Sincere emotions have no fear of the passing of time, the seconds on the wrist witness the good times that lovers have traveled together.
   Condensed time, flowing language, happiness and touching.
   Every happy moment, every second, is worth remembering.
   In the romantic season, Glashütte originally selects two lover pairs, only for the most different him / her.
Retro fashion reappears, fashion follows

For him: Seventies big calendar watch

For her: Pavonina watches
   The Seventies Grand Calendar Chronograph uses a 70’s German-style obtuse square stainless steel case and bezel. The simple and elegant blue dial is suitable for everyone with a personality. The large calendar at 6 o’clock counts the days and nights spent with the lovers, keeping in mind the good years of each other. The arched sapphire crystal fits the wrist better. The ‘heart’ of the watch is the 37-02 automatic winding movement. Its powerful timekeeping function accurately records minutes, seconds, and seconds, just like that one who is dedicated and consistent.
   The Pavonina watches inherit the unique ‘pillow’ design of the 1920s. The refreshing color scheme complements the feminine yet independent nature of modern urban women, just like the modern and bold woman. Pavonina comes from the Latin ‘pavoninus’, which represents a peacock, reminiscent of brilliant colors and gorgeous beauty, just like the joy of colorful love in love. A white mother-of-pearl dial with a gleam in the center. Spirit Sparrow watches are all equipped with Calibre 03-02 quartz movement, which has three times the standard magnetic protection, which fully protects it from external magnetic field damage.
Classic and moving music, accompanied by elegance

For him: PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

For her: PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies Watch

   On the right side of the dial of the PanoMaticLuna eccentric moon phase watch, a quiet and bright moon hangs in the night sky, showing the overcast and sunny; the calendar window below counts the days and nights of the long stream of water, which are beautiful when they are together. The classic Pano large calendar eccentric series classic design, the hour hand, minute hand and small second hand are eccentrically arranged. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the exquisite Calibre 90-02 automatic mechanical movement. The internal design and external design are harmoniously matched, which is suitable for you who are both internal and external in your eyes.
   The PanoMaticLuna Eccentric Moon Phase Ladies watch is like a beautiful woman. The intellectual beauty between her hands and feet is countless. The delicate rainbow mother-of-pearl sparkles with her innocent smile. The time display also shifts to the left of the dial, and to the right of the dial, the exquisite frost-like silver sky rises a silver moon. The stainless steel case with a diameter of 39.4 mm is equipped with a self-made Calibre 90-12 automatic movement, which embellishes the beauty of Glashütte watchmaking art.
   Even as time goes by, love is eternal. As you move the pointer, savor the pure beauty and commemorate your exclusive ‘core’ movement.