mm dial is very suitable for Asian men’s wrists, and its function is very close to business people. It also has a good moral meaning on the back, and it is still a classic Chinese element.

Richard Mille-2013 Spa Classic Master Partner

From May 24 to 26, 2013, the third Spa Classic will be held at the prestigious Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. For the first time, Richard Mille will become this top-level event with partners and official timing.
The Spa circuit was built in 1921 and was designed to be one of the fastest and most breathtaking racing circuits in the world at the time. Over time, the track has been rebuilt from the original 8.8 miles (14.120 kilometers) to the current 4.3 miles (7.004 kilometers). Today the circuit has 15 corners, including the famous Raidillon Eau Rouge Red Water Corner. When passing this curve, the F1 driver was approaching 190 miles (300 kilometers) per hour with almost no visibility.
This undulating track will be a arena for drivers to compete. The race will be divided into the following groups: two CER groups, Group C, Sixties’ Endurance, Trofeo Nastro Rosso, Spa-Classic Jubilee (this group is especially open to the Porsche 911 to commemorate its 50th anniversary), Historic Formula 2 and two Touring groups (designed to recreate the glorious moments of the Francorchamps 24-hour endurance race).

 RichardMille new RM011 SPA CLASSIC watch

Taking this opportunity, Richard Mille will launch a RM 011 Spa Classic that matches the track color, limited to 50 pieces. This watch is equipped with an automatic movement, flyback chronograph, countdown function, annual calendar display and adjustable geometric automatic dial. The color of the upper edge of the carbon fiber on the dial inner ring is inspired by the beige and blue plating of the track. The dial inner ring is red and white. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is decorated with the Spa Classic logo, red and white chronograph indicators, and PVD-coated Grade 5 titanium metal skeleton movement. The entire case of this commemorative watch series is shot peened, the main case pillars are polished and polished, and the protective cover is treated with DLC technology.
The legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit is another punch for the Richard Mille brand following the top international races including Le Mans, Imola and Pau Pau.
Source: Richard Mille

Glashütte Original Valentine’s Day Wrist Selection

Sincere emotions have no fear of the passing of time, the seconds on the wrist witness the good times that lovers have traveled together.
   Condensed time, flowing language, happiness and touching.
   Every happy moment, every second, is worth remembering.
   In the romantic season, Glashütte originally selects two lover pairs, only for the most different him / her.
Retro fashion reappears, fashion follows

For him: Seventies big calendar watch

For her: Pavonina watches
   The Seventies Grand Calendar Chronograph uses a 70’s German-style obtuse square stainless steel case and bezel. The simple and elegant blue dial is suitable for everyone with a personality. The large calendar at 6 o’clock counts the days and nights spent with the lovers, keeping in mind the good years of each other. The arched sapphire crystal fits the wrist better. The ‘heart’ of the watch is the 37-02 automatic winding movement. Its powerful timekeeping function accurately records minutes, seconds, and seconds, just like that one who is dedicated and consistent.
   The Pavonina watches inherit the unique ‘pillow’ design of the 1920s. The refreshing color scheme complements the feminine yet independent nature of modern urban women, just like the modern and bold woman. Pavonina comes from the Latin ‘pavoninus’, which represents a peacock, reminiscent of brilliant colors and gorgeous beauty, just like the joy of colorful love in love. A white mother-of-pearl dial with a gleam in the center. Spirit Sparrow watches are all equipped with Calibre 03-02 quartz movement, which has three times the standard magnetic protection, which fully protects it from external magnetic field damage.
Classic and moving music, accompanied by elegance

