In what way is time presented in everyone’s consciousness? Is it an ancient sundial, a pendulum on the square, or a star-studded movement, or a cloud of clouds? Is it the sparse shadows in the moonlight, the clear water, or the casual chess pieces in the candlelight? Is it the shadow of a person who is so dazzling and lonely, or is it becoming increasingly pale? When you try to touch the invisible time, you will find that reality is so cold and time is so ruthless, but when you think about what you have experienced, felt, and harvested in endless time, you will find time again In fact, left a precious wealth. We don’t need time to stand alone in that place, but more precipitation to highlight the greatness and wisdom of time.

Jacques de Lo launched the gold-carved koi hour needles. Such a quiet and beautiful picture is really intoxicating.

  If in your impression, the watch is only a time display tool, it is too OUT, just like the mobile phone is no longer a communication tool for calling and texting, but gradually evolved into a smart product. Now that Apple has launched an AppleWatch that carries all the functions, presumably everyone has always seen value-added and high technology. However, this does not affect the solid position of traditional watches. While the traditional watchmaking industry displays timepieces, it incorporates more genius creativity of watchmakers and more ingenious designs. Even if Apple is at a new high, traditional watchmaking Still stealing the shot! Now, let’s follow the editor’s introduction and look at a few “worse business” watches.


  Jacques Dro has always been impressive in the image of a tit, but what I can hardly forget at this Basel watch exhibition is another beautiful watch. A vivid butterfly on the dial flew by, bringing the breath of spring and warm greetings, bringing a sea of ​​flowers, imagine with eyes closed, the scene of blooming flowers is simply beautiful and intoxicating … If you look closely, you can see that the figure, pattern, and tentacles of the butterfly are all vividly portrayed. The hour, minute, and small seconds dial is located above the dial. The hands of the dots rotate in the sea of ​​flowers, and time seems to stagnate.

  The beauty of the details on the dial highlights Jacques Dro’s in-depth knowledge of champlevé technology, as well as the brand’s flexible mastery of natural beauty. Finally, the focus of this watch is that this is not just a watch. The ButterflyJourney watch has eight pieces. Although the eight scenes depict the scene of the butterfly flying in the sea of ​​flowers, they are different. The charm is like a romantic ‘Spring Story’.

  Surprisingly in fashion

  Chanel, LV, Hermès and other fashion brands in the circle have always been avant-garde, personality, fashion, in the clothing, leather bags, perfume, cosmetics and other industries occupy an unshakable position, but when it comes to watches and clocks. Many people may think that watches and clocks are just accessories for these brands, and there is only one more product line to promote. There will not be too many trends and ideas, but the fact is that people have to be convinced by these brands.

  In this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Hermès’ new Slimeʼ Hermès KomaKurabe watch has entered my field of vision because this dreamlike Japanese classic style is too charming. I don’t know how many readers have been to Japan. Although Japan has an indelible ‘history’ in the hearts of the Chinese, its folk culture, technology and technology are still indelible. The SlimdʼHermès KomaKurabe watch presents the ‘KomaKurabe’ ancient horse racing event in Japan. It adopts the traditional Japanese ‘red painting and fine drawing’ art, and uses micro-painting techniques to delineate multiple levels of red. Hands.

  If it is Jacques de Loire’s interpretation of enamel technology and Piaget’s interpretation of micro-painting, it may not be so attractive, but as a brand that is not exclusively a watch, it can actually interpret the beauty of the craftsmanship of this watch To the extent that people really love it. And this small red painting, in the outline of a stroke by stroke, the picture then comes to life.

  Shocking Treasury

  Although Apple’s AppleWatch has satisfied the eyes of fruit fans to some extent, when you face the traditional watch industry, you will find another state of surprise. They are not unable to make smart watches, as long as they are willing, they will invent more amazing products. This DiagonoMagnesium concept watch from Bulgari, the world’s first unique design concept is completely opposite the current so-called smart connected watch.

  From a professional perspective, this watch is equipped with an encryption chip and a stealth antenna. It uses NFC (near field communication) technology to transfer the watch’s digital certificate to the mobile phone. The mobile phone needs to download and install the Bulgari ‘treasury’ application. (Applicable to both iOS and Android systems), all design and operation are performed in a top-secret state, and only the owner of the watch can access the private information recorded here. The application of NFC technology makes the design of this Bulgari concept watch not only a timing tool, but also a technology product.

  From this we can peep into the vast space for the future development of watchmaking, which can cause infinite imagination. The possibilities derived from this concept give unlimited value to Bulgari users. The birth of this watch further confirms the infinite imagination of human beings. It is believed that in the near future, users can unlock the access control, open the door, activate the smart home alarm system or make secure payment through the watch key. Technology will give the watch more Big energy.

  Pleasant visual enjoyment

  If the simple mechanism of back penetration and peeping is not enough to satisfy, this Girard-Perregaux three-gold bridge tourbillon three-question watch will surely satisfy watch fans’ desire to play. Many people think that the previous GP’s Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is a masterpiece, then this watch is definitely a work of art and meets the standards of advanced watchmaking.

  Whether viewed from the front or the back, this watch can give people excellent visual enjoyment. Seen from the front, almost all the internal structures can be seen through the table mirror. Most of the components that make the Sanjinqiao tourbillon device and make the three-question device sound crisp and pleasant are mounted on the front, fully revealing the beautiful structure of the three-question device; extremely The complex three-question device can produce clear and pleasing notes with each hit, and make the wearer full of eyes while enjoying the pleasant sound. All the parts and structures of the three-question device, the hammer, the gong, and the tourbillon can be seen. From the back, the movement is exposed at the bottom case, highlighting the brand’s time-honored watchmaking skills.

  Girard Perregaux’s Miracle Box series of New World watches is of course also a surprising work at this exhibition, which gives the outline and appearance of the New World to the dial between sizes.

  Worth collecting:

  The application of heavy metals often makes the value of watches soar, and it is also valued by people. Red copper is a rare material on watches. It is native to Japan and is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Depending on its composition and texture, the alloy exhibits a dark green luster between blue and black. Blancpain’s bold attempt this time has brought this material to a new point of fusion with gold-inlaid painting techniques and watches. The image of the ganesha, also conveys the brand’s respect for this spirit to those who believe in religion.

  When such a watch appears in the sight of watch fans, many people’s first impression is not to look at time, but to explore such portraits, how to present such patterns? The exquisiteness of the Ganesha shows the designer’s carving and rokushō coloring style. The golden throne is hand-carved. The texture is natural and delicate, and the subtlety shows the power. Such watches have already crossed the realm of timekeeping and are worthy of collectors’ cherishment and collection.

Summary: Aesthetics is a very abstract concept. No one can define the meaning of beauty, but when there is something beautiful, people will yearn for it. Sometimes, the same design cannot win everyone’s attention, and the bold and innovative personality is actually eye-catching. A clock is a very small object. The more subtle things, the harder it is to reflect creativity in changes and breakthroughs. For many years, watch brands have to make huge changes, adjustments and innovations in such small sizes as clocks. A challenge of wisdom, endurance and technology. The reason why these watches are so attractive is not to underestimate the brand’s courage and creativity. If innovation is a kind of ‘doing no business,’ then we hope that more ideas will come back. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)