Some people may not know-and some may have forgotten-Century is unique. This does not mean that it feels different. Although he is indeed different, the more important reason is that each watch is carved from a large piece of crystal. This crystal has history. Value. Then, famous craftsmen made it into the case of the watch, which makes each watch strictly unique.
Prime Time Egos Chrono-graph GMT (forty-two millimeters), its case has twelve faces. He uses an observatory-certified automatic movement with 130 diamonds on the dial, including eight brown baguette-cut diamonds (0.73 grams), and 18k red gold case with 88 diamonds Including forty-four baguette-cut diamonds (0.98 carats). At three o’clock there is a date magnifying glass. The secondary dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The larger one shows the seconds and the smaller one shows the hours and minutes. The movement is mounted on the bottom of an 18K red gold case, through which the carefully decorated frame and clockwork can be seen.
This original watch is complete with a brown alligator strap with 18K red gold folding buckle.

And Dragon …
Now we see the Dragon, or more precisely, the Dragon Stone Skeleton Master Imperial watch. This watch was originally developed in 1999. The magnificent geometric structure of the Dragon Stone Skeleton Master Imperia case, with its powerful lines, quickly made it a Century masterpiece.
The latest new model is truly outstanding. The dodecagonal sapphire is carved with 36 faces. It is equipped with a self-winding skeleton movement made of a high-quality watch. The internal gears work incomparably. The exquisite, gossamer clockwork provides the movement with non-stop energy-all these are carefully designed by the master craftsman, who carved, perforated, and shaped the movement little by little. In order to make this charming shape even more perfect, the case and strap are subtly hinged together with wave-shaped attachments. Feuille-shaped hour and minute hands made of blue stainless steel, the case is 18K white gold, set with 247 baguette diamonds (11.4 carats), of which 142 diamonds are set on the strap and accessories on.
This exquisite watch reflects the brilliance and color under the light, and becomes a real work of art. Like dreams, occasionally …
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue