This extraordinary work is a wonderful and ultimate expression of hollowed-out art. The expression of this skeleton watch perfectly takes into account the major elements of this ultra-complicated process. Under the premise of ensuring durability and driving force, it matches the movement structure to the greatest extent to ensure perfect movement.

 The gold-plated brown parts are cleverly housed in a double oval rose gold case. The main splint, bridge and ratchet drive are exquisitely hollowed out. Each small part is carefully hand-rolled and perfectly carved. The slim satin inner bezel is adorned with diamond-polished round trims, which serve as hour and minute scales, perfectly integrated into the overall skeletonization process. The dial and movement are perfectly integrated. The most compact and hand-carved precious metal is perfectly set in the hour scale circle on the front of the dial and the kinetic energy reserve display on the back.

TOURBILLON LUMIRE skeleton tourbillon

仅为 The main splint is only 3.48 mm thick, making this the world’s thinnest tourbillon watch. This transparent skeleton classic watch has sapphire crystals on both sides. The mirror is treated with anti-reflection technology to ensure the perfect and clear presentation of the exquisite structure of the case. The linear lever tourbillon device equipped with 82 delicate parts and polished bridges is in front of you.
极 This ultra-complex chronograph set in a rose gold double oval case is equipped with a chronograph chronograph function, which is displayed by two central seconds hands: the classic chronograph hands and the chronograph hands.

 When the chronograph button is pressed, the two hands begin to move in perfect synchronization. The stop button allows both to stop and reposition. When the center second hand is activated, the chase chronograph function is activated separately. When another coaxial button on the crown is pressed, the chase hand is paused and the chronograph hand is still running. Press the chase needle timing button again to return the chase needle to the chronograph hand, the two hands continue to overlap until the third push the coaxial button to stop the chase needle again.
独特 This unique device can be used for short timing in various races such as the track car race, because before the temporarily stopped hands show the rest time, it can stop the double tracking hand when each participant arrives to assist the timing.
 With Daniel Roth and Grald Gent, Switzerland’s Manufacture du Sentier high-end watch manufacturing leaders, officially joining Bulgari, it will greatly enhance and strengthen the distinguished image of the Bulgari brand and bring us more extraordinary works.