Except for reading time, what functions do you think a watch can provide? The 2010 Senator Diary diary in Glashütte gave table fans an unexpected answer-an alarm can be set after 30 days.
Imagine: your days are full of appointments, and another busy week is before you. In fact, your deeds have been queued to the end of the month.
Too much work to do, time is not enough.
However, there is a date you should never forget.
That day, that hour, you must be there.
Think about which time in the next few weeks will be most important to you (or your closest relative)?
You know the answer. So what are you waiting for?
Make up your mind and seize every day.
Are you ready? well.
Set the date, set the time, make the alarm full, and then you can sit back and relax.

 Senator Diary has a beautiful sense of balance. A pair of crowns are located on the opposite sides of the stainless steel case, each with a push button. The right crown and push-button handle the large date display at 3 o’clock on the black galvanized dial. The hour, minute and sliding seconds hand in white gold enhances its elegance.
 The player’s gaze will soon be focused on its diary alarm-a black sub-face plate framed by a German silver ring at nine o’clock, and a small, slightly curved red arrow at six hole. To set the alarm, first use the diary alarm window on the sub-dial at 10 o’clock to select the date. Press the button at 8 o’clock until the letter in the window becomes ‘D’. Turn the crown at 10 o’clock until the red and silver hands select the correct date from 1 to 31. Set the time so that the letter becomes ‘H’. Then rotate the crown and select the time from 00.15 to 24.00 in the small hole at six o’clock, in units of a quarter of an hour. To set the alarm, press again to turn the window into an alarm symbol (a bell), and then rotate the crown to wind up the alarm. The alarm sounds when the set date and time is reached-it lasts up to one minute. To turn off the alarm (or cancel the previous setting), press and hold the button at the eight o’clock position until the window changes to the ‘Alarm Off’ symbol.

 The heart of Senator Diary is Glashütte’s 100-13 movement. The movement is equipped with a new diary special module on the 100-03 movement. The whole movement has a total of 594 parts, except for a few of them. Glashütte’s watch factory is responsible for the design, production, polishing and assembly of the movement. As a model of Glashütte’s craftsmanship, its clever chain structure allows the wearer to set it at the end of the month, even after manually adjusting the date; any date-related changes at the end of the month will skip the alarm structure, so you do n’t need to re-set Set the alarm. There is a second barrel in the alarm module to ensure that the alarm can maintain a full chain even when it stops.
 The 100-13 self-winding movement further proves the unparalleled excellence of Glashütte’s outstanding mechanical watch, including three-quarters of the splint with Glashütte threads, polished steel parts, chamfers and blue Steel screws as well as hand-carved. These exquisite decorations can be seen at a glance through the transparent back cover of anti-glare sapphire crystal.
 In addition to the above-mentioned models, the Senator Diary also has a rose gold case, rose gold hour, minute and sliding seconds hands, and rose gold indexes with galvanized silver dial. The date display on the diary-type alarm clock face is blue, echoing the small arrow on the diary-type alarm time adjustment hole at the six o’clock position. Both editions are paired with well-crafted black Louisiana crocodile straps.