Like other German watch brands, NOMOS watches are also one of the famous brands in the German town of Glashütte. In the 15th century, the town was extremely prosperous. By the 18th century, the resources became increasingly barren and gradually declined. In 1845, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, the founder of Lange Watches, established a watch factory in Glashütte, which gradually developed here.
Guido Müller founded the NOMOS brand here in 1906, mainly producing pocket watches. NOMOS is Greek, meaning ‘order, law.’ Like other brands, NOMOS has also experienced war, and has not done much for a long time. After the merger of East and West, Roland K. Schwertner, a designer who was very active in the old West Germany, came to Glashütte and joined NOMOS, making the brand enter the second creative period after the revival.
The innovative NOMOS watches are all manual winding watches with a daily difference of about 0 to 8 seconds. In design, they have always followed Bauhaus (German, meaning ‘home of architecture’. In 1919, a comprehensive school of art and architecture related to the Weimar city in Germany. It respected rationalism and functionalism. Until 1933 For 14 years, it had a great influence on the modernist architecture of the time.) A viewpoint put forward by the School of Architecture and Art-Form follows function. This sentence means ‘the external shape matches the internal function’. This may sound a little corporate management at first, but it has nothing to do with management here. Based on such a design foundation, NOMOS also proposes the slogan of ‘high-style design, huge price and reasonable price’. In the reasonable functional manufacturing, it adds a unique German craftsmanship philosophy to show a bright design style.

In 2005, NOMOS launched the ‘Tangent’ series. The new scheme of this series is best to display the ‘Straight’ style. In short, it is an exceptionally simple watch. But if you talk to watch experts about this issue, you will find that everyone has a different understanding of the ‘simple’ style.
First, the case of the movement can be seen through. Although this design has become very popular up to now, the minimalist style of NOMOS makes design consciousness clear on every watch. From the initial use of ETA (located in Greentown, Switzerland, one of the watchmaking factories of the movement, many Swiss watches use ETA movements) semi-finished movements, to the independent development and production of parts later, NOMOS company intently operates in design. 80% of the parts are produced by our company, ‘NOMOSα’ is the most respected manual winding watch of NOMOS watches now. The movement number with its own factory logo. Based on this movement, the company’s young designer MirkoHeyne devotedly researched and designed the self-winding movement, mostly used in the ‘NOMOSε’ series. This watch is simple in design and mass-produced, while maintaining the high performance ratio of the movement without increasing costs. Many watch lovers believe that this watch best reflects German design and the meticulous attitude that Germans value.
In addition, the special beauty of the hands is unforgettable. The straight-line hands made with ‘green roast’ technology are considered to be classics of simple design. Even young people who are not interested in collecting watches will be treated like this. Impressed by the sense of fashion. The strap is made of genuine leather, which is said to be the skin of the hips of cultivated horses. It is beautiful and tough.
The most fashionable watch brands seem to have endless features. In fact, to sum up, we find that the most striking thing about German watches is the design, which has both the classic charm of Swiss watches and the uniqueness of Germany. . This is probably one of the reasons why German watches are popular.