Not only this year’s new watches have begun to be added to the shelves, but also watch sales are about to usher in a new round of peak season, while classic models and new models are lined up for consumer inspection. As consumers, we also know that the reputation of brands, prices, celebrity styles, and word of mouth is a driving force for the consumption of any product, especially for watches such as ‘large pieces’ that are not low in price. Whether you want to buy it for collection, investment, or daily wear, which ones are the most popular, the most influential and the most admired by watch fans?
    Does this need to be said? The Rolex in the table, the Land Rover in the car, the earliest luxury product that entered China, was naturally consumed by the rich at the time, because it was almost the only consumer product, and its quality has long been affirmed by countless people. The ‘big golden tooth’ is the real soil.
Left: Diary watch Right: Daytona watch
    Rolex pioneered, focusing on the most practical and simple week and calendar functions, so that professionals in the workplace get a personal reminder in addition to the classic simple style. As the series has the most models, the sales volume is naturally not small, a classic and conservative choice.
    Should be the best watch sold by Rolex. It is masculine and associated with racing cars. Many sports stars love it. Whether it is steel, rose gold or platinum, it is very easy to sell.
Patek Philippe
    Whether it is affordable or not, who knows Patek Philippe when entering the watch industry? The entry price of more than 100,000 yuan, the capped price is the focus of senior watch fans and collectors. The principle of buying Patek Philippe is that you can’t afford it, and you have to spend time. After all, everyone who knows the best things knows about it.

Left: Ref. 5119 watch Right: Ref. 5296 watch
    PP is the most classic watch, many people choose it to enter Patek Philippe’s watch kingdom. Those who do not know the goods must not open their mouths. The shape is extremely simple and low-key. It is handmade and extremely delicate. Not everyone can control it well.
    It is a little more expensive than 5119, but in terms of design aesthetics in the field of junior needles, it may be considered as beautiful as no one else can. Whether it is the setting of the dial, hands, or window scales, they are perfect. Well worth having.
    As one of the oldest watch brands, Blancpain goes hand in hand in terms of brand, quality, craftsmanship, popularity and reputation. If you have a good budget, you will definitely not regret buying a Blancpain.

Left: Fifty Fathoms diving watch Right: Aqua lung limited edition watch by Léman Grande Date
    Do you have to say more? The diving watch Fifty Fathoms that professional navy has chosen has become Blancpain’s fist product since its birth. It is absolutely superior in the field of diving watches, and its overall performance is extraordinary. Not only can it be worn underwater, in the workplace. It’s also a wild piece.
    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has this ‘scuba’ watch in his hands. It looks like a very simple junior calendar. It actually has 70 hours of energy storage time and is equipped with Blancpain’s self-developed 6950 self-winding movement, which has excellent performance.

Portuguese Automatic
    In the eyes of Chinese consumers, IWC is both a mass and a niche. Its elegant design has made many people remember it, and those who know it know that it is a good watch. And if you do n’t often linger in the watch market, you wo n’t dare to act rashly in the face of such a watch. Between recognition and unrecognition, IWC has become a very popular workplace choice.
    The Portuguese series celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. It is also the best-selling series of IWC’s multiple series. The design is elegant, the surface is spacious, the lines are smooth, and the movement is excellent … These have become its important reasons for enduring durability.
    Those from Chanel are big names. Even if the two classic watches are not informed by the brand, the living and endless consumers around them can fully explain their appeal. An exquisite woman, an elegant and neutral, difficult to distinguish, there are countless fans.

Above: J12 Classic Under: Premiere Platinum
    The success of J12 makes people see another aspect of Chanel: independence, boldness, maturity, calmness, elegance and style that will never change. Needless to say, J12 is very popular from beginning to end.
    Prior to the launch of the J12, Premiere was a classic Chanel watch. Fontaine-shaped dial, chain strap, Chanel fashion handbag elements are also displayed in the watch, extremely elegant and charming.