Amy Xinyu joins hands again to create a classic
——Records of Dialogue between Le Méridien and Xinyu Group
Meng Xianting President, Dachang Asia Pacific Holdings Limited
瑜 Zhang Yuping Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xinyu Hendry Holdings Limited
On August 28, Dashco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., as the owner of the Le Méridien brand, authorized the renewal of the exclusive agency agreement with Henderson International Co., Ltd., and the two companies joined hands again to create the ‘Tomorrow Classic’ and become the Swiss Ai A new milestone for beautiful watches!
After the grand signing ceremony, Mr. Meng Xianting, President of Dachang Asia-Pacific Holdings Co., Ltd. and Mr. Zhang Yuping, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xinyu Hengdeli Holdings Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter and launched a meaningful talk about creating classics together. Brand conversation.
Join forces to create miracles
Zhang Yuping
Xinyu Hengdeli is currently China’s most powerful mid-to-high-end imported watch retailer and agent. It has established solid cooperative relationships with many of the world’s top brands. Currently it has 19 watch brands, of which 16 are exclusive agents. . The sales network includes approximately 300 wholesale customers in more than 40 cities in China and retail stores in 16 cities in China.
Le Méridien came to China in 1998. In 2001, it signed an exclusive agency agreement in China with Beijing Hengdeli Watch Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shanghai Xinyu Watch Group). After 5 years of cooperation, Amy has successfully established 90 sales stores in 30 major cities in China, while maintaining a sales growth rate of 70% per year.
Meng Xianting
The name of the Swiss ‘Amy’ watch embodies decades of experience in making high-quality watches. The glorious history began in 1961 when Zurich-based Desco Von Schulthess AG acquired a watch parts factory in the town of Saignelégier, Jurass, to help produce some independent Swiss brands for the global market. In 1975, the first Le Méridien watch named ‘Maurice Lacroix’ was sold in Austria.
艾 Today, Le Méridien is available in approximately 3,700 designated luxury watch stores in more than 60 countries around the world. About 150,000 high-quality watches are produced annually by Le Méridien’s watch factory in Saignelégier and are sold all over the world. In China, through Xinyu Hengdeli’s extensive sales platform, sales have grown rapidly and become a household watch brand.

People who love watches are very different
Zhang Yuping
Every time I listened to the ticking sound of the second hand, I was moved by life. After 20 years in the industry, after seeing too many watches, I have collected individual and unique watches, such as the full-hollow I can wear today to see the movement, and Amy’s ‘eccentric’ series.
妻子 My wife has many watches, and they are all from me. I like watches, so I hope that the people closest to me can share them.
Meng Xianting
I love watches, especially those with large dials. But the most practical thing for me now is the watch with the function of two time zones. When I work in China, the time zones of the two places can tell me at any time, the time of life of the people in my hometown.
很少 I rarely give my watch as a gift to my wife. If so, she will feel that I don’t have enough heart and sincerity. I must choose something she likes as a gift.
Recognize brand connotation is the foundation of cooperation
Meng Xianting
Le Méridien is a young Swiss watch brand with only 31 years of watch manufacturing history, but it has always adhered to the traditional Swiss watchmaking technology. For example, Le Méridien still produces its own case in Saignelégier, Switzerland, and it is an independent Swiss-made watch. There are few watch factories, and Le Méridien is one of them. At the same time, it began to build its own complex movement factory in 2006 to improve the quality control and development of watches. One of the brands of case production factories and movement assembly factories.
Although it is very young, it still adheres to tradition, so its brand connotation says ‘the collision between classic and fashion, the combination of tradition and innovation’. Focus on the pursuit of classics, but not stick to it, full of enthusiasm and vigor. Since 2001, it has won many honors from world-renowned watch magazines and has developed into one of the top 15 watch brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry.
Zhang Yuping
I have been in the luxury goods industry for many years. I deeply realize that the history, connotation and culture of a brand truly reflect the value of a brand, and accurate brand positioning is a beneficial weapon to occupy the market. The success of Le Méridien in the Chinese market is not only due to their dedication to product quality, but also more importantly, a deep understanding of Asian consumers and a keen market feel for their products.
Respecting tradition and forging ahead, Le Méridien just meets the psychological needs of some consumers. In addition, it is positioned as a mid-to-high-end watch, with a reasonable price between 10,000 to 30,000 yuan. It accurately occupies its market space among the many brands we represent.
Confident, Looking forward to the bright future
Meng Xianting
The rapid growth of China’s economy has made the world optimistic about the Chinese market. Le Méridien is also full of confidence and is committed to bringing the best products and sophisticated lifestyle to Chinese consumers. With the support of Xinyu Hengdeli Group’s rich management experience and efficient operating processes, our cooperation will definitely make a new leap.
Zhang Yuping
With the economic growth, Chinese consumers have grown rapidly. In the past, watch consumption followed suit. Nowadays, attention is paid to taste and quality, and the awareness of watch brands is very high. Watches have become an integral part of life. In this case, Le Méridien’s high quality and accurate positioning will help it occupy a larger market share, and Xinyu Hendry will also consolidate its leading position in the fast-growing Swiss luxury watch market. Full of confidence.

Le Méridien Bentao Collection Eccentric Time Zone Limited Edition Watch
当 On the day of signing the contract, Mr. Meng Xianting wore an eccentric two-zone time zone watch with a limited edition of 500 in the Pontos series. Its fascinating feature is that the time performance of the two places is presented in an extremely creative way-eccentric display. It combines the modern design of Swiss watchmaking with high-tech materials. As the name suggests, this watch is not only special because of the eccentric faceplate design of the time zones of the two places, including the local time display of hours, minutes and seconds in an eccentric manner. The face portion of local time is slightly offset to 10 o’clock. In addition, the second time zone panel between 2 and 5 o’clock is even more surprising with a sun and moon dial, which can clearly display the day and night in the second time zone.