For him: PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

For her: PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies Watch

   On the right side of the dial of the PanoMaticLuna eccentric moon phase watch, a quiet and bright moon hangs in the night sky, showing the overcast and sunny; the calendar window below counts the days and nights of the long stream of water, which are beautiful when they are together. The classic Pano large calendar eccentric series classic design, the hour hand, minute hand and small second hand are eccentrically arranged. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the exquisite Calibre 90-02 automatic mechanical movement. The internal design and external design are harmoniously matched, which is suitable for you who are both internal and external in your eyes.
   The PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies watch is like a beautiful woman. The intellectual beauty between her hands and feet is countless. The delicate rainbow mother-of-pearl sparkles with her innocent smile. The time display also shifts to the left of the dial, and to the right of the dial, the exquisite frost-like silver sky rises a silver moon. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 39.4 mm is equipped with a self-made Calibre 90-12 automatic movement, which embellishes the beauty of Glashütte watchmaking art.
   Even as time goes by, love is eternal. As you move the pointer, savor the pure beauty and commemorate your exclusive ‘core’ movement.

Introduction Of Panerai Self-core P.3000

As a legendary Italian watch brand, Panerai has always attracted much attention. Today, I would like to introduce Panerai’s self-produced movement P.3000, and provide a reference for everyone to buy Panerai watches.

Characteristics of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 The P.3000 movement is entirely developed by Panerai Watch Factory. It continues all the main characteristics of the Panerai movement, whether it is in terms of movement architecture, strength, precision or power reserve.
 The P.3000 movement is 16½ centimeters in diameter. Its wide dimensions are derived from the historical models of Panerai. This movement has a highly discernible structure, like a ¾ splint movement: one large, one small, two splints, covering most mechanical parts, and fixed to the bottom splint by a series of thick screws, forming an extremely Consolidated structure. The movement is equipped with 21 stones, with two connected barrels. This design gives 3-day power reserve to the slender clockwork, allowing the clockwork to release more even power over a longer period of time. Rare variable inertia type large balance wheel (13.2mm), equipped with four adjusting screws on the outer ring, you can adjust the speed of the balance wheel without removing the entire device. Equipped with a double-supported balance bridge, it is more secure and stable than a cantilever single splint. The balance frequency is 3 Hz, which is equivalent to 21,600 times per hour. Equipped with Incabloc® anti-vibration device and non-clamp spring, so no adjustment lever is required.
 In addition to the frosted splint and rounded chamfers (that is, all chamfers are ground and polished), the P.3000 movement is also equipped with a quick adjustment time device: a 12-tooth star wheel, plus a small spring clutch, that is, The hour hand indicating the local time can be moved by one hour without affecting the operation of the minute hand or watch. The P.3000 movement also has a date display.

Features of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 Hour and minute display
Technical parameters of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 Manually wound mechanical movement
 16 ½ cents
 5.3 mm thick
 21 stone
 Glucydur® balance
 21,600 vibrations per hour
 Incabloc® anti-shock device
 3-day power reserve
 Two barrels
 160 components
 More information on Panerai watches in the watch home.

Watch After Sales Is The Key Blancpain After-sales Price List

Watch after-sales are mainly divided into several categories, such as adding or removing bracelets or changing straps, etc., which are fast services. Although we generally understand that replacing batteries is also fast service, in fact, due to battery replacement even disassembly The watch also includes waterproof test and replacement of waterproof parts, so it is not ‘fast’. In addition, after-sales service in Neuchâtel, the service also includes full service, partial service, polished watch head and polished watch band. The full service is to ‘refurbish’ the entire watch, and some services are only to deal with the fault. The latter two are well understood. The strap and the watch head are appearance parts, which are easy to produce scratches or bumps during use. So it needs to be sanded and repaired. It is worth noting that for all of the above services, if the appearance parts need to be replaced, the cost of replacement parts will be charged. In the full service, the parts that are naturally worn by the movement itself will not be charged for parts. If there are human factors that cause component failure , On the basis of full service costs, separate parts costs will be charged.

Next, let’s take a look at the current after-sales offer of Blancpain:

Neuchatel has adjusted the after-sale price since April 1, 2017. We can compare the adjustment range:

   It is not difficult to see that apart from the full service, the remaining prices have not been adjusted, but there is no clear news as to whether the cost of parts has been adjusted. In addition, after you buy a watch, you must understand the after-sales terms in detail, because many brands require highly waterproof watches, you need to do waterproof testing every year, otherwise it may not be guaranteed.