Rossini watches have always been known for their cost-effectiveness. They are loved by the Chinese people. The unique design, exquisite craftsmanship and technology, as well as affordable prices, are very popular among state-owned brands. The Yazun Business Series is a very elegant series of Rossini watches. This business twin model introduced today shows the charm of business watches from the functional point of view, the official reference price: 3460 yuan.

   The size of this watch is in line with the physiological standards of Chinese men. The 41 mm case is not small and small, and the black dial is more stable for the wearer. The stainless steel watch body makes it tougher.
   The visible balance wheel on its dial makes it look more mechanical and dynamic. The design of the back also has Chinese elements. Five bats represent the five blessings, and one badger represents the treasure of wealth. The appearance on the business watch also indicates the smooth sailing of business.

   Its function is still very practical. There are two small dials on one dial, one of which is used to display the time in the second time zone, and the other is the small second dial. The dual time zone function is used by business people. They fly around the world all year round. The dual time zone function can help them adapt to local time in any time zone.
   This watch is a good domestic watch, its movement is imported, but the price is not good and is not the same as the Swiss watch, but also higher than the old domestic watch. The 41mm dial is very suitable for Asian men’s wrists, and its function is very close to business people. It also has a good moral meaning on the back, and it is still a classic Chinese element.