He is the mature and stable dream leader in the hearts of fans; He is a gentleman and gentleman who is committed to charity; He is a new and up-to-date milk dad who is full of love and warmth; He is the global spokesperson for Tissot ——Huang Xiaoming. Working together for eight years, Tissot watches have witnessed every moment of Xiaoming’s transformation. In his world, he has the courage to challenge and explore more. At the same time, Xiaoming also accompanied every step of Tissot’s progress and innovation. On the birthday of Xiaoming on November 13, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot watches sincerely wishes: Xiaoming who is willing to make breakthroughs and constantly challenge herself, happy birthday, and wonderful moments!

Picture 1-2: Tissot watches sincere birthday wishes for Huang Xiaoming
Tissot presents you on the core
   Today, Tissot celebrates the birthday of Huang Xiaoming, a global spokesperson. On this birthday, Tissot watch carefully customized the Tissot watch gift box, selected the Tissot Suzuki series watch that complements the calm temperament of Huang Xiaoming, and engraved ‘there is you on the core’ on the case back as a unique commemoration. The dial is like his open-minded mind, and the retro matte texture of the dial can show his mature and wise temperament. In addition, there is a Tissot timepiece gift box, which contains a highly efficient working timer and an exquisite notebook, so that every minute and every second is accompanied by the accurate timekeeping of Tissot watches. Every memorable moment can be remembered. Remember!

Figure 3-4: Tissot’s birthday gift to Huang Xiaoming-Sachs watch with ‘you on the core’ engraved
   In addition, Tissot has ingeniously prepared a memory commemorative album, which records every special and precious moment in the eight years with Xiaoming. Together with the memory commemorative book, Huang Xiaoming also presented a carefully prepared birthday cake from Tissot. The red and white colors are full of sweetness and expectations. The memorable moments around the eight years surround the cake, and wish Xiaoming a happy birthday with full details. .

Figure 5: Huang Xiaoming signs the memorial book

Figure 6-8: Tissot’s birthday cake carefully prepared by Huang Xiaoming
‘Ming’ Xiao Qian Road Go forward bravely
   He is a heroic man who broke into the beach with a single gun, a peerless master who fought for power at the night banquet, a ‘passing child’ of the fierce tenderness in the mouth of Yi Fei’s ‘aunt’, and a ‘Panda Papa’ who was keen on public welfare in the Wenchuan earthquake. In 2009, he combined handsomeness, perseverance and strength, and gained another identity-the global spokesperson of Tissot, and began a long-term tacit cooperation with Tissot.

Figure 9: Huang Xiaoming starts cooperation with Tissot
   In 2010, for the first time as a spokesperson for Tissot watches, he shot the advertising blockbuster for Tissot watches. He fully interpreted Tissot watches’ ‘innovation, rooted in tradition’ concept. His investment seemed to make the studio go back in time, and the charm of film art set off the retro Timeless beauty.

Figure 10: Huang Xiaoming shooting a Tissot watch advertisement
   In 2011, he flew across the sea for the first time accompanied by Tissot watches, making his debut in Kuala Lumpur. His signature smile and idol charm instantly captured the hearts of on-site audiences and fans.

Figure 11: Huang Xiaoming wearing the Tissot Starfish Diving 1000 Automatic Watch Dark Blue
   In 2012, he went to the prestigious Swiss Basel Watch Show with Tissot, and Xiao Ming appeared on duty in the logistics center’s operation room as a duty manager. It added Tissot watches with infinite brilliance and charm, and made the Chinese media present. Unlimited surprises and surprises.

Figure 12: Huang Xiaoming visits the Swiss Lelock Tissot watch logistics center
   In 2013, at the 160th Anniversary of Tissot Watch, his surprise appearance pushed the whole event to a climax. With a good manner and elegant talk, it triggered a new round of boom in Yangcheng in the late summer.

Picture 13: Huang Xiaoming’s 160th anniversary of Tissot’s birthday at Guangzhou Station
   In 2014, he appeared at the Tissot brand new product launching ceremony and witnessed the enthusiastic appearance of a timepiece created for the World Cup.

Figure 14: Huang Xiaoming’s new Tissot launch ceremony
   At the wedding on October 8, 2015, his solemn commitment to her heart full of affection touched countless people, moved the years, and moved the time. I believe that in the future, people who love each other will always be hand in hand, always happy and happy.

Figure 15: Tissot table with lettering for Huang Xiaoming’s wedding
   In 2016, he strongly supported the Tissot watch enthusiasm and opened a new chapter in the basketball world.

Figure 16: Huang Xiaoming was interviewed by the media during the Tissot event
   On January 21, 2017, this day was another important moment in his life. He upgraded to be a dad in the year of no doubt, not only a successful career, but also a happy family and close friends. Till this time, as a close friend, the Tissot watch also sent him a special congratulation, and carved ‘1 + 1 = 3’ on the side of the watch, wishing him a happy family and a healthy and safe ‘small sponge’.

Figure 17: Tissot watch is a special gift from Huang Xiaoming
   On April 27, 2017, at the launch of the Tissot Baohuan watch series, for the interpretation and persistence of the heart, he and Tissot watch are not so much partners as better friends who have been with each other for many years. He is not afraid of the ups and downs of life because of his persistence in his heart, and he is proud of the ever-changing world with a fearless attitude, showing the gentleman’s pride.

Figure 18: Huang Xiaoming’s interpretation of the Tissot treasure ring series
   Like the Tissot watch that advocates ‘innovation and roots in tradition’, Huang Xiaoming constantly tries new roles in his life. He is a powerful actor, a happy husband, and a cute dad. It is precisely the spirit of the fearless challenge of the ‘master’ of dreams that finally enabled him to achieve today’s achievements and transformation, and this spirit of persistent pursuit of dreams is in perfect harmony with the brand spirit of Tissot watches. Gentleman, persistence, and diversity are also his charms, which coincide with the male image that Tissot watches pay attention to and praise.
   Maybe some stories will end, but our stories will only grow more mellow. What is recorded is beautiful, and what is expected to happen is infinite possibilities. There is you on the core, this story is to be continued.