Little Freckles, The Most Worth Buying Longines Retro Models These Years

Over the years, watch brands like to introduce some retro styles. The market is not good. Pulling some classic models from the brand history is not only the most stable method, but also can show the long-term heritage of the brand. When telling a bunch of sky-scratching historical stories, many table friends will be brought back to that era, and then reach the sublimation of the soul, and finally pay for it … but, not all retro styles can Made by the brand. It can even be said that most of the retro styles have not been made. The objective reason is that the pursuit of watches in different eras is very different. For example, before the 1990s, men liked watches below 36 mm, and now, some women’s watches are 36 mm. The more important subjective reason is that the brand manufacturers not only want to meet the aesthetics of a small number of high-end fever watch enthusiasts, but also to be accepted by the mainstream consumers, so they continue to modify based on historical models, and eventually become ‘four dislikes’. Neither end pleases. Last year, Longines released the ‘Little Freckles’, which is the best Longines retro model in my eyes these years. At that time, the American watch media Hodinkee first published a photo of Longines on its INS. Looking at the small picture, it was thought to be an antique watch. Because this type of original antique watch can be exchanged on Ebay from time to time, so I didn’t pay much attention, and it went smoothly. In the afternoon, they pushed a separate article to introduce that this is the retro model launched by Longines this year. The social network of watches and clocks at home and abroad was suddenly detonated … Air Force, referred to as ‘RAF’. But there was no GPS system at that time. Pilots could only use watches and sextants. This was the most accurate navigation method at that time. As a military watch, the accuracy of time is crucial and can even affect the success or failure of a battle. And to ensure the accuracy of the time, in addition to the watch itself needs to run stably, the initial proofreading is also key. Before performing military missions, not only pilots, all clocks and clocks need to be timed uniformly to ensure that everyone’s start time is the same, so that they can launch offenses and retreats at the scheduled time … 1940 On May 5th, the Royal Air Force supplier Goldsmiths and Silversmiths urgently placed an order with Omega’s London subsidiary, which required 2,000 watches with the Weems seconds hand rotation outer ring setting function. In addition to Omega, Longines, Zenith, Movado, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Wittnauer have also been successfully selected to provide products for the Royal Air Force. This project, known as ‘6B / 159’, is the historical origin of ‘little freckles.’ To facilitate procurement management and quality control, the British Military of Defense (MoD) has set a strict standard for pilot military watches. ‘6B’ in ‘6B / 159’ represents ‘aviation navigation equipment, accessories and maintenance parts’, and ‘159’ represents its specific enlistment sequence number. Querying the historical archive of that year, we can know the specific requirements of ‘6B / 159’: the movement needs to be wound by the crown instead of using a separate key; the power reserve time is not less than 36 hours; the hands should be made of blue steel ; Weems second hand sets the rotating outer ring; the case material can be chrome-plated steel or copper; light silver or white dial. At the same time, the travel time needs to be within the following deviations: 3 hours +/- 3 seconds, 6 hours +/- 5 seconds, 12 hours +/- 8 seconds, and 24 hours +/- 15 seconds. A London collector bought an original ‘6B / 159’ antique watch and visited the Longines Museum, which caught the brand’s official attention. Longines was inspired to launch the ‘retro’ model in 2018, and in this way celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. The reason for this Longines ‘little freckles’ is in my eyes the most worth buying Longines retro models these years. That is because it finds a good balance between ‘military watch’ and ‘civilian’, ‘history’ and ‘modern’. Did you mention the ‘6B / 159’ rotating outer ring with Weems second hand setting function? So this Longines is gone. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, brand manufacturers not only want to satisfy the aesthetics of a small number of high-end fever watch enthusiasts, but also to be accepted by the majority of mainstream consumers, so they continue to modify based on historical models, and eventually become ‘four dislikes’ ‘? The true historical story is that in the later stage of the implementation of ‘6B / 159’, the ‘stop second’ function was applied to the watch, and the pilot could check the time more conveniently. Therefore, the British Ministry of Defence set the complicated Weems second hand to rotate outside. The circle was canceled. To put it simply, ‘6B / 159’ is divided into two versions: circled and acyclic. At the same time, we can also use this history to know that the scale of the stopwatch function originated in the 1940s. Compared to the ‘6B / 159’ with a circle and two crowns, the design of the circle-free version is not only more practical, but also in line with modern aesthetics. At the same time, careful watch friends will find that this ‘6B / 159’ is equipped with light silver or white dial + blue steel hands, while most military watches are black dial + luminous hands. Such a match, in addition to being rare and interesting, also meets the appearance needs of the majority of non-professionals. And between ‘history’ and ‘modern’, this Longines ‘Little Freckles’ found a good balance. The first point is ‘stubborn’. This is also the most important point. Longines has not added a calendar function to it this time, maintaining the balance of the dial layout. At the same time, the hands also use the roasted blue technology, which exudes a charming cornflower blue. Before I saw the real photos of Hodinkee and other foreign watch and clock media on the Internet, I felt that they were not blue steel hands, but paint pins. After getting the mass-produced version, check carefully to confirm that it is a more authentic roasting blue process. The second point is ‘fine tuning’. ‘6B / 159’ is equipped with a light silver or white dial. Because 70 years ago, the watchmaking technology was not advanced, so in long-term use, the dial will naturally oxidize and eventually form spots. This was originally a ‘defect’, but it was loved by table friends because it represented time and recorded the passage of time. The modern version is more stable and durable. If you want to wait until the spots appear, most of your cousins ​​may need to leave to the next generation. So Longines did the old ‘6B / 159’ engraving, first making the dial slightly yellow, and then adding spots on it, which is also the origin of this watch’s ‘small freckles’ nickname. In order to be more natural, the pattern on each ‘little freckles’ is handmade, without repetition, unique. The third point is ‘innovation’. The original antique ‘6B / 159’ case was 34 mm in diameter. This size was the most popular in the year, but it is definitely not suitable for now. The re-engraving of Longines this time did not increase to 42 millimeters in the mainstream at one breath, but made 38.5 millimeters with great restraint. In addition to the changes in size, the material of the table glass has also been changed from the original acrylic plastic to sapphire. However, in order to retain the charm of antique watches, Longines uses arched sapphire on this retro model, and at the same time has an internal coating to improve transparency. Under the sun’s rays, arc-shaped staggered light and shadow will still be left on the dial. The inner movement is probably the most important innovation of this time. The original antique ‘6B / 159’ uses a manual winding mechanical movement produced by Longines. After the quartz crisis, the brand has abandoned the movement production department, and its personnel and equipment have been transferred to the same group’s ETA. Now that the mass-produced vintage version wants to use the self-produced movement, it is already a luxury, and it is undoubtedly the best choice to carry the ETA movement. Among the several movements that can be used, the manual movement ETA7001 is too fragile and has three small hands; the manual movement ETA6497 is too large and requires a central second hand; the automatic ETA2824 is suitable, but it will cause the watch to increase its thickness. In the end, upgrading to L888.2 based on ETA2892 is undoubtedly the best choice. Compared with ETA2892, the main change of L888.2 is the power reserve time. Because the overall structure has not been changed, ETA has increased the original 42 hours to 64 hours by fine-tuning such as reducing the operating frequency, increasing the winding efficiency and the mainspring length. At the same time, the L888.2 also uses a new T-shaped shock absorber and a weightless balance wheel. In daily wear and use, in fact, there is not much difference between L888.2 and ETA2892. The added benefit is more meaningful, that is, it is convenient for us to check the authenticity of the watch. Because it is difficult for fake watch manufacturers to produce such a movement, ETA is not sold. The retro watches of the horological brand are ‘difficult’ and ‘don’t need’ to be exactly the same as the original antique watches, and they are no longer the products of the year. If you really like antique watches, you might as well go for it yourself. Even antique watches are sometimes cheaper than the engraved version. The mystery of the retro model lies in refining the temperament and charm of antique watches, and using modern technology to produce, suitable for the current use environment. The specific model of this Longines freckles is l2.819.4.93.2, which was released in March 2018, and it took almost 1 year to go on sale. Compared to ordinary Longines models, it belongs to the Heritage series, equipped with military green nylon and cowhide two straps, and also has a huge wooden box. The official domestic price is 16,600 yuan. However, as this type of retro Longines is rarely known, many specialty stores do not have stock. If you want to buy a friend, you are advised to go to the official Longines store. —END —

