Recently, Blancpain Blancpain GT Series annual awards ceremony was held in London, 380 guests attended the dinner scene, once again focusing on the attention and glory of the hegemony of the 2015 season.
Winner of Blancpain GT Series 2015

   This season’s champion naturally attended the awards dinner and won trophies in various categories. Blancpain GT Series Drivers Championship wins rookie Robin Frijns, Endurance Series Drivers Championship is won by Nissan Team Alex Buncombe, Chiyoda (Katsumasa Chiyo) and Wolfgang Reip, while the sprint series driver championship was won by Maximilian Buhk and Vincent Abril of Bentley Boys (Vincent Abril). The Blancpain Endurance Series is the same as the Sprint Series. The champions only saw the final turn on the last corner of the last lap of the race, and won warm applause from the audience. They both received a Blancpain L-evolution ‘Super Trofeo’ flyback chronograph with special special inscriptions on the back of the watch.
Champagne night

   As in previous awards, representatives of the WRT team from the Audi Club of Belgium are regulars on the podium. This time, they topped the Blancpain GT Series, Blancpain Endurance Series and Blancpain Sprint Series.
   More well-known car brands heading for the championship in professional / amateur competitions, leading the way: Matt Griffin and Duncan Cameron drive AF CorseFerrari in the Blancpain Endurance Series Championship; Alexey Karachev leads the GT RussianMercedes in the professional / amateur series of the Blancpain Sprint Series. The outstanding performance of the two teams also honoured the respective teams in the above series.
Champagne night

   In the amateur group of the Blancpain Endurance Series, the teams did not compete in the exciting tension until the end. Ian Loggie and Julian Westwood drive Team Parker Audi to the championship in the final race at the Nurburgring, and the team title goes to French Ferrari Akka ASP Convoy. In addition, young Dutch driver Jules Szymkowiak led the Bentley HTP team to win the team’s silver medal in the Blancpain sprint series, and he himself won the championship.
L-evolution 8885F-12003-52B

   At the same time, as a partner of the Cooper Avon Tyres British GT Championship and Blancpain Gentlemen Trophy, Blancpain’s Grand Watchmaking Workshop is also the champion of this category. Driver Andre Howard prepared an L-evolution ‘Super Trofeo’ flyback chronograph.