The Crichton Baumatic watch combines solemn aesthetics with reliable and superior technology, combined with the new generation BaumaticBM13 movement-certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and able to resist the effects of magnetic fields in daily life. For men who are adept at taste, aesthetics, and continually pursuing excellence and innovation, the Crichton Baumatic is a great ally.

Design full and simple pure lines

  The Crichton Baumatic watch is a masterpiece of timepieces in fashion wardrobe accessories. Exquisite material changes and exquisite color matching compete for the ultimate masculine elegance. The appropriately proportioned round case is crafted in 18K rose gold or polished / satin-finished steel. The clear dial display design and the anti-glare rounded sapphire crystal glass surface enhance the clear and easy to read function. The case back, also crafted in sapphire crystal, reveals a beautifully decorated movement and rotor.

  The rose gold model has a ‘warm white’ ceramic dial, matching gold-plated engraving and hands, and a black contrast alligator strap.

  The stainless steel version features a blue gradient dial with an integrated stainless steel bracelet or black alligator leather strap.

Subtle details with elegance

  Whether the dial is light or dark, it has a ceramic texture or a subtle gradation effect from blue to black. The dial is equipped with faceted trapezoid rivet type engraving, slender Alpha-shaped hands and a low-key setting at 3. Large date display at o’clock. Depending on the model, the charcoal gray or white minute scale circle and the central coordinates symbolizing the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) also make this overall balanced and harmonious display design more perfect.

  The back of the case, which is fastened with four screws, is a transparent sapphire crystal case back, revealing a beautifully crafted movement: a self-winding movement, innovative and modern, and a traditional hand-painted finish with a delicate carving-round ornament , Sandblasted, snail-shaped or Geneva-trimmed-decorated on the splint, the chassis, and the hollow steel or gold-plated tungsten steel rotor. In the center of the exquisite movement, the shock reed is presented in the form of the brand logo Phi, which symbolizes the balance and harmony of the proportion and the pursuit of perfection by the famous brand.

  The design of the strap and bracelet also makes wearing more comfortable and convenient. Thanks to the clever stud bar system, you can change the crocodile leather strap as you want without tools; the crocodile leather strap and the polished / satin-finished five-row stainless steel bracelet are equipped with triple folding safety Buckle to ensure comfortable and safe wearing.

  The new models of the Crichton Baumatic collection underscore the commitment of Baume & Mercier: never compromise on quality requirements and strive to meet customer expectations.

Excellent quality, reliability and performance


  The new model of the Crichton Baumatic series is equipped with the Baumatic BM13 movement. This self-winding mechanical movement provides innovative technological advantages that meet today’s needs.
-Long-lasting operation: With a long-lasting power reserve of up to 120 hours / 5 days (the average power reserve of a typical watch is 40-70 hours), this means that it is not necessary to wind the watch from one weekend to the next.
-Antimagnetic ability: It can resist the magnetic field effect encountered in daily life, because the magnetic field is an important factor that affects the regular movement of the movement or causes the movement to stop. Nowadays people often use mobile phones or tablet computers, even the magnets of handbags or briefcases have magnetic waves, so the antimagnetic ability of watches is indispensable.
-Travel time accuracy: Certified by COSC, it has a travel time accuracy of only –4 / + 6 seconds per day (generally, the watch travel time error is 20-30 seconds, so the time needs to be adjusted often).
-Durability: The maintenance cycle is seven years (generally three to five years).

  The Crichton Baumatic watch never compromises in quality requirements. With its elegant style and distinctive personality, it has become the ideal wrist treasure for men who love fine watches.


Critton Baumatic watch, white dial, rose gold case, COSC astronomical watch: M0A10469-listed in October 2019

Critton Baumatic watch, blue dial, stainless steel bracelet, COSC astronomical watch: M0A10468-listed in October 2019

Critton Baumatic watch, blue dial, crocodile leather strap, COSC astronomical watch: M0A10467-listed in October 2019