Broadcasting Of ‘big Bang’ For 12 Years Is Over. Who Doesn’t Love This Genius Who Can Wear Watches?

Some time ago, the 12-year melodrama ‘Big Bang’ ended, and the friends who chased the drama all around were very moved. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ officially launched the first season in 2007, and the first episode of the third season was broadcast on CBS in the United States in 2009, refreshing the record high for the year, and then singing all the way, winning numerous awards, from 2009 ‘Comedy Best Contribution Award’ to the ’69th Emmy Awards Best Comedy Multi-camera Clip’, ‘Big Bang’ won the award.

‘The Big Bang Theory’

  ‘Big Bang’ starts with four otaku genius scientists, Shelton with high IQ and low EQ, clinging to the sofa seat (fans call him ‘Xie ears’), the only physicist who can tolerate Xie ear quirks, Leonard, Rajesh, a single dog astronomer physicist who can’t talk to women without drinking, and Holde, a scientist who has upgraded from love and women to two-daddy fathers (although his mother has not appeared in the picture, it is really impressive), Although these four genius scientists have super high IQs, it is precisely because of the high IQ that is different from others that they cause inner loneliness, but they are incompatible with the world.

Stills from The Big Bang Theory

Leonard and Penny

Holder and Bernadette

  These four people who seem to be lonely, eventually met their own love.

Shelton and Amy

  In the last season, Sheldon and Amy ended up in love and ran into the marriage hall. Leonard and Penny had their first children. Rajesh finally confessed to his goddess, Holden and Bernadette. Already parents of two children, the characters in the play are growing, and we are also growing. Some people say that the finale of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ means that we will finally say goodbye to youth.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 12 Stills

  As one of the main characters in the play, Xie’s ear growth can be said to be unexpected. Originally, the screenwriter set the protagonist to Leonard. Although Xie Ear has a high IQ in the play, he is naive, selfish, poisonous, and arrogant. He is a perfectionist and a patient with advanced obsessive-compulsive disorder. It may not be flattering, but it is much loved in the play. Imperfect characters make perfection. This is the place that attracts us and resonates. A man with many shortcomings looks extremely cute in the play.

Jim Parsons as The Big Bang Sheldon

  ‘The Big Bang’ Xie Ears is played by Jim Parsons. Because of the role of Shelton, Jim Parsons has become the highest paid actor in American television. Prior to Xie Ear’s role, Jim Parsons, who was born in Coban, had been tepid. Most of the roles he played were supporting roles, and they played in Shelton in 2007. After 12 years of tempering a flesh-and-blood thankful ear, Jim Parsons not only rose to fame, but also won four Emmys for Best Actor in a Comedy category for his role.

Wedding of Jim Parsons and lover Todd Spicewalk

  Success in career and love went very well. In 2017, Jim Parsons and his lover Todd Spicewalker got married in the ‘Rainbow House’ in New York.

  Jim Parsons loves watches in everyday life and events.

  Jim Parsons has a pet dog, which often appears on his social platform. In one of the videos, he wears a watch to teach pet dogs to shake hands. The dial of this hand is silver-white, and there are three black The small function disk should be Omega’s Speedmaster (may also be antique Daytona). The watch in the video could not find the wearing picture, the screenshot is a bit fuzzy, if there is an error, please correct it in the comment area.

Jim Parsons wears Omega Speedmaster 323. (similar)

  Jim Parsons wore another square watch with a pointer at six o’clock on the dial. The design is very different. It is a very special watch of the Cartier tank series. This watch with a suit, Jim Parsons’s style is more prominent.

Jim Parsons wears Cartier Tank W1554851

Jim Parsons Montblanc Nicholas Case Day and Night Time Chronograph

  Jim Parsons’ boyfriend Todd Spicewalk also likes to wear watches, wear a Cartier Santos, and Jim Parsons on the yacht with a bright smile.

Todd Spicewalk wears Cartier W6206017
  As they walked, Todd Sparker wore another Cartier watch.

Summary: The 12-year ‘Big Bang’ that accompanied us was over. The screenwriter did not use a very exaggerated and cool personality to create the protagonist. This group of laughing and noisy high emotional business men are lonely, proud, selfish, and arrogant. But at the same time, it is also full of love. In the end, I also harvested my own love and gave us a most successful ending. It can be said that there is no regret. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Boat A Woodie Car To Humberton

‘woodie’ is the name of a specific car design, originating from the early 1930s. It is a type of ‘wagon’, the rear part of which is usually made of wood framed wood, or metal paint panel. Woodie car was popular in the United States from the 1930s to the 1950s, and introduced a variety of styles and models. In addition to simple basic equipment, there are many options such as luxury upgrades.
The characteristic of Woodie car is that the rear part is usually made of wood framed wood or painted metal panel.
    Back in Geneva, Baume & Mercier CEO Alain Zimmermann remembers this old classic car. He decided: ‘In order to implement the brand’s new concept-the seaside life of Humberton, we must find a woodie car that matches the brand image to perfectly interpret the concept of a famous person.
    So the brand embarked on the search for the best woody car. Starting with Europe first, unfortunately, nothing has been gained here. Later, Baume & Mercier discovered that there are still a few woodie cars in the US that are still on sale. Because the number is too scarce, making the search difficult … The celebrity tried to change direction and began to search for historical models in the field of art. Unexpectedly, he soon got satisfactory results!
This Ford, produced in 1949, attracted the attention of Baume & Mercier employees, and the bodywork was crafted in maple panels and cream tones
    One of Baume & Mercier’s employees is a collector of antique cars. He also joined the hunt to help find woodie produced by famous car brands such as Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. His gaze was fascinated by a Ford produced in 1949, with a body in maple wood panels and cream tones. He explained: ‘Everything from the brakes to the engine retains the original equipment, 100% antique woodie. When you get on the seat and hold the wide bakelite steering wheel, Humberton seems to be at the front corner.’ A veritable family car that can accommodate up to eight people. It can be used to drive a beach trip at any time and travel around.
Everything from brakes to engines retains original equipment, 100% antique woodie
    The car went through it for a month. On December 21, 2010, its wheels made contact with the Swiss airport apron for the first time. Once the license plate is approved, it will be the designated car for VIPs traveling to Geneva. If you happen to be here, maybe you are also lucky enough to meet this famous antique woodie on the street!
Once the license plate is approved, it will be the designated car for VIPs traveling to Geneva
Model: Ford 1949 Woodie Wagon
Engine: V8 flat-head start, 239 cubic inches, 100 horsepower
Transmission: three-stage standard transmission