Casio Sheen Large Dial Series Female Watch

The calm, elegant and opinionated new age women should be passionate about the continuous pursuit of quality of life and believe in economic independence in life. Just like the Casio SHEEN created for urban women, elegance and wisdom exude intellectual beauty, shining charm from the heart, making you a ‘big’ woman mentally.

The SHE-3023 series personalized large dial design launched this time is very eye-catching, showing a distinct personality and confident temperament, showing the pride of the big woman in elegance. The bezel and 12 hour-point scales are decorated with crystal clear Swarovski crystals, which emit a dazzling light that cannot be ignored, making the entire dial shining. The strap is made of special resin, which is scratch-resistant, fade-proof, shock-proof and abrasion-resistant. This material with high medical safety is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It is difficult to fade and age even after spraying perfume or UV light. Water-resistant everyday life, small dial with date and day display, reflecting its excellent functionality.

All black watches are embellished with mysterious and romantic purple Swarovski crystals, breaking the dull monotony but elegant and restrained with a little playfulness and more affinity. Suitable for elegant and low-key senior women who pay attention to details.
The large red model with refreshing and transparent white Swarovski crystals is enthusiastic and energetic, with a flamboyant personality but not exaggerated, full of positive energy. Suitable for middle-aged and big women who have the courage to challenge the passion for life.

The pure white watch is set with quiet and quiet yellow Swarovski crystals. It is fresh and fashionable but lovely, starlight and moonlight. Suitable for junior big women who have goals and dreams and are active, strong and not discouraged.